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REVIEWS OF 5 STARR Salon and Spa IN Ohio

Ashley McCloy

Review based on 1 simple phone call; I called in to check if they offered a service, how it was performed, and the price. The rude response from the lady who answered the phone was shocking. If I would’ve read other reviews (and the “response from the owner”) first, I guess I wouldn’t have been surprised. She deterred me from ever giving their business a try. Maybe get someone with good customer service skills to answer phones in the future to obtain more business.

D Giovanni

Misty and Heather were great! My girlfriend and I decided last minute to try and get a couples massage. Luckily, no one could get us in except 5 Starr. The room was serene and the massages were amazing. We were more than I happy, perfectly contented.

Karli Kincaid

I had a massage and facial. The girls who did my massage and facial were really nice and did a great job. The downside is how you are greeted when you come in. The girl at the front desk was rude, and loud and confrontational. It doesn't set the Zen and relaxing vibe I was hoping for during my spa day. It made it harder to relax and fully enjoy the services because I was annoyed and a bit upset by the girl at the front desk. I've been to other spas and I feel relaxed immediately upon walking in. This was not one of them!


I’ve been going to 5 Starr for about 8 months now and have loved everything I’ve had done here. I get my hair cut and colored, my eyebrows waxed and tinted, massages, mani pedis, and even a face peel! Love the large variety of different services! It makes it easy to have one specific place to get everything done at.

Amira Abouchahine

I would give this salon 0 stars if I could. The technicians are really nice. However, the owner is rude and very confrontational. To the point were she's that way with 13 year old children. She lies about her prices and overcharges for services. I wanted a lash lift and tint during my sisters bridal appointment for hair make up and nails. When I looked up the price for the lift and tint on the website it said 50 for the lift and 20 for the tint. When I went to pay the owner charged me 40$ for the tint only. They were out of the lift product. When I asked why the price was 40$ the owner gave excuses and said that's the price according to the specific technician and the "experience". So I paid the 40$ and left. Afterwards I tried to schedule an appointment on the website to see if the price would change and the price was then 35$. I just want to warn any future customers on the owners behavior. Proceed with caution.

Lorrie Thompson

Friendly with flexible appointment times!

Mary Lamb

It was terrible. Upon arriving late due to an interstate accident and calling repeatedly to let them know (no answer), we walked in the door and it looked as though they were closing. (We had two appointments back to back and the second had not even begun yet). The woman informed me we were late and thereby charged a $44 fee to my MasterCard that held the two appointments. She then suggested we go elsewhere which resulted in being charged ANOTHER $44 for the other appointment we were not late to. Five minutes and $88 later I walked out of the salon. Shocked. I would not ever suggest this place to anyone. We did however go over to Ulta where the lady suggested and got ohr hair done there at a great price and it turned out beautifully.

Tia Marie

Amazing service!! Liz is great at her job as a hairdresser. She is a master stylist and color specialist. She's very straightforward and honest about what's best for your hair. We also had great conversation. 5 Starr salon acquired a great asset in her!


This salon has very rude staff especially the owner. If you look at how they respond to paying customer reviews, they are very unprofessional and rude. It is very clear they do not take customer feedback serious or constructive criticism. They do not explain anything that is happening during facial or why they are doing it. Please save your money and do not go here!

Bethany Treece

I received a Great mani and pedi by Sherry and scheduled a facial for May! I was so impressed by this shop and it is definitely my new go-to place for pampering!

Kendra The Little Gypsy

Everyone was very nice. This is my 4th professional massage so I do have a few tiny complaints. When I asked the masseuse to “massage deeper” he chuckled. Which I was obviously thrown off by, and he did not massage any harder. Then I got a pedicure which was great! The girls were very comfortable to conversation with. It did suck that there was no drying station! The used a hardening spray and then advised to wait an hour before wearing shoes. Not the girls fault but the salon should definitely invest in a drying station.

Angie Pritts

Absolutely GREAT experience! I got the eyelash extensions and they are beautiful! Ann took pride in her work and did such a great job! Fast and friendly service and great atmosphere! Highly recommend this place!

Danielle Vittitow

I had such am amazing experience, the ladies were so nice and welcoming, I felt right at home , I will for sure be coming back !!!!! My nails looks so good, best they have ever looked truly

Jerry Kleis

Refused to schedule an appointment with Groupon. Told me to get my money back from Groupon. Unprofessional and rude. No customer service.

Amy Saunders

Way too expensive! Went in for a partial highlight and a trim. My jaw dropped when the bill was over $140.


I went here for a pedicure and I loved it. The salon was very relaxing and the girls in the front were really friendly. My pedicure looks great as well. I would definitely recommend!

Michelle Knapp

If you want to feel terrible about yourself, this is the place to go! The esthetician’s professionalism was non existent, as was the managers when she could visibly see that I was upset after being told that I need more help than my offer covered. Upon returning to question my charges I was spoken down to and dismissed, don’t worry ladies, I won’t be back.

Debbie Thompson

It says that they are open at 9a however no one is here and the the doors are locked. Please update the hours if this is not the correct information.

Lauren Perry

I was hesitant to try out this salon due to the negative customer service reviews. I decided to still give it a try as everyone has bad days. When I arrived I was made aware that my appointment had been cancelled because I did not respond to their text message. One would think that the person I spoke with on the phone would have made me aware that my appointment would be cancelled if I did not respond to the text. The lady at the front desk did attempt to accommodate me and move her next appointment which I did appreciate. I was then told to pick out a color. I asked to see the gel colors. She then told me in a matter of factly manner that I did not request a gel pedicure which I did the day before when I called. I even told them on the phone that I would need a gel removal as well. I told her that I would just go somewhere else but, thank you. When leaving I did say that I guess the customer service reviews were accurate on Yelp. As I was trying to walk back to my car the woman chased me out the door shouting that she is trying to accommodate me. I just responded no thanks and kept walking. She then shouted wow! In a very rude manner to me. This made me feel very uncomfortable. As I wrote before I appreciate her trying to be accommodating to me. I do not appreciate my appointment being cancelled because I didn't respond to a text without warning this would happen. I also do not enjoy being spoken to in a condescending manner and being told that I did not request something that I clearly did. Finally, being chased after I left the establishment. Unless a customer forgot something I do not think it is an appropriate tactic to use to get a customer back in your store.

Erin Siemer

Last year around Christmas time they were running some great specials. My daughter wanted a couples massage for her and her boyfriend so I bought them each a gift card. It was a $75 card for $50 which I thought was great. I talked to the ladies( owner and receptionist) as I was purchasing them. Gave me the info on the specials they were having. Mind you I was a new customer. So I purchase the gift cards and no one says nor does it say on any of there advertisements they had me with these specials on it that the gift cards are non transferable. It says this only on the back of the card after you have purchased it. How is a gift card non transferable. You are prepaying for a service. The reason I say this is because a few days before Christmas my daughter and her boyfriend broke up and of course she did not give him his gift card. So she said no worries mom I’ll just use it. She went to use it and they told her she couldn’t it was his to use only. Then I was told after 30 minutes on the phone with the owner that they would give her a massage for 1/2 price so you want her to pay $35 for a massage that I already paid $50 for and have a $75 gift card. This policy is posted on none of the materials which I clearly told her and even worse they don’t tell you it’s non transferable when purchasing. Not like I was giving the other gift card to a stranger just to my daughter that had the other 1/2 of the couples massage. SO BE VERY AWARE when purchasing gift cards and being taken in by there specials. I have had a facial/chemical peel and 2 massages but was so disgusted by how this gift card deal went down I have not been back and would have had they just let my daughter use the other gift card we purchased. Never ever have I purchased a gift card that I could not give to whomever I chose even if not original person I intended to but for and her service. This was painful for my daughter as you could understand after 4 years and right before Christmas who new. Needless to say they did not help. I explained what happened and that no one told me this policy nor stated anywhere till after the purchase and no one cared. It’s been several months and I have not been back. Don’t plan on it. I’ll be going back to WOODHOUSE in Dublin. I gave this place a try as closer to me in Grove City. It is nice and clean and was taken in by this as first. That was ruined after this experience.. instead of reaching out to me to do the right thing. The response is Thank you for your review and removed from there client list!! Thank you for the great customer service everyone complains about!! At least I won’t get any more emails. These same gift card specials are being advertised and again no where does it say gift card non transferable. When you purchase you have to give a phone number and name your purchasing for and that’s the person you have to give gift card too. Even if that person ends up not being able to use it.

Tina Allen

The 3 stars is for the mediocre massage. The customer service at arrival and checkout gets Zero stars!

Rebecca Lang

To the owner of 5 STARR Salon and Spa, the girls you have running your Grove City store have no idea how to run a business. All my future appointments have been canceled. After an hour of patiently waiting in the waiting area I was finally told there was a mix up with scheduling and canceled my appointment. I was obviously was very unhappy but I never got upset with them I just rescheduled. Note I already paid for the appointment with cash when I showed up for my appointment, on time. I am a stay at home mom and its very hard for me to get away from the house. As I’m getting ready to leave the house for my rescheduled appointment my 4 yr old gets sick with the flu. I call 5 STARR to cancel and reschedule. The receptionist tells me unfortunately the cash money I already paid for the appointment could not be refunded or put toward the next appointment because I canceled. I spoke to 2 supposed managers. No one cared that they had made me wait for an hour before canceling my appointment 2 days before, with no compensation. I second "manager" I spoke with acted snotty and as if she were irritated to have to talk to me. I told her to cancel all my future appointments. I’ll give my cash to another spa. Two days later I got an emailed stating that the girl that was going doing lashes left your spa. Smart girl, your store is under very poor management.

Lauren Valli

Annie is seriously amazing! She does the best job on my eyelashes and slays my brows! Absolutely loveee going there for facials, as well. She always makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed and I leave with my skin glowing.

Matthew Gault

Don't try and get a massage. My wife and I got a Groupon for 5 star months ago for a couples massage. The only time for couples massages were while my wife was working so we had them split it into two single massages. There was very little availability so we ended up scheduling around their schedule and not ours. My wife had to go in the morning, which meant she had to clock out of work to go. When she got there she found out that "masseuse called in sick." They said they called to tell her but they never left a voicemail. When I went in for my appointment I was told that the masseuse had quit and that they had tried to call me "multiple times" to cancel. I pulled my phone out immediately. 0 missed calls. They even confirmed the phone number they had on file, which was correct. Yet, I never got a phone call or voicemail. I actually received a text message two days earlier confirming my appointment, but no cancellation until I arrived. This was a major inconvenience to my wife and I as we have a 1 year old at home that we have to find child care for. Not only did this waste time in both of our days each time, but it costed us money since my wife had to leave work for a massage that didn't happen. I don't normally write reviews, but this experience had me extremely angry and felt it needed to be posted.

susan froman

I will start with saying the lady who did my pedicure was awesome, but the rest of my experience was terrible. I was passed around between 3 different people. One of the people who I passed keep saying how she hated her job and don't want to do work like that. I was using a groupon because of that it felt like I was a second class citizen . When I called to make a second appointment with the groupon my husband bought for me I told I couldn't use and i choose to I had to pay the difference. If that was the case why use a second groupon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The person on the phone argued with and was very rude. I told not to schedule me another appointment. I contacted groupon and traded in my that joke of a groupon. I don't need the a response from whom ever is responding because I don't care what you have to say!! Remember groupon or not you should never treat people the way your people do. All that does is chase potential feature customers!!!!!

Sarah Wheeler

Wonderful salon! They were able to get me in for a pedicure/manicure last minute. While I was there the staff was very professional and personable. They even went the extra mile and booked me with another salon when services I needed weren't available for the time I needed at their salon. Made this mama to be very happy! Found my new salon. Thanks!!


Deserves 0 stars due to owner's unprofessional and rude manner. What a shame!

Melissa Henry

My stylist was great!

Alden Wyckoff

Absolutely terrible customer service, along with awful hair cuts. My bangs were cut crooked, I went back to see if they would fix the bad mistake, and I was accused of going home and sabotaging my own hair. Completely ridiculous. If I could leave zero stars I would. The name means nothing. Two big thumbs down.


Had a wonderful experience the last (and only) two times I’ve been here. They did a wonderful job on my nails! Will definitely come back.

sydnie wisniowski

Terrible owner. Terrible service. Terrible salon.

Sarah Ozkan

People need to know they lack customer service , problem solving ,and lack of skill.

Mariah Willis

Super friendly environment. Staff are professional and fun! A very comfortable space to have some you time while getting a new look!

Karen Jill Brown

I was given a groupon gift for a massage the receptionist signed me in but did not ask me to fill out a questioner, that the person serving me asked for and was surprised. On my way out I paid the tax gave a 30 present tip and asked if there was a brochure with all their services to which the response was “no one does brochures any more check online” Ok I am older and didn’t need the tone that it was said. My massage was one of the best ever thanks Michael. I won’t be back due to the rudeness displayed. I don’t know what it was the fact that I did a groupon or that I am older but none of that should matter.

Mollie Miller

Prices are reasonable. The staff, especially Annie (esthetician), are friendly, welcoming and always do a great job on my lashes. The salon is always beautiful and clean. I look forward to my biweekly lash appointment every time it's coming up!

Linda Tanner

I would like to give this Salon a 5 star rating because of Bailey who does an awesome job. Last time I was there I had to get my eyelashes fixed because half in one area on my eye. Bailey was great. However, the owner gave me a card on how to take care of the lashes. Mind you this was my 6th eyelash extension had no problems with them before that. I would not have been offend, however she looked straight at me and said 1 cant afford to redo someone lashes or refund them money just because they had a problem with the lashes. And now she wants a credit card on file because if you no show you will be charged 100% of what the service cost. They had 2 no shows today. Why make all your customers pay because these two were a new show. I asked her, so if I have an accident, family member pass away, be in the hospital and unable to call to cancel. You will be charged full price. You state if someone is going to 15 minutes late they need to call and reschedule, however I have waited up to an hour for a scheduled appointment. No apologies, nothing. AND your site does not state anything about keeping a person's credit card information on file.

Taylor Cheatwood

I’ve been going here for a few months and it’s been a wonderful experience every time! Aimie always does so good on my nails and I couldn’t live without my lash girl, Liz! The owner and/ or the front desk always greet me and offer me a beverage. The salon is so clean and beautiful. It’s such a nice place to come and relax!

Stop Motion

UNPROFESSIONAL. So they had a groupon for an $18 blowout. So the girl said she’s worked there for 2 WEEKS hasn’t done hair in 15 years. Yeah, okay no big deal. It’s just a blow dry, is what I was thinking. Wrong hahaha. So she is smacking my head with the round brush and dryer and almost hurting me and I overlooked it whatever. My hair got dry for cheap and I didn’t have to do it. Another lady takes me to check out. So I go up front and I give her my Groupon and she said I owe her $.78 cents so I handed her my card and told her to add tip to that. She gave me a dirty look and said “you can’t use a card” and I said “why? What do you mean is it listed that way on Groupon?” And she said “no it has to be over $15 charge. Just go over to target buy something and get cash back for it.” I looked at her dumbfounded and said “I still don’t understand” and she said “it’s the system we use” . Like why should I have to walk to target buy something just to tip her. So I scraped together my 78 cents and had to walk out without tipping all because I didn’t have cash. She was soooo rude to me. most people nowadays don’t carry cash so to expect it I think it’s a bit ridiculous. I will not be returning

Christina Forsyth

I am very new to the Grove City area I can say I have found my salon to go to for everything! The owner is very friendly and the staff is wonderful! The price point is not unreasonable! You get what you pay for and at this place you get the best! I cannot wait to go get my hair and nails done again!

Sally Alkhoury

The girl did my nails so nice & good But im nt really happy , i didn’t get the color i want They dnt have alot of colors , i had to choose another color This is the first time come here It was ok , but i dnt think i will come back again And i dnt think the manager care about the reviews But i had to write that

Pearlie Addleman

I was very hesitant at first going in for my appointment because of all the reviews I have read, but I had a very good experience! Everyone was real nice!! I just booked an appointment for another facial! I would definitely recommend this place!

Ashlie T

Great service, cut and highlight. A wonderful overal experience!!

Kelly Gooch

my Facial was wonderful but the owner and customer service was horrible. I received a gift card from my husband last year. It was for $118 dollars. I called and scheduled an appointment and when I went in they had a special for a higher priced facial for $100. There was nothing on my gift card or any papers I had received saying it couldn’t be used for special days. To me money is money so any other store or salon would accept the amount and that would be that. The owner said No and I had to pay full price. What!?!? So I just agreed but very frustrated. Then proceed to tell me my gift card was expired. There wasn’t an experation date on the card or any papers I received. I had them all with me. So now she wants to charge me full price and wouldn’t take my gift card. I seriously couldn’t believe she was handeling this situation this way. She finally accepted my gift card reluctantly but mind you still not getting the special price. I walked out in shock of the situation and the owner could careless if her clients are happy or not. It’s a shame. I would have loved to gone back but not now. I walked out and a girl followed me saying she had had issues with the owner as well and she felt bad about how I was treated. She said it was the only place that she could get into today or she wouldn’t have even come there. She went back in and the owner told her to leave and that she wasn’t getting her treatment today Owner is horrible and I feel bad for the girls who work there. They are losing money because their owner has zero customer service or care for her clients. It’s really a shame.

Jill Johnson

This business cheats customers out of their money. I bought a $100 gift card for my daughter-in-law as a Christmas present. When she went to use it a little more than a year later she was informed it was no longer valid and had to pay for her service. When she called to speak with the owner she was not treated nicely. When my daughter-in-law informed them it is illegal in Ohio for a gift card to expire she was told she had to come in when the owner was there and bring her credit card they would reimburse her and they there would be a 20% reduction in the value of the gift card!!! When I went in to speak to them, the woman behind the counter was rude and dismissive. I’m not sure if she was the owner or not. It is not the only gift card I have purchased, but I will not go there again. It seems to me any SMART business person would do everything they need to do to keep their customers happy, such as honoring the gift card to begin with. But obviously this owner does not have any sense of fair treatment. And now Jill Johnson


I came in for a dermaplane and got much more than I bargained for! The ladies here are very nice and made my experience very enjoyable

Ellen Purvis

Do not waste your money! If I could give less stars, I would. I made an appointment for a facial - never had a facial before so this was my first experience keep in mind. Anne or Annie - whatever - didn’t take the time to explain anything she was doing to my face, but took the time to upsale me- so the 80 dollar facial I made an appointment for turned into 200! On top of all of this - I walked out of that salon with an incision mark on my cheek from the dermaplane. Like a legit cut on my face! And she tried to play it off like she didn’t know that she cut me when I called the next morning to inform her of what happened. I’m so displeased with this entire experience. Please go somewhere else for your skincare needs - this place will leave your scarred in more ways than one!

Erica Kick

Terrible place, was told I would pay the $70 Groupon price but could have a possible upcharge for extra color. At check out my $70 turned into $294 under no circumstances should ANYONE be charged that price for a balayage and 1/2 inch hair cut. And not to mention my hair doesn’t even come close to looking like what I wanted. If it were possible to rate zero stars that’s what they deserve. Will NEVER return again

shannon love

This salon is truly 5 Stars!!!!! Have had multiple appointments here and have been very pleased with the staff and all of the services. Let me begin by saying the facilities here are clean clean clean and top notch. The services are priced very reasonable and the staff is always the friendliest. My first visit Shonia did full highlights and a trim, I was extremely happy with the results. She did an amazing job. I also had a acrylic balance and pedicure done by Leona and received multiple comments of how beautiful my nails looked!! My next visit I received a massage by Ginger, all I can say is it felt absolutely amazing. My most recent visit to 5 Starr I received a eyebrow and lip waxing by Kirsten. And you may think oh just a waxing, no she did far more than that. She took time and shaped my brows and made sure they looked amazing. I have absolutely fell in love with this salon and will be visiting these wonderful ladies for a long time to come. Wish I would have gone here sooner!!

Kimberly Ottaviano

I have never posted a review before but, this place was so bad. First they don't listen to the customer. I just wanted a brow wax, I told them 3 times and they still put the wax on my upper lip when I had my eyes closed. Then tried to charge me for it. I got a gel french manicure, it is horrible, the gel kept dripping to one side and the white bled half way down the pink. After 2 days one of the nails came off. I will never go back and would never recommend this salon.

Ronda DeGenero

I bought 6 massages here. First 2xs great. Scheduled and appt for yesterday last week for 4pm and appt for next Monday. Get there, and they don't have my appt scheduled. I went over time/dates for both appts several times with the person on phone. Someone needs to do their job!!! I don't live close, and getting to that area is a pain, because of construction. No sorry. The place was empty, no customers. Only person, was receptionist. Was very disappointed!!!


Amira Abouchahine is clearly mistaken Photo provided for your reference and others. Wanted to give a shout out to these girls...don't worry about people like this, they are just angry individuals. They had a special on Hydrafacial this month. First time trying this facility. The spa was beautiful. Loved the treatment and scheduled for another next month. Completely recommend trying the Hydrafacial with Kirsten. She is so thorough. My skin looks awesome! Thank you

t Reynolds

Bailey did such an aweomse job with my lashes! She really takes her time and explains what she is doing throughout the process. Everyone was so nice in the salon, as well, and really made you feel welcome!

Michael Randolph

Wow. Im so glad I read the other reviews and determined my girlfriend and I are both not crazy. I spent $114 on 90 min massages from Groupon, they expire July 4th. I bought them in April. We called 9 times to schedule the massages and they always seemed to be booked and then recently one of their employees quit so they only had one massage therapist. We call today (scheduled for today) to confirm and this nasty employee who was incredibly rude and condescending acted like we didnt have an appointment. That is because the incompetence that goes on here and after reading other reviews seems to be the theme they never put us in the system. So the woman who was incredibly rude said we only get 60 mins. UM, NO. I spent $114 for 90 mins! We decided we were not going, and they had the audacity to email me and say they are sending Groupon our NO SHOW!!! These are still good until the 4th of July. I would not recommend 5 STARR at all. In face they should be a 1 STARR and these employees could learn a thing or two about professionalism. Absolutely disappointed in the customer service. Unbelievable. The "owners" response really tells you what you are dealing with and how she failed to mention the NUMEROUS times we tried to schedule an appointment. Dating all the way back to May. She made an appointment that your ding bat employee didnt put in the system. SHE CALLED TO CONFIRM ON THE DAY OF THE APPOINTMENT WE WERE STILL GOOD and that is when you tried to tell us we didnt have one and then "honor" us with a 60 min when we paid for a 90 min? Dont worry, Groupon took care of us. Dont do business with this low class individual in a 1 STARR location.

nicole Zale

I absolutely love Danielle..she has done my hair for over 5 years. She has always done an amazing job. She is an incredible assett for this company. Love love love her work

Tammy Evans

Mackenzie, she is the BEST! Go see her! The front desk and everyone are wonderful.

Melissa Nguyen

I have been going to 5 starr for a while. I have started to come here when I found a groupon and have been hooked ever since then. The salon is so relaxing and so serene that every time I go there I am so relaxed and stressed free. All the massage therapist have been great. But today, I’ve received a massage from Michael. He really paid attention to the problem areas I would have as a full time nail technician. I normally would go to anyone because everyone there have been great. I look forward to getting a massage from Michael again soon.


Excellent costumer service ! I love it

Lila Nou

WOW!!!!! I am so amazed at the excellent service I received! I had called a few hours before closing to see if i was able to get a facial and they were able to fit me in an hour after calling which was awesome! I think her name is Kristen, she did a fabulous job and it was my first facial. She was very gentle, and also had a soft voice. Very informative of how my skin was and into taking care of my skin. Awesome to finally have a spa like this that offers a bit of everything. Will be coming back!!!

Bledsoe Performance

I love this place. I get my hair cut by Mackenzie and she does an awesome job. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great haircut. The atmosphere is awesome and every one is extremely welcoming and makes you feel like a friend. I won't go anywhere else from now on!

Kevin Packard

Best place I have ever been too... I recommend to anybody. The full body massage was top of the line like I was engulfed in the clouds and touched by an angel. Not to mention how Haley did my wifes hair. She went from a 7 to an 11 instantly. I was more than impressed. All employees were so nice and friendly. I will forever be a reoccurring customer. It should be called 10 star salon because they do two times as good as what I was expecting. Highly recommend

Tia Steele

**0 stars, if that is an option!!!!***TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE, VERY RUDE, and UNPROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE***The manager, Heather was unprofessional and very rude. I Purchased 2 separate massages on living social, one as a birthday gift for my son. Scheduled the massages in June but had to cancel, called a week in advance. The first person I talked to was aware I had a living social voucher and said no problem but did say I need to pay a extra $25 per person because the vouchers had to be used by the same person, even though I bought one as a gift for my son.??? I didn’t realize this initially but said ok, She said we would be charged extra when we come in. I rescheduled in July and unfortunately had to cancel again because my son 17(yro) got his work schedule and was scheduled to work. Again, called 5 days prior to the appointment. The manager, Heather was very rude and said you’re not allowed to reschedule living social appointments. No one ever mentioned this before, nor is this mentioned on the cancellation policy or living social voucher. The voucher was not redeemed. She said the next time you make an appointment you cannot cancel or reschedule. She TOLD me to look at my schedule and said she would suggest I call back when I knew for sure. Not like I planned to cancel in the first place. Anyways, I called back yesterday 8/27/19 to schedule the appointments, aware that I couldn’t reschedule and the vouchers would not be valid if I changed or canceled again. I spoke with the manager, Heather(who comes across nice until you need to change an appointment) she said they had available appointments so I scheduled them for Friday 8/30/19. Then she proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t schedule the appointments because I already rescheduled twice. I reminded her of our last conversation that she said when I reschedule I won’t be able to reschedule again and I understood that. At first she said we would need to pay $25 extra per person, I asked why she said because I rescheduled. (Again well in advance and not within the 24 hour period stated in the cancellation policy) Then she said she would not honor the living social voucher. I was upset and again reminded her of our prior conversation and what she told me and asked to talk to a manager, she said she was the manager and runs the whole salon. I asked to talk to the owner, she said the owner wasn’t there and is hard to reach and doesn’t come in. I said I would still like to talk to the owner but she refused to give me a number and said she runs the salon. Then she said she has customers and hung up on me! Wow, very unprofessional! Although, I was upset I never yelled or said anything inappropriate. I just asked to talk to the owner. I contacted living social and filed a complaint and was also given a trade in voucher. *******HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT and HORRIBLE experience!! This was supposed to be my sons bday gift and his first massage. I will also be contacting the BBB to report them. I never take the time to write a review if it’s bad but this was worth the time and I hope the owner and potential new customers read these reviews. You need good customer service and friendly people to run a successful business. I read some of the reviews and the responses are generic and tend to blame the customers, WOW! Below you say thank you for your review, really? Did you actually read it? Sounds like you really don’t care about your customers at all or the fact that the manager, Heather has had numerous customer complaints on this page. I’m sure Heather is the one responding. Sounds like you need a new manager or she she needs to develop some people skills. Good luck with that!

Laura Ranney

Shaun 2as awesome, very professional, worked on problem areas. Establishment was very clean and organized.

Jayme Thresher

What a perfect name for this salon!! This place is a cute and cozy spot to get your beauty essentials taken care of. The staff are so friendly and made me feel right at home. Mackenzie cut and put highlights in my hair and did such an amazing job, she was so personable and just amazing in every way! I definitely recommend this salon and Mackenzie.

Lora Hopper

Lisa was very nice and did a great job with my haircut.

Karla Orr

I had a Groupon voucher for a massage and this was my first time here. Lauren did an excellent job! I look forward to coming back.

Alberta Burke

The owner ( Kristin) has the WORST customer service ever. I can not believe they are still in business. They lie about availability and add $$ to services like a simple blow dry. They have had so much turnover the same stylist are never there and I can see why by the way they treat people. The owner will stand and argue with clients. Don't EVER GO THERE

lexi lengel

My girl Abbie is second to none. First time ever getting eyelash extensions and the entire process was wonderful. From service while booking appointment to check out at the end, this salon earned its name and Abbie goes above and beyond. I could not think of one bad thing to say about this place.

Alexandria Hixenbaugh

Amazing salon that offers just about everything you could ask for! Destiny is and forever will be my hair stylist- very personable and always does a stand out job! Kirsten does my brows and I will never let anyone else touch them! Worth every penny! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a luxurious salon atmosphere with great prices and great talent!

Molly Glockner

I go to 5 Starr Salon regularly for hydro facials. My esthetician, Annie, is professional and well educated in everything she specializes in. The atmosphere is comfortable and the staff is friendly. I highly recommend 5 Starr Salon and Spa.

Lindsey Fallon

Let me start off by saying, I have never written a bad review. It takes a lot for me to even speak up about something. But Today is the day thanks to 5 Starr's Owner - Kirsten. I had a pedicure on Friday, 3/15/19, and received an email yesterday to submit a review and "help continue the high standard of service" as the email stated. So I took the time to explain how the owner has made me feel on more than one occasion (see below in a version of the review I sent them). I'd say within 15 minutes of submitting the review, I get a text saying I have been removed from their system (see screenshot). Which is fine because I did say I will not be returning but WOW. That is how you handle PRIVATE feedback? And of course, now, after reading all of the reviews here, I see I'm not the only one. I could go on and on but my only hope is that others can read the reviews first and not be subjected to this treatment. Original Review sent to 5 Starr: I enjoyed Lisa as a person and she did a fine job on my pedi. 5Starr however, will no longer receive my business. While I very much enjoy the ambiance of this establishment and its cleanliness, I have had my last straw. With the exception of this visit and Sydnie (when she was there), my pedis have been subpar with chips immediately after 2x and once a nail was only half painted. My interactions with the owner or manager (Kirsten, maybe? Or whoever always checks out clients) have been less than desirable. She continues to make me feel like I have done something wrong. Whether it be this time when she tells me they had me down for a manicure (thus being unprepared) when my confirmation clearly said pedicure. Or my previous experience where I called ahead to make sure I could take advantage of a special and schedule services on back to back days instead of the same day. When I went to pay for both services after the first one, she proceeded to express her extreme frustration with this arrangement and even the fact that I was not supposed to be eligible for this promotion and that she would have never approved this. Not to mention the less than desirable hair updo I had the next day. I’m sorry that your restrictions are not posted and your staff is not educated on your intentions but that should never be directed at me, the customer. I never complain about services as they are always appreciated, but this customer service is not acceptable. I wish this salon and the employees the best.


I had a 90 minute massage with Ariel, and she did a fantastic job! Good service all around and a clean salon. I will be back. Thank you!

karly hinson

This place is truly amazing! I have never had such a welcoming, fun experience at a salon before. I've been waiting to find a place like this, it's one of a kind(:

Michelle Kelley

Everyone there is so friendly and professional. Will be back and share to friends and family.

Gregory Kozar

Very enjoyable experience. Prompt service.

M OHara

I have gone to 5Starr twice now and have been very pleased with the people and the service there. Both times I got a pedicure. Mackenzie took her time and did a great job. I won’t get a pedicure anywhere else.

Dan Lutz

Note: I did edit this by removing a couple statements that were taken as hurtful from the original post I made in order to focus strictly on my experience and observations. First, my husband will probably show up as the poster, but he’s not the one who got the massage. I’m on his google account haha. Anyways, I honestly have never left a review somewhere before but since I’ve had multiple massages before I figured I’d give an honest review. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the salon, staff and the manager. My dad is actually the one who purchased the massage from Groupon and gifted it to me so it was a nice suprise. Anywho, when I arrived I was impressed with the building itself. It’s well lit, clean, and had some nice products displayed around the salon. There were many amenities as well like the coffee/tea bar. The receptionist was friendly and my wait wasn’t very long before the masseus came to get me. She walked me back to the room, went over areas of focus and let me get ready. I requested medium pressure during the massage. During the massage, I had mixed feelings. There were times when for example when she used her fingers that the pressure was fine. Half the time however she used her knuckles and would often go over bones with her knuckles in my shoulders and neck area that it genuinely was painful. Just when I would think to say something she’d switch back to using her palms and fingers which felt fine so I never said anything. Next time I’ll probably be more vocal but in all the massages I’ve had at several popular businesses, the masseus has never rubbed bone on bone the way she did. This morning my neck and upper back area are pretty sore from being knuckled. The rest of my body is fine - arms, legs, even lower back were all fine, but I’d encourage the therapist next time to be more aware of when and where knuckles are being used. If not that, then check in a couple times to make sure the pressure is okay. I’ve always been asked two or three times during a massage if the pressure is okay just in case. The only other thing I’d mention for privacy sake is in the process of doing work on the legs. Any other institution has pinned the sheet under the body part being worked on so that private areas are not exposed. This was not done and there were moments I felt the sheet Could’ve been tucked to ensure privacy. Not a huge deal but just a tip for better practice. Overall, not a terrible experience - but not the best massage I’ve had given the soreness and occasional pain during the massage. I’d probably still go there again but for other services. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of my masseus, but that’s easy to look up. The only other thing I’d say, is how kind of disappointing the managers responses are to negative reviews. I totally understand how upsetting it is that people have the ability to tarnish something you’ve poured your life into, but it’s bad customer service to attack former or current customers. I get the reviews may not be worded nicely, but it shows leadership to be able to respectfully acknowledge someone’s negative experience and do what you can to serve them or the next time. Calling people out on their comments to make them look like idiots or making passive aggressive responses is bad business. Just say thanks for your review, we are sorry you had a negative experience and keep it moving. That’s enough for today. Happy Friday!

Ashley VanValkenburg

Let me start with the positives... the salon was clean and tidy, great product lines, complimentary refreshments. I was there for a pedicure. There wasn't anything special about it and it was not relaxing or therapeutic at all. Just a basic pedicure. I did add glitter on my large toes only. When I checked out my total was $55 not including gratuity. There were no masks, no leg/foot massage, or hot towels applied. I won't go back just for the fact that it wasn't a good pedicure and definitely didn't reflect the higher price I paid. I personally wasn't impressed by my interaction with the owner. She's rather curt. The nail tech was cordial and made a personal connection. The service just wasn't good.

Tina Maharath

The only reason why it gets 4 stars is because my lash technician was really snobby and not to mention she had a cold. The first thing she says when she sees me is “this is who I’m serving?!” As if it was the end of the world to have a single mom customer. Also, she literally waited for me to check out as if I was going to ditch out on my bill and it made me feel obligated to tip her well since she was right behind the woman checking us out. She messed up the lashes of my left eye but other than her, the salon is fantastic!

Kristi Jones

I have had nothing but a great experience with Annie getting lash extensions! She is professional and talented in helping me look my best.

Leslie Younkin

I went in for a pedicure on Friday, by far the best one I've ever had! Great attention to detail, my feet are in a little worse shape as I'm in my third trimester and feet have been swollen. I will definitely be back. Great service, great atmosphere and wonderful people!

David Lowe

My family is having a terrible experience with this place. My wife purchased a groupon as a gift for her mother and upon realizing that it was expiring, got an extension on it from Groupon. When my elderly mother in law got a massage, at the end she was informed she would need to pay. It didn't matter to them that the groupon was extended and it was still valid. My wife called to complain and she was hung up on. The next day they texted my wife and cancelled a $100 gift card I got her for her birthday. I will never go here again, nor will my family. I am so disappointed that a small local business would treat it's customers this way. UPDATED: following the response from the company, i can only re-emphasize how unprofessional they are. My wife is one of the most respectful and considerate people i know...and if she was agitated on a call with your staff it is because she felt like her mother was taken advantage of. Instead of trying to resolve the issue, your staff yelled at her and hung up on her. I am so sorry you treat your customers this way and I will pray for you.

Fredrika Kagai, GRI, SRS

My eyelashes weren't bad. Very polite but I didn't get the warm fuzzies with the customer service.

Lisa Doyle

I absolutely love the salon. I started out just getting my nails done and they were beautiful. I recently had my hair done by Amy and have received so many compliments on the cut and the color that she did. Leona did my nails this time! I had wanted red nails with a stripe and a blue star for the holiday and she asked if she could make it a burst like a firework. They turned out amazing. I absolutely love the time she took to hand paint my nails and I have every intention of going back on a regular basis. The owner was just as amazing too. I had asked for the nails to be painted that way not knowing they were running behind if I had these done. I told her that we could skip it and just get regular paint so that I wouldn’t put her further behind and she told me no. I was going to leave the salon with what I had in mind and be happy. They made the time to do what I wanted to make me happy and to make me feel special. I absolutely love this salon.

Andrey Peake

This was our first massage experience and it was awesome! A very clean establishment, massage was very soothing, and way more than we expected. Will definitely return in the near future.

Trudi Souslin

Astonishing services! I purchased a facial, pedicure and a massage! All absolutely wonderful! Great friendly service!! Definitely returning soon!

Brooke Bayer

Amazing work on my nails, friendly and relatable staff, beautiful salon.

Erin Mcmullen

Always a great experience with Annie getting my lashes done. Annie is super accomidating, professional and applies lashes quickly and percisely. Love 5 Starr!

Joanne Beasy

Family owned business with relaxed approach and personable employees.

Melissa Hurt

Really nice place!

Montana Wilson

Enjoyed a relaxing couples massage with my husband here. All the staff are friendly and professional. Can't wait for our next visit!

Michelle Dupler

Terrible customer service, bordering on a scam. I purchased two Groupons for my mother for a haircut and a facial as Christmas gifts. When she called to schedule, she was told she can only use one as a new customer and rudely instructed to "Read the fine print." Well, here's the fine print: "New clients only. Limit 1 per person, may buy 1 additional as gift. Limit 1 per visit. Valid only for option purchased. All goods or services must be used by the same person. Appointment required; subject to availability. Merchant's standard cancellation policy applies (any fees not to exceed voucher price). " This clearly shows that 1 additional Groupon can be purchased as a gift and that ALL must be used by the SAME person. What your staff are failing to advise is that a customer — according to this fine print — could schedule separate appointments to use two Groupons. Now that the expiration date is approaching and I can no longer get a refund for my purchase, my mother's messages attempting to schedule are not being returned and the phone line at this "spa" are not being answered during business hours. It sounds like they've taken my money and are refusing to honor the deal they offered.

K Dickerson

I love love love this place and every woman in there! I have never taken the time to do a google review before now but this salon is the best I have ever been to! It actually has the girlfriend type of environment they are so sweet and positive they also have deals ok their website whereas most other nails shops don't that I know of! I would recommend them to anyone and I won't go anywhere else!

Joan T

BEST. SALON. EVER. They listen, spend time with you and absolutely love what they do. They are all educated and so well spoken. I absolutely love everything they do. Refuse to go anywhere else.

Christopher TroBaugh

This place is amazing, went there for a massage and it wasn't my first one but Jodi was absolutely awesome, she was so easy to talk to and walked me through every step like it was my first time. I also did the lime and ginger scrub and it was my first time and my skin was so soft afterwards! I recommend to all!! I have already booked 3 more to keep my spot saved! You can say I'm a regular client! The short blonde haired receptionist was so flexible when I was booking, she was so sweet! Def a good front line girl to have!

monica martinez

Definitely the my go to place for everything! Kirsten did an amazing job on my nails. Destiny is the beautician master. Love LoVe LOVE this place and the people. Look forward to my massage this coming Friday! ❤️❤️❤️

Grace Alexander

I have been coming to 5 Starr Salon and Spa for two years now and they're the best!

Megan Winterton

I have never left a bad review for any company, but I had to for 5 Starr. Purchased a one hour couples massage and was highly unsatisfied. Was embarrassed I even took my significant other here. If you want lotion rubbed on you lightly the whole time, that's what you're getting with the amateur massage. Go to Tranquility Day Spa or The Woodhouse Day Spa if you're wanting a nice massage that gets knots out. They are highly trained professionals where you actually would need to drink water afterwards. Never will be going to 5 Starr for anything. And no matter what the owner is commenting below after every bad review, she has VERY poor customer service. I was nothing but friendly to all of the staff.

Anna Tensin

I’ve been coming here for a few months now. The staff is always very welcoming. Every time I’m here, I get offered a cup of hot Starbucks coffee before my service, which I love. The owner is also always there, personable and caring. The salon is very clean and all the services I’ve got here: nails, lashes, facials were on a very high level. Love this place!

Ashlee Walker

First time getting a full lash set! I had Bailey! She was AMAZING. Super professional, super patient, and such a sweetheart. She makes you feel like a QUEEN! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience...I had such a great experience as soon as I stepped through the door. Booking an appointment was even a good experience, they go above and beyond for their clients.

Carolyn McKinnon

This is a wonderful salon! Mackenzie and Kirsten (hope I spelled those right, ladies!) did a great job on my hair and facial. I always love going here. It is very clean and the staff is always friendly and professional. Thanks for the great service!

Sarah Riley

Earlier this week I called into 5 Starr with a long list of appointment requests for me and two other friends. They were incredibly busy, but still were able to get us in for everything and were super accommodating. This is my second time here, but this is definitely going to be my go to salon from here on out. My pedicure is perfect, and the first one I had lasted from memorial day weekend until I came back today, June 30. The ladies here are all so nice and friendly and I've had a great time during both of my visits. Highly recommend!!

Melissa Murphy

Danielle is AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for making my experience fun especially with the big change for my hair and the way you suprised me with my new look

Amy Peach

Annie does my lashes! She takes her time and they always look perfect. She is very professional and has lots of skin care tips. I highly recommend her !

chip brown

Kirsten and her team made my wife's birthday!!!! Thank you so much for making her feel so special , because she really deserves it.

Merrisa Buffum

This place is fantastic! Excellent personal touches when you come in. I come in twice a month for a gel manicure and it's such a great atmosphere for "me" time! The whole staff is wonderful. Nails, hair, facials, massage- they offer it all! This is the only salon I will go to!

Renee Solomon

The negative reviews made me worried, but I was very impressed with this salon. I called in and they had to call me back because the receptionist was away from the desk. They called me back within a half hour and were able to get me in for a 90 minute massage within 2 days. They were super friendly, warm and welcoming when I arrived for my appointment. Lauren was my masseuse and she was amazing, friendly, professional and she listened to my needs. I had a groupon for the 90 minute massage and the transaction went very smoothly.

Jyothsna Dharamkar

NEVER GO TO THIS PLACE. THEY DON'T CARE IF YOU DIE AS LONG AS YOU GET TO THE APPOINTMENT. I bought a Groupon and after multiple requests and follow ups, I finally get an APPOINTMENT after 2 MONTHS. The day of the appointment I was extremely sick and fainted at work which is why I had to call in and tell them that I cannot drive for an hour to get to my appointment and rescheduled (Not Cancelled) it. Next thing I know my Groupon was marked redeemed. I called Groupon Customer Service regarding marking my coupon redeemed when I didn’t get the service. Groupon told me that I can go back there and they will honor my Groupon. I showed up for my appointment after driving an hour. The front desk lady tells me that my appointment is cancelled and I was never notified. I was so mad at her and left. Groupon Customer Service has taken this very seriously and, upon verifying my side of story, thankfully refunded my money. Reviews written by friends here won't stand up next to word of mouth. I will never go back there and I have told everyone I know not to waste their money or time at this place. After listening to my story, my friends have recommended me other massage places and they only went there because of their Groupon and have been loyal customers ever since. To the owner of this place, you need to hire people who know how to treat their Clientele, if you want to stay in business.

Brittany Kendle

I had a great experience at the salon, everyone was nice, Liz applied my eyelash extensions. I got them done six days ago and they have started to twist and poke my eyelids which has made them VERY uncomfortable. I’ve had eyelash extensions many times (from an older stylist of mine) and have never had this issue.. I have had to take a couple of them off myself because they are so painful and the lashes are stuck together and attached to several natural lashes... not sure what is wrong, as it has only been six days since the application.

Morgan Cox

I have been coming here since they first opened and I haven't had any issues what so ever. The prices are a little more on the pricey side but they all do a wonderful job and I would say is definitely worth it!

Lizzy McGlone

First I will say my nail tech was super nice and sweet great personality! But I received dip powder on my nails for the first time the the the only reason why I was getting my nails done anyway because I was going on vacation to California within 4 days. Now I asked how long does this last? I was told up to 3 weeks. I was while I was in California my left thumb the color completely chipped. Of course, I did not call because I was on VACATION on the other side of the COUNTRY I was trying to enjoy my time away so I figured I would call when I got back. By the time I got home from vacation, I had a total of 6 different nails that had chipped. When I called this was our conversation over the phone 5 starr- we only guarantee our products 1 week Me- Well it happened within that week 5 starr- you should have called then Me- only reason why I did not call was because I was on vacation in California 5 starr- there is nothing we can do. My next appointment was not going to be until nearly at the end of the month by that point all of my nails would have been broken off the way this was heading! Sorry but I usually do not leave reviews but this is ridiculous and I need to speak up on this matter! If you can only guarantee 1 week of your products either schedule people weekly instead of 3 weeks or get BETTER products. PERIOD.

Lauren Jones

I LOVE this salon! When i walk in, I'm greeted by pleasant smells and friendly faces. There is always coffee, teas and mints and sometimes even cookies!!! I finally found a lash girl (shout out to Annie!) that is consistent with her work, friendly and listens to any requests or concerns I may have! I will always come here!!

Lori Perkins

This salon is like a second home to me. I have followed Destiny to every salon, but this one definitely has it all. I get all my services done here. I live in Westerville. And drive just to get my hair done by destiny. She is absolutely AWESOME! So sweet to talk too. Such charming personality. I will never let anyone else touch my hair. And I also get my eyebrows done by Kirsten and she is AMAZING!!! Even the receptionist always seems to fit me in no madder what when I’m passing through and need a quick brow wax, she is so sweet on the phone. From the moment I walk through the door, to the time I check out everyone treats me like Family. I love this place!! Thank you guys!

Kathy Thomas

The lady that assisted me at the front desk was so nice and helpful. I will be trying services here.

Sean Gerke

*Updated* 22-Jan-2019 Salon contacted my wife and they fixed everything. Great customer service! They did very well and I am very pleased with the result. I have updated this review and given 5 stars from my previous review. We are very happy they handled this with great professionalism. There are not many people/companies that do this anymore. Very thankful for all the effort they put in. We will be going back again! Thank you very much to the stylist Makenzie, and all who helped. So greatful! *Original Review* My wife went in for a hair color and cut. I want to say that based on the amount of $325. I was not impressed at all by the outcome. She seemed happy about the visit and said she was treated very well, however from my point of view as her husband, I am not impressed (based solely on visual appearance). For that amount of money, I expect to notice a difference. I noticed she had a hair cut but did not notice the slight color changes in her hair. She said she was going there to go blonde (she has medium brown hair), came back looking nearly the same as when she left with just slight color differences. When I compare price of product with cost of service, 90% of the cost is based on the service of the visit. I do not believe she got what she payed for. So for my review, I feel their hair color service is over priced.

Tyler Edgington

Had an hour massage here Ginger was great! I told her all the pressure points and she hit ever spot twice! Definitely going to be going back once a month!! I’ve been to other places but this place is where I will stay. The staff is extremely friendly and the cute blonde receptionist even gave me a glass of water and took and hung up my coat before I even took a sit to wait talk about costumer service was great!!

Jalenna D

Shout out to Michael and Sean for making my first time experience there, better! They were professional and made my mom feel comfortable to where she felt relaxed with having a male. After I paid, I called up there twice, on two different occasions to confirm it would be a male and female doing our Mothers Day duet massages and BOTH girls (I should have taken names) stated and reassured me that there would be. To my surprise, the day of, they're both males

Lisha J

Nice doctor in their the staff was very friendly. Prices a lil higher than most places

Heather Diffenderfer

Such a beautiful Salon and Spa on the inside! Truly a one stop shop! From nails to hair to lash extensions to massages! The staff and sooo friendly and so sweet. They’re extremely understanding and helpful in every step! Will definitely be back!

Michelle M

Color turned out amazing..I would definitely go back if I didn't have to pay $30 just to get my hair blow dried. This is the first time I had been somewhere for a color service and had to pay more money on top of it for a blow dry. *edit* only because I was asked by the salon to update my review. I guess I was only charged $15 for a blowout BECAUSE I was given a one time special price of 50% next time the price will be $ I said in my original review.

Jennifer Bailey

Nothing short of amazing. They focused on our problem areas!! We will be back!

Annie K

Love love my lashes by Annie. She was so friendly and her work was phenomenal! Deffinately recommend and will be returning

alexis bostic

Rachael is amazing. My hair turned out great! She really listened to what I wanted and delivered. Love this salon!

Yeliani Flores

They re-did my lashes at no cost. They are beautiful. Very soft. I loved that the technician asked questions to get me to what I wanted...I could not be any more happier. I cannot wait to follow up and have a new set for my wedding! This is about 4 days later. Still full ...

Krista Renee

Salon was very nice and clean. However the staff isn't the friendliest. I got my lash extensions done by Kaitlin, she was super friendly and super nice. Would definitely recommend her for lash extensions. The lady that answers the phone is very rude and makes you feel stupid. I called to get my lash techs name and the lady gave me the wrong name so I recommend a friend that was supposed to see the same lash tech as me and ended up seeing another girl that was very bad at lash extensions. They blamed it on her not having the right lash extensions. But if you are going to have more than one lash tech at least have the right supplies. I called and asked if they had more than one lash tech and they said no we just have one which was a lie because they have 2 lash techs. Why would you have to lie about that. I had a reaction to one of the supply's they used on me for my fill and thought they would understand and take them off for a small fee or even do it for free. But the lady I spoke to was super rude about it and told me I would be charged $25.00. when I had just got them filled in a week ago. Long story short I won't be going back due to the lack of having rude employees. This is how places go out of business and why they can't keep clients.

Minta Lanning

Great salon. They provide amazing customer service and are very professional. I took my daughter here for her birthday and she exclaimed it was the best day of her life. She loved her nails, facial, massage and especially the staff for making her feel welcome. They were all great, but special shout out to the owner, Kirsten, and the best nail tech we've ever met, Alayna? Great place!

Ann Francis

I came as a walk in and I'm so glad I did. A very thorough pedicure.

Megan Crumet

I loved the atmosphere & Annie did an amazing job on my lashes!

Brittnay Cool

Kirsten is always a pleasure to be around. She took her time and I absolutely LOVE my nails. Thank you again!

Sarah Dean

My friend suggested 5 STARR. I went to get my first ever manicure. I was a walk in on a Saturday afternoon. The wait wasn't that long and they explained the process to me very well. I went with a gel manicure and was very pleased. It's been 2 or 3 weeks now and they still look great, aside from the grow out. I will be going back.

Nancy Youngkin

Found them through Groupon and have had two massage therapy appointments this week for pinched nerve in neck and shoulder. Both massages were great. My second massage was with Courtney, and she was incredibly knowledgeable and shared a lot of medical information with me about how the muscles and skeletal system work together and function. She also gave me lots of tips of things to do in between massage therapy appointments to maximize my comfort and pain relief. Definitely recommend Courtney for anyone experiencing back, neck, or spine problems of any kind. Well worth the investment and time. Thanks, Courtney!

Erin Piccadlly

OMG!!! My hair is THE BOMB!! Liz did an AWESOME job with my cut and color! Cant wait to show it off! You have got to try them out. Hidden GEM!

Olya Rushchak

Kiersten and her staff will take a great care of you;)

melanie kakos

It was great as always. I always get great service!

Ashley Pennington

First, I should mention that I would give zero stars if I could. My sister purchased a gift card for a Hydrafacial and gave it to me as an after-baby gift to "treat myself". I believe my appointment was for 7:00pm. I arrived a few minutes early and was promptly taken back after filling out some paperwork. (As I was filling out my paperwork, I noticed I was holding about 40 other papers other people had filled out previously - hope none of you had any expectation of privacy about your health and skincare!) My "esthetician" was Annie. She was friendly enough at first. She led me into one of the small rooms, sat down at the head of the table, and awkwardly looked at me. I asked if I could sit my things on one of the counters. She said yes and then said "So usually we would give you a robe and blah blah blah but I've done soo many of these today with this sale we have going on." I already felt uncomfortable, so I said it was okay, I didn't need a robe. When I got comfortable on the table, she said "I would literally be changing the sheets all day if I did that!" I guess going back to giving every one robes being a huge deal. She got started and it occurred to me... Ew? Does that mean I'm lying on dirty sheets? o.o She began my facial and didn't really ask me any questions about my skin, other than pointing out a large area of hormonal acne on my chin. She explained nothing unless I asked, and at one point, got one of the serums in my eye. When I asked for a tissue, she finished smearing the serum around my face first, then wiped my eye herself. The entire process was disgusting. She was in SUCH a hurry during the entire process and I could tell. I could tell they were closing soon and she was over it. I watched multiple videos on the Hydrafacial and none of them took 15 minutes. I was also told by her when we entered the room, it typically takes 35-40 minutes. I was done and walking to my car by 7:15, calling my sister telling her to definitely never book anything there again. My sister and I both work in the medical field and work 40-50+ hours per week. She went out of her way to watch my two children and buy me this gift to treat myself and it was all around a pretty awful experience. On top of Annie being completely rude, unprofessional, and seemingly talentless in the skincare department, my face felt and looked exactly the same after my facial. Annie tried to show me everything that "came out of my skin" by holding her flash light on her phone up to the Hydrafacial machine, but it was clear that it hadn't been cleaned/changed in several days, and it was obvious I was looking at multiple people's sebum, dirt, and skin in the canister. I was definitely not seeing all her hard work, like she wanted me to think. I'm absolutely shocked that this place is still open. Other local estheticians in the area find this salon absolutely laughable and warn people against them all the time. I only wish I had read the reviews first. We did give the owner a call the next day, and never received a response. Apparently the owner thinks she can just ignore reality and it will go away. Unfortunately, she will probably (definitely) end up being sued when one of her unlicensed employees ruin someone's face. (Again - read all the past reviews!) Get it together Kirsten.

Laura Chuma

I was hesitant to book a massage here based on the negative reviews. Since I found a Groupon for a 90 minute massage for $60, I thought I would give it a shot. When I called to schedule, there was a bit of wait for a day to fit my schedule. Not a big deal to me. When I got there, I was greeted by a very pleasant woman and my massage therapist. My massage was amazing! Cody is awesome, and I will definitely try to work into my budget more time with him. He really listened to my issues I was having and did his best to relieve my pain. The only complaint I have is that you have to pay prior to your service. And since I didn't have cash for a tip, I had to put it and the tax on my card. Had I know this, and how amazing Cody is, I would have left a bigger tip!!!

Katie Puckett

I had a fantastic pedicure with Amy today! Great atmosphere and a lot of kind ladies make this place special

Shawntel De La Cruz

I LOVE this place!!!! I have came here since last year and I just had twin babies so I have missed my every 2 week visit, but I will be returning shortly because this salon is def a 5 STARR business! The set-up is so elegant and very clean, I like their services they offer and when I go fir my eyelashes, Annie has always done the PERFECT job! Also I have had the best customer service with everyone working there and in the check-in/out area. They are all so very helpful in scheduling and with any questions. Go try this salon and guaranteed you will become a regular!!!

Dani Weyand

The staff was incredibly rude when I called, and whoever responds to criticisms online thinks an appropriate apology is defensive statements. I don’t know what happened to their Facebook reviews where their rating was plummeting, but you can see I’m not alone in my experiences on Yelp

Lauren Kennedy

I've only gotten my nails done a handful of times in my life. I went as a treat for myself and the woman who worked on me was extremely nice and personable. Not to mention my nails look great! Definitely have my future business.

Amy O'Neal

What a disaster. My daughter and I made appointments for dip manicures and pedicures. When we arrived we were told to choose our color and were directed to a display of OPI bottles. We reminded them that we were there for the dip manicures which require a power color not one of the liquids. They said to pick a color and that they would be doing our pedicures first. Pedicure were well done but took a very long time and they were rough. Several times during the pedicure my daughter brought up picking out colors and if they wanted us to go ahead and start soaking off the existing dips. Once our pedicures were done we were moved to the nail stations and they began the process of removing the existing dip power (which involves soaking in nail polish remover). Again my daughter asked to see the dip colors. 5 jars of dip power was brought out. Silver, gold, very light nude-ish pink and peach and red. I shared that I was not interested in any of them. They said that was all they had. We said that we were not interested in having our nails done then and that we should have been told that from the beginning. Instead we were at the point of no return in the removal process. The nail tech working on my nails said she would go ahead and move the dip and clean up the cuticles. I asked how much it was going to cost. We were told 10.00 for removal. I stated that if we went somewhere else that removal would have been included in the service. I asked to speak to the staff member who had told us when we arrived that she was the manager. When that staff member came out and I shared my concern she walked away and told us to talk to another staff member (I guess one is the manager of the store and the other is the manager in charge of customer relations). We were told that the 10 dollar fee was for the materials (nail polish remover and aluminum foil and their time. I responded that it was a waste of our time and that was the reason that we called ahead. She then said she would charge us half. 5.00 each. I told her we would pay the 35 for each pedicure and asked for the name and contact information of the owner. We walked out paying the 70 plus tax with nails clumped with half removed dip power. Heading off to find someone who can fix it. If anyone knows the contact information for the owner I would love to have it. (I would not have given 1 star but I had to choose a star rating in order to post my review.)

Jim Foster

Requires you to put credit card on file. Hackers Paradise.....

Linda Martinez

Leona does my nails and does a fabulous job!

Bobbi Hain

Had issues using a groupon once, as well as a gift card that was given to me and I let expire (deathS in the family and I forgot about it). Was told that they'd give me 1/2 the value of the gift card but nothing more, despite the fact there is NOTHING on the gift card that said it would expire in a year. Not to mention that the one massage I did get (from the Groupon mentioned above) was meh at best.

Lynn Gardon

I don’t know what to say but I get all my services done here. Its my second home. Eyebrows from Kirsten are awesome, best chemical peel ever! My skin has never looked better. My nails are perfection everytime I go and have them done by Leonia they last for weeks!! Ginger gives the best massages. I sleep like a baby for 3 nights. Professional people, customer service is wonderful!!!

Sarah Harris

Mackenzie was fabulous. I came in for a corrective cut after having a terrible cut at another salon. She was able to correct the many problems with the “layers”. Although I lost a lot of length that I had not initially planned, her ability to fix the problems means that I can wear my hair down with confidence. Thank you for working your magic - I’ll be back in the future !

Susan Lelonek

Kirsten is awesome! Highly recommend a hydro facial with her.

Maddie Galloway

I have had my hair done here and I it was an overwhelmingly positive experience! The employee working at the front desk was very professional and polite, I was so pleased with my hair and the customer service of everyone I encountered. Everyone was very friendly and the salon looked extremely clean and well-maintained!

Niko Giudice

The receptionist was rude, my wife’s nails were a mess and when she said she didnt like them there was no offer to fix them. She still had to pay full price. Dodgy salon, no wonder they had to delete their Facebook page and the yelp reviews are so horrible.

Adeline Karunwi

Beautiful place. Had an awesome massage

Miranda Saunders

Just recently went to have my hair colored and the stylist was awesome! Although I wouldn't recommend this salon to ANYONE! They don't tell you that if you get your hair colored they charge you $30 to blow dry your hair, and its their policy they have too. I was quoted $85...was expecting to pay close to $100-$125.. $155 later I WILL NEVER RETURN! Unless you like being charged for services that should be included with a color go here, if not STAY AWAY!

Denese Shirk

Danielle does my hair and i love how she does it... i try something different all the time and she makes it look great every time!!I moved back to Dayton so i do not get back as much now

Stacey Horn

Mackenzie was amazing! First time here and I’m so happy with how my hair turned out! Thank you!

Carlee Jones

Sherry did my manicure and pedicure today and she was fabulous! Great conversations and very relaxing. Love the atmosphere. I will definitely be back.

Abigail Harvey

Aimie did a fantastic job! This was my first time ever truly getting my hair done. I was nervous, but I walked in and was immediately greeted with smiles and drinks. My appt came up and Aimie took such good care of me! I've never done a crazy color but my purple is amazing!! She did everything I asked perfectly! Kind staff and great atmosphere, I'll be back in the future!

Shawn McAndrew

Double charged my wife and will not refund the money. They say all sales are final but this is a double charge not refund not a full refund. They are stealing my money and wont give it back. They are theives and wont talk to me about it.

Lindsey Zink

The masseuse was nice and the place is clean. Very pretty salon.. I was disappointed with my service however. I had a 1pm 90min massage scheduled. I was taken back at 1:11pm and i was dressed, checking out at 2:05. Not sure if it was a scheduling mishap but that was not cool. I’m a mom of a toddler, going through several tests for his hearing and was looking forward to this. Didn’t get what i paid for.

Emily Axe

I was looking for a pedicure and liked that I could make an appointment online for the same day. I even made a second appointment on-site for a friend and they were able to get her in with me. Staff was welcoming and accommodating. This was my first pedicure ever and first experience with Salon. I was impressed and will return in the future.

Margaret Miller

My lash specialist is very professional and talented. I prefer natural looking lashes. Annie never disappoints!!

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