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REVIEWS OF Simonson's Salon & Spa - Plymouth IN Minnesota

Erik Hettinga

Great haircut

Jan Kulda

Not only did they have a last-minute appointment available tonight, but my esthetician Hailey was very nice and gave me a fantastic brow wax!

Dawn Christ

I highly recommend Cassandra if you are looking for a stylist that asks questions about how you work with your hair at home, and listens to the answers. It was refreshing to have a stylist understand what you will be doing at home with what they are cutting/styling at the salon. Love the highlights, and cut I received today. A great summer look - thank you!

Rebecca Huang

Shawna Audette

Tyler Connolly

Very welcoming, great staff


I’m posting this for my wife… She looks fabulous! Big big thank you

Amber Elsenpeter

Courtney Miller is amazing at hair and color!

Missy Leng

Nice place with lots of different services

shawna weiss

LOVE this salon! Customer care at its best! Always feel taken care of! Highly recommend!

Aliza M.

Pricey but wonderful

David Williams

$159.00 for a color and cut. Was told the expense was because a "senior stylist" did the work. This place is clean, professional & the employees are attentive and are good listeners. Maybe I am a fuddy duddy, but total cost was almost $200.00 for a cut/shampoo/color & seems outrageous. Tipped the stylist $20.00. Wife's hair is short, thin & I have coloured her hair for $15.00 from a box & it looked just as good. You will see high end luxury vehicles in the parking lot. The services are top shelf. Bring cash and your Amex.

Monica Rask

Teena Swangler

Fine spa however the price is outrageous. An 55 minute massage costs $120 with tip!!!

Elizabeth Hanson

Cassidy Ley

Knowledgeable staff. Calm atmosphere.

Tina Kraemer

I went to Simonson’s in Plymouth for an LCN Gel French nail Fill and Lili was great. I love my nails and the product is so much better than acrylic or dips. They are a bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for!

Jodi Thomas

I love the service

Kaitlyn Worner

Kalyn and Annie are the best!

paige heinen

I've been going to Mercedes for my haircuts for 2 years now, and went to several other stylists at other locations beforehand. Simonson's is very clean and professional with fun and attentive staff. I definitely recommend it!

Nerissa Karp


Love it!

Maria Ferrera

Jess always does a good job with my hair.

Claire Spaghetti


D Colbert

Leah Engen

I had a wonderful experience with Cindy. She was funny and really helped me get my confidence back after I butchered my eyebrows from a using a store bought kit. I highly recommend her and Simonson's Salon & Spa. Simonson's will be the only place I go to from now on.

Dan Foley

Bonnie Jude

If you care about how employees are treated, don't give Simonson's your business. The owner treats her employees terribly (heard from several sources) and if you try to leave, she will make you pay in every conceivable way.

Tiana Link

Melanie Hultman

Katie Bradach

Lucy Lee

My husband booked an hour deep tissue massage session for my birthday tomorrow as a surprise. He specifically requested for a female masseuse but Simonson’s calls him today saying that they only have an opening with a male masseuse. We’re both so disappointed and are now scrambling to book an appointment for me someplace else. Don’t waste your time and money on this place. Terrible customer service with no sense of courtesy to call ahead of time about their mistake.

Amber Dahl

Jody Swenson

Abby Duevel

Eileen Kohn

I had an excellent facial. The staff is experienced and give a wonderful facial

Chambers Marie

Bethany Wright

Donna Przepiora - Meyer

Phenomenal service, incredibly friendly staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else

M & E Ponicki

Keri Borden

It is priced and presented as a high end spa. But the services we had (mani pedi) were done mediocre at best. I did not find the girl doing my work overly pleasant and the polish was done subpar. The chairs and set up were average. Not exactly super relaxing. After leaving negative feedback in an email they did offer to redo the work. However we were only visiting the area.

Sebastian Erickson

Rebecca Keane

My first time at this salon and Sydney was amazing! I am very excited to see what we decide to do with my hair

Tamara Collins

I'm supposed to be getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow but to be honest I'm still hesitant to get back in a salon chair after having such a disaster experience at Simonson's Plymouth last July. I haven't done anything with my hair since. I first went to a stylist at Simonson's for a slight trim and my first color in 2 years. It was supposed to make my flat natural red/yellow toned blonde look more vibrant, multidimensional, and ashy blonde. I discussed balyage and a highlight/low light mix with the stylist. Instead of doing that, she decided to dye my hair brown THEN add highlights, and then butcher the cut by over three inches instead of the half inch I asked for to be cut. My hair was essentially dark brown and some yellow and red tone showing through. The next day I realized just how horrible it was when I looked at the back of my head in the mirror. I called the salon and requested my money back so I could go to another salon to fix it. Instead they insisted I come in and let a more advanced stylist fix the damage. So I did. She agreed the other stylist did a terrible job on the color. She did what she could to try to help the color and it did look better after she lightened it but there were still yellow and red undertones and the darkness from the all over color could not be lifted so it looked terrible in some lighting. I was so bummed that I saved all year to finally pay to get my hair done nicely and it was this terrible color and now too processed in the two visits to even wisely go forward with any other attempts to fix it. A few days after the "fix" I called the salon and explained that due to the situation happening the way it did, I deserve a refund of the money I paid for the cut and color. The manager told me to come in to the store to work it out. I drove there and the manager looked at my hair and said my hair just naturally has a yellow and red undertone to the blonde and that there's just nothing they could do. She gave me s bottle of purple shampoo and would not issue a refund. I do not use chemical shampoos on my hair like the purple shampoo. I only get my hair dyed once MAYBE twice a year and do not use chemicals in my head otherwise, only natural shampoos. So the shampoo was not even a consolation. I should've gotten a full refund and I didn't. In their defense, the salon did shortly thereafter let the first stylist go, as I found out via LinkedIn. I definitely don't want to be responsible for someone getting fired but if you're incompetent at your job, then it's really for the best. The damage done to my hair wasn't going to change, and hair takes time to grow out and heal so I just tried to make the best of it and embrace it. As the weeks turned into months, the dark brown color from the dye faded and highlights grew out some, and eventually it has now landed at looking like reverse ombre, which wouldn't be entirely terrible if it wasn't a red/yellow blonde/brown mix and if it wasn't the same drab look I wanted to avoid. Trying to be okay with hair that looks ugly, but really hating it has impacted my self image. Every time I think about going to a salon these past few months I don't, because I'm afraid I'll spend another $140 and end up with another hair nightmare. I've tried to think of it as just a one time unfortunate experience but it's like trauma! I just can't trust anyone with my hair or money now! I think for that, Simonson's owes me a lot more than a refund.

Sandy Brown

I would definitely recommend Molly as she does a fantastic job every time.

Trinny Cee

Gerry Rosenberg

I went to Simonson's in Plymouth yesterday (6-7-14) and had a color and haircut with Sam. I should mention that this bad experience cost me $125.00. When I met her I was very explicit about what I wanted and she acted as though she could give me a cute haircut and the description she gave me does not match the finished haircut that I got. She applied the color and I didn't see her for almost an hour after she finished. She then was ready to wash my hair and I told her I did not want to get wet because I felt that I was not protected properly from the water. She assured me it would be fine and then told me I was getting some water on my back. She managed to take care of it. Then the haircut is terrible. She did not do anything that she had described to me when we discussed the haircut. I was shocked when I saw how much hair she cut off and then I had to tell her the back was not good. She didn't seem to know how to do a simple cut in the back and took an electric razor and I feel like I have been scalped. Frankly, I could have had a better haircut at Fantastic Sam's. This isn't a haircut that I would get at Aveda or Rocco's. Sam does not appear to be sincere in her attitude. I would definitely not recommend her.

Brenda Sandoval

Great staff and a great hair cut. Everyone who works here is very friendly.

Tiffiney Biorn

Staff are friendly and prices are reasonable.

Kari Hainlin

The haircuts were great, exactly what we were looking for, and the hairstylist was very kind and outgoing. But beware of misleading online pricing and hostile checkout associate. We were shocked when we checked out that each of the girls (13, 15 yr old) haircuts were $64.00 a piece for only a quick trim and washing their hair. Total bill was >$140.00. We were expecting <$100 based on their website. We thought the haircuts would be $36 as posted online, unless notified otherwise. When we said we were shocked, the cashier was hostile and said 'I told you the price when you made the appointment', which is not true, and she continued to tell us that we were told the price when we checked in, which is also not true. All three of us confirmed that. She treated us like we were trying to scam her. I payed the full price and we left immediately. It's unfortunate, we received great haircuts but management was rude and the pricing was misleading.

Chad Ahrenstorff

Tim Johnson

5-star customer service!

Autumn Gray

Alina r6dragon

Great stylists. I get my hair done by Tiana who does a wonderful job both cutting and coloring. Good communication and very friendly. I also get my facials done by Lis! She has gotten my acne and oily skin under control. Recommend both completely!!!

Cori Simon

Love this salon. They have great services, fun jewelry and gift items out front too! Cassandra is GREAT with curly hair which is hard to find!

Ash Winter

Great salon, massage, and nails spa. I've had fantastic luck with the gel nails staying on and lasting...better than any other local nail salon. If you find communication is a problem at other nails salons you won't come across the same issue here. The prices are high but in line with other similar locations. The salon itself is clean and nice looking, and the workers all professional and friendly. I've done nails, a massage, and a haircut here and have no complaints. Register on their website for deals and discounts.

Virginia Mott

I went here for a spa day with my sister and we had a nice time. The staff was wonderful and the serves were great. We got hair cuts, massages, and facials and everything was good.

Ariana Engle

I love this salon. They are so friendly!!! They also do a wonderful job at everything. Love my hair and nails every time. The prices are fantastic and the massage is so relaxing!!! Highly recommend!

Sheri Huot


Jacque Blais

Stefanie Johnstone

Jennifer French

I get Shellac manicures here and they are always done beautifully. Would definitely recommend.

Monica Blechinger


Great friendly staff. Kristin was my stylist and she was AWESOME. I Loved what we did with my hair. I wanted to go dark for Fall and get a fresh cut. THANK YOU!

Taylor Tryon

Had a fantastic experience here. I showed Kendra a picture of the hair style I wanted, and she recreated it perfectly. She even showed me how to curl my shorter hair so I could do it at home by myself. Great atmosphere and great people!

Sana Shamsi

If I had negative starts to give, I would have! The first time I went there, my stylist was so rough with my hair despite me telling her to be gentle as I tend to matt, I walked out with a huge bald spot. She messed up my hair color and I had to go back to get it fixed! I decided to go back since it was convenient in terms of location thinking that I maybe had been unlucky the first time. Well guess what, a different stylist and another horrible experience. She turned my hair too brassy and blonde so I asked her to add a few dark streaks, and they denied it saying “they don’t have time as they have other clients waiting” ... so wait, they have time to ruin my hair, collect payment, but not fix their mess up because they have other clients??? First focus on ur existing client and make them happy before worrying about another!!! If you want rude service, go here... otherwise take your $$ somewhere else. I didn’t pay for the service but the manager had the audacity to tell me to go to another salon in the future since this place is not a fit. As if I was ever going to come back this place!!! Rather than trying to accommodate their clients they are just more focused on quick business with zero sense of customer service!!!

Jenny Rose

Thank you Kacie your amazing made my work night so much better! See you again!

Shavon Owens

Every time I go here I almost spend all of my money lol way too many great things in there!!

Stacy C

Love. Great staff and support team. Ask for Sydney for Hair and Lily for Nails. AHMazing! So much talent and perfection with both of these women. The whole team is unmatched!

Diana Tonn

Love this place. My stylist is amazing and they are so friendly

Terry Rosati


Taylor Greenhill

Kristin has been making me look good since 2015! She always does a great job and has wonderful Netflix suggestions!

Lori Barnes

The environment is so fun, relaxing and clean! If you’re looking for a stylist look no further!

Susan Gran

Chris Empson

Great massage and pedicure.

Renee Michele

Kristen is a wonderful stylist. Always does a beautiful job cutting my thick wavy hair. I look and feel like a new person.

Alex Jackson

I have had multiple services done with different people every time and I have never been disappointed! Great quality work with a variety of treatments available.

Darlene Benham

Christy Helmer

My grandaughter freekeed out about the the hot iron when she was so pose to get an up due so the French braide5 1/2 of her hair evan though my daughter said she could do it at home then charged me $50 for beading half her head So on six heads I ended up spendeig 560 and three of them were kids bull #$!* I understand the brides hair and the brides maids but 3 kids 50 a pop plus tip bull s#×/ ,

Megan Malecha

Cassie is absolutely AMAZING!

Michelle Carlson

Great service. Easy scheduling.

tom bliss

Joan Sandoval

This is a great place to get a quick haircut. It's consistent and I'm usually able to get in and out fairly quickly on the weekends

Nadia Barnes

Judy Peterson

I love my hairdresser - Molly!! She always does a wonderful job. The front desk staff are so happy and kind. The staff makes you feel very special. Thank you!

Kristina E. Lewis

Every time I visit Simonson's the staff is friendly, helpful and professional. I see Kathleen for brows and eyelash extensions and she is fantastic. She always has the client's best interest in mind and does awesome work. You won't be disappointed.

Samantha Shanks

Kelly was great. She cut my hair exactly how I wanted it and fixed the problem. I highly recommend this salon. No matter what service I get, it's always a wonderful experience.

Christopher Morgan

Emilie Jo

Love this place! I will definately go back.

Pauline Smith

I always get great service at Simonsons. I have been seeing Cassandra for my hair for over 14 years. Prior to her I didn't think it was possible to be happy after a haircut and didn't think it was possible to find anyone who could tame my crazy hair. She is amazing and I won't see anyone else! I see Heidi for my brows/facial treatments and she is spectacular as well. She knows my skin and recommends products that fit my budget instead of just trying to upsell to make a profit.

Susie Wilcox

I recently visited Simonson's in Plymouth I got my hair colored and trimmed by Jackie. It was such a great experience I had not been to a salon in over 10 years. Jackie was so nice and confident, she made me feel great about being there. There was a happy delightful buzz in the salon a great atmosphere, nice lighting, very comfortable. I'm looking forward to a return visit soon.

Bryan Pierson

Kaisa Eno

I got an "express manicure" as a last-minute treat for myself and was able to get in and get out in 30 minutes; the quality of the manicure was exceptional. They were so curtious and accommodating! I would definitely recommend this salon.

Abby N

Menachem Rabenstein

Nice place

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