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REVIEWS OF Simonson's Salon & Spa - Maple Grove IN Minnesota

Sherri P

Do NOT go to this salon, they do not care about your experience they just want to take your money. I went for a Bayalage. I was happy with the color but there was a bad transition on the right side so I asked to have it fixed. She fixed the bad transition spot but put a toner on my hair which changed the Bayalage color, so the part I loved about my hair was gone. She knew I wasn't happy but lead me to the front desk, said the toner color would fade and I was charged $85.00. I initially paid $166.00. So I paid $231.00 to have the same color as when I started. I asked to have a manager call me and dealt with a very inexperienced manager. Never did she ask what she can do to help, only listened to what happened and offered to have me meet with the color specialist so she can explain how color works or I can get 15% off my next service. I asked her to give me the $85.00 charge back since that service ruined by bayalage and she said absolutely not. I asked to come in and have more blonde put back in and she said no, I can only offer 15% off my next service. Isn't a repeat customer the goal? Why would I come back to a salon that just cares about the bottom line....Money. On top of it I wrote a letter to give to the Leadership team but there is no way to contact them. If you search you will never find a email address, their LinkedIn accounts are locked down. Your only recourse is to let other people know to stay away! ***RESPONSE FROM OWNER IS FULL OF INACCURACIES!! i CAME BACK THE 2ND TIME BECAUSE I HAD A BLACK PATCH THAT DID NOT BLEND WELL, IT LOOKED RIDICULOUS. THEY PUT FOILS IN TO HELP IT WHICH IT DID BUT THE TONER TOOK AWAY THE BAYALAGE I LOVED. I ASKED FOR A REFUND FOR THE APPT OF THE TONER, WHICH WAS REASONABLE TO ASK FOR SINCE I HAD THE SAME COLOR AS WHEN I STARTED. I SHOULD HAVE BEE REFUNDED FOR THE WHOLE THING. ALL I WANTED WAS TO COME BACK AND PUT MORE FOILS IN TO LIGHTEN IT AGAIN AND WAS TOLD NO. YOU REFUSED TO REFUND MY MONEY AND REFUSED TO FIX IT. YOU OFFERED 15% OFF MY NEXT SERVICE. AT NO TIME AFTER THE FIRST APPT DID I LEAVE HAPPY.

Jan Kulda

Kim Chatelle

Great place to be pampered. Adeline is a VERY accommodating stylist. She doesn't do it her way, she does it YOUR way!!

Shawna Audette

An Echo

Krystle Cooper

I needed to switch salons because I live in the area and I hate the parking situations in uptown. I've now tried three different stylists and all left me with mediocre haircuts. I've had no problem with the experience just the over all finished product left me feeling unsatisfied. For the price it's just not worth it.

Sarah Meagher

When I was planning my wedding, I shopped local salons around quite a bit to see who had the best prices. Not only did Simonsons' have the lowest price ranges, they did a fantastic job! I did a run through of my wedding hair and makeup and they nailed it on the first try! My hair and makeup and my maid of honors hair and makeup was perfect and we looked beautiful! I've never really been one to get my hair and makeup done by professionals, but I think I will be getting into the habit now. Thanks Simonsons!

Carolyn Rivera

I had a cut/color appt with Charlie. HIGHLY recommend. This place is super cute and relaxing. Charlie was amazing... super sweet and did an awesome job. I loved the services and good price range.

Jeri Cherkas

The facial was fantastic! Will definitely be back!

Shere' Vogelpohl

Great service great products

Cassidy Ley


Very disappointing service. I originally purchased an 85 min. massage for my wife. When I asked to purchase the front desk was nice but asked someone for help to ring it up. The helper acted snobby and asked if I could afford it. After ignoring that comment I still purchased the service. FF to today. My wife scheduled the appointment last week for today (her BIRTHDAY). Less than two hours before the appointment Simonsons called to cancel the appointment. Why do you not have a back-up? After having to schedule a babysitter to watch the kids, my wife was unable to get the massage. With the amount of money paid for this service, to cancel on very short notice is very disappointing. The level of service provided at Simonsons was very lacking and we will not be returning customers.

Deb Tollefson

Ashley (Jen) is the best. Love her.

Marina Morgan

Carol Rieger

Love my stylist Beth, she has taken me through many life transitions. I always leave feeling good about myself, and that includes my haircut. My only concern is that you have discontinued taking gratuities for over 20% on credit cards. This is unfair to the stylists as generally I don't carry cash and almost all of my transactions are on credit card. Not sure why this was implemented.

Maru Dominguez

Good service a little overpriced.

Mary McCullough

Amy Nolte

Nice atmosphere, good service, but mani/pedi started peeling within a week. It's been two months and my nails are still peeling.

Doris Anderson

Jennifer K.

Been going here for several years and I am really easy going but for the second time in two appointments they canceled on me one hour before my appointment (this one was with my teenage daughter too; doubly saddening). Will not be going back and I can find a different place to spend $250

Bonnie Jude

I gave this 2 stars only because the employees are great. The owner is a nasty, vindictive woman and treats her employees horribly. I went there for years and the more I heard about her from various people, the angrier I got. For example, if you buy a donated Simonson's gift card from a silent auction, the person you book with has to provide the service free of charge. The salon "donates" the gift card, but the provider is the one who gets stiffed. They don't get paid for the service and they have lost the revenue that they would have received from a "paying" customer. Kyle, the owner, looks like the generous benefactor, when in truth, she has given nothing. There is nothing wrong with donating one's time, but it should be the individual's choice. They aren't supposed to be indentured servants.


I went to Simonson's because my hairstylist moved. When I got there I love the atmosphere, but the stylist that cut my hair was horrible. It was very clear that she was uninterested in talking to me because I wasn't one of her regulars and she didn't feel my hair was up to par. I told her the kind of cut that I was looking for, but she insisted on doing something different and proceeded to tell me all of the things that I though I knew but really didn't about hair. Now, I am not a hair expert but I am professional. I ended up leaving the salon with 4 inches cut off and a fringe and feeling degraded.

Derek Michal

My appointment was made to celebrate my girlfriends bday. We were getting pedicures together. We didn't get taken back together and I had to wait an additional 12 minutes past my scheduled time for my chair and my friend was taken back spot on time. It was rather annoying to have to wait up front for her, then I felt very rushed especially at the end when the next appointment showed up and she wasn't done. It really bothers me when the stylist uses their fingers to remove nail polish and I feel like after looking at my nails it was a very inexperienced person, and would never pay $70 for that again!! Also my girlfriend was done before me and had to get out of her chair for the next person, whats the point of scheduling appointments together if you aren't going to be able to enjoy them together? I probably wouldn't recommend this place to my friends for this type of service . I am really disappointed because I didn't feel like I could relax. Also for $70 service I shouldn't have to look at a bunch of storage containers and bottles of junk laying around on the table in front of me. The salon was otherwise clean looking, but with these other things I probably won't be back.

Judy Kirschner

my daughter and i went for a "girl day : March 16th,2015 .We both had massages which for me was one of the best yet ,but the manicure was NOT. In lest than a week both mine and my daughter polish had come off , i had a young girl just out of beauty school and she was not very professorial and yes i know it will come with time. i have had my nails done at Turbo nails and nails lasted a month or more !!! had trouble make reservation on line and had to do phone reservation . Even tho i mention at the time of reservation and when i checked in that a hot stone massages was to be added ,it never got listed or told to my massage therapist .I was VERY happy that my massage therapist was able to add it at the last moment . Simonson,s used to be 5 stars ,not anymore .

Leona Gregory

I love being able to see the same stylist for many years in a row! She remembers who I am, and I feel a personal touch whenever I'm there. The staff are friendly, and I like being able to have a cup of coffee while I wait.

JT Kaatz

Jeff Sturges

For myself this has been a fantastic business to purchase gifts and services for my wife of 34 years, who really appreciates receiving. Their staff, even when they are so overly inadated during the holiday’s, are always very helpful and courteous. For some of the negative reviews, I would suggest to make sure that your own closet is cleaned out before you critique others. “Happy Holiday’s.”

Kalli Nelson

Tina Harren

Such a great salon. I get massages and hair done there and am always impressed when I leave

Tricia Tostenson Jarmuzek


I had a lash lift/tint done by Caitlin today and she did amazing! My lashes look like I have a fresh set of extensions on them. She’s so nice too. I highly recommend her. I know people say it’s a little expensive but it’s worth the money!

Melanie Metz

I am so happy with my bleach & tone service from Adeline! She was the best stylist I've had in a very long time, maybe ever. She really listened, communicated well, had great ideas and paid attention to detail. My hair turned out looking perfect and feeling healthy! Thank you!! This will be my regular salon now.

Holly Seelhoff

Expensive but good

Cathy Marquette

Alexia Abby

I came in for a easilength consult. The price I was quoted was OUTRAGEOUS! I do my research on items/services that are going to cost me a substantial amount of money upfront, as well as, to maintain. Per the Easilengths Pro website, they list the wholesale cost of their products with a suggested "retail" price that is double what the cost is for the product. Then after paying double for each box of hair (I was advised I needed at least 3 boxes), I was told that I needed to pay another fee, for installation, which was now TRIPLE the wholesale amount of the hair. On top of that, cutting/blending is not included so I was quoted an additional $60 for this. I was told this would take about 3 hours. The price I was quoted was $960, which obviously does not include a tip. This means that I would be paying $320 per hour (for 3 hours). Considering that each box (of 16" tape in's) only costs the salon $79.50 ($238.50 total), I as a client am being charged an extra $721.50 for 3 hours of the stylist's time. Again, this does not include a tip.... This is price gouging at it's finest and it's really disheartening to know that Simonson's would take advantage of client's like this.

Loulou V

Great place, as soon as you walk in they'll offer you drinks and make you feel comfortable. I loved how my hair turned out, they love to listen to your ideas and make it turned out even better. I love the products that they put into my hair. I'll definitely come back.

Maureen Flavion

The way you upsell on nail polish is deceiving. When I sat down I was only shown colors that were for sale. I was not told I had other choices. When the lady told me the price I assumed that was if I was interested in purchasing them. When she brought them to the register for $20 I was upset. The clerk did nothing to fix this issue. My $55 pedicure turned out to be over $85. Unacceptable. I won't be returning. Bad customer service.

Lois Thoreson

Renee Van Ryswyk

Janet Anderson

James MacDonald

Great area for spa services. I always leave feeling good about myself, and that includes my haircut. Always a great experience.Very friendly employees.

Brenda DeBernardi

I had to take off a couple

Oneyda Escobar

I took my son there to get his dyed today and the lady said I don't know how it will come out? She was not friendly and was not listening to how we wanted his hair. I'm not going back there. She was negative and was not a good experience. If I go to a hair salon I would like the hair stylist to listen to what I'm asking for.

Kathie Johansen

I was in a little over a week ago. Had my haircut from Natasha 1st time. I have very thin but bulky hair. After I went in the 1st time she did not take enough bulk out and was not blended well. I called because after 2 days still took me forever to style. Got back in the other day and she took some more bulk out but also chopped all of my hair. I've never had my hair as short as it is now and could just cry. She proceed in cutting inches off my hair without consulting me and said it's perfect for summer... Needless to say after paying $70 for a cut not including a tip I'm so disappointed. As I've been here before and never had an issue. My hair still looks awful and it's so short I can't do anything now. I just pray that it grows quickly. Very disappointed.

Alexandra Graen

I could not recommend J.D. more highly. She does a fantastic job on my hair, is so personable, and has even saved me money (and damage to my hair!) by recommending base breaks between coloring. She has even taken the time to show me how to use my extensions at no charge in her personal time -- this blew me away!! I love coming to Simonson's.

Joshua Fritz

Gave my 2 daughters great haircuts and made them feel beautiful!

Travis Diaz

Beautiful salon, great stylists, rather pricey but worth it.

Ron Cuirle

Sarah Greff

Timothy Phillips

The sytlists here depend on tips to make their daily living. Aloth they do not tip when they order food to their location. For a high class stuck up snobby hairstylist salon that it is they shouldnt stiff other people who also make their livings off tips. They do not deserve your business. removing my post on yelp DOES NOT help your cause

Analeigh Moser

I have been going here for years and I don't even live in the West Metro anymore! Jessica has been my aesthetician for over two years and always does a wonderful job of making sure I am comfortable during the waxing process and I always look and feel beautiful after. Josephine has been my hairstylist for almost a year and I am so so happy with the result every time. She listens to me while giving me her expert opinion and in the end my hair always looks fabulous. Both gals have stellar personalities and never cease to make me laugh! Feels like I have a friend doing my hair or waxing. Highly recommend this salon and these women for your beauty needs.


Worst haircut I've ever had. Will spend months growing this out.

Autumn Gray

Alina r6dragon

My go to location for simonsons is the Plymouth location but I will visit the other two spots if I need to. This location is pretty good and the people working here are decently friendly and do a good job. I havent done anything too complicated with my hair as of late so not much talent is needed to fix it. However I do recommend this salon regardless.

Amanda Glover

Brooke Eischens

I really enjoy Simonsons. I have been going to the one in Plymouth for 10+ years and have never had a bad experience. Since moving, I have gone to the Maple Grove location 3 or 4 times. Each time I felt like I was wasting the front desk people’s time. I have not enjoyed the people I’ve seen for various spa treatments. After canceling a spa treatment last minute due to false information I was given on the phone, I felt like the technician was angry with me and never acknowledged that I was given false information. I have never had an issue with hair stylists here and would still go here for that. I have left this location each time feeling like I’m not fancy enough to be receiving services here due to the disrespect of employees. They have a nice variety of products, many of which are cheaper online. They say that they will price match, but every time I’ve tried to do it, they haven’t acknowledged it for one reason or another. I will not return to MG Simonsons for anything other than hair appointments. Driving the extra 10 minutes is worth it for better service.

Jeffrey Kolles

Shelby Weaver

I had an appointment at Simonson's Maple Grove today with Natasha. My experience was so positive that it was worth rating! Natasha provided me with the perfect simple haircut for my hair type, and recommended amazing products throughout the appointment. Not only was her skill worth noting, but her outgoing personality and friendliness made it my best hair appointment at any Simonson's location to date! Today is the first time I have made a follow up appointment while still at the salon. After a few disappointing haircuts, I will be returning to Simonson's because of Natasha!

Courtney M

I had Janelle cut my hair - she did amazing! I specifically booked with someone with a lot of experience, so I did not mind that it was more expensive than I would normally pay. I definitely got what I paid for. I went in 3 weeks later for balayage, and again she delivered perfectly. All the staff were very professional both times, taking my coat and offering a beverage. My only complaint is that I booked my hair cut online and it said the cost was between $30-$45 I believe, so since I booked with an experienced stylist, I expected the $45. When I checked out, it was $60. Website needs to be updated to reflect the costs!! Maybe have it so when you select a stylist, it gives you the exact cost instead of an estimate! All this being said, I will definitely book again with Janelle

Tonia Hemmeter

Never have I been to this location before. Esthetician friendly as other staff also. Very clean. I was in for a Brazilian maintenance. When it was time for the back side I flipped over. All done clean up, pay, tip and out the door. I found when I arrived home I was left with a section of hairs (back). Very discouraging when you pay and feel obligated to tip. I really miss Dani at Coon Rapids location. She was awesome and sooo meticulous!

Karmelo Kandy

Very friendly employees. Hair looked great!!

Star Gazer

Elizabeth Dierks

Very welcoming place. Love Angie! My hair was not cut how I wanted it at first by someone else.. went to her and she fixed it perfect! She does a wonderful job and can tell she loves her job!

Mollie Parks

krista cassidy

Gary Koelling

ldubz 52

Massage was super!!

Abby B

Have found a great alternative to them; you can, too...and for better results at a much lower price. You can see all of my comments (transparency); they have taken theirs down and what you see now is their third story. Unless they move onto story #4, you'll read they call ruining your hair "complimentary service" and every move you make (as well as the ones they make up) becomes public, defamatory information. I did NOT receive "three" "complimentary services," I DID speak to their manager right away (of course!) who refused to do anything, etc. Thank goodness, I thought to take a screen shot of this. SECOND POST: Since my original post (which follows) Simonson’s crossed the line from making a series of mistakes to being unethical. As you see, the owner publicly responded she did not think it happened at her shop and to call the manager. The manager and I had already spoke but called anyway. Of course the manager knew this happened at her shop and, as before, had no intention of addressing their errors. ORIGINAL POST: I'm a medium blonde and made it very, very, very clear that I just needed my roots touched up and that my color could not be changed because I needed to look the same for an ongoing photo shoot. The stylist put color on my entire hair and turned me into a shocking platinum blonde. My shoot had to be canceled. I wore a hat until I could get back in; they put me with the same woman who was obviously angry and proceeded to turn my hair dark brown despite that I brought pictures in to show her my original color. I complained, of course. The woman on my third visit understood the situation immediately and rectified it perfectly but they would only give me an appointment if I agreed to pay because they "could not keep giving you all this free service." As if I wanted my hair colored (which left it badly damaged) three times in a week. I paid for 2 colorings $200+, the first and third, and to this day they refuse to let me talk to the owner or refund my money.

Kelly S

Haircuts always fall short here. So close to home and easy to book online, but I have yet to find someone who does a good job with a simple haircut.

Lisa Scherber

Get your brow wax from Meredith.

Tamara Ullmer

Donated my hair to locks of love. Thanks Simonsons

Emily Patton

Debra Backer

My experiences of receiving a massage or facial have always been very positive and I received one of the best haircuts ever from their stylist! Management was not as professional as I had hoped...Be careful if you purchase anything on sale as ALL Sales are Final!

Thomas Mitchell

samantha schulze

Chad Bowman

Danielle Johnson

Alina Rask

Great atmosphere and service

Janalyn Hegge

Rita is amazing!!! Loved every second of my massage! Super helpful with lots of relaxation tips! Top notch! I will be back to see Rita!

Breanna W

Kelsey Cox

I've been visiting Simonson's for nearly 10 years including haircut, hair styling, pedicure and manicure services. All the staff I've had are very professional and nice. They really make sure that you are the priority and pay full attention to you while you're there. Schedules have always been kept and I've never had to wait for an appointment past the time it was scheduled, they have even gotten me in early on many occasions if I arrive early. Simonson's is the best place to get a pedicure - my skin and nails stay nice and hydrated for weeks after I get the pedi, much more lasting that other places I've been. Best massages too! I give them a 100% recommendation!!

Sherri Wicks

Serene, awesome service

Darlene Benham

Jenn Lindstrom

First name last name


Ryan Canton

Russell Peterson

Abby Dahl

I have now gone here the past couple years seeing the same hair stylist, Kendra. Having a lot of thick hair, it was hard to always find a cut at a salon that I wanted, but she makes my hair feel and look perfect every time I leave Simonson’s!

Aleia Yue

Olivia Peltz

Went to get my nails done for prom and the they did an awful job. On many of my fingers there is parts in my nail missing paint. The color selection is terrible as well. Service in general was bad. I will not be returning to Simonson’s salon for anything.

Nicole Schroeder

Staff are very knowledgeable, friendly. Great area for spa services.


Stephanie O'Keefe

Angela Bucsko


Emily Schafer

Amanda was great! My hair feels so much lighter and brighter now! Love it

Jackie Ruhland

Excellent Service. Wide variety of products and services. Pricing has gone up considerably and is fast approaching the top of my price range.

Erin Remley

Rebekah Byland

I've never been disappointed at Simonsons. Their stylists are top notch and always open to the ideas I have for my hair. They have colored shampoos and conditioners for the adventurous that want to try a bright or pastel trend color. The massage service is good too, definitely go for deep tissue if you need to relieve muscle stiffness, but the hot stone massage is perfect for relaxation. The aromatherapy is a nice touch.

Kathi Sweeter

I absolutely love my stylist and have had a great experience every time I am there! I highly recommend!!!

Mayuly Chamleunsouk

I have been going to this salon for over 5 years. I left for college, now being home I am able to get my hair done more often at a salon I knew I would be comfortable at. I was excited to get my hair colored after growing it out for a year and a half after a horrible coloring experience. After a dissatisfactory experience at my last appointment, I called the salon and asked to be in touch with the manager. I was told she would give me a call back, when she did I advised of what happened during the appointment. There was no miscommunication between the stylist & I, however I had made a specific request for the color in my hair not to be warm, as using bleach on my dark hair it can often happen (and has before, hence why I made the specific note prior to services beginning). I requested for a partial refund for my services, I understand that a stylist takes their time and puts in work to color hair with the balayage technique. My stylist was lovely. My haircut was acceptable, and the placement of the color itself was acceptable as well. The color itself of my hair is just not what I wanted after I specifically asked for one thing to not happen. My hair has been bleached at this salon in one appointment previously without a warm, brassy result. I have done this type of coloring, multiple different times so I am also unsure why the color I wanted could not be achieved. I do not feel comfortable going back to a salon that would rather offer me a 20% discount for a future service, although I stated I would not feel comfortable returning to get it fixed. I do not feel like the manager was concerned with how I wanted the situation to be resolved. After being a client for years, this is not the response I expected from a salon I spoke so highly of to friends and family before. I am gravely disappointed and feel disrespected. I will not be returning.

William Longstreet

Great first experience for a haircut

Rachel Guzzi

Myself and my family have been going to Simonson's for years for various services. However, I won't be back. I took my mother there a few weeks ago on her birthday to get a haircut. When we entered the building we one were not even greeted. My moms hairstylist was very nice and did a great job. When we were leaving to check out the lady at the front desk said that will be $125.00, I said oh my mom only got a haircut and she said no she got it colored. First, this was the same gal that checked us in, do you think someone can get a color done that quick? I let her know my moms name and said we only got her haircut done. She checked us out and charged us for a haircut that I paid, tipped and got a receipt for. At about 8PM at night Simonsons called me back and said that I did not pay for my moms service and I paid for something else. I explained to them I had a receipt and they wanted to refund and charge me again. I told them fine, she wanted to charge me $30 more than what I originally paid for. She told me to go check my bank account to make sure the other charge wasn't posted yet and to call them back but HAD to be before 9PM. Not only are they giving me demands for their error but the manager was extremely rude on the phone. They didn't even off a discount or a coupon for my moms next appt that we booked out. I said after the hassle of them bothering me on a week day 8-9PM at night that I would like to cancel my moms next appt and the manager said "I would love to". It was very pity and unprofessional. I would visit another location but for sure not this one ever again.

Christy Constable

Great stylists and atmosphere

Eric Benham

Always a great experience. For massage therapy, see Darlene. For hair, Veronika.

Amy Olson

Best salon in Minnesota

Sharon Berglund

I have been a customer of Simonson's for years - both Maple Grove and Anoka locations and love it! I see Kristin B. at Anoka and she is amazing with cut and color. I get many compliments on my hair. She also does a great job with head massage! I've also had pedicures with Kristin and she is meticulous. I have had massage with Kaylene in Anoka and Gabe and Jacqueline at Maple Grove and they were fantastic too.

Michele Bolte

Menachem Rabenstein

Very nice place

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