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REVIEWS OF Sanctuary Float Spa IN Minnesota

Maria Cote

I I'm not sure what I was imagining this experience to be like, but honestly, I have never felt anything like it. Somewhere between waking and sleeping, wrapped up in warmth and safety, with the weight of the world literally lifted off from head to toe for 90 minutes. Everyone should do this.

terry pernsteiner

Really fun and relaxing experience. I truly found that it reduced my stress and centered me. I bought a float for my wife and daughter so that they could experience it too! I’m going to be a returning customer.

Trenton Marks

Amazing experience, unlike anything else. Afterwards I felt balanced like never before. Worth a try for anyone in my opinion

Shannon Kaufman

The float rooms are very nice!

TJ Stalzer

Jessica Peterson

PROFOUND Relaxation! When you feel the need to unplug from EVERYTHING, this is where to go. I'm a busy business owner and wife/mother and I feel overstimulated most of the day. I often need a break to reset and have zero distraction - floating at Sanctuary is the perfect respite for me! SO nice to come here and let my body be passively cleansed and rested while my mind can just do what it needs...…

Wendi Jarson

I received a 60 minute gift and was unsure of what "floating" was all about. So relaxing! The rooms are very private with huge tubs, nice showers and products available to wash up afterwards. I would recommend this to folks that need to "get away".

Patrick Fuentes

I'd recommend trying this place out

Kel V

Excellent sensory deprivation experience.

Chris Bravos

Joe Lenz

Very relaxing place. I had some issues with the tank at first it didn't stop flowing water. But I still enjoyed it.

Jonathan Wilson

Great place for my first float. The float rooms are pretty spacious, which was great since I was a little worried of getting into a space that's really small. Everything was clean. Staff member was helpful and very nice. A great way to relax and get away from the city's fast pace.

Mark Wagner

Amazing!!! I had never floated before, the experience was amazing and I highly recommend trying it out if you haven't. The space is beautiful and relaxing. I can't wait to go back!

Elizabeth Hanson

Staff was inviting. Didnt know what to expect but it was a very relaxing time. Took advantage of the sale they have going on so I will most definitely be back!

Haley Peteson

I bought this through Groupon for a nice discount, and it was very easy to redeem. The service provided was great. The receptionist did a fantastic job helping multiple clients and once. She was quick, thorough and very helpful. The experience of the float session itself was so unique and amazing. I have never been able to so easily fall into a meditative state and for so long!

Eudocia Rodzinak

First float at the new location, love it! Glad this place is back in business.

Kim Fuhrmann

Life is busy! Take the time to reflect on life or yourself! You make the experience to be whatever you want it to be! Floating today was an amazing experience and coming to Sanctuary Spa is a MUST experience at least 1 time! Happy Floating!!!!!

Gaelethon Syssyssidel

The Twin Cities has been lacking a good place for a float for too long. Clean, professional, accommodating. If you enjoy floating, relaxation, meditation, or sensory deprivation, this is the place for you.

Erin Nelson

I was nervous going for the first time. I didn't know if it would be a snobby unwelcoming place or what. Just the opposite. I was greeted immediately, asked if I had any questions, and the staff walked me through step by step on the process. She said "trust the water" and I'd have to say that should be a logo on a tshirt or something! The place is very clean, like extremely clean, quiet, and super relaxing. The float itself was thee most relaxing experience I've ever had! I didn't think I'd be able to shut myself off and relax but I did...I think I even fell asleep! Pure darkness and quiet is recommended. I turned the lights off but left the music on as it seemed to vibrate through the water and I really liked that. Maybe I'll try no music next time, but it was pretty cool with the music. It's massage like music or sleep sounds. I don't know how to explain it but very calming and surrounding. I have felt relaxed ever since and it's day 2. I wish I could go weekly but I live 3 hours away! Love it!

Kimberly Neary

The first time I was here, did not go well, but that was my own fault, (anxiety can be not so great sometimes), the second time, was not great, but the salon made up for the fact that they had shorted me on my time the 2nd go round and gave me another float to make up for it. My third time was PERFECTION. I can't wait to go back. I left there feeling so relaxed and at ease. Would highly recommend.

Josh Bosley

Susan & Jean-Pierre Forever

Chris Michaels

Friendly staff, nice environment, great float!

Bill Lynch

Avoid this business! I also bought a Groupon. Have attempted to reach the company via email and phone with no response. If you bought a Groupon, contact them and request a refund.


Love this spot! Friendly staff and the tanks are very large. The best bang for your buck is getting a membership. Also the massage therapist is amazing.

Karen Gibson

So I got my first session through Float Foundations sale, only to find out that I can't even schedule it for over 2 weeks because they are moving locations. Very frustrating since I was hoping for this to help my pain and sleep issues...

Justin Nichols

Absolutely incredible, Eric was extremely helpful and exceedingly diligent in showing my friend and I how the tanks worked! I’ll definitely be buying a membership!


First time in a float spa before and will be going back! My boyfriend and I got a groupon for here for a 60 minute float and it was wonderful! The front desk lady was pleasant and gave us a run down of how everything worked and what we should expect prior and during our floating. We certainly be going back!

Darlene Edwards


Wonderful place to relax

Jordan Barr

Ray Laakko

jane morgan

The actual float experience was very relaxing, however, I was concerned about falling on the slippery dressing/shower area and getting in and out of the float tub was difficult/also slippery and safety bars were insufficient.

Melanie Hultman

Lisa Snyder

This was my first time with a float experience and it was fabulous! I'm recovering from a minor whiplash injury that happened in January and wanted to see if it would help my body relax. IT DID! The skin is the largest organ of the body and the ability to soak in epsom salts high in magnesium (I tend to be deficient) appealed to me. The facility is very clean, they provide towels, wash cloth, soap/conditioner, and ear plugs to keep the water out of the ears. I purchased the first time special online and floated for 60 minutes. Eric, front desk, did a great job explaining everything to me. There is a way to control the light and the volume of the music in the float room. The water is about a foot deep and it's amazing how quickly my body relaxed. I appreciated being in my own all-in-one small room where there is a place to put my clothes (you won't want to wear a swimsuit because the salts are hard on the suit), shower, then enter the float pool. The spacious restroom across the hall was also very clean and a hair dryer is provided - something I didn't even think to bring. I have 2 minor suggestions for the website. 1) It would be helpful to have a quick FAQ for brand new floaters on what to bring, what is provided, what to expect, etc. 2) I had some difficulty finding the entrance (it's next to Dunn Bros - you can even go through Dunn Bros to get to the Spa entrance) because blowing snow was covering the front of the sign. You may also want to provide a picture of the entrance and a brief explanation of where the entrance is located to minimize confusion. I enjoyed floating so much I'll send more people I purchased future sessions for myself. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Nick Stevens

Maggie Gruber

PestoPastaRastaPajamaMama Mia

I purchased prepaid 'membership' floats last year, logged into the old Float Foundation site to find that they were closed. I've received repeated emails saying that the new location will be opening "soon"--- but the last was more than a month ago. I have called both the old number (disconnected) and the new (no answer, only an automated mechanical voice that makes no reference to Float Foundation or Sanctuary Float Spa). I also emailed in January of this year to ask about scheduling once the facility is open--- no response. Reviewing emails from them today I see that the Facebook and Instagram links they sent are no longer active. If you paid with a credit card, you can contact your company to dispute the charge for services not received. Floating is wonderful. The one float that I enjoyed at the prior Float Foundation location in south Mpls was memorable. But in my experience this business is poorly managed.

Jessica Frolund

Joel Burden

Super relaxing really helped with pain management

Dane Roberts

Very cool, relaxing experience. The facilities were immaculately clean and the staff was friendly. Their website and scheduling functions make it easy to see what times are open and book or reschedule appointments on your own. I like that they are open to 10 pm.

Michelle Kelly

The bathroom was dirty including the toilet. Felt like a gas station bathroom. The shower area was also dirty with hair on the showerhead. The walls and floors were terribly outdated, stained, and damaged. The float tank itself was in much better shape! I was thankful to see the filter system running. The 90 minute float was amazing! I will certainly go again in the future as needed. If they update their facility, I would actually sign up for a monthly package. Overall, worth it for fibromyalgia relief. You just have to see past the above issues.

Elyse M

This place is great. If you've never tried floating it is so great to clear the mind. I get easily overstimulated by noise and chaos so to have sensory deprivation is so calming. This place is unlike many other float spas that use pods which I find claustrophobic. This location uses rooms and is much better. There are options for music (theirs or you can plug in your own) and lights (if you want). Floats last 60 or 90 minutes and costs are pretty low and reasonable once you become a member. I recommend earlier in the morning as turnover times seem to be a little tighter later in the day. Don't forget your shower slippers if you're like me and don't like to shower without them in public places. Friendly staff and wonderful relaxing environment.

Kristen Brown

I loved how relaxing and weightless I felt. It was easily the most rested and calm I’ve ever felt and the muscle tension it released was amazing. I’ll definitely be floating regularly! The spa is clean, provides great amenities, and was overall a pleasant and rejuvenating experience!

Jason D'Amour

This was my 2nd float and once again, it was fantastic. I'd do that every day if I could. The staff is laid back and accommodating. The place is very clean and quiet. It's great. One minor quibble. I was in unit 5 this time, and I could hear/feel a faint vibration from something outside of the tank. It would happen intermittently, so noticing it start and stop was a mild distraction. The guy at the desk says this is a known issue they're trying to identify, but that it only happens in unit 5. So, next time I'll try a different room. The first time I floated it was in a different room and I did not have the issue. But still, overall, this place is fantastic and I'll be back.

Wil Vanderlinde


The staff member was super nice and makes sure you know how to work the music, lights, and room functions. The light choices were nice. There wasn't a music choice other than classical, only volume. Aromatherapy may have been a nice addition. I heard a few room doors close while I was floating in room 1, no AC units, etc. I expected the rooms to look a little more updated. The flooring made them very outdated looking. 60 minutes floating seemed too long, I would have appreciated two 30 minute session options instead- especially for the first few times, but I'm sure that wouldn't be worth the time it takes to turn over and clean the rooms. I had a hard time relaxing, the staff member said that gets easier with each float session. The water is incredibly salty, so it's important not to touch your face with it or eczema/cuts. Which was a huge oversight on my part, I have terrible eczema on my hands- which burned like crazy even being near the water. I wrapped them in a wash cloth and floated with them under my chin and away from the water. I also got out a few times just to rinse my hands off. Probably why I had difficulties relaxing. It feels really cool floating on top of the water/salts. I was surprised at how much effort was needed to make my foot touch the bottom while floating, which became a game at one point when I couldn't relax. Lol. Because the water is so salty, it is also not recommended to wear a swim suit/clothing. Which felt fine since the rooms were very private. I wear glasses, which I removed before my float. I feel as though my eyes would have burned and been extremely irritated if wearing contacts. They did have contact solution and supplies- probably for that reason. They also supply you with shampoo, conditioner, ear plugs, Qtips, towels and lotion. My neck feels a little stiff the day after, as I felt the foam pillow was difficult to fully relax into as well. I didn't want to submerge my ears, even though I was wearing ear plugs. Using two foam pillows might have helped (I tried using that other floating ring that was included but it kept popping out and I was avoiding getting my hands wet). All in all, I wouldn't do this again because the minimum time is 60 minutes, it costs $90, and I didn't find it as relaxing- especially with my skin condition. However, I could see how to many, this could be a very relaxing experience. I went as a first time customers I received a deal of 60 minutes for $45 online.

Chris Arnold

Great Experience!

Laura Thibodeau

Incredible experience!

reannda deboer-getsch

The staff is really friendly and the rooms are clean and calming. The float itself was nice-perfect temperature and nice big tub. I felt relaxed and enjoyed my 60 minute float! Will definitely go again!

Andrew Watson

I highly recommend for anyone that is experiencing stress and/or soreness from working out. I left feeling like a new person and will be back again!

Diana Dahlberg

Fabulous experience. Went in having pain ... left relaxed and relieved if my pain. I will be back!!!

Katelin Craig

Clean and serene! My husband and I look forward to every float session and are never disappointed! Do yourself a favor and float!

Michael Mohs

Fantastic experience, friendly staff. Felt refreshed and revitalized!

Aeron Ridgeway

Richard McCulloch

This is an amazing place! The gentleman on staff, Eric, was not only had a wealth of knowledge to share about the spa, he also showed great customer service skills! The facility itself is clean, sleek, and comforting. The music is relaxing, the atmosphere of the soak is supreme. Definitely doing this again!

Brook Hoffman

Very relaxing. Nice facilities and friendly staff. Great coupons!!

Laura Kukral

This place is amazing. Very relaxed atmosphere. The float rooms are clean and cozy. Ive done 3 floats already!

Rachel Romansky

New location is great! Note that the entrance is near the Dunn brothers patio. Plenty of parking. If you haven't tried a float before, give it a shot! Very relaxing, a great way to unwind and reset mind and body.

Eric Goodemote

DO NOT BUY A GROUPON FOR THIS PLACE!!! They're selling Groupons with no indication of when they'll ever open. Their original website indicates they would finish moving on January 15th - that has way past come and gone. They'll take your money with no commitment as to when you'll ever be able to use a voucher. Do not do business with this place unless/until they actually open. I'm not holding my breath.

Melissa J

Honestly an hour was too long for me, especially since they had the same music playing the entire time. But the atmosphere and staff was very nice!

Tracy Smith

The float rooms are very nice as is the staff. I had an 8pm session on a Friday night and the noise from the restaurant next door was so loud it ruined the experience. Thinking late evening would be relaxing and quiet but wrong choice! I will try again but not in the evening and especially on a weekend night.

Seth Tessmer

Michelle Chaput

I am so glad that I decided to do this! This is NOT A CAPSULE!! THE ROOMS ARE AMAZING, PRIVATE AND VERY COMFORTABLE! You have your own area with towels and wash cloth ( I keep mine on the rail of the door in case I need to wipe my eyes), shower and then your float pool....all within your own little private area. You should definitely put your head up by the door as that's where you access your music and the intercom to the front desk person. I chose to have the music playing the when time which allows me to relax more. They have meditation music that's very relaxing. Just realized you could bring your own, which I might do for next time as I have some ocean music and also some Windham hill. Your shower does have shampoo and conditioner though with my big curly hair I will be bringing my own stuff next time. I absolutely loved the float! I have RA and trying to soak my whole body into a little tub at home is a not very comfortable and Sanctuary is medical grade Epsom salt...just fantastic! I felt amazing afterwards and definitely helped with all my sore muscles. I have already booked to go back...can't wait!!

Lani Thorne

My 2nd float experience was even better! Knowing what to expect I relaxed immediately. The private space is great and I love the shampoo and lotion. I have already purchased my next float experience and am looking forward to relaxing my mind and body.

Kari Spencer

Jason Reiss

Brityn Bonilla-Sunsin

Angela Pearson

I really love the float rooms here. The people are super nice too. Would recommend a float to anyone!

Karissa Anderson

I did not have a good experience at Sanctuary Float Spa. This was my first time floating. My boyfriend and I both came into float, and his float room was fine, but mine was terrible. The automatic lights never shut off outside of the float tub so I didn't have complete darkness which is the entire experience. I didn't have earplugs in my room (my boyfriend did) so I got water in my ears. I was really looking forward to this experience but it seems like I had a "bad" room as none of these issues occurred with my boyfriend's float.

nate stein

Amazing relaxation, very peaceful.

Jordan Arnes

Omg this was a wonderful experience!

Georgette Jabbour

Nice place. Went with 2 others and none of us cared for the float experience. Very irratating to the skin and couldn't relax.

Jill Topp

rick jarson

Julian Johnson

First time, amazing experience, warm, informative staff, clean facilities. I will be returning.

Dominick Thibodeau

I recommend this experience to all! Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy to do for yourself. Friendly staff,clean environment. I can't wait to do it again.

Brittni Parrish

Had a float therapy session and it was awesome! Staff was great at making us feel welcomed and explaining the process. Would definitely go again!

Carmen Rivera Barnett

It was a treatment for my daughter's chronic pain and help her a lot.

Terri Zappa

Debbie Downer

My name is actually Landis H, I floated on April 8th and loved it! Very beautiful building and the guy at the front desk was very friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed floating here, the rooms are are a nice size and very clean. I love how big the float tank is, it's like a walk in closet nice, roomy and relaxing. Really love this place!

Alan Pinnt

So if you've never floated, you should certainly try it. I really believe to get all the benefits from it, I recommend working on your meditation skills. Being able to do basic meditation, focusing on your breathing, counting 5 per inhale/exhale, and entering a meditative state is key I believe to gain control of everything. I typically go in with an agenda, I want to figure something out in my life and for whatever reason I can't in normal life. I always come out refreshed and relaxed. I wouldn't plan much after because there's a good chance you'll be drained energy wise. On occasion that's happened to me. Very clean. Staff is really cool! Location is easy to find and get to. I believe their door is right next to the snap fitness door. It's been a game changing, life altering thing for me. I've become a member since and I haven't looked back.

Victoria McKinney

I'm 9 months pregnant and have not felt comfortable or been able to sleep through the night in a month. After floating for an hour, I felt relaxed, my body aches were gone and I slept through the night! I would recommend this to too anyone!

Kira Doebler

If you feel comfortable being naked, then you'll be good. I didn't feel the neck support was comfortable at all. Made it difficult to relax. I relaxed about 30 minutes in, so I'd suggest an hour or more. The water does get a bit colder. I'm glad I got a discount from Groupon. Then it was worth being in a big bath tub with Epsom salt. My friend loved it. So definitely worth a try to see for yourself.

Laura Buske

Opposite Attraction

Omg I'm so speechless about this place!!! Let's see in one word I'll say SERINE, HEAVENLY, PEACE, EXTREMELY DOPE!!!!

Nikki D

After having back surgery, being able to lay there and in positions that are normally uncomfortable. Being able to pray, meditate ...and empty my mind.....I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this!!!


L Mc

Natalie M

This place is awesome and the experience is incredible! I highly recommend it.

Christopher Gunlock

Timothy Niccum

Clean and relaxing. Most importantly clean.

Julie Gann

Great for stress reduction!

Pierre Genereux

Great place to float and very relaxing. Never felt so buoyant before.


Received a Groupon for a 90 minute session from my daughter for my birthday. Scheduled my appointment on the week of June 12th for July 1st at 10 am. Was looking forward to this, being I just got done with about a 2 week vacation with friends riding our motorcycles to Tennessee and back. I called them this morning at 8:45 to make sure my appointment was still good and if I needed to do/bring anything. Talked with a man and said everything was still good and to arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out some papers. Arrived at 9:55 am to be told they had overbooked and I had to reschedule because 2 people came in at 9:30. I was dealing with Corey the new higher and he was saying they've had several issues with an old employee that overbooked other customers. I explained I just drove here on my motorcycle and I was an hour away, and asked what he could do for me. He said I have to reschedule for a different day and time. I said that is unacceptable because of the drive time, he said he would give me another 90 session for me or bring a friend. Again I said that was unacceptable and told him I was very unhappy about this and it's not the way to run a business. I also said that I understand it was not his fault and was not taking it out on him. So everyone reading this knows I never swore at Corey, yes I was upset for the waste of my time and that I was suppose to be okay with driving another 2 hour round trip to rescheduled appointment. I then asked to just have the credit issued back to my daughters credit card and that seemed to be an ordeal in itself. I had him write that I was suppose to be issued a credit on the back of my printed Groupon receipt. As I was leaving I told Corey how disappointed I was and he responded that I didn't need to be so rude to him. I never was fulgar or even disrespectful to him at all. I stopped in my tracks at the door and said if you want to see me rude, I can show you that side. Furthermore if anyone is being rude it was him and reminded him who the cuctomer was suppose to be. Again he said I was rude. I wanted to give him a good verbal lashing, but decided I didn't want to ruin any other customers experience. Apologies to anyone reading this long winded review. I own my own business since 1994 and I have never treated anyone this way, nor will I. Will not ever recommend them to anyone! Very poor customer service, the young generation needs to learn respect and how to deal with the public. The only reason they get a star is because I have to give one.

Tyler Andrew

Nice spot seemingly well kept if yuouve never floated before there is A LOT of salt in the water and you float like crazy they have ear plugs as when the water dries inbyuour ears it can leave salt deposits simply remove by rinsing orbusing an ear aid for swimmers ear. Good time all around it is very easy to get lost in that little room and I panicked wife laughed at me of course but that's why I went usually hate dark spaces alone with no directional bearing so it was good for self growth.

Greg Nurnberger

Not quite what I expected. Interested and relaxing

Jelena Savić

Amazing experience!!!! Will go back & totally recommend it to everyone

Dustin Zembal

It was an amazing experience! Very relaxing!

Luke Porter

Very relaxing, well worth the money.

myra wang

I have been wanting to try floating for a long time and when i found out sanctuary float spa moved to my area i was ecstatic! The experience was absolutely everything i hoped it to be. The rooms are very clean, comfortable, and serene. I love that you can play your own music and that you can adjust the lighting and volume to your liking. The staff is very friendly and pleasant. I appreciate the fact that they provide you with soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion a hairdryer, and towels. After my first float i instantly became a member and am excited to go on a regular visit. I do wish they had a referral program because i know at least 5 plus people who have already gone or plan on going since i posted my experience on Facebook. Thank you for moving out to the western suburbs!

Jamie Flora

Loved Float Foundation and love this place as well! A peaceful place to retreat to, with consistently kind and laid back customer service.

Drew Eid

Excellent, relaxing, and totally novel experience to have! If you have not tried this before I'd highly suggest it. I am not a regular for floating nor familiar with it's benefits but $90 for a relaxing hour might not compete with a massage or other method.

Heather Hoch

Very calm and peaceful environment. Staff is wonderful. The float rooms are bigger then what I expected. Love floating. I float with the music on lets me relax faster. Floated twice and will continue to float. Feels better then a massage to me. Helps with my neck and lower back pain. So glad I seen the ad on facebook.

P J Daniel

Floaty heaven

Nichol Hadler

Kimberly Bell

Such a wonderful meditative experience. I will definitely be back for another float session. The set-up is very comfortable and inviting, especially for a first-time floater.

Tanner Tran

Very relaxing and worthwhile experience! Showers are available for rinse off before and after and they provide towels, shampoo, soap, etc. Staff was very friendly and helped us get settled in, and our Groupon was honored without conflict. Recommended you wear ear buds while in the tank to prevent the water from going in your ears.

Danette Henrikson

Joel Ronningen

Cami Phillips

Totally amazing! The spa is so relaxing and the private rooms are perfect. Everything is super clean, and staff was wonderful! The float was so relaxing, I lost track of time and my 90min flew by. I felt like a new person after my float. I can't wait to go back!!!

Anna Wach

What an amazing experience!! The facility was clean and Erik (sorry if misspelled) was very welcoming. If you are on the fence, just do it! You won't regret it, highly relaxing.

Josh Sundby

Pete OConnor

Very nice experience, going again in a few weeks!

Nathan Gaut


I have a life long policy of only positive reviews. All of the reviews here are excellent, with the exception of groupon purchases, the confusion of the move to the new location, etc. This appears to be very beneficial for those who are using floats as an alternative to other therapies. Please share what the "process" is to prepare the tank for the next guests float. What chemicals are used, etc. I have emailed the owner, but no reply. Simply put, "stuff" happens with all businesses. I am quite sure my experience was a rare, isolated incident. Hopefully, this will alert the owner that a reply is needed. To those of you who found this to be an incredibly calming and healing process, FLOAT ON!

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