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REVIEWS OF Ideal Image Woodbury IN Minnesota

Ashlee Gibbons

Update June 17, 2019: Since my last review, I have had complications with getting in for another appointment. After scheduling an appointment about 8 weeks out for September 2018, I received a phone call requesting a time change. I did not call back because the change in time would not work in my schedule. The day before the appointment, I received a confirmation for my appointment time and they had already changed the time without my approval. This was quite frustrating and resulted in many phone calls back and forth. I attempted to change my location to Edina because they had some openings for the day and time I could make it to. I was told the Woodbury location would send over my paperwork to Edina and then Edina would call me back. I never received a call.... Last month I called the Woodbury location to set up an appointment, but they no longer had my paperwork either, it was at Edina still. So same situation - they were to call Edina to receive my paperwork and then Woodbury would call me back to set up an appointment. I explained that this situation happened last time and nothing ever came of it - and I was assured that would not happen again. Sure enough, no call. I'm starting to wonder how accommodating Ideal Image is after they have received payment for these treatments. I am about half way through my appointments, and obviously still have hair growth that is needing to be treated. Is it just poor follow through on my end? Or are they happy to be paid for the full treatment without providing full services to the patient? I sure hope not! At first I thought I was just being uncooperative, but it turns out I've heard other frustrating situations come about that make me realize I'm not the only one. I'd hope some good changes can come along to make the treatment process go a bit smoother. A Year Ago: I have had three treatments of laser hair removal on my face so far - and each time I’ve worked with three different professional and friendly nurses! I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism and the results. After only two treatments, I’ve seen a decrease in hair on my face by probably 50%. I’m so excited to see the end results! Well worth the investment!

Pamela Stellenberg

My good friend Sam has worked for Ideal Image for years now which initially is the reason for my interest. I wasn’t expecting more than seeing Sam’s smiling face and fantastic services but I assumed wrong. Everyone there is absolutely above and beyond and all around welcoming. On top of making me feel welcomed, I’ve been extremely happy with the services received not matter who has been the one to do so. I highly recommend Ideal Imagine:)

Denay Kelly

I drive quite a ways for 10 minute procedure, waited 30 minutes in an empty waiting room, I left won’t come back. A phone call to say they were behind would be nice.

Kelly Kidd

Everyone is very friendly there and make you feel comfortable!

Bridget Carter

Everyone was very warm and welcoming. I had the cool sculpting and the results were amazing. The staff was kind and addressed all of my questions. I would definitely recommend them for the cool sculpting service.

Erika Jacobson

Meghan Bickharry

I'm not completely done with my sessions but so far the results are great! I have a boost of confidence and don't have to be self conscious about hair in certain areas. The staff is very friendly as well. Colette is the one that usually does my treatments and she is my favorite! She is quick with the laser and makes sure no part of the area is missed.

Lucas Hendrickson

Everyone is also so friendly and smiling every time I come in for an appointment, and the results are real! I am close to being completely hair free, and I can't wait to never have to shave again :)

Jane Doe

AWFUL. I really wanted to have an amazing hair free experience but that just was not the case. I paid for my underarms, stomach, and bikini area which cost close to $5,000 (yes, $5,000). Ideal Image's slogan is "never shave again". Well long story short, out of my 9 treatments I had a very sloppy nurse 5 of the treatments and she missed spots. So after my 9th treatment I called and complained because I still had spots of hair in all three areas. They were nice and said I could come in for a 10th treatment. Well now it's been about two months since that treatment and I'M SHAVING MY UNDERARMS STILL. I called and explained my situation and said I didn't think it was fair for me to have to pay for additional treatments since I paid to go hair free and "never shave again". The lady on the phone was fairly rude and didn't seem to sympathize with me and now I have to drive to Woodbury (over an hour away) to have an assessment, and a week later if it's okayed by a manager, I can come back for a free treatment. There's still hope that they straighten things out but I'm very upset mostly because it's so crazy expensive and my nurse was so careless. Even my stomach which had very few dark hairs to begin with, still has just as many dark hairs as before the treatments started. Overall I say save your money unless you're willing to spend a lot of time on the phone begging for Ideal Image to just hold up their end of the deal.

Shay Secviar

My technician was very thorough and knowledgeable. It was a great experience.

Brooke Rindahl

Do not go if you have blonde, light brown, grey or ash colored hair as their lasers do not see those colors. I think that they should be more up front about this!

Jennifer Lee Lachner

Had Botox for the first time here. Besides explaining everything so well and thoroughly, I felt very comfortable in the appointment itself. The nurses are extremely professional and the office was clean and inviting. I will be returning for hair removal and cool sculpting.

Melissa Lindquist

Thank you Ideal Image! I had such a wonderful experience with caring, respectful and kind professional staff. I can’t wait to see my final results which I’m starting to notice! Thank you!

Karina Cobos

Karen Johnson

Wonderful med spa. Extremely clean. Staff very professional and knowledgeable! Having RN's makes all of the difference. As a RN myself, I would not go anywhere else!

Tamika Kladek

They are great! Very good at customer service. They had answers to all my questions, even the "well duh" kinda questions but they didn't answer it like that of course. All in all I would recommend them to everyone for any hair removal stuff you need taken care of!!

Paige Messenbrink

Just finished my treatment for laser hair removal and I couldn’t be happier. The staff were always friendly and professional. Each treatment went so smooth. Never had any issue, flexible schedule. If I do ever need a touch up I know I’ll get the best treatment. Worth every penny I spent, which wasn’t a lot.

Lindsey Samec

Daniel Spielman

Brianna Overton

Always excellent service from all of the staff, they are all so friendly and welcoming. I have also loved my results so far! Would definitely recommend this location

Chad & Carissa Anvary

Nic Osterberg

Nice location. Nice decor. Super friendly and attentive staff. Very thorough and detailed when explaining the process, before starting and great communication during. Highly recommend.

Laura Johs

I just had Ultherapy Treatment and it was a great experience. I went into it very apprehensive based on other reviews, however I reminded myself based on past experiences that everyone’s bodies react differently. I did not have any pain at all, I was totally comfortable and the staff was terrific. I am seeing results and others have noticed it on me. I will have more results gradually over next few months and I’m excited to see them. I would recommend this to anyone.

Jeanette Goserud

Don't do it. I really regret it. So expensive. Totally not worth it. They wouldn't help ensure I was satisfied, even though they say they will. The lifetime warranty just means you have to pay more.

Libby Schultz

Natasha Hampton

I just got lip fillers today and I absolutely love them! I was super nervous going in, but the whole staff was so comforting and talked me through the whole process. I never felt any pain and the procedure was super smooth.I highly recommend coming in for sure! My lips are so beautiful and I've already received a million compliments!! Ego boost!

Patty Miller

Amy Roush

AMAZING!!!!! I can't believe the difference 4 treatments can make, my hair is noticeably disappearing and I LOVE IT!!! Looking forward to becoming hair free. I can't wait to get new areas treated!!

Chris Schell

Everything from being welcomed when I walked in the door by the front desk worker, being escorted to my room, to the nurse doing my service was amazing. Everyone was kind, courteous, welcoming and professional. They answered all my questions and went above and beyond to make me feel welcome. I will be coming back again and recommending Ideal Image-Woodbury to family and friends! Thank you!!!

Molly McElroy

Samantha Peterson is the best! Always an excellent experience and results working with her. Highly recommend.

Katherine Van Haren

Rejoice, Jackie, and Yodit are GREAT at what they do. They are the 3 RN’s who work at this location and I have had the pleasure of having all 3 for my laser hair removal treatments. They are extremely professional, and ensure that the care is efficient and hygeniec. They are super friendly and make sure the individual is comfortable, which is SO important. Overall, the location is very clean and welcoming. I have never waited more than 5 minutes (and I am honestly stretching it!) past my scheduled appointment to get started. I have already encouraged my friends to come to this location if they are wanting anything done. I truly recommend it!

Josh Filmalter

Jessica Vitalis

Carmon Wallace

I have had 2 procedures here and have loved the results. When checking in for my appointments, I have been greeted warmly. The nurses tell me what they are going to do each step in the process to keep me comfortable.. I love that they follow up the next day with a phone call.

Rachel Finch

Everyone there was so nice, very informative, quick to reapond to any questions i had, made me feel very comfortable, didnt pressure me to do anything i didnt want to. Seemed to care about your health. Clean facility and equipment. Excited to continue my treatments!

Carmen Seiberlich

Madeline Greene

10/10 service. The girls who do my treatments are ABSOLUTELY incredible. I can gab with any of them like were pals, they really listen to me, and when I see the same person again, they remember me! I am almost done with one of my laser sessions which I am so excited about... but I will truly miss the women I see every 8 weeks or so. Woodbury, MN, you have done amazing things. The sales people who I bought the services from, the front desk staff, and the nurses. Truly, 10/10 service. You all rock!

Candace Allender

I began my treatments in Edina, then moved and finished my treatments in Woodbury. Both locations were friendly and professional. I do not have to shave. Haven't in the two years since I finished the treatments and I love it. Expensive but so worth it!

alexis Fabian

Wow wow! Such an amazing experience at ideal image. The staff was so friendly and welcoming and made my experience not as scary as I thought it was going to be. I felt so comfortable for my laser treatment and lip filler. Thank you ideal image!

Lanette Petschl

Very profesional, l friendly very knowledgeable, and very nice

Carolyn Kay

I had gone in for the 70% off offer. I wanted my face done. When they advertise, face, legs, arms, etc. they don't tell you first of all that your face is broken down into four areas each costing an astronomical amount even at 70% off. I chose to have my chin and upper neck done. I've had 6 treatments and this last one was so incredibly painful and my neck swelled 3 times it's size and lasted a week. I will not be going back for any more treatments since I still have hair to deal with on the rest of my face. When I called to ask about the money I owed I was told I had only $150 left to pay. I asked if I pay that last $150 am I a lifetime member like they told me I would be. She said NO I have to finish all my treatments in order to become a lifetime member. I asked why do I need to do all the treatments when I paid for all of them already. She said that's their policy. I said I would come in for one zap of the laser and leave for the last 3 treatments. However, the lifetime member is only for the area they treated not anywhere else like I had been led to believe. Why would I need a lifetime membership for the area already treated? Isn't it supposed to be "hair-free forever?" I will NEVER give my money to this place again! Nearly $4000 for this was a complete waste of money and I'd rather wax and shave then go through this again!!

Jaime Cumpston

Alex Ruedy

I was displeased with the overall experience. I was very excited to get laser hair removal on my face. The day I went in they were very quick to get me into a contract but with this came no explanation of services or what to expect. I did ask several questions of my own though. I have been trying to have my facial hair removed for aver 2 years now and I still have hair. Their explanation is that I am aging and am a female with hormones so my hair will never go away, that the laser just lightens. This is very upsetting because the company name is laser hair REMOVAL. I was deceived and would have never paid $5,000 to just lighten my facial hair. They said I can come in for touch ups- but with a co-pay of $120, this is after paying the lump sum of $5,000. I wish it was explained to me in the first place, I feel duped. I could also tell that the stuff just did not want to deal with my concerns, they rushed me out at my visit today and said verbatim " I wouldn't ask for money back because your contract will be void and you can't come in for touch ups". It was uncalled for, because I never brought up that I wanted money back, I just wanted my hair REMOVED and get what my money paid for. If they were to explain everything right off of the bat, they wouldn't have these issues with patients.

Dustin Albright

I had botox done with Theresa , she froze my face which most places I went to couldn't do , shes very good at injections and I will definitely be back to see her , I highly recommend her ! I've had a great experience overall with Ideal Image , very happy !

Amy Kamprud

I had my first lip injection experience here. The staff was amazing from start to finish. I was very nervous but they put me at ease quickly. They checked to make sure I was comfortable at all times. The procedure went well and I look forward to my next visit! Thank you!

Jana Vanek

My experience was so bad. The first consultant was good. They said how great it was going to be. Of course, I believed them. So I scheduled my appointment on a Saturday. They called and confirmed my appointment two days before. The day of my appointment they cancelled. This happened 3 times. It took me over a month to finally get in. They did the cool scalping on my chin. After the treatment was done, they said the results will be great. Well, they weren't. There was a slight change. So, I called and complained. They asked if I would go to Maple Grove instead of Woodbury. It is 30 miles from my house but I thought I would have better luck there. Wrong. It was worse. I talked to someone and they suggested I get Kilina. I forgot to have my file sent over from Woodbury so I scheduled a different day. I drove all the way over there and they told me I couldn't get a treatment because I was on seizure medicine. Then I was told that cool sculping wouldn't work either. Shouldn't they review files on patients before they are seen. So I went back to Woodbury and they said they didn't know why the lady thought cool sculping would not work. So they did a free treatment, and said a second treatment should help with a 25 degree reduction. Not on me. It was a little but would never be what they claimed. I would never suggest spending money at Ideal Image.

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