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REVIEWS OF Ideal Image Maple Grove IN Minnesota

Amanda Erickson

I always love going to Ideal Image. Everyone is so friendly and I'm loving my results! I started with laser hair removal on my under arms, then I did my bikini area and now I'm doing my legs. I guess you could say I am hooked! Super impressed with the results and so glad I made the decision to go to Ideal Image.

Colby Weckerling

I am so happy that I decided to go to Ideal Image. Every time I go in, the staff at the Maple Grove location are so welcoming and friendly! One of the best decisions that I have made in a long time! I would recommend Ideal Image, Maple Grove to anyone!

Colette Kampa

After being very self conscious about my bikini line and backs of my legs, I have no issues with putting on a bathing suit or wearin shorts. The ladies at Ideal Image are fantastic. Not only are the professional, but they are also easy to work with. They take the time to make sure you are as comfortable as you can be and will take a break for you if you need it. Thank you!!


Very strong results with BBl therapy made a huge difference in my overall skin appearance on my face and neck from years of sun damage and aging. The Nurses are the best very professional, understanding and supportive.

Sabrin Hammad

I have had my lips done with filler here. I love them so much. Lisa Dissing did an amazing job! Everyone here is so nice and professional. I highly recommend ideal image maple grove, and Lisa!

Sarah Gunderson Appling

Amazing service! Made me feel so comfortable! Lisa is the best around!

Amber Vann

Very relaxed atmosphere.. The staff are very friendly and they explained everything to me step by step.

Teri Watzl

I'm very disappointed. I had treatment done. Took out a loan and was going to use that to do more. No one told me that I had 90 days add a treatment to that loan. Now I can't do the next treatment. Also I had anithan treatment done and the nurse was rough and too much in a hurry. Plenty of places to go now a days. I will be going elsewhere

Ben Hanson

I was very disappointed with the service. As soon as they realized I wasn't eligible for the procedure, they quickly got me out of the building. That did not make me want to go back or tell anyone about this place.

Sistah Tamou

This is the go to place for laser hair removal I was so skeptical at first and thought it would damage my skin. After the first treatment I had amazing results and my second treatment was yesterday and today my skin is silky smooth I'm so happy I did something for myself that makes me feel so confident and beautiful!!!!!

Neika Wolfgang

I went to the Maple Grove, MN office. I asked them to cancel my credit application and that I would pay my services directly. they processed my application anyways and charged it without me knowing. a year later I have a collection agency calling me for this joke of a company. I only received 2 treatments. the office first told me they owed me money back, 2 days later they said I owed them an additional $700! stay away. stay far away. I have since not heard anything good about them once I started researching them, following my services. No way to contact corporate. Local office removes bad reviews. Stay away

Ferrol Woodrich

Always 5 star. Professional, courteous, on time/schedule. The staff is happy and helpful. I tend to be self conscious, but they always make me feel very comfortable. I always get a reminder call. Very accommodating any time I need to reschedule.

Florinda Zaragoza

Ali Alvi

When making the decision to try laser hair removal, ideal image was my first go to. I had heard so many good things but in the end it wasn't as I had hoped. I began treatments (2) and a few sessions in on of the locations was not working. They worked hard with me to resolve this issue, but when I checked for other locations, they said no other hair on your body will work. So we continued with the one last area. In the end they indicated that yes, this did not work as we had hoped. I told them i didn't want more treatments, i wanted to be compensated for my time, pain, and effort. The staff was great but in the end they didn't want to return any of the money i had paid. This is not how you treat a paying customer. This stuff is not cheap, make sure you check for sure if the areas you want done will work and give you the end result you expected. I am very dissapointed that more was not done for a paying customer. This is not how you get a good review. I will not be recommending ideal image to any other people. By the way, after is started, i told another person and they joined too. so hmm, no more of that. good luck everyone, hope your experience is better than mine.

Lindsey Herseth

I’m so impressed with the nurses doing the procedures, they are welcoming, educated and love the consistency with them checking in and making sure the laser didn’t cause any effects each round to ensure safety. Big shout out to Lisa Dissing my new favorite, she gets it done quickly and is so friendly!

Emily Neumann

Paige Mathewson

very nice and welcoming and I love the results!! Not as painful as people said it would be

Mackenzie Phenow

I have been getting services done at ideal image for 2 years now. I haven’t walked in there once and not been pleased. Everyone is so kind and comforting! I love this place!

Kaila Dalager

They have been doing an amazing job on my treatments and they all have been so kind and informative every time I have come in!

Simon Belmont

Great Service & Great Staff members! Make you feel comfortable & at home.

Stevie Roles

I love Ideal Image! The first treatments I had done were laser hair removal for legs, armpits, and bikini line. After that process was all done, I decided to come back for more and get the full bikini done. I am very pleased with my results! I just had my last treatment last week! The staff is so friendly at Ideal Image!

Krista Johnson

Went in for a laser hair removal consult with them, they were very honest and straightforward with me, which I liked. They refused me on the basis of my hair being too ashy and reddish to treat permanently (which you should know, if you are looking for laser, is going to be an issue-- a lack of dark pigment will make hair removal more temporary or even ineffective). This was pickier than the place I had previously been to, but they pride themselves on results, and I can understand why that would be a good business model, especially because they are a higher end place. They won't take you unless you're going to great results, makes sense.

Allie Engel

Everyone is so nice! I have been greeted by a friendly receptionist each time. The nurses have also been so helpful and explain each step of the process. Not to mention the results of the laser removal have been great!

Deborah Monden

I have had 5 laser hair removal treatments on my underarms and full bikini areas. While the treatments are painful, the technicians are always professional, attentive to my need for breaks to help ease the discomfort and pleasant in their conversation while letting me know how the hairs are responding and how much longer it will be. I have been using the prescribed numbing cream for the 4th and 5th treatments which has not given me very much relief. I am now at the 10 weeks intervals for my last 4 treatments whereas they were six weeks apart. I have experienced great results currently at 80 percent reduction. I am just glad I began when I have because the treatment does not treat gray hairs and I am just starting to gray.

D.A. Walker

Was impressed with my Botox results.

Missy Luck

Let’s talk facial hair ladies! If you are one of the lucky ladies with PCOS and you pluck or shave once, twice or sometimes three times a day do not hesitate to get that lasered off! I was always embarrassed and so insecure of my face. I would constantly worry about if a hair popped through or if I missed one while plucking. It consumed my thoughts! I won’t go into traveling without a razor or tweezer- ugh! Ladies check out ideal image in maple grove. They are amazing and kind! If you have been on the fence, just do it!! You don’t have to be embarrassed or insecure anymore! DO IT!

Sarah Brammer

Jenna Norby

Friendly and professional staff ! I have gotten laser hair removal and I am very happy with my results!


This place is great! They’re professional, kind & I couldn’t be happier with my new look. Lisa did an amazing job :) You won’t be disappointed.

Laura Onchiri

I have been coming to Ideal Image for 5 sessions now for my Laser Hair removal appointments and I’m really satisfied with the work done this far . I can see great progress and would highly recommend it ...way better than waxing

Kelly Ehret

The staff is always so friendly and love the fact that I no longer have to deal with stubble and shaving!!

Roger Fuentes

Nicolle Nolen

I went in today for my last under arm hair removal appointment and Carly was amazing! She was so friendly and personable. This can be a bit painful and she was so good about taking some time and applying pressure in between. Thanks Carly!

Janelle Hamre

So friendly and helpful! Saw the results.

Kelly Wente

Everyone is very helpful at ideal image in Maple Grove. They are professional, courteous and considerate. I am glad I chose them for my hair removal services. In addition to their professionalism, my results have been exactly what I expected. Thanks!

Hannah Arsenault

I've had laser hair removal here and have had a great experience, in terms of both treatment results and friendly staff. Would highly recommend.

Dania M. Medina-Vélez

Judi Golden

I have been so impressed with both the staff and the results of the BBL treatment. I would recommend this Ideal Image to anyone interested in the BBL treatment. I also appreciate that you consult with the staff to make sure that you are a candidate for any of their treatments.

Laila Quincy

Maddie was great- she even colored pictures with my 3y old daughter while I had my injections! It’s day 2.5 & my ‘tox is just starting to take effect ; looking forward to it kicking-in fully.

Michele Loth

The employees of this Ideal Image were more than accommodating. There was miscommunication with my appointment & they fixed it!

chicken nugget

Lisa is amazing! I love the results of the lip filler she does, and for someone who doesn't always do well with needles, she makes the entire experience so comfortable!

Jessica Magnuson

Back in 2016 & 2017 I loved the services I got that I paid for but now they are changing the area sizes on me. I have questioned it but they said no and I know they are not the same areaz because my hair is thinner in the areas I’m questioning. Not sure if I will get anymore areas done here.

Paula Roettger

I ❤ love ❤ Ideal Image Maple Grove. Lisa makes me look fabulous!!!

Bonnie Ferry

I felt as though my feedback on my procedure was listened to but not heard. The employee I spoke with just kept telling me how good I looked. I felt I felt like a had a legitimate complaint and it was not resolved.

Chuck Winkler

easy peasy hair laser the nurse Kaitlin that performs the laser, she rocks and makes it very easy while the laser is doing its magic; she represents your company perfectly!! Procedure looks like is working great and thank you, keep up the great work!!

Sara Strouts

Sam and Lindsey are amazing! I love love love my new look! Can’t wait to repeat. If you don’t go to Ideal Image in Maple Grove you are totally missing out! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

JoAnn Koosmann

The middle of the road isn't the end of the road. How can we describe the best experience regarding staff, nurses, procedures, financing, and making good choices, progress, and return visits? Lisa and the gang sum it up in all the best ways. Thanks ladies for making my day, week, and future visits awesome! I'm impressed by my experiences and appreciate the extended hospitality you've given me!

Lindsay H

Carly was great! She was very sweet, and helped keep my mind off of the procedure itself with conversation! She also gave me breaks when needed... and didn’t seem to mind at all! Would highly recommend seeing her or anyone at this location! Thanks again!

Payten Mccullum

Courtney just did my lips and I am soooooooooo happy!!! They look just how I imagined them! Everyone else was very helpful at the store as well. I’m glad I decided to come here, and will be back for future appointments. Thank you!


Sales representative was rude, making assumptions about my character, and called me stupid as part of her pitch. Although they offered me a pretty good deal on laser, I will take my business elsewhere out of principal.

Erin Rivers-Hill


I have had botox, dysport and Juvaderm injections with Sam at this location and have loved the results. Sam does such a great job with explaining the procedures, not overselling and being completely honest . I had been to a previous spa with dismal results and will not go anywhere else! Sam is amazing!!

Debbie Mielke

Although I was not a good candidate for the cool sculpting procedure, they were completely honest about why and gave me some suggestions. They were very helpful and took their time. Another place I had gone to just wanted the money and never told me that it wouldn’t work on me.

Missy Rassatt

lindsey hammack

The service here is amazing. I have been going to this location for about a year and a half now and every time is a great experience. The staff makes you feel so comfortable, i dont feel like im being judged. The place always looks so nice and clean, and they offer you pop water or coffee while youre waiting. Ive gotten there early multiple times for my appts and they usually always get me in very quickly. The longest i have waited was literally only about 5 minutes. Highly recommend!!

Jayde Warren

Lisa is my gal, treatments are fast and she is the most patient when it comes to getting it done. Thank you for everything!!

bonnie fercho

Everything went extremely well! Lisa rocks, very skilled, patient, and considerate. The whole staff was great. Thanks all!

Jenny Dittmer

I have tried other places and didn't know what I was missing until I went to Ideal Image in MG. Sam, in particular was superb! Very professional, informative, and relatable. If you are looking for a place for injectables, Ideal Image is perfect, especially for first timers!

Stephanie Car

These guys are so great! Very professional. I did my underarms and just finished my last session. I couldn't be happier with the results!

Carrie Osland

The consultants and nurses here are fantastic. They make you comfortable and take excellent care of you. Location is nice, parking is easy.

Danielle Kaufmann

Everyone is so friendly and professional! I have had such a great experience - so thrilled with my results with laser hair removal!

Phaedra Robert

Kelli Dressel

The staff there is Very friendly! So five stars to the staff. However, when I went into the consultation, I felt like she was nice but wasn't honest about what my results were going to be (since I was paying in full for all areas, I'm guessing she is working on commission). Reason I say that is because I'm blonde, but she said they could do the bikini, legs, and underarms so I was excited to hear that. I'm finally done with my treatments and I'm not 100% impressed. Maybe 65%. A little over half way thru my treatments I told them I'm not seeing much change with my legs. So they took pictures and sent them to corporate. I got a refund, which was actually an easy process. I've been done with my treatments for about 1 month now and I would say I'm not very happy with the bikini area because apparently I have a lot of blonde hair I never knew about. They said that happens to a lot of people ... WHY wasn't I told that in the beginning? For my underarms, they are OK. I have some random stragglers that look really stupid but they are blonde/grey tint/a little dark, so buying an extra treatment would be pointless. To sum it up: Lovely staff but if you never want shave again and you're blonde/ dark/dirty blonde or red, you're out of luck. Hope this helps :)

Jody Morris

Lisa Dissing is amazing! I've had botox at other places around town and she is the best in the business!

Rich Peil

Nothing. Just way too expensive! You could hire a personal trainer for 1/2 the price to come to your home for 6 months and get the same results!


I had many consultations at various Day Spas for facial fillers before visiting Ideal Image. Ideal Image was the first place I felt comfortable. The knowledge and genuine care you feel from all staff at Maple Grove is unsurpassed. I have now been a patient for two years and have never been disappointed. I am 40 and wanted to refresh my face and slow down the ageing. I have done Botox and Disport for lines, Juvaderm, Voluma, Restiline fillers in my lips, cheeks, and folds. The results have transformed and refreshed my face but look completely natural. Before and after a new filler I had many questions, and concerns and each time the Nurses and Staff at Ideal Image took the opportunity to make me feel 100% comfortable. They never make you feel pressured or rushed they really take the time to take care of you and are genuinely interested in providing a solution rather than a sale. I had an accident that left a small injury on my face, I had to cancel an appointment for filler around the area. I went into the Maple Grove office to get an opinion on when I could reschedule and it was a year before they would proceed. As disappointed in the situation as I was I was so appreciative that the Nurses cared more about my health than completing a procedure. If you’re looking to try fillers or find a better place to provide them I highly recommend visiting Ideal Image in Maple Grove for a consultation. I want to say thank you to all the staff at Maple Grove and extend a special thanks to Michaela and Sam who have taken care of me the past two years. Ladies your attentiveness, care, and amazing technique is much appreciated.


I have been very pleased with the results of my hair removal treatments. It takes a few months to actually see results, but then it just keeps getting better. Thanks Ideal Image!

Trifolium Redfern

Very quick and easy. I also felt safe and comfortable the entire time.

Kelly Schall


My daughter is thrilled with her experience at Ideal Image. I can tell that it makes her happy and that makes happy

Oksana Harhun

Friendly staff, but when I cancelled the contract after one treatment because of extenuating circumstances I was charged a ridiculous amount I didnt even start to fight about.

Meghan Goad

This place is amazing. Made me feel so comfortable and was so knowledgeable about all my concerns. Im so glad i made this decision! Ashley was warm and so sweet, lisa was so skilled and informative, so upbeat and wonderful! Thank u ideal image!

Stacy Lyberg

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