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REVIEWS OF Raleigh Metal Recycling Junk Car Towing, Copper in Durham, NC IN North Carolina

Blake Gay

I was really impressed by the fast and friendly service I received at raleigh metal recycling. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes and the staff was very accomodating. Great job!!!!

James Medford

I like the one on garner rd in raliegh way better

Austin Jackson

First time there with about 6 months or so of cans. Signs are easy to see, plenty of carts, dump them in to the crusher and got my receipt for 10lbs. Machine scans it and you get cash. I was in and out in 10 minutes. Definitely will be back

Paige Jernigan

I called and spoke to carmen and she directed me to a pickup service for appliances that yall have. What a great service this is for the community and a great group of guys that were very professional and have reasonable prices . Kenny and his guys were awesome and I will refer them to all my friends if they need his services. Thank y'all for everything.

Gregory Brown

Raleigh Metal Recycling are buyers of scrap metal, Car Batteries, junk metal and junk cars. Just drive them in--to sell your salvage car for cash. Not just a salvage yard or junkyard, but a Wake County Recycling Center. Why go to a Wake County Convenience Center. Raleigh Recycling Center at its best. Raleigh Metal Recycling pays you for your old lawnmower or old sports equipment. Great prices per pound for copper, aluminum, brass, cardboard, computers, electronics, electronic waste and more. Also, Car batteries, Marine Boat Deep Cycle Batteries and lawn and Garden Batteries, RV, Solar are on sale, for all makes and models, including Toyota Camry, Ford F150, Nissan, Dodge Ram, Focus, Explorer, Civic and more. The best in NC, North Carolina, for people from Durham, Cary, Garner, Clayton, Smithfield, Apex and more.

Francesca Camacho

My husband and I had to weigh our cars before moving. They were super friendly and accommodating! Highly recommend!

David Meyepa

Great customer service. Got there to buy a used car battery. Easy paperwork and lady at the counter very nice. In the end, I didn't have a battery problem on my car but a starter problem. So, I went back there to get a refund. I got my refund right away and meet with Gregg (great guy), who gave me some tips about what the issues with my car might be. Very nice guy and willing to help you. It was my first experience there and would recommend it to anyone. Great job guys and thanks to Gregg.

Pamela Rouse

Rubi Barco

Chris Atchison

This company is a joke. They never answer their phone and when you leave a message inquiring about what you need they never call you back, forcing you go through rip other companies. Dont waste your time waiting on a call back because it will never happen. Especially if the guy's name is Dennis. He WILL NOT return your call!!!!

Saquon Shell

Jonathan Marcus

Raleigh Scrap Metal Recycling is amazing. I am not in NC a lot, but went there today...copper and aluminum prices per pound were very good in this bad market. Service was better then great. Could not believe how clean this place was for a scrap yard, junkyard. There are not many companies near me that buy junk cars and salvage cars, but saw they do. Impressive.

Shelley Ostrowski

Brought some scrap copper and aluminum to Raleigh Metals this week. Great experience, great guys. Will definitely be back. I liked to see that you bought batteries, appliances, computers and electronics.

Brian Sides

Great place! Sold a bunch of copper today. Had great scrap metal prices per pound. I saw they also buy Aluminum cans and old appliances. What a great place. I thought they just bought Junk cars, but it turns out that not only by copper, but batteries, computers, electronics and more.

latoya hud

Quick, easy and most importantly gave me more money for my old car than any of these other junk removal companies (and i called quite a few, the price quotes were horrific).

Michael Finley

Great people, great scrap metal prices. In tough time paid us good copper & alum price

Richard Goss

Need to update their list very rude now

Derek Blackburn

The staff here was very helpful I highly recommend this place very personable in and out quickly

Omar Parra

Sarah Ann

Incredibly nice people, very quick and easy haul away. Our family had three junk cars in our yard. I called two days ago to get an estimate and for removal of the three and within those two days everything was taken care of. No hassle, no run around. Wonderful service and quick! Will definitely recommend.

Ralph Beck

Dave Goyan picked up metal for me on several occasions and handled selling it through Raleigh Metal. I got fair prices and great service. Have recommended to several friends. Do not hesitate to give them a call!!!

Crystal Love

Cynthia B

I called Kenny Howell about selling my old car. He was very helpful on the phone, gave me a fair price. He was very quick with showing up to get the car and made the process very easy. Will definitely use again!!


Couldn't have had a better experience anywhere else !! Great prices and service !! Jon and the gang deserve a big THUMBS UP !!

St V

I recommend these guys. They were not able to help me with my situation, but they took the time to recommend other options that helped me a great deal. Very cool.

MrGameBreaker 757

David Zanter

Dropped off an old grill and an old lawn mower during my lunch break. It was a busy day but the line moved quickly. Also, I hadn't known: But if you only have Ferrous Materials, you can go around back to drop off. You only have to go through the front door for mixed materials.

Bria Williams

It would be nice if your trucks has covers on the top so whatever is in the bed of the trucks won't blow out. Got stuck behind one of your trucks today and trash just kept blowing out.

Len Raleigh

I had some scrap metal to spare, and I thought their prices were fair.

Sierra Rebekah

Wonderful service!!! After getting into a wreck with my boyfriend that totalled my car today, I got it towed here to scrap it. My tow driver dropped it off in the parking lot (with a dead battery), so we couldnt drive it to the weigh station. The woman at the front desk called a man named Rodney to come move the car for us, and in the meantime, she even brought me water when I started to feel nauseous out of nowhere and made sure I was ok. As Rodney loaded up my car, another man came out to tell us we seemed like a very nice couple and would cover the towing price for Rodney to move our car!!! I never got his name or the name of the woman and young man at the front desk who talked to us, but I can't get over how nice and helpful everyone was!!! Even the woman at the weighing station itself was sweet and helpful as can be!! I can't recommend this place enough if you ever need anything scrapped, you will not be disappointed with the timeliness and helpfulness!!!

Jessica Wilson

Love Raleigh metals! My hubby is an hvac service man and we get lots of coils and copper. Headed up there again tomorrow. Such nice people and always fair pricing! I drive about 45 minutes from Henderson because I know I'll be paid good, treated well and not have any issues!

Corey Pedrojew

Best customer service to handle all of your recycling needs! Best prices and variety of products you are able to recycle, from computers to scrap metal!

Tiffany Lucas

Surprised at amount of money we got for the scrap copper and aluminum siding we had. People were nice too Thank you.

Claudia Drenan

Went for the first time and it was a great experience! I looked later and they had detailed instructions on their website but I didn't know what to expect when I got there. But it was easy to figure out and the 2 guys there that I talked to were super nice and friendly. It looked like they were really enjoying their jobs. They were very quick and it took no time at all. I was impressed that you just take the receipt to their ATM to get your money and they even offer free coffee! The huge variety of things that they take inspires you to take all your metal things there. Oh, and we got a really good price for our old RV batteries.

Andrew Mann

Great scrap metal prices at this place. We brought in copper gutters that we had to take out. Saw they are buy computers, appliances, batteries and electronics. Seems like they have good prices. Also, I was impressed by how clean the place was. I was expecting a messy junkyard. It was as they write. A major Raleigh Recycling Center. Impressive and hi-tech place with all the digital scales.

Tobi Fuchs

Careless workers left huge scratch in tailgate of my truck

jamie connell

Raleigh metal recycling is the GREATEST place in the triangle and in ALL of NC!! I have been bringing my scrap metal and junk cars there for years now. They are fast, friendly, and honest! They seem to always have fast service even when they are busy. They also have great prices per pound for copper, aluminum, and of course junk cars that my team and I bring them. Keep it up Raleigh Metals and thanks for being there

Cool Cat

Great service. There was a long line but it was moving pretty fast.

Gregory White

they care about what's important to all of us family and friends

Nancy Mann

Raleigh Scrap Metal is great compared our junk yard and salvage yards in the Boston area. We were down in NC visiting a friend who took us to sell scrap copper and aluminum. I was amazed at how lucky you people are in North Carolina. They had great scrap metal prices per pound. We Recycling a lot in Mass, but your Raleigh Recycling Center was great. Not a lot of companies in Mass buy Junk cars for cash, but we saw these guys did. It was interesting to see this company buys Batteries, Computers and Electronics as well. My friend actually sold them an old appliance as well--a real old broken refrigerator. I was impressed as that this place really did recycle everything from a car to scrap copper and had a great price on the copper.

Frank Jessup

They're paving the entire yard! Great experience, seems like the company is under new ownership and has been working hard on fixing the place up. Still all the same people working there. Great prices fast service. My #1 choice for scrap metal recycling. Thanks guys.

Ever Gonzalez

Vasile Saptefrati

Best Plumber99

Place is a joke stop taking cats why not stop taking copper too people steal that as well or better yet people can steal just about anything why not stop taking it all This place is BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E Dawg

Adrienne Brown

Raleigh Metal Recycling is nothing other than a cool place. Our HVAC business is growing and we have been getting great prices per pound and great service when we have been selling our copper, aluminum and motors here. The service is the best by partner and I have seen in NC and they have great prices per pound. Kind of hard to believe it is a salvage junk yard, in that it is HI Tech, with digital scales, concrete roads and really nice people. Saw they also buy computers and electronics GO RALEIGH SCRAP METAL RECYCLING!! and THANKS!


michelle shurtz

I contacted this business because of the glowing reviews. I, unfortunately, did not have the same experience. After browsing their website, I located the direct contact line for car removal/towing. I called the number 3 times only to have it seem like it was answered, but no one was there. I then called the main line and was spoken to brusquely and told, after giving my number, that the tow truck driver would call me directly in no more than 15 minutes. That was 2 days ago.

WolfpackHousing NCSU

This place is a total waste of time to carry anything to. You have to basically pay them to take anything. Not even worth the diesel fuel to carry anything to them. Evidently a bunch of Yankees running it now...

Clara Ray

Raleigh Metal Recycling is the place my husband and I have been going to for years to sell our scrap metal because they have great scrap metal prices per pound. We have a small business and sell copper and aluminum once a month. We even save up our aluminum cans and sell them as well. I wanted to write today because yesterday we sold a junk car for the first time. It was great. We were in and out fast, and their team was really friendly. I don't know why they call it a Junk Yard. It is not even a Salvage Yard. It is a great Raleigh Recycling Center. It is amazing that this great scrap metal place is right here in North Carolina, good old NC! The guy in the yard that directed us is really cute!

Nick Bower

Lachelle Moore

I'm not really one to write reviews online but I was extremely impressed with this company...first I called and was told I would get a phone call from Dave, the tow truck driver, in no longer then 15 min. I received a call in less then 5. Dave was absolutely honest and upfront with me from the beginning on what he could pay. I called around for other quotes and not only were these other companies rude but they quoted me far less...I called Dave back and he was able to schedule a pick up around my work schedule. When he showed up the whole process took less then 5 min. He was fast and friendly. So thank you Raleigh metals for caring so much about customer service because frankly now a days not enough people do.

Frank Alexander

I started an account with them about three months ago. They were to bring a lugger and swap it out when full about every third week on request. After 3 pick ups, I got one call saying that they didnt feel it was worth their time because the weight was not enough. So I got to making the metal more compact hoping that would help. But without further notice, they refused to bring a new container and left me high and dry. The owner was not nice to me when I called to find out why they didn't weigh the new container before dropping me. Told me their person would call me back. I am still waiting for that call. Poor customer service. I had been taking the copper to them on my own so it wouldn't get short changed but now I guess I will take that somewhere else as well. UPDATE - I got a call from the owner and my account rep later that day. It appears there was a miscommunication on their part and they have resolved the issue and brought a new container today. Everything is back to normal. Thank you Greg & Lisa.

Terrence jones

I like it because u can get rid of stuff.

Brooks Adcock

The owner personally and immediately answered my (very unusual) request ... while he was on vacation. His guys were then helpful above and beyond. I highly, highly recommend them. I feel really bad actually... I didn't mean to interrupt a vacation but I guess that's how they roll.

Jared Burton

If you live in the Raleigh area, you want to use Raleigh Metal Recycling for all your scrapping needs. I’ve been using them for a few weeks now ever since I learned of them. I used to use TT&E, but their compound is very difficult to drive around in and their staff barely speaks English. The last time I was there I had to wait in line for about 40 minutes to drop off a few sheets if aluminum, only to be told to take it to the ferrous (general) dumping area. I left because I am a business owner and I don’t have time for people who can’t respect that. In contrast, I just had a big clean-out for a business that had closed. They mostly had electronics. Greg Brown, the owner (he actually answers the phone), connected me with his electronics expert Jon. Jon and Codie actually took the time to help separate and sort over 3 TONS of electronics, even staying about an hour and a half late to get the job accomplished. I will ONLY use Raleigh Scrap Metal as long as I own my business. Jon and Codie, along with all the other employees I’ve met, are super professional and all speak English!! If you want to work with a company who’s also interested in getting as much money as possible for you - use Raleigh Metal Recycling! I know I will. Nick Burton Owner Lionheart Junk Removal

Sister Sunday

Helpful staff and fast turn around.

Dale Romanus

Best experience I have ever had with a recycle / scrap yard...ask for Jon Alric...he was fair and great to work with. I highly recommend this business and it is a very convenient and easy location. Thank you RMR team!

Rob Kopf

Great visit selling scrap copper and aluminum yesterday. Better prices than we get in Buffalo. Thanks.

Luke theplumber

wow wat A hassle was told my ID was all I need when I go to way out apparently it is a huge issue that I do not have a rale a dress and refused to give out confidential customers information AKA there a dress wear the medal came from I am a Registered plumber and have been dealing with scrap yards all across the country for many years and have never had a problem quite like this I will drive an hour away before I ever come here again I was so frustrated I did not even take the money I was entitled to

Lynn Canada

Great place to recycle metal. Check out their website. Homeowners...mechanics...businesses...they are there for all. Staff is VERY helpful and very nice. Had recent owner change so processes are a little different but easy to follow. Make metal recycling worth it.

Keith Franklin

Eric Trimmer

Excellent service, fast and friendly. I would highly recommend Raleigh metal recycling to anyone looking to make a few extra bucks, get rid of that old scrap metal in the backyard, or even that old rusty Junk car. Great business!! And very friendly

Shawn Johnson

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