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REVIEWS OF Mr. T Carting Corp. IN New York

bruno trujillo

This is the worst company ever. To rob you , they are the best with it . We are having a company and they were stilling from us . Never come on scheduled to pick up and awful customer service . Now we are using another company who is perfect . This company wouldn't recommend to the enemy .

Mikhail Raqiq

Had problems with billing but they eventually took care of it.

louis mangia

Mr. T Carting Corp is a service oriented business handling our companies recycling needs for over twenty years. There has never been a time that Mr. T and the team has missed a pick up for us. Wood, cardboard, non recyclables, our services have always been met with the highest level of professionalism. It is my personal pleasure to recommend their services to anyone.

Gwen Ossenfort

Mr T helped me with a home renovation by providing mini dumpsters for several months. Their customer service was excellent, their drivers were responsive and friendly. My experience was completely positive!

facu kairuz

ricardo servino

How can you call this a good service if the drive picking up garbage from the nearby store throw away his leftover pizza on the street? This happens on the corner of Howard ave and Hancock at in Brooklyn....on August 29 at 12:10am....

omer sarikaya

Stay away

Francisco Paredes

Consistently misses pickup days for garbage, which is bad considering their a garbage pickup company. They have random billing schedules. But the worst issue is their customer service, when you call to fix the previous issues, the leave you on hold forever. And I’m pretty sure someone picks up the phone and hangs ups because I hear a hello then I get disconnected multiple times. The only time they’re quick with contacting you is when the bill is due. The prices are good but everything else is bad , I would give them less than 1 star if I could.

Eduard Abramov

Sick big time.

Rosalba Sanchez

Tracy Costa

According to NYC Administrative Code 24-225 (b) "It shall be unlawful to operate or cause to be operated a refuse collection vehicle, including such a vehicle equipped with a compacter, within 50 feet of any residential receiving property at or after 11:0 p.m. and before 7:00 a.m." Yet, you are right outside my window at 3:30 am emptying out a dumpster. Company doesn't follow the law.

Zullie Santiago

if I could give this company a negative stars I would.. their drivers are reckless and disgusting human beings.

Giuseppe Losinno

Nateva Peterkin

Very unprofessional customer service. Missed pick ups and always have billing issues. Take your business elsewhere.

Bobtek 2 Office

I Love the Mr. T Team... They are really into Customer Service. Never an issue with them... I would highly recommend them.

Jeffrey Mink

We have been using the services of Mr. T Carting for over 40 years. During this time they have exhibited professional , courteous service. This business embodies all the qualities that you would expect from a well run family business. The costs associated with carting have been fair and they have been a pleasure to work with. Well Done!!! Jeff Mink President F.M. Brush Company Inc.

John Newland

Good service. good prices. What more could you ask.

Barbara Samek

Horrible company! I'm paying for garbage removal service and they never come to pick up my trash!!! I get complaints from my landlord that garbage is left out! I don't see them on my security cameras. I call to cancel, but they demand they want their money! This company is a scam!

Brianne McCabe

Crooks! Hasn't picked up trash or recycling for weeks, I take time out of my day to call every day after a missed pick up and am told they'll "credit the account". No credit comes through, instead they send us a bill for all the missed pick ups and an account reinstatement fee - there's no other carting service for our area so we are forced to continue with their services. If any other reliable services in the Brooklyn area, go to them first.

Sam Lawrence

Very satisfied customer. Always excellent communication.

Magno Gama

Most dishonest company I ever came across. They never showed up to pick up my garbage, I called and spoke to guy so rude and uneducated with no manners guy, called Steven. Called the company canceled my account, 4 months later they hit me with a bill. They use the same tactic with people,( it’s a miss communication), BS, crooks, liars. Be careful and try someone else. I gave them a 2nd chance and again never came to pick my garbage. Truly stay away from this unprofessional people, they will scam you too. When they say, sorry for your bad experience, call the office so we can discuss the issue, they don’t mean it, they are not there to help you, only to scam you.

James Schubert

We have used mr t for years. Never had an issue. Nyc institutes new recycling rules. Mr t. sends quote, ok. Mr. T raises rates. Ok. Mr. T stops picking up. I stop paying. I have too much cardboard. I settle and pay for weeks of no pickup. Mr t picked up 2 weeks and stops picking up. Cardboard all over sidewalk. Thanks mr t. Called customer service this morning sat on hold for 10 minutes before talking to anyone. Left messages for various people. Never called back. Used to be a reliable company. So sad. Welcome to the new America.

Noah C

They frequently fail to pick up our garbage and/or cardboard, even though we've been a weekly customer for one year. On the plus side their customer service people are friendly. I just wish I didn't have to be speaking with them so often.

1 1

Worst garbage company ever, they always not picked garbage, and saying it's not their problem, every time we pay them on time. Worst costumer sevice, hope never call them again, she just hand up before I finish.

Haley Bloom

Mr T Carting is by far the best solution to trash pickup in NYC. I did the runaround with a few other companies until I came across this wonderful team. Our account rep, Michael Cyr is beyond helpful and pleasant to work with, as long as the rest of the team at Mr. T's. Could not recommend them more.

Diana Clemente

I recently reached out to a different carting company before contacting Mr. T's carting requesting assistance for a 9/11 hero. The employee from Flushing Dumpster abruptly hung up the phone. I next called Mr. T's and their employee was professional and courteous and told me to whom I needed to direct my request. That employee, a manager, was also professional and courteous. The request was forwarded to Mr. T who agreed to help. Mr. T didn't turn a blind eye on the suffering of a hero and he is a hero in my eyes and in the eyes of a family that has been through tremendous pain and suffering. Thank you Moses, Adam and Mr. T. Mr. T's carting is a total 10!

Brie McCabe

As a former year long customer this company deserves 0 stars. Unprofessional, multiple missed pickups, no apologies and absurdly rude behavior - do NOT recommend

The 1896

We've had a great experience with Mr T over the years. The customer service team is great - and they've been super willing to work with our various needs and different types of pick ups. We definitely recommend them!

Qiang Lin

Spaghetti Incident

Great Service, always in time & always very reliable! Bravo!!

Shih Lee

I have been using Mr. T for all my carting and recycling for over 11 years and continue to use them for my 3 other new businesses. Steve Bozac and the team at Mr. T are always available to answer questions and are true professionals. I am extremely satisfied with service and would recommend Mr. T to anyone needing carting services. Shih Lee SHI

Kishore Baidya

I have been using Mr. T carting services for about 10 years.Companies like this are rare and deserve to be recognized. They truly want to just help and offer great services for a reasonable price.I offer my highest recommendations!! You will not be disappointed!

Harry Kalogiannis

We are a bank and use Mr. T. Carting for sever years. Their services are excellent, inside out. Never missed a pickup. Their prices better than many others. I recommend this company without hesitation. Harry

kikeyy lee

I cancel the service almost two years ago... after two years.. they suit me and asked me to pay $2100 for this two years.. But I never receive any service from them in last two years.. No letters. No bills.. But sommons... Don't ever pick this company. There are horrible..You have been warmed

Ross McLaughlin

Officially THE WORST carting service in existence! They are incapable of collecting trash, do not use them. If I could give minus stars I would.

Tushar Mehta

Sokhun Im

great service never miss a pick up ,we have a long good relationship for atleast 12 years so far satisfactory..thumps up

Adam Tonis

Perfect for both residential and commercial applications...Always there when you need them. Highly recommended

Peter C

Ok, Problem fixed, it turned out they had our cardboard collection on different day.

Phillip Alonzo

I really would love to meet these guys i know it's a good company

Office Petri

Great service, reliability and cleanliness! If you have an issue call and they respond right away!

Tracey Gordon

My garbage was not picked up. In fact the department of sanitation was called again. I will be taking you guys to court for the 2 tickets. This is ridiculous. This is not my first, second, third or even forth complaint.

Filip Nikodinovski

Stay as far away as possible! You have to call and beg for pick up and somehow it’s always the restaurants fault that trash wasn’t picked up. So so so many missed pickups and no customer service They ask for evidence and pictures, they have been provided and no answer. Just awful!

Donna Broselofsky

Crystal Hu

This company is suck! Always didn't pick up our company's garbage !

Connie Fu

DO NOT Recommend

Joanne Lin

Worst service ever! Charge without done anything ! Don't use this company! Scammer! The Owner of the Mr. T Carting is a lawyer, so they will bill you , so you have to pay to settle or hire a lawyer which is more money ! Warning! Don't use this company !

Nile Berry

Truly one of the worst company's I have ever worked with. They literally miss our weekly pickup every other week (and still bill us) and then hang up on me when I try to call them to let them know. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. THIS IS A SCAM.

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