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tazwar hossain

My car has been repo'd but I'm not bitter about that that's my fault I have to pay for it, but this company makes it worse I called at 3pm to get the car out they say that they close at 2:30pm but when you call for their service they are open 24 hours. Then I called the next day, they said they don't have anything showing in their computer. Only after putting the vendor in conference call they admitted that its showing in the system. They wanted to avoid today so that my car gets stuck for the weekend and they can make money. I don't know how a company this unethical is still in business. They are not a company but a bunch of scammers trying to scam people out of their money.

henry wu

The company sucks. The assistant sucks and the owner sucks!

Shannon R

I've worked at JYD for a couple years now so I can give you the REAL inside scoop. They get a bad rep simply because of the fact that they are a mostly Repo company & lets face it- nobody likes the repo man! They do everything by the books at JYD & are certified. My boss deals lwith People naturally walk in with a bad attitude for the most part. I would know I deal with it. We have to wait for the bank to give us the okay to release the vehicle - customers think we make that decision. The banks ALSO provide us with the pricing. As far as people complaining about car damage, we take picture of the cars immediately after repossession so that we show prove the condition of the car. I understand people are put at an inconvenience by having their cars taken but it's their job! These bad reviews are just not true.

Nikki Gamer

I give this business a 0 out of 5 stars. They towed my car on a Saturday night but are closed on Sundays so if you're towed on the weekend you're stuck with your car impounded. This makes ZERO sense and is a horrible way to run a business. The guy on the phone was beyond rude.

JYD Towing

can't hate the repo man he's just doing his job pay your bills and you won't have to complain

Kelisha Honeywell-Cameron

They are the worst tow company to deal with. They are very rude, unprofessional n lack of respect for customers. They damage ur car n doesnt want to take responsibility for the damage. They claim they have pictures but when asked to present it they cant. But luckily for me I have a dash cam that recorded the damage they made to my car.

Mukunda Khadka

Lewey Chan

Henry Severino

If I can give them no stars I would. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!! I wouldnt waste my time writing this if their service wasnt as bad as it is. I had my vehicle towed by this company. To start things off when I called to schedule an appointment for pick up I was spoken to by the owner in a rude and dismissive manner. I was trying to tell him on the phone I already paid for the towing fees but he just kept talking over me, telling me the price I would have to bring, which I already paid for but he wasnt listening. When I get there I had to knock on their door for several mins. Mind you I called to inform them I was already there 5 mins into waiting for the door to open but they still had me wait for them to come open the door in the rain. When they finally opened the door. They continued with their rude behavior. Again they didn't even bother to double check with the bank to see if they received the payment for the tow, telling me its not in their system and that's that. My phone had died by that time and I was told to call myself, when i asked if they could call they said nope. I guess they were too busy to make a 2 minute phone call. I had to go out and walk around the neighborhood for about an hour to find a store to charge my phone, I needed my phone since I didn't know the number to the bank by memory. When I finally was able to call back and find out what was going on the bank tells me that they did infact verify the payment already and that they had informed JYD towing already but JYD towing didnt bother to check thoroughly something that they could have had accomplished in 5 minutes lasted more than 3 hours. Horrible customer service and extremely unprofessional. When I returned somewhat upset because of the wait they made me go through for no reason they already recieved their money it was just them being unfriendly people. I had to once again wait awhile outside for someone to come out. When they come out their yelling at me for banging at the door. You had me waste 3 plus hours and your getting mad that I'm banging at your door. A door which has no doorbell and remained unanswered for several minutes! So here comes out this little man, the owner of this fine establishment (sarcasm) with a wide man, walking planet as back up. They finally came out and spoke to me in disrespectful manner and I know better than to snap but it happened and I started arguing back with them now they tell me I have to wait three hours to get my car out the lot I had to call the police to have them release my car. They already received their payment why play this stupid kid games??? Wanting to keep me outside for 3 hours like he's the law lmfao, we'll I didn't have to wait and play your childish games, Unprofessional.

Lynn P

I won't even give one star unless it's the only way I can post this. We are not a disgruntled debtor. We are the bank that hired this jerk. Beware...besides being a complete "you know what", he hijacks your car and holds it for ransom.Nasty guy.

David Arata

Had a customers car towed by them, not a repo they were in an accident. Incredibly rude on the phone, tried to refuse to release the vehicle to trump up their storage fees, and then told my customer their car was totaled and the insurance companies don't like when you move the car from shop to shop. Car is not totaled and people have the right to bring their cars wherever they like.

Mary Rosas

Bad and nasty peolpe

Alexandra Sabirova

Won't even give you a 1 Star.. very unprofessional rude bold guy ... I hope you will get out of business soon . Whatever your name is the bold guy know one thing karma is real .good luck


This ppl r crooks. I was going through a divorce. My car was towed bcause of some missed payment. When I paid what I owed this ppl didn't wanted to released my car. It took me 3 days to get my car back. The guy was rude as hell. I noticed a month later they stole some body parts from my car. My car is a total mess. I'm so pissed off.

Shaw Ahmadi

Ray the owner is as crooked they come, this establishment needs to be closed. He doesn't even deserve to get a star for the way he treats the customers and the fee that he charges. 113 queens police department precinct should be ashamed of themselves to have JYD towing firm do a tow job for them. Take this low life of your list.

Ray Tow

Do not get your car repo and you will not have to complain about JYD just doing a job

Stefan Calixte

Robert Deokinandan



Cashmere Cherry

They helped me fast

william flores

1 start because I have ti put something to wrote a review other way 0..nadA.nothing. the worst company ever...please don't even call this people .nasty as hell.bunch of idiots.

Patricia Kosta

This has nothing to do with Repo's!! This company told me they would get to me in 30 minutes. I called 60 minutes later and they said 30 more minutes more, I called 90 minutes later and they said they were not coming at all. The driver was so very rudo. Unbelievable!!!

Percy Richardson

Car got hooked in a fire zone. No problem I get that. Paid the dude like a gentleman. My issue is when he gave me the paperwork he had the car marked as "poor condition". My car is all but flawless. literally 2 small scratches u can't see. Seems like he was giving himself insurance to bang my car around. He also lied about being called by security. Not sure why. like I said I paid like a gentleman. Very shady character. I would never use this place voluntarily

Manuel Romero

Very rude people. Disrespectful and unreliable!!! They towed my car from my home at 1.50am, when they were suppose to do it at 7am. I had to went to their lot to get some personal items I left inside the car... when one guy opened the gate he almost hit me with the front of his car when the door was still opening and he had a really rude actitude to me. Then he asked me for $50 in order to get my things back. Really fustrating!!!

Wendolyne Sabrozo

Not somebody to go out of my way to write a review, it is with utter disgust and disappointment that I write this after falling victim to the rude and outright disrespectful treatment of JYD TOWING's manager RAY. Due to unfortunate circumstances, our vehicle ended up in possession of RAY from JYD TOWING. Having been hit in an accident, our car was left in un-drivable condition. The officer who filed the report called this towing company, and RAY arrived at the scene to take our vehicle. Upon first impression, this man was very kind and respectful. He answered all of our questions and made us feel at ease with our situation. He even gave us his card with all of the information for his location in Springfield Gardens, reiterating the 24/7 accessibility. We felt reassured. Lo and behold, when my folks went to the office two days later to retrieve the vehicle they found it was closed. The time was 3:30 PM; consequently, they were forced to keep the car in the shop until Monday as the "24/7 office" was closed on the weekends. Despite these setbacks, my folks showed up to the office on Monday to speak with Ray about removing the car from the shop, as a family mechanic would be doing the repairs. When they got to this establishment, RAY was no longer the helpful person that had provided such great assistance the day of the accident. This man, whose attitude and demeanor were unrecognizable, was anything but helpful or respectful! The total cost for keeping the car in this shop for 5 days summed over $450, despite the fact that attempts had been made to retrieve the vehicle before the weekend. Despite this, my folks had no intentions of arguing and upon asking RAY if they could split the payment between cash and credit--SINCE THERE WAS A SIGN STATING THAT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED--Ray started barking at my mother: "NO! CASH ONLY! DINERO! PLATA! YOU THINK I'M STUPID?!" Needless to say, this man belittled my folks and left my mother speechless with his crude and barbaric behavior. Unfortunately, this treatment was not only exclusive to my folks, as RAY treated all customers who were there with outright contempt. It was truly an unsettling situation. Finally, after paying over $450 for 5 days storage (DESPITE FALSE ADVERTISEMENT OF THEIR STORAGE RATES), my parents were finally able to withdraw their vehicle from this garage. All in all, I really hope this review helps others avoid the unfortunate experience my family faced when dealing with the manger of this establishment. You cannot even begin to imagine the treatment faced by paying customers, nor the feeling of impotence one feels after being cheated out of both time and money. FOLKS, please, I implore you: DO NOT GIVE THIS SHOP YOUR BUSINESS!

reinaldo maldonado

My car was towed by this company and they my destroyed my door very inexperienced on how to take vehicles and then when you go get your vehicle there's no one there. Now I have to go Thru the hassle to try to get my finance company to get it fix they should go to school and learn what they doing!!

Marlon Ebanks

My wife was stranded for hours on sunrise highway. I called to get a quote and ETA and told them I would call right back. I literally called back five mins later and no answer. I proceeded to call multiple times, and still no answer or call back.

Maidul Hossain

I have nothing bad to say about them. Nice guy. Nice place. There is no need to be mad at them. It is our responsibility to make our car payments on time to avoid repossession. They are just doing their job and obeying order. No damage to my car at all. Got my car in less then 10mins after arriving there. No complaints.

Elijah Persaud

there chill, havent had any problems with them, sometimes there booked, but oh well just wait.

Carol Pereira

@ Ray's unprofessional responses: Your job isn't to be rude or unprofessional or even to judge anyone when they've paid to retrieve their car. Stop being an opportunist and earn your money instead of being difficult and holding on to vehicles in order to charge more. Earn your pay!! You're no different than a common thief/thug or someone fraudulently receiving a disability check. Stealing from the people. Be ethical and acquire a little integrity. I've never had a car repo'd and if I did I would expect professionalism even from you unless I walk in with a bad attitude and even then I'd expect you to have proper customer service skills to handle the general public no matter what their behavior. It's repo yards like yours that finance companies are cracking down and putting limits on what you can charge them. Eventually your gravy train will come to an end and you'll have no choice but to crawl out from under the bottom of that barrel.

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