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1936 Rettman Ln, Dundalk, MD 21222, United States

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REVIEWS OF Owl Metals Inc IN Maryland

Jeff Krayenvenger

George, Angel, Matt and the gang are all fantastic people. They are some of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met. Always take the time to ask you how you are doing, and truly care. Prices are always current with the market, and they will bend over backwards for their customers. Couldn't ask to be treated better.

Scott Keener

Great prices frendly people I live in essex so owl metals is a lil out my way but it's the only scrap yard I been going to for the past 3 years there prices always higher then other scrap yard

David Norman

I highly recommend this place. They guys are very helpful. They have taught my son how to recognize the different metals and how to separate them so he gets the most money. The owner is a regular guy and you would never know he owns the place. I would give 10 stars for my review if I could.

Merle Harshman

Awesome experience these guys are awesome the best price on gold and silver in the state of maryland hands down.

Brian Heck

Andrew K

Cannons Collectibles

Very friendly people good price for computer circuit boards

James Merritt

Best prices for gold and silver. Very helpful.

Billi kendall

They are the very best at there jobs and I was given the best price out there. So never will I go to anyone else to sell any metals. The price they gave me for my gold was amazing I will never go to another pawn shop to sell my gold again. You guys Rock.

Mike Marks

Great place love going here friendly people and great prices.

Jake Simpson

Absolutely the best place to bring your metals too by far everywhere else takes for ever and a day but here im in and out in 10 mins...and after they gave me a free calander with beautiful women in it today I'm NEVER going anywhere else!!! Haha love owls!!!

Dade Stanley

Ashbrook Doodlebops Gautier what what what

Daniel Collison

Pay the most for precious metal

Justin Lacy

Wow! Best service, very professional, no hassle.

Phil Gebbia

Been going there for15yrs now.service can be good at the right time you need it to be.

Metallic Maniac

This place ripped me off all summer and longer . I brought in truck loads of compressors coils copper brass wire motors lead transformers stainless and more . Barely getting 100 a trip . I believe they beat me for 5 to 10 grand this summer more over time. Owner is not helpful . He Bill clintoned me . I did not ....... A bucket they said 9 lbs after re weigh almost 90 lbs.

Robert Neff

These guys are the best! They pay the highest around. I only mess with copper and I'll only sell it to Owls Metals. Best place for customer service and top dollar. You're a fool if you go anywhere else.

L.A.B. restoration

I found it they give me the best price

Andrew Mongelli

If you are looking to sell your Gold or any other precious metals, Don't go anywhere else, especially Pawn Brokers, Owl Metals will pay you so much more !! They also pay the most for other types of metals. I won't go anywhere else , knowing i will get the best value ,and be treated great too.

Mark Heinekamp

Great service, awesome people. Will definitely go back again.

Robert Metz

Fast and reliable money in hand fast

Jason Fritz

cathy hurley

pendeman pendergast

I have been a costumer of owl metals for many years way back when it was a dirt road and a booth to pay that's it wow how this company has grown I don't know how they maintain such great help the guys are a great asset helping me empty my car and helping me sort my items to get the best price for my recyclables I highly recommend that you too use the services of the owl metals team !!!

Larry Pratt

I have gone to OWL several times for metal, wire, brass , gold, silver etc. etc. - I have always had fast service, and very fair prices, I think it is great when you watch them weigh the gold and check the breakdown right in front of you and they put all prices they pay on line.

Michael Walsh

Will never return, despite having been a loyal customer for many years up until recently.. the staff has all changed, as has the entire culture of how this place operates. Scales are inconsistent and staff is arrogant, rude, and quite frankly, on more than one occasion, I have felt some staff were possibly drunk and/or on drugs. Staff consistently try to remove items from my vehicle that were clearly not for recycling, such as power tools, even try to refuse to return them, had to call one guy a thief before he would return my new car batteries. Another staff caused damage to my vehicle and even though owner promised to pay for damages, have received no compensation despite sending two bills to their office (the second certified and confirmed received). Just an awful place to go.

Rachel Kaylor

Only place worth your time.

Chuck Brewer

just plain bad customer service, I come here often . they close at 4:30, well technically they close at 4:15. I am pulling up to the gate at 4:15. he sees me closes the gate anyway to prevent me from being serviced. so I walk in and ask if they would weigh me. NOPE we close at 4:15 . AWESOME customer service. update 5/26 . just drove back down to owl , Saturday as they claim to be open Saturday. ...guess who isn't open . So...They advertise they close at 4:30 ...incorrect. They advertise that they're open Saturday....incorrect. Time to find a new scrap yard. How the hell can you support a company like this?. Hey owl. .get your act together

Daniel Farrell

love it guys a little ruff but they lift the 80 pound ac compressors off truck and they work work hard overall they are fair and good to deal with

Jason Boothe

DO NOT TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO OWL METALS THEY DON'T APPRECIATE IT. I have been going there for a while to take my aluminum to be recycled, mainly because they gave me a good price, were quick, and were close. Well after today they have lost my business after dealing with their supposed "vice president", a guy who looks like he just walked out of a hobo camp. This vice president, who rides around on his chariot of a fork lift, would rather mouth of a customers then take their business. Their sign says that they close at 4:30, their advertisement says they close at 4:30, but according to their vp they close a 4:15 (or that's "when you better be in line") because of the cars around the corner. Their were 3 cars ahead of me, assuming that i stayed i would have been out before 4:30. And i was in line before 4:15, but he spent so much time mouthing off to the customer in front of me that by the time he got to me it was past. Then pulling into the facility the car in front of me stopped short, so i was hanging out in the road a little bit, this was after try to maneuver my car so that i would not be blocking the street as much. Well Mr VP rode his chariot over to mouth off at me about sticking out to far into the street. First off the street was not blocked, second other than being a dick about it you could have asked if i could have pulled in further or if i could have backed out. No but he rather mouth off to his customers. Or instead of riding around on his throne he could have told me to stop (or they could have a sign up saying as much as other places do), helped directed traffic, or asked of the car in front of me could pull up, which he more than enough room. Of course the traffic problem is a regular one at owl metals, how much would it take to have one of your guys guide the cars in since your set up is so crap (but i guess that as asking for too much). I hope this VP doesn't have anything to do with customer relations or marketing, because his customer service skills are a 0. Hey owl metals, instead of making your customers responsible for your failings as a business, why don't you do more to make them feel welcome, you're not the only metals recycler in town. Plus you should think about getting a new VP.

Lennon Norman

Great prices, service and great people I am 100% satisfied with all of my experiences here. I go here on just about a weekly basis for my runs and I and couldn’t be more satisfied.

Michelle Baker

This place is awesome. Fair honest competitive prices. Great people. My 3 year old loves the lady at the counter that gives him candy. The guys that help unload are great people especially my Scottish red headed bearded buddy! Great personalities at this place!

Jack Charles

Friendly customer service, and the highest prices paid for your scrap

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