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Currently this business receives a score of 3.7 out of 5 and the rating is based on 210 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF B & H Auto Parts IN Maryland

Lisa Koehler

Jon M

I call for a radiator and "yeah we have it", so i drive the 20minutes away to go get it after ripping the old radiator out of my car. Mind you the radiator was damaged but the car still was at least usable for town driving. So I arrive and they are not even sure they have the part! Whats worse is they expect me to wait 30min before they can go check, and then suggest I put a deposit down so if they don't have the part that I can order one through them. Now mind you I could have bought the radiator online NEW invluding shipping for $60, they wanted $70, I only went to them for convenience, so I left and told them to call me when the guy gets the part. An hour passes so I call, "yeah they are working on that part right now for ya", so i get myself and my toddler ready to drive out there again. Just as I am leaving I get a call saying they don't have the part! That last phone call was the ONLY saving grace of this entire experience! BTW guys, a competitor of yours had the exact same part, ready to go, for 33% LESS than you did, and thanks for not even bothering to apologize for wasting my gas and an hour of my time!

Eric Legg

If they don't have it they don't make it

Billy Boyce

Everytime time go there never noone at lil scale or big scale have usually have to wait 15 to 20 minutes for someone to actually come out .bunch lazy workers

Jose Burgos

Don't waste your time or money going to this place. There are no lanes to walk through so you have to jump over cars and they mixed all the cars up so you can't find the car your looking for. All in all its a turd.

backflip legends

Got a car from them like 2 month ago and still waiting on paper work for it sold me a car with no paperwork for it 1000 dollars down drain all I need is a nother car r helf money back other thin that there good people r the hole 1000 back because it's crazy

Alexander Araujo

Bad costumers services

Robert Snod

I live in PA and the pricing, availability and the #1 reason I use them is Customer Service. They are helpful, great knowledge and all around good people... I have gotten several parts from here and Everytime has been perfect, I explain where I'm coming from and they verify part is pulled and ready to go. I do make sure I am prepared when I call though with the basic information year/make/model but I also have my VIN # and most vehicle have a sticker ( usually in glovebox) with a bunch of numbers n each number is for what assembly is in your vehicle (ex. Brake system, rear/axle, transmission) they are very important to have so I have a picture of this sticker in front of me too. They will tell you what numbers you are looking for could be several options n you find the one number that matches your vehicle.. They have even waited a few minutes past closing for me to arrive. I'm telling you the Customer Service is the Best, like it use to and Big Thank You to Marcus who helped me find the correct Transfer Case for my truck, he is the reason I'm doing a review cause his respect and hard work should not go unnoticed!!! Please give them a chance to verify what I'm saying, IF n big If you have a bad experience give them a 2nd Chance, we are all human and have bad days n off days and make mistakes... I have had a great experience Everytime in every way!!!!

Scott Brown

Carole Barr

Great service!!

carlos moreno


Plenty of car parts

Nick Mccauley

People are nice which is rare at a scrapyard and their prices are very fair

leo reza

Always find what i need. Cant complain.

Deryk Bergeron

Went there today and got the $60 wheelbarrow deal and I made out. Bench seat, door, 2 hitches, dash, mirrors and a bunch of small items.

Michael Rausch

Overpriced and not very helpful. Used to go to the u pull it yard, but it's all garbage. They have a price list but charge more for some items because it came from a European import. They have sold some shops that I know faulty replacement engines in which they need to do the job over again as a result. Needless to say I no longer do business with these folks.

Tyler Reed

Caught a flat and these guys hooked me up awesome service!

Chris H

Pull your own part is way cheaper than them pulling the part for what I needed for at least half of an online purchase.


Doubles the price of parts if you inconvenience them, terrible customer service

Justin Prince

Had a mixed experience with this company. Went to B&H for the first time and was told by the girl at the front desk that they had a car exact make and model as my car in the yard. Went back the very next day to go pull the part I needed, Searched the yard for almost an hour in the rain with my mechanic and Couldn't find the car. So we went to the front desk and asked the guy (I forget your name. Sorry!) where the car was in the yard, He was very helpful, he looked it up on the computer and proceeded to tell me they didn't have one in the yard. (The girl lied about the car being in the yard so she was giving me dirty looks the entire time the guy helped me.) The guy looked up the parts I needed and gave me a price range to expect and offered to order the parts for me. I have a rare car so I knew finding the parts wasn't going to be easy. However, I decided to not get the parts for my car from B and H due to the girls dishonesty and dirty looks. The guy was very nice, very helpful, and practically knew my rare car inside and out. If you have a common car, B and H's pulling prices are pretty reasonable. Just make sure you talk to the older guy at the front desk. He'll definitely help you find the part you need. Just don't ask the girl for anything or acknowledge her, She's dishonest.

felo Torres

A good place that you can pull and pick your own parts

Nelson Pineda

good junk

luis dionicio

Edwin Maisonet

Way to expensive then told engine would be ready next day then I call now it won't be ready till Monday. Then he wants to argue with me about when he told me the engine would be ready. The worst!! I wish Harry's u pull it moves in to town and leave this place bareboned

lawrence Lewis

Eugene Monk

Phil Ford

Good service n good parts

Kristen Fish

I've bought auto parts from them at good price's.. Never had a problem with them..

Heather Hardy

I was not happy upon arrival when they notified me that I had to pay $2 per person to be escorted back in the yard. Its not that I was unwilling to pay. I was annoyed because noone mentioned it was $2 per person when I called an hour earlier to see if they had a certain make/model and let them know I was on my way to check 'em out. I specifically drove out of my way to get there and expressed my aggravation as I had no cash and was not given prior notice. However, after voicing my frustration they did acknowledge my concern and allowed me to go back with the escort waiving the $2. In the end I was pleased with their end response and desire to 'salvage' the relationship. No pun intended. I was also impressed with the size of the yard and the operation itself.

Yard Dog

John Purnell

Fantastic Service and extremely knowledgeable.

Sly Callahan

Gotta love that wheelbarrow sale

Lewis Mullen

Worse people I’ve ever met.

Joe Foraker

Their service is very helpful


Wish i could leave a 0 star review. I go out here and purchase parts all the time and my experience over the last couple weeks has been god awful. Three weeks ago i purchased a A/c compressor for a 2004 Nissan Maxima and after going to install it, find out that the one they gave me was off older vw. I guess they where hoping i didn't make is back before there 7 day time period was up. I made it back the next day because i could not drive the vehicle untill it was fixed. I arrive and they went from having this compressor to not having one. Mind you a live an hour and fifteen minutes away. Then they send me down to the paradise yard to pick one up. Another 20 minutes the opposite direction from where i stay. Then paradise tells me they don't have one. I get in the car and on the phone to start calling around and the buy from behind the counter says they have one but i have to wait for the employees to get back from lunch even though they haven't even left before lunch yet. They are on other jobs. Three hours later the employees pick me up in the van and drive me back to the car and proceed to have me remove it because they had no clue how that compressor came ouy. Now a couple weeks later i needed a instrument cluster for a 2002 Toyota Camry. They guys at the parts counter tell me that the one in a 2005 will work which was suppose to be for a 2002 Toyota Camry. I purchased on the 17 and after calling around multiple dealerships and providing the part number. They tell me the cluster out of the 2005 will not work. As the employees at the parts counter told me it would. I called up and explained this to them and they said they couldn't help me. The 7 days where up. I would understand maybe if the part was something that could be swapped out or used and broken.

Dominique Carter

Went to purchase a alternator for my car and I guess because I am a female they tried to get over on me.... the pulley was broken and teeth were missing from the alternator.... when I pointed this out they said they would replace it but when they sent me to their other location to retrieve the new part, the gentleman became extremely rude and upset that the new alternator cost more than the original one I was being charged for..... he refused to give me a new one and asked me to leave his shop before he called the police on me..... never again will they ever get my service! Just because I’m a female doesn’t mean I don’t know about my cars and parts !!!! And on top of that I left a deposit for the part on Friday was told it would be ready before they closed Friday long story short I didn’t get that call til Monday morning for it to still be some bs when I got there! I spent over 2 hrs there and still didn’t get what I came for.....

Lil Mommy

It's unfortunate that they did not have zero stars available or that is what I would have given because this company does not even deserve one star. I will go to Paradise auto instead. I went in there to buy a tailight assembly for my car. I was first surprised to find out that they wanted the same price for the lights as advanced auto and napa had quoted me even though their parts are brand new and under warranty. Unfortunately no one in the area that I had called had them in stock and I didn't want to wait a week to have it shipped. So then, with this place being a junkyard, I was unsure if the lights for the price that they wanted would even work once I hooked them up. It only takes a moment to unhook the old light and plug the new one in so I asked the man behind the counter if I could buy the light and hook it up out front before I left to ensure that it worked and if it did not work would I be able to get my money returned. He looked at me like I was crazy or had three heads. He asked me if mine did not work (clearly if I am here buying a stock taillight assembly for my car, it is safe to assume mine are not working) and I told him they did not because the previous owner had superglued the light bulbs into the socket, but they were priced a little steep for used lights and I did not want to pay that much for them to not work and be left with no car to drive. He told me they do not give refunds at all so I told him I would shop elsewhere. I can have advanced auto order them and get them on the 14th with a warranty for the same price and much nicer people to deal with. If their parts do not work they will refund money as will many other businesses in town. Way to go on losing a sale. I'm glad I asked before I spent that money. Sad thing is I told the guy if I bought it and it worked I would come in and buy the other one as well, I just didn't want to lose my money. Looks like I made the right decision.

Freda Chambers

Great junkyard

Karen Fisher

never even used them, just customer service alone on the phone was poor. The men that they have help answer questions are very rude; cutting you off and hanging up the phone on you. I don't even wish to use them for service after this.

Edwin Martinez

aqui encuatras de todo tipo de respuesto

Arick Shannonhouse

Mark Thompson

Great place. Lots of cars and add cars everyday. Not a lot of cars 2005+ but good selection non the less.

Paul Rothera

Well need a car part so I called them. Very polite people. Very helpful. I see no problem with them. Will shop there again. Had no negitivity so 5 stars they get.

Otis Williams

Good place

Anna Scott

Popi Chulo

Pull your own part or have them pull it for you. Prices are fair. Hit or miss depends on what your looking for.

Ulises castro

The Most Expensive Junk Yard All Over MD, PA & DE Definitely Not Recommended It!!!

Cassidy Hubbard

Very helpful staff and has a large variety of vehicles to rummage through for parts! I found the jack handle I needed for only $5, None of the other salvage/junk yards in the area (in MD and DE) had the part I needed.

Joseph griffy

Bitter sweet. They low ball on the price of metal but they open 7days a week. Convenient but i lost out on $100

Que Perry

Perfect place if you have an American made car. I used to come here often in the past but now the cars are barely skeletons. They are all sitting in sand or on dirt so if you need any suspension parts then be prepared to deal with rust and less than good parts. There is no type of respect shown by patrons, parts are broken and strewn about when people get to them, so if you need something make sure you get there early in the week when new cars come in. Otherwise you'll be left picking through the scraps that someone broke off to get to what they wanted. Warranties used to be offered as standard but now you have to pay for any type of warranty separately. Interiors of most cars are torn or smell musty. I wouldn't use any interior parts in my car without a thorough cleaning first. Again, I used to love this place and it would be my go to for years. Now its the last on my list and I would happily drive out of my way to go elsewhere, or just order parts online.

jimmy focht

Great prices and parts.

John Schill

Worse salvage yard ever to deal with. When they sell you a bad motor it takes several months to get your money back. Then they proceed to tell you that the core you gave them is no longer around with it only being week later of informing them about the bad motor they sold.

James tate

Twice I was given the wrong part. I called for a rear gate window on a 2002 focus wagon and was given the window for a 2002 focus hatchback window. I informed them of there wrong doing and they said they would get the part. After two weeks of hearing nothing, I called and they told me the part was special ordered (which they did so really rude). Today I called and found out no one even ordered the part and they were doing nothing to get me the part. So they said they had one on the yard and would call me when it's done. I got the call late afternoon today and I went to pick it up, after picking it up I was unsure wether it was the right one but not nothing much I decided to come home and try it. After trying it And it didn't fit I realize they gave me the same window as they did before. I will be returning the window and getting my money back. I will not be returning after that.

Benjamin Figueroa

Best place to by parts

Peter Kozlowski

This yard really was terrible. I was looking for 2000-2006 Nissan Sentra parts. I called and they told me "they got a few." So I paid my two bucks and walked around for 40 minutes. Not one sentra period. The yard is not organized whatsoever. Most cars were dated from about 1992-1998. A lot of really old altimas, civics, and just junk. There was nothing less than 10 years old and that's being generous. It was really a bad setup, even for a junkyard. Waste of time.

Luke Mahan

google user

Great place a website would be a big game changer

Kelsur50 MSP

This was the first time we have ever visited being B&H as a scrap yard... The staff was nice and knowledgeable. The only problem we had was the amount of Mud it was horrible I thought we were going to get stuck... I know it's a scrap yard and supposed to be dirty but it was a little much. Put on a nicer day it would have been a great visit..... But overall... We will go back to the B&H and I would recommend it to others

Crew Nation Hater Holmes

This is a major junk yard part Dealer for every car including tyres.Their prices are wonderful.

Ali Green

Candi Travers

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!!!! Always have the parts i need

Jennifer Minker-Short

Making money scrapping copper and aluminum. Better prices than blue ball

Jason Blackburn

This place here could work on there pliotnesd and there prices are so high that you could just go but the part new,they could be less greedy

jonathan Frampton

Evelyn Nutt

Great place to get your car inspected and get on the road quickly

Rodrigo Basilio

for those who are looking for car parts of all types and models, This is the right pay $ 2 to look at the cars and when you are interested in some part, you even dismantle with your tools paid by the pieces that simple. I super recommend this place with multiple different car brands.

udunn0jb .

Great place to go for used parts. Bring your own tools cost is 3$ to wonder the yard. Prices are decent, just hard to find "good" used parts.

Trish Keyes

I want people to know b&h took my sons life !!!!! I believe what u do to others will come back to u twice as bad I hope the person that put that wire up that took my sons precious life will pay one day

Larry Morris/ Mole

The place to get ur parts for ur vehicle..pull the parts ur self or pay a little more n they'll get it for u

Will Walsh

Even if you're just browsing you'll find something

Lucio Ramirez

James Hollis

Chris Tomlinson

Salvage yard was great priced! Pick your own parts.i find this awesome. Gives experience and familiarity with the vehicle.a great time to show your children (not young children, there is an age limit) or friends some mechanic skills, give them a chance to turn some wrenches. Friendly staff/knowledgeable/ fair&understanding, straight up! They even rent tools of you find yourself in a pickle!

George Colbert

Good hours, treated decently.

Mike Palmer

Bilal Otis

Great place to get ur parts for ur ride

James Chapman

Fair prices and good parts

Jodie Johnson

Outstanding customer service. Always have the parts I need. If they don't have it the will order it. First and only place I get my parts from when in need.

Tank Auto

Great place to get parts

Johnny High

Matt Lamas

Nas A

Had a good experience in here. Will def come back again Thanks a lot

Soolfacts Wisdom

I felt a little lost but I eventually found a 2002 Mazda 626. I grabbed a driver's side mirror and a sand wedge that was left in the vehicle, went to the cashier and paid $25, they didn't even charge me for the wedge! I would recommend going on a warm dry day though. Thanks for the service!

Ronald Canfield

They let me get some wheels back that my neighbor had sold them for scrap. Some places would have told me to get lost! Thanks, B&H.

eric mendez

If they have it bet it's in good condition

EDD Skitz

Bilbo Baggins

A bunch of overpriced crooks! They also operate as a chop-shop! SO if you are looking for a stolen car it might be here!

Kristina Heitur

Very helpful and friendly staff.

Manuel Pérez Leindekar

Great u pull it junkyard, lots of variety and the prices are more than fair. One time they even didn't charge me because the piece I needed was so insignificant (little plastic trim part) that the guy told me "that's fine, you already paid the entrance ticket". In a time where businesses are all about making money and don't care much about the loyalty with that small gesture they won me as a customer.

Jonel Brown

U can find alot of parts there.

jarred bolt

Went here to sell scrap metal and everything went fine except for the fact that I had to sit there and wait for 20 minutes while the guys in the yard watched me while eating their lunches. Not one guy would take a minute to help me out. They don't list that they are closed for lunch time but you won't get any help if you show up during their lunch time

nicholas cerminara

Had a problem, had to return, gave refund

James Campbell

Matt O'grady

No hassles. I get in find what I'm looking for pay and go. Layout is nice. Sometimes have trouble jacking up vehicles, but nothing you wouldn't expect pulling your own parts. All in all never a bad experience. Sometimes I even go walk around the lot just to scout. Thanks guys for being there when I need you.

Barry Massey


Mark s

pat alt

Christopher McQuaid

I needed a transfer case for my 95 Cherokee. I was told I could remove one myself for 75 bucks with no warranty, or pay 300 for one of the shelf with a 90 day warranty. He even told me to call him when I installed it and warranty would start then. 4 years later (now 7/16) it still works. Thanks guys !

Nat Pabon

Always open. Only U pull it around...

Armeel T Carlos

Always get what I need the best salvage yard in the land, if you not a lazy mother !!!

Kevin Salvati

A Roberts

Kevin Musselman

Pushy sales reps. Hard to find what I could use

Nathaniel McKenrick

Horrible place to buy anything from. Went down to get a transmission and was told it was out of the car and ready for pickup. When I got there it wasn’t and had to wait for them to get it out. Then the manager comes out and tells me that it’s bad and he doesn’t wanna sell it to me so he’s gonna pull another one and have it for me tomorrow. Go back and get it no problem. Fast forward to now, I put the transmission in and it’s the wrong one and since we don’t have any paperwork for this one(only the first transmission I was supposed to get) they won’t do anything about it. Do not go here.

Danny ONeal

My sister had a bad experience where she used her credit card to purchase a bumper for her vehicle. We received a call from this company indicating the bumper was not in shape to sell and stated they would refund her card. Almost a month later, they have not credited her account for the purchase of the bumper in which she did not receive. I have spoken to the manager and accountant and both indicated they would take care of it and reimburse her credit card account. Neither one have returned phone calls to this date. She has now contacted her credit card company and they indicated they would reimburse her account for the cost of the bumper and would acquire the cost from this company. So customers, you have been advised! Be aware of this company when using your credit card over the phone.

Junior Abengowe


larry Dj L Boogie joynerJr.

It's my favorite place when I need stuff

Paula Ciena

They didn't have what we were looking for this time.

Marcelino Herrera

David Paul George Jr

Would have been nice if the cut off time for going into the yard was posted instead of me travelling a half hour to get here and find out I'm not able to go in the yard

Jason Biddle

Employees unfamiliar with what they actually have very disappointed in spending over an hour walking around looking for parts that they did not have that they told me they had on the phone.

Jay Vee

This yard is run by a bunch of CLOWNS! I called and asked if they had door panels for a specific make/model. The response on the phone was yes, we have 3 or 4 of those out there. I drove 30 miles (each way!), paid my $2.00 admission fee and was told to have fun. FIRST: The yard is completely disorganized! They have a chart for where each make is located in the yard but it is useless. All the car makes are shuffled together. SECOND: I have been going to u-pull-it type yards for the last 15 years so believe me when I say this yard is the most dangerous yard I have ever seen in my life. Cars jammed so tight together you have to climb over hoods, roofs, etc just to get through certain parts. Nothing put in rows like the other guys. Just cars thrown in all directions, jammed together. THIRD: They only had one car in the make/model I inquired about. Not 4, not 3, only one. When I went back to the office to ask where the other 2-3 cars were the guy said "I don't know, you'll have to look." Trust me, I looked...they are liars! I sure as hell would not have driven 60 miles round trip to take my chances on 1 car. 3 or 4 make the odds much better. FOURTH: The guy behind the counter was rude, arrogant, and a complete dirt bag. He looked just like Morton Downey, Jr. Caps on his teeth and all. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place or you will be sorry! The only reason I gave it one star is because there wasn't a lower option!

nauman uppal

very friendly and nice

Jill Wright

The staff is extremely nice and helpful and that alone makes me keep going back. I have heard through others that their prices seem a little high but for the parts I've needed so far, they have been lower so I can't complain.

joseph Word

Dont waste your time going here bad service dont own up to their Warranty parts junk never again will i ho there they rob me for 700 bucks

Jose Camacho

(Translated by Google) Good site (Original) Good sitio

eclass benz

Rasheed Wall

Love this place easy access and they have a wide veriety of cars and ok prices.

Derick Njeta

With the tools you can find something at B&h

Matthew Garvey

This place is a joke , over priced , rude people infarct they charge close to what a new part cost if not the same . Sadly they bought Mars old lot and it's not even a you pull it . The place sucks I want to see what I'm buying or pulling .

gene smith

Came from Bensalem pa which is over an 1hr20min away they said one price on the phone when I showed up tried to charge triple what was said

Brian Stanton

Nearest yard to my house. Sometime I find what I need sometimes not. They do have a large footprint and a ton inventory.

Alex Garcia

Sharkeisha Johnson

Burford Manning

The people were kind and helpful but all the Hondas were missing engines and pretty much fully gutted, they don't change their inventory often enough, probably will not be returning

Carl Quinet

Found what I was after. Thank You

Aaron Adams

Worst customer service ive ever experienced. I went in to get some parts for my car, needed them to pull a window for me and they told me it would be ready by 11am the next day. Called at 12:30pm still wasnt ready and was TOLD to call back at 1pm and the window WILL BE READY, waitied till 1:30pm called again just to get told its wasnt ready and they hung up on me. Then i call back to figure out what is going on and i keep getting put on hold, no one is trying to help me. Its just a window The guy said himself it would take him 10 minutes. To sum it all up, just a waste of my time still no window. They dont care about their customers.

Robert Greene

I can get parts dirt cheap. And the workers are a great bunch of guy's.

Jay Kuch

Decent prices paid for scrap, and they are open when other places are not. Friendly staff

Gerard Lewis

Great service. I found what I was looking for

Richar Estrada


william mcmichael

berna ayala

Esta bien ordenado las marcas de Los carros

Zurrok .

Elliott C

Their hours are posted that they are open til 5 pm, BUT they won't let you in after 4pm? And if you are in the yard they come tell you to leave when it's 4. The employee hours are to 5, not the customers.


Ryan K. Peters

Pick your part , you might have to work a little!

Stephen Bowman

Horrible experience. Absolutely no help on finding a part or if the vehicle was in the yard. Then got sent to another junkyard when they figured out they "had the piece somewhere else"

Ronnie Lynch

People are rude service sucks

wes baker

By far the most disorganized staff i have ever had to deal with. Steve was suppose to get me a part and kept saying the part was shipped out and wouldnt give me a tracking number. Come to find out 2 weeks later that the part has still not even been shipped. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THIS PLACE AGAIN !

joseluis valladares

Joe Stigars

Cheap car parts 4 any type car

Al Ross

Ron Price

B&H is one of the most overpriced salvage yards around and today I had another horrible experience. I decided to stop there for a couple used 17 " tires and found a set with great tread, they were carbon series tires and for the size I needed were 56.77$ brand new online a piece. The man behind the counter who was pacing back and forth drinking a Monster and slurring his speech said they wanted 60$ a piece after a Mexican fellow had already told me 50 a piece. I politely showed him on my phone where they were 56 a piece new. He couldn't care less, he all but ripped the tires from my hand and said something like maybe Santa Clauss will bring you new tires . I also noticed right before he ripped them out of my hand one had a hole in the sidewall. As I left I walked by and told him about the puncture and how it's dangerous and he shouldn't sell the tire. He said something like we will sell it anyway and get 60 a piece. I've never been so angry at a junkyard worker. There are many other junkyards around with polite staff and much better prices like Albrights and Banks that I will go to instead and I suggest to whomever reading this they do the same .

Delfino Gordillo-Cuba

This place is socks...horrible service

JAVI THE FLOW Jimenez Holguin

Excellent mucha variedad de autos y todos muy organizados

joshua mihalik

Awesome and organized

Carl Coleman

The Mexican at the parts counter told me it was to hot for his guys to take 2 struts off for a $100.00

Aaron Crossland

I was overcharged for a headlight switch. I was charged for something that is not even on their parts list. I've emailed them no response. I do like going here for used parts, please be aware of the price lists,"employees

Andrey Karpov

Very friendly staff, plenty of cars on the lot, good prices, and the "all you can carry" special is the "bom".

Phat Man

Had no problems!


Great customer service

Heather Tompkins

Josh Siekierda

Got everything you need

Rosalyn Rowe-Garnett

If you need any kind of parts go to B&H

Girl Talk Talk Back

Called ahead for a part, drove over 20 miles, waited for them to tell me they don’t have the part. No cares from customers service and completely rude. Liars!

Eladio DeShields

I've been going to this yard for the past 5-6 years. They are most of the time organized . have Great prices and a warranty on parts. Always new cars and trucks many and many of parts

Bill Rostek

Very cool place to pull your own parts. But usually very busy and loud.

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