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REVIEWS OF Denver Scrap Metal Recycling IN Colorado

Jeff the Shit show

I take all my shred scrap steel here and nowhere else. These guys have helped in my serious time of need without ever saying a word they acted and helped me like no one else has here in Colorado. You all can take a lesson on humanity from this establishment

Daniel Wilson

I tried to take in 1 catalytic converter at 6:45 pm and there was only 3 people in line with a couple items each. The guy taking the scrap said that he had already called last call and was not taking any more. Who stops taking customers 45 mins early? I have come here several times and almost always get great service. But today this was ridiculous.

Divine Renaissance

James Thomas

Prices Rhode island steel however the employees make it worth your while to come in with the pleasant attitudes are smiling faces and they're helpful hands especially if you're handicapped highly recommended # scrap steel

Dyllon Kahrs

They ripped us off .50 a lb

Charles Edwards

Bffl B&C

Ricardo Cavazos


Jerry Martinez

Ibn abdulazeem Shabazz


nice people all the way around. and it doesnt hurt that the girl working the office is gorgeous. way better than those clowns aT ARN

John Green

Yard could be bigger, but service was good and the people kind. Brought in 6500 lb of good steel and was pleased with everything. Bringing in another 7000 lb load tomorrow.

cee gee

Mr. Bowen

Made 85.00 for 20 minutes worth of work

Azucena Chávez

Today i went for the first time and wasn't sure on going there for some bad reviews that i readed before going, but i had a good experience the staff is nice and helpful they pay the copper #1 at 1.75 and #2 at 1.65 per pound.

G Kopp

This place ripped us off Thursday 1/10. Refused to pay us for 2000# of metal we unloaded off our truck while their idiot yard man watched. Got to scale and he called back to scale operator (Not our usual friendly lady) that we had inadvertatly threw in 2 partial tv screens weighing <20#. They wanted us to come back and pickup all 2000# of metal and go back thru again to repeat the the process . I plan on letting future scappers know there is more $ and friendlier people (NOT CROOKS pretending to be Jesus lovers) down the street by handing out my story next week on the public sidewalk.

E Baker

Competitive prices, friendly folk, open late, FREE CRACKERS! ! !

Brandon Salas

staff was pleasant, Unfortunately The Prices Were Less than Pleasant clean copper radiator 6lbs brought $ 4.20 #1 copper 2 Lbs Brought 3.50 ( luckily the guy at the scale rounded that up for me ) I had a pure aluminum Cast intake for my car I guess it was only 12 lbs which I have a jar time believing it was off a 94 Cadillac only 3.00 4 lbs cans .70 scrap iron 84 lbs 3.57 the money helped but the effort I put into cleaning the aluminum was a huge slap in the face for the payout needles to pay I will be going elsewhere next time with my precious metals I feel completely robbed in this time of desperation if only I would have waited and went to can land as originally planned I would easily have gotten TWICE as much as they gave me there payout was even worse than recycling connections and they always leave me with a bad taste in my mouth

Jim Brown

Jennifer Lee

I brought some scrap in to Metal Movers when I finished working on our new home. When I called a couple scrap metal yards I was given really low per lbs prices, but Metal Movers was really great. They beat everyone's offered rate and it was really easy to unload. I'll defiantly be telling my friends about Metal Movers. PS they have a huge selection of used parts and tires as well.

Tom Rust

Just got back from Denver Scrap Metal & Recycling. Fast and friendly service. Wish I hadn’t waited so long to get rid of scrap metal we had in our garage. Would definitely use them again.

Cristian Duenas

Very easy

Skip Jones

The best

Michele Vigil

Maxx M

Metal Movers is the place to go for used tires period!!!! Le and Matthew are awesome guys that actually care about their customers as opposed to other places! They have THE LARGEST selection of used tires of all size range in the Denver metro area hands down, even have rare tire sizes like my 245/16's which is a wide tire. Will continue to go to Metal Movers forever and would HIGHLY recommend anyone to them! They are Not salesmen, they are REAL people! If you are looking for good deals on used tires, don't go to the 'name brand' places where they push you into new tires and don't care about your situation, go to METAL MOVERS! These guys are legit, professional, caring, and down right Awesome!! -Justin M.

Ken Wilson

Worst prices for scrap metal in the city, by a large margin.. $0.45/lb on insulated copper wire when a yard a few blocks away was giving me over $1.50/lb when bringing in over a few hundred lbs. Especially frustrating when I was quoted $1.15/lb over the phone... Took an hour to get in and out when I'm usually in and out at other places in less than 30 mins. I will never go back. And absolutely, unequivocally do not recommend going here.

JP awn

Bed prices

Ernesto Castillo

(Translated by Google) They pay well cheap (Original) Pagan bien barato



Axis O'Depeople

Just a pit lots of meth heads

Linda Perkin

Very helpful staff and good price for what I brought. I was a little fearful of getting a nail, staple or screw in my tires as they were all over the driveway and parking area. I would go here again.

kevin babcock

This is a competitive place to take scrap metal .

ShoNuff Jenkins

Edward Young

Check your empty weight coming out after you ynload pretty sure uts padded they are total rip off

sleep Freiday

I've been hauling scrap metal for years and this has got to be my worst experience yet!!! First of all I had to stand in line for almost 45 minutes and when you get up there and they put your stuff on the scale you there is nothing that shows the customer the actual weight. My scales at home showed it to be 9lbs more than my ticket showed. Their website says they pay top dollar well that's a lie!!! They pay .34 cents a pound less than the place I usually go that was closed. So needless to say I won't go back there or send anyone I know there

Fernando Garcia

magdyel luna Terrazas

Larry Price

Don't go there, they will rip you off. I took some industrial scrap there that I always sell for between $450 and $600 and they only paid $68. Said they had lower rates because they were the only ones open 7 days a week. Would be zero stars but you can't review with zero stars.

Sean Cunningham

Not fair copper prices!

Leonires Candelaria

Great people

Cholley Danyel

manuela oronia

jeff ingram

Raul Medina

This place is a scam. There are better scrap yards with nicer people. For special metals, they won't show you the weight, so we just got jipped more than half of what it should have been. Final straw.

Maynette Tyssen

Have not even gone there yet and already disappointed in them. They did answer the phone very quickly and gave me an answer right away. But I was so disappointed. They advertise they pay top dollar... really top dollar? Top dollar to who?? Because I called and asked about the price for #1 Copper and was quoted $1.75 a pound. So I called Action and Can land and both quoted me $2.14. That is a big difference in price. So disappointed!!!

Gary Fuhrmann

Eli Brakken-velez

**Electricians*** Do not take your wire here! They will rob you and not pay you the fair price. They also refused to give me my wire back. This place is a joke! Take your wire to ATLAS METAL RECYCLING! THEY WILL GIVE YOU A FAIR PRICE!

Chris Kramer

Been coming here for about a year now and before I do I call around to check the scrap pricing to see if it’s worth the time and effort to make a trip into Denver. So far and without fail this place has always been 5-10 dollars more per ton than any other recycling place I’ve called. They get you in and out as fast as they can and the employees are great with the communication with each other when you need to get a car or something Heavy off your trailer. Staff and employees are friendly and treat you as a customer should be treated when you run a business.

Shawna McGregor

Marlin Horne

Good service, good people

Rex & Julie Moore

recycled my copper pipes here.

Orlinda Abeyta

Super great place, friendly people,great experience had to sell my car for cash

Damion harris

Love it here.

Thomas lol

Lauren Buchholz

nick roper

It's a scrap yard. You get money for essentially garbage. Be happy. Copper tops out around 2.50 to 2.80 depending on market value. You get a flat rate of 1.75. But then again when it was free to you to begin with then why complain when you expect someone to pay you more for it? If another place gives you more. Then ok. Go there. Does an extra 2 or 5 bucks matter with a 20-30 cents per lb difference when you only brought in a 20 lb bucket of ripped out motor coils. It's a business, people, not a charity. They take their cut for you to return your scrap back into manufacturing side of industry. Or else have fun smelting and forming metal ingots at home for your "top dollar" expectations and selling directly to manufacturers yourself. Come on now people. Use your brains.

Denver Colorado

Worst place ever. What recycling place makes you weigh your truck with aluminum cans. Then makes you drive around dump them by the green bin. Then weight your truck again. 6 to 7 large bags half cushed cans half non crushed cans net 60. $12.00 later I should have given them to the needy! not the scandalous..!! COMMODITY CANS . BUT THAT'S OKAY KARMA ON YOU FAKE WANT TO ACT LIKE YOU HELP PEOPLE!

Carlos Gandora

this place is a complete rip-off

kassie littlefish

Friendly staff. great prices. Awesome hours!

Garrett Pelton

Billy Nealon

Great place we love them

Ahmed Tejera

sammy Gonzales

Awesome people very friendly and fast!!!!

Luke Durkin

They are only really for large scale recycling. If you're just trying to recycle metal for for the sake of recycling it, this isn't really set up for you. The employees are all nice and helpful, glad to have you. They weigh your car on entrance an exit and it's in increments of 20lbs. (Except for the alum, brass, copper drop-off area) There is not much signage or instructions on what to include/exclude or where to go. I was told the minimum for aluminum cans was 2lbs.

Gerardo Orozco

Hey, do you guys get any anvils In? If you did, would you sell them back or just scrap them? Very interested in finding one. Thanx

Pauly LockBoxOne

Kelly Ramirez

We go here because they usually pay most. The friendly & helpful staff.. is a huge plus for business.

Ferric Fabrication LLC

Rip off. Close whenever they want sorry crew pathetic

Aaron Phillips

Lied about metal prices on phone 2 times.Told me when I called , and my wife when she called later that iron was $100 a ton:however when we got on the scale it was $70...These are Good Christians working for a " Good Christian" company I will not be back!!!!

Jason Barcus

james q

People are very nice. Time efficient to unload your scrap and pays very well.

Cynthia Galluzzi

Christopher Greer

Lowest buyer in the Denver area. I brought in nearly 400 pounds of copper wire. This place offers me 60 dollars. Rip off.... I've taken the same amount of wire elsewhere and received 362 dollars. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY !!!

Jeff Nixon

awesome people convenant

Sabrina Morgan

I like this one because of how late they are open and the price on there scrap metal r ok

Justin Brown

Worst scrap yard there is they will tell you one price and when you get your ticket it'll have a different price from what they told you.

Vitaliy Zinatov

Very rude personal

David McClane


Really nice people who work there. Never been to a scrap with pleasant people. Thank You!

John Wardle

Greg Norris

Helpful staff and always has high steel price

Scott Young

Great place.

Shannon Yarber

orroor4 .

George Medley

it was great they go the extra mile

George Gutierrez

Rose Tracy

rebecca dawn risley

Luv the business hours.

Nic Seybold

Worst prices around called another place after I took my copper brass and wire. As well as aluminum not just a little about 70 lbs aluminum and 30 lbs copper tubing #1 and 5 lbs bare bright. Anyway the other place would pay 100 more for what I brought in. Double the price. Don't take your metal here

Mark Carouthers

Mack Martinez

The pay cheap prices for metal's

Mike M.

First of all let me tell you it was my fault for taking my copper and brass there to recycle. I was in need of money and this was the only place open late on Saturday. I should have gone with my instinct and waited till Monday when I called and asked for pricing. Take your copper or brass to "Atlas". They are almost 1 dollar more per pound. By the way i should have left when the guy was weighing my copper cause i had over 100 pounds easily. Live and learn but i will never be taken by this place again. Take your copper anywhere else or call around to find out whos paying the best price. Go to Atlas!

Kenneth Abeyta

Nate Curp

Rodney Evans


Jay Schreiber

This place is great!

beme elatabani

Went through their line they checked the load we went back to dump and after we were almost done they told us they cannot accept the metal as it from the railroad. They made us go back and pick it up or they would call the police. They could have rejected the load before we dumped it but No that would be to easy. This place is a joke and I'm not laughing. If you want to get ripped off go to this place.

Robert Quintano

This place is not for the average person in the scrap metal industry its goin too slice your throat everytime and they think its ok too low ball u because they stay open late not too mention they act like u owe them because the religious quotes everywhere and think they have the right too act like there poop dont stink well it does it stinks worse then mine does . im not perfect but i work hard too keep my business open and running so if u need too unload a trailer truck or whatever on the weekend ok go and see them but there are places right around the corner that pay top dollar for ur scrap metal during the week so its worth keeping intel monday after this trip i dont think i will be back

Mason Yedo

Great place, everyone is nice and helping, no complaints.

Brandi Trujillo


Don't understand why they charge a $3.00 environmental fee? Check with other scrap yards. others paying 140.00 a ton. They only pay 110.00.

TheEndOfThought .

Yasie Jane

Justin Turner

This place is awesome. I have been coming here for years for all my metal recycling needs. Really great personnel/staff. I've dealt with Eva mostly and she is a a go getter and knows all about the business. Thanks Denver Scrap.

g heffington

Cassidy VanderMeulen

Helpful staff, fairly short line. Prices could be better but overall good experience

Joseph Utter

Just no

Jerrelle McWee

Good customer service. Prices are kind of on the low side

Joe McDowell

This facility is the best in the far as National....probably in the top 10...I would highly recommend this scrap yard to anyone who is looking for good quality could anyone not expect good service here? Shorty...your the best....your enthusiasm and your awesome personality is what keeps me coming your way.....that and so much guys keep the grounds clean and so far ive not gotten any flats from your yard...thats one good reason i dont go any place else....see you guys tomorrow and many more days to come.

Joseph Greco

Easiest scrappers I've ever dealt with! You ladys rock! Definitely stole me from atlas and actions. My go to for now on!! Thanks Everyone!

Boss Mechanical

David Bottelsen

Not always the best rates on copper but overall a good place. Generally timely service and friendly staff.

Shawn Watson

Has awesome snacks and intereing Pokemon that you don't want to catch.

Carlos Montellano

Nik Slater

Love their hours!!

Yvette Velazquez

Steven McGuigan

While a scrap yard isn't the most glamorous of places the sheer amount of glass, short rebar and various metal fragments that litter the facility's driving path is unacceptable as you are almost guaranteed a flat tire. The tipping point for me was the incompetent fork lift operoper who picked a load ( Jobsite storage box) with an oversized forklift flipping the box over the bed of the truck which caused it to fall back into the side of the bed scratching paint with a nasty dent. It would appear the majority of the staff just doesn't give a dam and they don't have bright operators there. Save yourself some time and money and head on down to the next yard, this place is a joke .

Donald Morris

Denver Scrap metal is convient fast and fair and has great hours of operation. I like that they're open 7days a week 4 stars.

Adam Aguilar

Great customer service!! With the best prices in town!!

Kenneth McIntire

Matt Hern

This is our favorite recycling center in Denver. This business is well organized and the staff is great and full of laughter and humor. The snacks they provide are an added bonus after a long day of scrapping. I look forward to my visits daily at Denver Scrap Metal Recycling. Thanks guys keep up the good work.

Toomeyson .

Seth Marsh

This place is a joke. We called at 5pm and they said they were open till 6:30 for ferrous metals. We got there at 530. The gates were open but they turned us away and wouldn’t take our scrap metal. They said they were closed and wouldn’t give us a reason why

D.David Winters

CROOKS They charge a $3 "environmental fee" but this is not posted anywhere. I complained but they did not care. The operators in the back squeeze vehicles in too tight and allow other vehicles to back in when you are trying to exit your vehicle-almost got me hit! They paid 35 cents per pound for cans when the national is 50 cents and other local yards are paying 45 cents. NEVER EVER GOING BACK

Harrison York

Great service, very friendly to me. Small yard and easy to drop and go. Simple weigh in/out system. Turned $1,500 worth of replaced car parts into $7 but thats better than nothing! Thanks will be back.

David Riemenschneider

Rhonda Candelaria

Long lines we left

Camden Munro

Kevin Martinez

Very disappointing in regards to the pay out prices. Atlas is 10x better

Austin Wagner

Great place, people are kind and generous Great atmosphere #1in my book Great

Mile High Removal

Great place to recycle steel, But I believe they should be paying more competitive prices on the precious metals considering the competition being only four blocks away and an additional competitor less than six minutes away. Metal movers helps the local population by giving back to the Community in the form of donations of food & clothing and other necessities as well as other materials donated abroad and maybe this is the reason for their lower payout in non ferrous metals, but all in all it has been very convenient as far as selling our ferrous metals, In addition the business location and business hours are also convenient being only minutes away from Interstate I25 and staying opened until 7:00 pm gives me more time to complete my pickup orders for the day. Keep up the good work!

Dylan Arden

Great staff members great pricing definitely recommend Denver scrap

Ned Schvaneveldt

Always very helpful. They even help me back in to the space. Thank you. Better rates than the other guys by Mile High

Mark Valdez

Billyray WebbII

They rip u off on the price i can get twice as much some where else as they pay they take advantage of u on sundays better off waiting till monday

Cliff Carrillo

Johnell Howard

Great place nice staff!!

Matthew Day

Dakota Dodge

lawrence schaub

Josh Sullivan

Erin Shields

GREAT,staff was wonderful

Fermin Lopez III

Brian and Jessica and shorty and all the staff here are amazing and always keep us updated. Auto Recycling Denver 2 LLC Clover Molina

amanda redman

Nice and easy. Lines go fast.

Kevin Huckabee

Donovan Knight

They feel like their hours justify givin people half what they would get anywhere else

Michael M

If you need to recycle any type of metal, this is the place to go. People are friendly and the price for scrap and aluminum is very competitive. I don't scrap for a living or anything but recently I have done so on the weekends - I won't bother going anywhere else. This place is top notch. Only slightly negative I can say is you have copper - go elsewhere if you ware looking for TOP dollar.

Jon V

All of the employees are courteous and helpful. They have the best hours in Colorado. They are open 7 days a week and late on week days. The cashier has one of the quickest checkout systems I have been to, I am always in and out within a few minutes.

Jack Winerock

Absolutetly in ten years in the business the worst scrap yard expireance in denver. They dont let you have an option to refuse even before ticket is cashed. They have a kid named josh right now who thought it would be cool to keep my containers. And did. The young dock workers are cocky and need to learn to grow up.

Hans Brock

Prices are very low call around the place is a rip off staff is rude

Rudy Cesena Jr

Well they made a bad situation more then right. Good people.

Robert Mendivil

This is the only scrap yard I found in Denver that's open on Sundays although I'm disappointed with the price they give for precious metals.

merkel jones

Bryce Parsons

Only gives you maximum of half value for your scrap. Copper prices are at $3.27 at the time of this review and they will only pay $1.85 maximum per pound. I understand you have an overhead, but come on, really? Edit: As of today, with copper prices fluctuating to less of a value than at the time of this post, their price still stands at 1.85 a pound. I dont see how people would practically give away stuff to them for free. They are making a killing off of everyone walking in those doors.

Kevin R

Quick, friendly, and helpful service. Not the best prices around, but open later than most.

Chad Watson

Gary Rucker

Bashkim Balaj

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