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REVIEWS OF Washington State University IN Washington

umesh jain

KN Yurk

completely different than all other college towns. Pullman is WSU, whereas seattle has UW in it. There are so many beautiful things to see here and the town is always bustling. Winters get cold so if you are visiting go another time.

jacob fridley

Klay Thompson went there too just so you know

Holland Winston

Triet Lam

Goodish university because my college friends are so happy of this place

Mike Gray

Sparty is coming to educate you. Put that on your hard drive.

john ging

Rude lady in the payroll office needs to learn to work a phone!!

Katie Kat

Money money money! That is all this school cares about! You're not a person unless you're rich! The people who work here are rude! And childish! Before I made the move up here I made sure the price of 5000 is right! Every person i talked to told me i only needed to pay 5000 to the school every year and I can pay it before May! Then a couple days after i settle in and im left on my own (an 18 year old freshman who just graduated) Im slapped with a 19,000 dollar bill! Then it went to 20,000 then 9,000 then 14,000 all within the span of a month! Make up youre mind WSU! Youre not a student here you're only a number! They'll treat you like a human being if youre rich and white. This place is all about money! No one offers real help either. Im 19 now and i have all these loans to pay. Oh and if you want to leave the school mid year (after 1st semester) there's another 1000 dollars just to end your contract! You have to pay 1000 out of pocket just to leave! This place is ridiculous. I would not recommend it.

Bryce Burchak

Go Cougs! WSU has provided me with a great education and life experiences both in and out of the classroom.

Leanne Looney

Matt Brown

The school isn't for everyone. Being well into my twenties, the town is an isolating place.. that is, unless you still think it's fun to talk about getting drunk using your 'cool guy' voice. Anywho, likely that's a matter of personal preference.. however, I can say more objectively that, if you are a transfer student (especially if you earned an Associates from Clark College) a lot of the classes you have to take will seem slow, impersonal, and redundant. Something else that bugged me was the convoluted and fragmented online learning infrastructure. Every website you use has about one or two uses.. ergo, you have to use a lot of sites on a day to day basis in order to access and turn in homework, check student email or notifications, plan your degree.. Angel (some homework), Turnitin, Tegrity, two math sites, a science site (God help you if you take a variety of classes) zzusis (student "portal"), Sona (for research requirements, .. there are more I had to access in order to take holds off of my registration that I cannot remember. Anywho, it seemed ironic that a school of higher education would be logistically more stupid, and technically more inept than anything I dealt with in the Marine Corps. HA! However, I can understand the allure for shiny new adults who are away from mom and dad for the first time.. anywhere is fun when it's your first adventure though. HA! (I am also confused as to why so many of my peers felt so proud to be "cougs.".. It's like being proud of a gym membership--you're paying for it. They literally need your money in order to function.. HA!) Obviously, not my cup of tea.. plus I spent four months in one class learning how racism is bad, republicans are bad, and so are large businesses..LOT'S of critical thinking going on in that class. HA! (COM 105)

the dragon slayer

My brother is going there for collage and he is so excited and when we drive him up there I get to see the campus and I'll have so much fun and my brother will to Washington university rule's.

Larry Grove

(Translated by Google) Love all our visits to WSU !!! (Original) Love all our visits to WSU!!!

Parker Delagardelle

They bought my data then stored it unencrypted and then it got stolen and they decide to send me a letter two months later like whoops lol. Why should my identity be stolen in the name of your useless university's useless pseudoscademic research? I call you and you don't tell me who sold it nor do you agree to destroy my data. You're only slightly better than Trump University

Brady Unfred

Huck the Fuskies!

gilly Treito

Best place to study

Ron Tess

Framcesca B


Pode Não ?

oh my god this university is really cool

Jesse cheney

rajesh salgotra

Jon Luxury

Racist professors align against students not of "color". Minus a zillion stars - please avoid WSU & spend money elsewhere - boycott Pullman, WA for that matter until the racists are fired - thanks!

Justin Glover

A beautiful campus in a beautiful town. If you want to be out on your own, with just your friends and you to occupy your time, WSU is where you should go. A lifetime of memories and nostalgia will follow you after your time here. Go Cougs!


I go to UW, CSE better you


Stored sensitive data on unencrypted hard drives that were stolen. They leaked ssn data for over a million people. Very incompetent

Jordan DeWitt

Bruce Hardy

An awesome experience.

Sheikh Nijam Ali

..great school with great location..!

Inspira Rowan

This place shouldn't exist. They hoard data of people who have never attended their university, or lived in the state, like me, I'm not sure I can point out Washington on a map. Then what do they do? Well besides meaningless research where they stalk you and make condescending academic declarations about your place in society, they leave your social security number up for grabs in a hard drive and it gets stolen! Cool! So now what? They wait two months and then say oops here's like a year of credit monitoring. You've got to be kidding me. Losers.

Stacey Haskell

A w wa

Jack von Eberstein

What a great place for a kid to go to college. They seem to have just about everything you could imagine. The setting is idyllic and the people are awesome.

don quackenbush

Great place for education

Narinder Singh

A very beautiful campus, nice and hilly landscape

Daimian De La Mora

best one

Jason McClendon

Some of the most memorable experiences in my life. In addition to a quality education, WSU provided many tools to ensure my professional success upon graduation. The WSU brand is well recognized and the reach of it's alumni network stretches far beyond the Pacific Northwest. I was recently promoted/relocated to Boston and recently made the decision to pursue my master's through the global campus. Go Cougs!

Toni Hayes

Great school, great profs, and great campus.. sooooooo happy to be a Coug :)

Brandon Williams

No question about it. Go cougs

Samantha Kaonis


Won't always accept credits on the DTA, even though its approved by both institutions. Watch your tuition & fees. They will add on additional fees to pay for things you don't even use. Poor management of funds would describe this school. Rather than update old classrooms, they will build and buy $30k sleeping pods or cultural buildings for millions. They overspent so much on their athletic program that their poor decisions are trickling over to the wallets of students and facility. Definitely look elsewhere if you're specific degree program isn't ranked among the best in the nation at this school.

Lucille Lopez


(Translated by Google) I love this university for #Hessa (Original) Amo esta universidad por #Hessa

Robert Rotich

Dear sir Kindly confirm to me if there was invitation on international students conference that is going on as from 7th august for 7 months i'll appreciate if i can get a direct mail so that i can forward you some mails that i received and the invitation letter for your perusal and clarification

Kiera McMenimen

John Esquivel

Ayshané Sivells-Taylor

Robert L. Crocker

Attended and graduated in 1970. This failed institution is just another example of the hate and intolerance of our nation's leftist narrative. Please avoid at all costs. Much better off home schooling your kids. They'll have a better chance of getting a real job.

Betty Merrival Blain

Great place to be employed, great staff etc.

Joshua Weller

Campus is well tended financially.

Cullen Wright

Please explain why your College Republicans president is marching should to shoulder with Nazis and the KKK? Stand up to this. WSU is no place for Nazis.

James Little

"Follow The Yellow Brick!Fresh! New Book! Author Jimi Little! A Story Of Business Success!Overcoming Obstacles In Black America Must Read!

Maricela Santos

Waiman Leung

Levi Wise

I like the community here and all the students are awesome! Professors are either awesome or suck! The administration is terrible with money and there are a lot of mandatory fees because of their debt. We got a new President last year so hopefully that changes!

Giovana Elpirio

This is the university of my dreams! worth missing four years for me to go there. I need to do some proof in the exchange companies to be able to study there? Brazil here The System is a little different than the United States. :)

Meghan Smith

I LOVE WSU. It's so beautiful!!! Oh my goodness. The professors are amazing, and incredibly understanding of people's personal lives and how the can clash with school work. Going to sporting events really makes you see how the students are more than just a student body, they're a community! The entire town is ever growing and expanding, and the potential for Pullman is limitless. Blindly choosing Wazzu was the best choice I ever made. Go Cougs!



Terry Thayer

Amar Patel

Great location and a safe campus. Love that it in Detroit as well

Will Getchius

Zachary Gilvey

Poorly run and poorly built. Small town but no parking. Yr - 2016


Great education and met friends for life worldwide.

Joshua S


Eric Ngai

Love this place! Highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a great education!!!

Hari Bakle

Marissa Mcminn

Preferred Services

Awesome awesomeness

Michael Yustino

James Cha

fre H

(Translated by Google) Hello Mike Price ex WSU Coach (Original) Hello Mike Price ex Coach WSU

stale cornchips

Good God, where do I even start. Trying to get into this school is a nightmare. Save your time and money and go somewhere else if you can.

Aurora Rezendes

They gathered personal info of about a million people, and recklessly stored it where I store my winter clothes. For research. Or something. Has anyone ever heard of research coming out of Washington State? I can't imagine this low tier school is doing any research that warrants them taking all those SSNs. By the way, no one gave them permission to take their info, how is that not stealing?

Kim Evan

Best University in WA.


Yes it costs money but all colleges do. The real difference is WSU is worth it!!!!!!!!! I spent my four years there and had the time of my life. The education was excellent for the most part and as usual there are some nutty professors. The friends and connections you make in Pullman will last you a lifetime. On campus housing great if you want the social life. If you want peace and quiet find find an old farm house outside of town, I had an old house with 40 acres back in the 90’s for $400 per month, god I miss that place. Go Cougs!!!!!!!

Xinyue Zhao

Worst advisor and professors

balwant insa

Dianna Islas

jojo jose

washington state university is very nice place

Alexander Cimino

Go cougs

Pedro Garcia-Jimenez

Jaz Dukatz

School doesn't care about anything but money. Try for 4 weeks to get a hold of someone in accounts receivable to get my charges on a payment plan, no one ever answers, left multiple voicemails never hear anything back. Im just trying to pay my bill and there is seemingly no way I can get in contact with anyone in the office. Tried to call main info line to try and see if I could actually get transferred to anyone in the department, woman on help line extremely rude and difficult, raised her voice at me twice over a minute long call. I don't live in Pullman anymore and there is no way I can "walk in" to the office. Employees are lazy, have no customer service skills, and have no idea what they're talking about. Throughout my time at this school there was a never ending stream of misinformation and neglect toward individual students. So called 'representatives' from the dean of students have repeatedly not answered emails when they say they will when you're face to face. Terrible experience with administration. Will not be attending any of their campuses again even though I live within miles of a satellite campus. I would rather go anywhere else than deal with Washington State University ever again.

Nathan Rasmussen

WSU is a good school. I enjoyed my time there. I never really got into the whole "GO COUGS" stuff, but the campus is nice and the science department is great.

Dr. Michelle Fox


Tony P

What a joke. This place has a football coach tweeting fake news. They call this a University? Comical if you hold a degree from here and are looking for employment

Amir Gilmore

Luke Pelant

Sebastian Ang

Go Cougs!

Pun Wun

Very bad experience in applying to the school. Applied and paid the application fee. When I called the Admissions Office and told them the system would not allow me to select Fall 2015, which was the semester I wanted to start there. They said the semester is now available but I would have to reapply and repay the application fee. I asked for a credit for the new application, but they said they farm out the admissions application system to a 3rd party and therefore have no access to the system! Instead of reapplying and paying the application fee again, I have dropped WSU from my college app list as I have already been accepted by two other schools of much higher ranks. Frankly, the experience says a lot about the school before I even have a chance for a visit! But NO THANKS!

Jaslyn Duffy

I love this place!

Helen Ell Tran

I came here for a school tour with my fellow high school classmates. It is a nice campus. However to get to the gym, it is a long walk up the hill.

Kaelei Johnson

I just started as a global campus student and I feel like I have hit the jackpot! Compared to the college I went to in Denver (Metropolitan State), the standards of WSU, the cost of the Global Campus, the curriculum of the Majors... I really could go on and on... are all above and beyond what I expected.

Jesus Christ

Thanks for the feedback

Eric Susanto

alwalid dulaih

Worst university worst community worst city

Phil Peterman

Got 3 undergraduate degrees from WSU and had a great time. Excellent university for so many things.

John G. Howard

Go cougs!

Demar Gio

Mick Gier

I've never dealt with this school, yet they collected and stored my personal information without encryption, and allowed for it to be stolen. So although I have never interacted with this university in any capacity, I am now at risk of identify theft due to their unacceptable collection and storage of my data, along with non existent security.

Isabel Sanchez

Jordan Ramadan

Washington State University is fantastic. Attending WSU and studying in The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication is the best decision I've ever made in my life. The campus is large enough to build a large network, while small enough to get personal attention from world class professors. "World class face to face".

Payton Bandle

karen hellenthal

Dan P.

My time at wsu over the last 12 years has beem nothing short of a waking nightmare. Constantly being told things that are not true from advisors and counselors. Make sure to get everything in writing, never get advice in person because it will be wrong and leave you with no proof. The school cares nothing for the students, we are simply a source of income for the bureaucracy. Do not go to wsu, go anywhere else, consider a trade school or community college instead.

vikramaditya jakkula

Its an ok school! Needs improvements!


Ida Mataafa

Jesse Miller

Literally did not have a good interaction with a single employee during my semester at WSU. No one cares about anything. Negligence and ignorance from the top down.

Samet Yilmaz

Jeremy Andrews

This town and this University helped to Kill UBER. I would not go here until they bring back UBER. Cabs are $4 a mile here and uber is about a dollar a mile. It means a lot when your kids weigh the cost of driving home or risking a DUI!

Andres Santes

(Translated by Google) he has security (Original) tiene seguridad


Vu Thach

Sarah Morfin

Oscar Simonson

go cougs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dalton Coy

Go Cougs!

Google User

The college said multiple times that the professors are hands on and one-on-one. What a joke!!.. The TA's do all the work and if you are in the math and science classes you might as well pay for on line courses because that is what the Pearson courses are. So take your money elsewhere that truly offers one-on-one with professors to get your moneys worth.

Mandy Tomlinson

It doesn't have details

Adrian A

Great community, a fun place to study and friendly people! GO COUGS!

Jian Shi

(Translated by Google) Ha ha (Original) 呵呵


They stored 1 million SSNs inside of a storage locker... the level of incompetence at this school is unfathomable.

Sear ch

Best experience ever! Go Cougs!

Julia Mcgarry

Jonathan Li

Go cougs!

Peet Phongsuwan

Go Cougs!

Frances Thompson

Juan Zepeda


Arrin Bevers

As a former University of Washington student, let me emphasize that Washington State University stands for their values as they claim them to be, unlike other institutions who do so only to claim tuition money from students. Where UW failed, WSU succeeded - caring for student health and success over anything else.


(Translated by Google) I recommend (Original) polecam

Zach S

Philip De veyra

The Lord999

Outstanding school! Especially the Carson College of Business

Jan Lauterbach

Love Pullman. Great fans. Great school and forever in my heart. GO COUGS!

Hannah Schweiter

Alaka Chandak

My son academically enjoyed a lot at WSU Pullman. Good experience in toto as he found ample opportunities and excellent Academic career path as Engineering in Mechanical , Computer Science and Maths.

John Kim

Study and gym

Edvin Solis

Nicole Ugalde Bedolla

Nguyen Van Toan

a really good place to be

Stephen Veith

I had a wonderful experience in Pullman, and if you go here for undergraduate school, you can expect it to change your life. You really are isolated with only your fellow 30,000 students and the rolling fields of the Palouse. I wouldn't trade my experience for anything, but keep in mind that WSU is not for everybody. If you really need that bustle of the city or are not interested in making new friends, it can be rough. Even if you're not into the party scene, there's excellent opportunities for student recreation and outdoor activities in the area, camping under the stars to kayaking or rafting through Hell's Canyon. Pullman itself is one of the last true college towns in America, and those students looking to get a quality education at a (comparatively) affordable level should look to WSU - you also get the benefit of joining a lifelong community of friends and family.

Ekuna Timothy

Good and interesting university after visiting through their website


Quite simply, the most formative years of my life were at WSU, and they were amazing. I hope to send my kids here as well, as the distance from home(Seattle area) allows you a sense of freedom from your parents never experienced at 17 or 18, and forces you to grow up. Granted it was 20 years ago when I was there, but the memories, education, and friends I gained have and will last a lifetime. I cannot think of a better place to go to college. Go Cougs!!

Khaled Alshehry


صالح العتيبي

Rick Holcombe

Yeah walking at you then away from you

Garcia Lopez

(Translated by Google) Why my dad worked there many years trampling apples since 1990ect (Original) Por que alli travajo mi papa muchos anos piscando manzanas desde 1990ect

Thomas Bayes


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