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REVIEWS OF Henry M. Jackson High School IN Washington

syafeee udin


Amaiya Livingston

Nathaniel Pena

Jay Bjorn

Old but new

Archana Parikh


Mr. Lessard saved me from suicide.

Derick Dewitt

Spells my name wrong, just like the fake troll did.

Marcus Amal

I like this school

William Mills

Nathan Holtzclaw

So using the school's WiFi I can go on YouTube and look up videos of a guy laughing at a dead body, or of the most popular person on the site accidentally shout a racial slur, but I can't play no damn Roblox.

Christian Jones

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junglejim 4322

Henry Martin "Scoop" Jackson (May 31, 1912 – September 1, 1983) was a U.S. Congressman (1941–1953) and Senator (from 1953 until his death) from the state of Washington. Jackson was twice a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, in 1972 and 1976. A Cold War liberal and anti-Communist Democrat, Jackson supported higher military spending and a hard line against the Soviet Union, while also supporting social welfare programs, civil rights, and labor unions.[1] His political beliefs were characterized by support of civil rights, human rights, and safeguarding the environment, but with an equally strong commitment to oppose totalitarianism in general, and communism in particular.[2] The political philosophies and positions of Scoop Jackson have been cited as an influence on a number of key figures associated with neoconservatism, including Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, both of whom previously served as aides to the Senator.[3] The Henry Jackson Society is named in his honor. Henry Martin Jackson was born in the home of his parents, Marine (Anderson) and Peter Jackson, in Everett, Washington. Both parents were immigrants from Norway. Peter Jackson was born Peter Gresseth, and changed his name when he immigrated. He met Marine at the Lutheran church in Everett, where they were married in 1897. Henry was the fifth and youngest of the Jackson children. Jackson was nicknamed "Scoop" by his sister in his childhood, after a comic strip character that he is said to have resembled. Personal life and early career[edit] Henry Jackson went on to graduate with a bachelor's degree from Stanford University and a law degree from the University of Washington, where he joined the Delta Chi fraternity. In 1935 (the year of his law school graduation) he was admitted to the bar and began to practice law in Everett. He found immediate success, and won election to become the prosecuting attorney for Snohomish County from 1938 to 1940, where he made a name for himself prosecuting bootleggers and gamblers. In 1961, Jackson, called by Time the Senate's "most eligible bachelor,"[4] married Helen Hardin, a 28-year-old Senate receptionist, but Jackson didn't move out of his childhood home where he lived with his unmarried sisters for several years. The Jacksons had two children, Anna Marie Laurence and Peter Jackson; Peter was most recently a speechwriter for Governor Christine Gregoire. Legislative career[edit] Jackson successfully ran for Congress as a Democrat in 1940 and took his seat in the House of Representatives with the 77th Congress on January 3, 1941. From that date forward, Jackson did not lose a congressional election. Jackson joined the Army when the United States entered World War II, but left when Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered all Congressmen to return home or resign their seats. As a representative, he visited the Buchenwald concentration camp a few days after its liberation in 1945. He attended the International Maritime Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1945 with the American delegation, and was elected president of the same conference in 1946, when it was held in Seattle, Washington. From 1945 to 1947 Jackson was also the chairman of the Committee on Indian Affairs. In the 1952 election, Jackson relinquished his seat in the House for a run for one of Washington's Senate seats. Jackson won that election, soundly defeating Republican Senator Harry P. Cain, and remained a Senator for over thirty years. Jackson died in office in 1983 after winning re-election for the fifth time in 1982.

Death Death

school starts way too early. how do teacher expect me to pay attention in class when i have to get out of bed at 5 in the morning to catch the bus. im too tired to do anything most of the time anyways and school just gets in the way. it's not fun, it's not anything i want to learn, and it's overall just a building of annoying people that i dont want to deal with but have to. some of the teachers are also very rude. i had a teacher where i had to change a girl's body shape in photoshop but im not going to do that it's straight up body shaming. i hate this school and i cant wait to do running start next year :) still better than middle school tho

Jack bean

They don't let you blow clouds in the bathroom #theydontwantustoJUL

Jonathan Latimer

its not lynnwood

Alyssa !

Patrick Townsend

Spittoon Gaming

its lit

Zelda Hyrule

From other past experiences, this school is filled with bad behavior. The kids complain like this is hell on earth. The teachers are good however.

Anton Soderqvist

Nathan Delaplace

Carter Foley

Cool Guy

Amy Walloch

Great faculty and great kids in a good neighborhood.

Namdoog Reywas

Finding this place... Well, it changed my life. Growing up, I didn't have a lot of friends. The kids at Heatherwood middle school would always make fun of my goblin-esque features. I couldn't go anywhere without somebody shouting "hey goblin" or "hey goblin freak". To put it bluntly, I hated my childhood. The first day of highschool was the first day I felt accepted. I walked, slowly, into the massive corridor, smells enveloping me, sounds surrounding me, for a second, I was alone. This quickly changed, a girl, short, stinky, longer fingernail (my type) came over to me, greeting me with a gummy smile. I was at home, the people all looked like me; short, stocky, hairy, bool, fundementally the same. I had never felt so at home. That same beautiful girl, is now my wife. I owe everything to this school. Food sucked though 3 stars.

elizabeth noki

mr.hall is a thumb


Where clods go to get dumber

Kendra Bjorn

Cosette Bilski

I also go here.

Zane Mericle

i wanna go to this school

Aman Kaur

Laura -aka-

My honest experience with her was rather... Traumatizing. She was always sarcastic and manipulative with every male student in her class. She would basically make me fail, no matter how many efforts I put in. The way she teaches is really poor, Rarely textbooks were used. Frank will say your child is passing her class, but she just said it to make fun of you, when really you're failing. She's Toxic, Not a good leader in class and a disrespectful adult. Kind regards, Past Student

dies in one hit

I've never been to this place O_O

Jerry Berg

Mr. Crosby only redeeming quality.

Sean Douangaphaivong

Nikki Caffrey

Randall Huff

Why is everyone on xanax?

eric walsh

really good athletics, food is pretty good actually. some teachers are mean but luckily most are the sweetest people in the world. People understand you, you can have your night made. bringing heatherwood kids and gateway kids, help you make friends so much easier. i never felt so happy :)

Matt Maynard

Dartagnan Phan

I go here

RomanThe Great

Asked them to print my transcript and it took them and hour and a half. I think they need a new printer

Derick DeWitt

What's up with all the trolls masquerading as me? They didn't even get the capital letter in my last name right.

Dhruvik Parikh


Skylar Back

Sometimes ceiling panels fall on kids, but it's fine. Smells bad.

Parker Betz

Weed is my lord

James A

The real truth of ASB is no one cares and Stephan's post is false and uneducated . I'm sorry it's the truth. Stephen please don't make it about you on google reviews. Thanks

Ravi Sharma



Lad Ladson

(Translated by Google) Eh ... (Original) Eh...

TulaAndAbie Yass

Alex Bayer

Sam Jenkins

The only place where I'm not allowed to offend liberals but they can offend me. When will everyone understand there are only 3 genders.... male, female, and attack helicopter. Everyone here needs to find Jesus.

Angelic Daemon

Worst Cheesecake Factory I have been to.

Andrew Willeford

Ethan Lee

A great place of learning, rather it's the people within the school that make it such a bother. Bullying is low, but it is the over all attitude of the school as a whole that makes Jackson only okay.

Nasty Nate

poo poo

A Google User

Here's my sickening truth about Jackson ASB. It's a popularity contest. Yes, it is really a popularity contest. No matter how hard you try, if you're not popular enough, you ain't stepping one foot in the AC every morning till 1st period. I learned it the hard way when I lost my election for Sophomore Class VP. If you ever consider running for an ASB position, take a look at your popularity status and see if all your classmates recognize you. Yeah, getting the crowd going on speech isn't getting anyone anywhere. It's quite unfair, but it's the ugly truth. Just go for something else if you're just like me, please.



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