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REVIEWS OF French Immersion School of Washington (FISW) IN Washington

olivier Leeman

Our kids have been at FISW since they are 3y/o ("petit" pre school) and are now in kinder and 2nd grades. We love the school and the community. The classes are small so the teachers have a lot of time to spend with each student. Their french is as good as their english. The school is following both french education program and american. (sorry for my bad english it is not my native language) :)

Nora Richardson

The french summer camp was very disappointing. Glorified daycare. Least creative camp I've ever sent my daughter to. Staff not welcoming, very little info on what goes on or what is planned. Screen time everyday during camp, and not necessarily in French. Will not renew this experience.

Bryon Sutherland

Kjersten Franklin

We started our son in the preschool this year and could not be more happy. All the staff are wonderful and welcoming. The new head of school is amazing and goes above and beyond to make sure the students are first. We are not a french speaking family but love the benefits of a bilingual education for our children and we are welcomed with open arms. We will send our next child here next year and plan to stay through 5th grade.

Keely Cofrin Allen

FISW is an incredible school! It offers an amazing bi-lingual education in a wonderful, supportive, and stimulating environment. All of the classes are taught by native French speakers and the school curriculum uses the best of French and American teaching. Not only is my child learning another language, but she has also experienced art at SAM, a science fair, the school musical (she loves singing songs in French), and various field trips. The small class sizes mean a lot of personal attention. There are also a lot of opportunities for parent involvement in the school. I cannot recommend FISW highly enough.

Samuel Richardson

My 7 years old daughter did a summer camp there, it was quite disappointing. They did not speak French all the time, watched movies in English, activities seemed ok but it was more like a day care rather than a great camp. I won't send her again to that camp.

Tessa Robbins

Great learning environment provided by caring teachers. My little girl loves it here.

Kendall A

Our daughter has had a great experience with the school, the teachers and the community. She is in third grade now and has been attending since preschool. She is fluent in French and does very well academically in both languages. We only speak English at home, so I am able to see that she is reading well about grade level in English and she loves to read for pleasure in both languages. Our experience has been that when our daughter had a difficult time early on, the school worked with us to find the best solution for her and her happiness. Now, a few years later she is flourishing, happy and loves school. We also have very positive experiences with the parent community. They are very involved and there are many opportunities to socialize and get to know families from all over the world.

Erick Lerma

We've been parents for five years now and love the community and staff. As a non French speaking family, we are very proud that our kids are trilingual (French and English from school, and Spanish at home), and that the curriculum is in sync with state standards.

Jennefer Boyer

Sending my kids to FISW is one of the best choices I have ever made for them. I have four children, all very different from each other in their learning styles and personalities, and each of them has excelled in both languages and they all absolutely love going to school each day. Every decision the school makes is about what is best for the children. The majority of my kids have class sizes of 13-14 kids in each class annually. The French teachers are hired from France and we have never had a teacher that is anything less than amazing and devoted. The teachers LOVE their jobs and the kids in their classes, which makes the learning environment positive. From age 2 1/2, it is absolutely a great learning environment. Kids are taught things like independence and respect and accountability from the very beginning. By being accredited by the French government, WA state, Independent Schools, etc. their academic curriculum is well beyond anything I have ever seen, and yet... the kids love to learn because the school is focused on that love for learning. Two of my children are adopted from another country and struggled with fitting in at their first exposure to school in their first country, but here they are excelling academically and socially in a diverse environment. They now fit in and feel accepted by all. And even though one child who missed years of early education had a lot of catching up to do, the teachers worked with him one-on-one, so that he has caught up to his grade level in two languages in less than two years. All of my kids literally beg me to stay for the after-school program activities. What kids ask for more school after being at school all day?? Only at FISW.... After 6 years at the school, I realize there is only one problem: It makes me jealous that my young kids are already fluent (with no accent) in a language that took me decades to learn and I now I have to ask them for help! :)

Mercy Perez

Our two children have attended FISW since preschool and have both become fluent in French, even mistaken for being native French speakers on our travels to France. In addition to being a fun and caring environment, the French curriculum challenges them to be confident and curious learners. We feel fortunate to have found the French Immersion School of WA when we started looking at preschool options.

Johanna Molano

Jessica Burgamy

Update in Jan 2018 - We are still at the school. My kids still love it for all the reasons I wrote below. Go FISW! I wrote this 3 years ago... Both of my daughters attend FISW. My oldest is in her third year at the school and it has been an absolutely amazing experience for us. It is important to us that our children speak another language. The teachers are highly skilled at language development and even though we don’t speak French at home, our oldest daughter’s French is fluent, which is a source of pride for her. (Our youngest started the preschool this September, so it’s been less than 2 months for her.) In addition we want our children to relate to people of different back grounds. Since FISW is attended by children from a variety of countries it exposes them to all sorts of cultures. FISW is well run. They have been around for 15 years and it operates like a well-oiled machine. The school is accredited by both the French system as well as our State run educational system. Each class takes a few field trips a year. They have many after school extra-curricular activities, such as piano, chess, fencing and after school homework. The teachers are always accessible in the morning and after school to touch base on what the kids are learning and how the class is going in general. My daughters have thrived at FISW. We are lucky to have found the school. I highly recommend it.

Ida T

This is by far the worst private school I have ever seen. After one too many run-ins with the head of school and being advised by her own staff (teachers and TAs) as well as former parents to take my child elsewhere, I removed my kindergartner from this toxic environment. My child was ridiculed, berated, and humiliated in the presence of her peers and staff members. Geez V! Angry much? This kid is only 5 years old! She is a great child who received nothing but praise from all of her previous teachers. She is a joy to have around. Instead of acting as the leader she prides herself on being, she alienated my daughter and tore her down with negative comments. She went as far as insulting my own nationality; and when I engaged the school board I soon came to find out that the board itself is a “puppets show” run, directed by, and starring the head of school. Absolutely ridiculous! They were more interested in getting me to tell them the name of the staff member(s) that told me about the prejudice statement made by the head of school than resolving the issue, or at the very least issuing an apology. It seemed like their main goal was to get the name of the whistleblower(s) and fire them. Of course, they got nothing out of me. Just outrageous! The other issues I have with this school include bad hygiene and high teacher and TA turnover. With a “head of school” like this, I understand the high turnover rate but it’s really not that hard to have good hygiene. When you go to pick up your child from garderie, you might just trip and fall because backpacks and coats are all over the floor and you have to tiptoe around them to enter the room or find your child’s belongings. No wonder the frequent lice outbreaks at this school!

Jana Riggan

My child will be attending Kindergarten at FISW for the 2014-2015 school year, and was in the Pre-K class last year. Not only is he learning to speak French and become bilingual (we only speak English at home) but he is now very interested in spelling, writing, word recognition and numbers. He always enjoyed books, but he became very interested in how things were spelled, how to say things in French vs. English and counting and basic addition/subtraction. I am amazed at all the things he learned! The classrooms are bright and the teachers are very engaged. The whole environment feels like a very caring community. We are thrilled he will be attending kindergarten this year and expect that he will become even more excited about learning.

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