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REVIEWS OF Southern Utah University IN Utah

Riah Loveless

If you want a great college experience, this is the place. There are so many hands on and internship opportunities, that you should be ready for a job in your field of study when you graduate. The class sizes are all small, so all of your teachers actually know your name. It may be in a small town, but the experience you will have here is worth it.

Ranger Iradukunda

welcoming and very pretty

Maximal Ideal

Cool place in a nice town.

Jack Spainhower

Of the seven universities or colleges I attended, Southern Utah University was, by far, the ideal school for quality of education at an affordable price.

Hayden Barr

Akash Magar

Joshua Huish

Cache Staheli

SUU is one of the best campuses in Utah. My wife went to college here, and we often come here for events that are held at SUU. One of my favorite events is the Utah Shakespeare Festival. We come down every year to see plays, and for a High School my wife is affiliated with to compete in the Shakespeare competition that is hosted by SUU. The campus is beautiful, and it has a wonderful environment. Love the landscape, love the buildings. Nice small campus.

Jayden Paxton

Logan Ostrom

I've loved my experience at SUU. Sure I've had some professors I didn't enjoy (not surprisingly some of them are gone now), but mostly I have loved the passion and dedication most of the professors at SUU have for their field of study. It has helped prepare me for medical school, and I will even be graduating a semester early with a bachelor's degree in Biology.

Nick Soto

Nice college


I Think SUU Has A Beautiful Campus And Has Great Classes For Everyone To Take Not To Mention That My Best Friend Connor J McIntyre Goes To College There And He Loves It So I Give It A 5 Star

Josh Campbell

Rama Bhakta Hemphill

The campus is pristine and the professors care. It isn't an ivy league school yet I have received an excellent education here.

Jacob Kjeldahl Jensen

Aspen Boren

LOVE SUU!!! Everything about it is amazing!

Alisa Graham

Terrible town, expensive tuition. Financial aid did 0 help with getting financial award. Now I have to pay a ton every year and work two jobs. Most of my teachers were lazy, only a few were excellent. Oh, and btw, if you're not mormon and enjoy living normal outdoor life, do yourself a favor and don't consider coming here.

Jeremy Pierce

SUU brags that it is a great buy, and it is definitely inexpensive. My last semester of 15 classes cost about $3,000 not counting books or anything else. I learned quite a lot from my professors, and I enjoyed every single semester with them.

Mad Ma

(Translated by Google) It would be necessary to ask my son, who had an engineering master's degree ... but I imagine that it must be a good university if I judge the good performances of my son. For foreigners who want and want a good cheap university in the USA and in a beautiful setting that is the grand canyon, do not hesitate

Stacey Jordan

Seriously overpriced, especially for non-resident transfer students. Financial aid couldn't even cover it all. They boast that this is a "small town school with a big school feel" (or something like that), but they don't realize that a larger campus with an ever-growing student body does not sit well in a town that refuses to expand. This, coupled with high tuition, makes it impossible to pay for an education because of limited job availability in a small town. Indeed, it was my fault for even considering this school, which I should have researched more. The two stars is because they had decent art facilities.

Trevor McGlochlin

Loved my experience here. Faculty was very passionate about their subjects and very interested in helping students succeed. One of the few colleges in the nation that gives you high quality education for a good price. My major was psychology. I earned a BA.

Adam Hendrickson

Great college with incredibly small class sizes.

Marissa Jenell

I love this school! As a music major, I love that all my teachers know me and want me to succeed. Can't imagine going anywhere else!

Sean Mangelson

Beautiful campus

Casey Roper

Brandon Mark Stout

I live this campus, and their Shakespearian festival is world class.

Chelsea Buck

Nicholotte Eisinger

Visited the science department of SUU to have some water samples tested. The young man working Tom was so helpful and provided me all the information and supplies need for my future water testing. Tom is moving on to a graduated program at the end of the week. I'm grateful for the opportunity to met Tom and wish him the best.

Stefan Bernal

My review is based off being a weekend visitor. I am not a SUU student... However, I wish I was based off my experience. The SUU Campus was extremely clean. I am a stickler for clean facilities and good outdoor presentations and this campus is doing a great job. I visited the student center and it was in very good condition. Everything seemed very safe too. I enjoyed my visit so much I bought an SUU hoodie - Unofficial Thunderbird now. Hehehe

Kerrigan Cooper

I was going to be a transfer student from Dixie State, I was looking for a more reputable school but have decided to stay with Dixie as I have no help from SUU, at all. I would not recommend this school to anyone. 1.It's been a nightmare trying to work with the councilors to get register for classes, they are unresponsive. 2. The financial aid office is also unresponsive to emails and do not answer their phone. 3. I have not been able to find a straight answer from talking to the cashiers office about how much tuition I owe. I have emailed and called only to get a link to a web page that does not state my degree for tuition. This is truly the Century-Link of Universities.

Mindy Dewaal

Jacob Delagarza

I've had a great experience at college here! Yes it's small but everyone is friendly

Raging River

I really like the campus, lots of grass and great places to sit back or play games with your friends. On the other hand, it seems to be a bit too politically slanted. Only if there was a college that didn't input politics into their system

Roche Grauwde

Anonymous a

Pretty piss poor school. Although redoing some of the building most everything is very dated and it shows. They don't do much to help students, you're pretty much on your own. The online classes are a joke, they riddled with problems and it takes weeks for them to be resolved. Wouldn't recommend going here to anyone.

Paulo Valerio

Rodrigo RG

I love this place and its Shakespeare festival

Jenni Horner

Southern Utah University is alright. I enjoyed my time in class and had excellent professors. The president of the school was also outstanding and was a good support while I have attended here. The repository is super cool as well as the other facilities. The school sponsors some pretty neat guest speakers and artists. They also have a wonderfully cheap study abroad program which has been amazing for me and my husband. Other opportunities have been readily accessible like internships, volunteer opportunities, research opportunities and it isn’t hard to get into good programs. The professors care and want you to succeed which is amazing. All of my professors know me by name and are constantly helping me prepare for grad school. The campus is beautiful and tuition is inexpensive however there were a few things I didn’t love. Student services were awful, I usually had to go to several offices before I could get anything done. The library hours were a little pathetic on the weekends, as well as the testing center especially for someone who doesn’t have access to a computer or WiFi at home.The culture on campus wasn’t my favorite, I hated going to school some days because my beliefs were disrespected quite often. I’ve had people ask if the reason why Mormons are so depressed was because we can’t face the fact that God isn’t real, And I’ve listened to several rants about how blind and passive Mormons are, just to name a few examples. It’s a great school with awesome opportunities! Just be prepared to face a few challenges if you believe in God or have a different political view than others. Other than that I would highly recommend suu, it has been a fun few years and it is a great location for the outdoors.

Cale' DeLaura

Hands down the most unorganized and unprofessional school I've ever encountered! Heaven forbid you bring anything to their attention cause they will deny all responsibility for their mistakes. They are notorious for being focused on being paid and not rectifying issues with being able to register for classes. Be prepared for zero support from the registrar or cashier's office as they are completely incompetent and have no sense of the fact that you are their customer. In fact if you get slightly annoyed of their incompetence a manager may ever HANG UP ON YOU! This school is a joke, the prices go up and the quality goes down. Have fun trying to get an education surrounded by uneducated administration.

Jeff Wilson

Ruthie R

Michael Pannell

Totally unprofessional, unorganized, and not interested at all in their work. I took a summer course at this University and it was an absolutely horrible experience. The staff, for the most part, I believe are students. The problems start immediately during enrollment. Staff would never return my phone calls, despite them telling me they would. Everyday for a week I was on the phone with these people. My professor I was unable to get in contact with after more then 5 phone calls. Her assistant refused to answer my questions, forwarded them on to the professor. These people could care less about education.

Sy Winkelman

dick wolff

Grading is hard. If you want a high GPA or plan on continuing to grad school to gain a PhD, this is NOT the school for you. Even if you are regularly a 4.0 student, you'll be fortunate to pass with a C average if you go to SUU. If a bachelor's degree takes 4 years, plan on 6 years to graduate SUU. Some classes are only offered once in the Fall or once in the Spring. Class size is limited. It will take forever to get into your graduate classes. Some of the professors at SUU are not student friendly. The professors are encouraged to "power trip" and they are ALWAYS right because they have the PhD. Complain to the department head or dean, no one cares. If you are a student, you are no one. The professor has tenure and is protected. The cost is increasing. The fact that SUU was awarded Princeton's "Best Value College of 2012" is a farce. SUU is becoming more and more expensive. The demands on the students for extra-curricular activities (travel abroad, volunteer for extensive projects) is expensive and not necessary. SUU will hold graduation over your head in order to get students to perform extra activities. This is a very self-serving university. There is a reason why Benson opted out, and all of the students know this university is on a downward spiral. Oh yes, and all the new buildings that are being built, guess where they get the money -- from failing students. It's the student's fault, if only they would have studied harder... Enrollment is down, expect more failures. Dixie, U of U, UNLV, U of A... anything is better than this. Put your money to work and go some place else.

Nik Kerry

Southern Utah University is a small town college. With small town morals. What the school brags in such as high professional conduct and etc. it lacks in motivation, inspiration, and everything in between. Not only does the school have a bad line of education, it is also a bad place for anyone who is looking to go to college.

Manish Shrestha

caleb zacharie

Michael Sanchez

Darryl Ohte


Amber Conchas

Tayler Page

I have gone to Southern Utah University for four years and I love it. It was the best choice that I could have made when choosing where to go to college. The professors are AMAZING, they all have known my name, and have taken the time to really help me succeed, something you don't find at other universities. Go Tbirds!!

Amanda Evans

SUU is the BEST school I could have gone to. I absolutely love the campus, the students, AND ESPECIALLY the professors. All of the professors truly care about me and my experience on campus. Each of my professors know me by my name and I'm not just a number. Cedar City is also a beautiful area and a really great community to be apart of. I'm lucky to be a Thunderbird.

Jens Swensen

SUU is a great school with an absolutely beautiful campus. I loved that my professors were (and still are) so invested in helping me succeed. Whether it was finding a job or pursuing graduate school, my network of SUU faculty has been a huge asset. I obtained a quality education through SUU and it was very worth my investment of time and money.

TeJay Griffiths

My wife went here and she's amazing; five stars.

Jake Burgess

A place where “learning lives forever.” The campus is nestled in the beautiful small city of Cedar. If you want to go somewhere that the professors really care about your education than this is definitely the place for you. The small class sizes allow you the ability to personally get to know your professors and class mates. Some of the classes I took were as small as 20 people! The President of the college is a very kind man who truest cares about every student individuallly. You can’t go wrong with choosing to go to school at SUU.

Jeff Vogel


C Christensen

SUU is a great place to go to school. I graduated in 4 years with a double major and had very little to no trouble finding a job after graduation. All of my professors either knew me by name, or at least recognized me if they saw me outside of class. My advisers were helpful, and the tuition wasn't too bad. Overall I would recommend SUU to anybody who wants smaller classes and a college with a small college town feel to it.

Levi Jessop

Kelton Jacobsen

If you are going to college because you care deeply about education (like myself), go to SUU. If you are going to college because you want an epic social college experience (not so much like myself), go to SUU. If you are going to college to receive one-on-one time with professors (like myself), go to SUU (hint: even the administrators themselves have open door policies and are ready and willing to talk to all of their students at any time). Every University has its knocks, and SUU is no different. The housing in Cedar City is rough, the food on campus is not that great (though the tremendous food throughout Cedar City makes up for it), and I believe all colleges and universities are giant money pits who charge all their students to breath. But none of those things has ever effected the way I feel about SUU. I LOVE SUU. Come to SUU. You'll never regret it.

Neil Johnson

This university felt like home while I was attending. The campus is beautiful and the teachers care about the students' education. I would highly recommend SUU to any student.

Gentleman's Grooming Lounge

Me, my wife and our girls love watching sport events at SUU!

Jeffrey Hyer

Jaren Hafen

I would definitely go here! I love Cedar City!



Eric Smith

Brooklyn Henderson

Kalli Brueck

I loved SUU. I can honestly say that some of my all time favorite memories came from my time spent at Southern Utah University.

Junming Chen

SUU is awesome!

travis higley

My review is mostly on them hosting the Lego League tournament. They did such a terrible job, I know it is only the second year they have hosted it, but it was so bad. Schedules overlapped, the setup was sloppy, there was no organization, nobody even new when they were supposed to be where. I feel like they can improve, but they have a long ways to go.

Cooper Feild

I would encourage anyone reading these reviews to consider SUU's overall average rating rather than dwelling on the comments of the more upset students. Those that complain of high tuition here need to get a clue- instate tuition here is lower than most other state institutions both in Utah and outside. They are complaining about $5,000-6,000 per year when the national median in 2014-15 is $11,550 (College Board), and most private schools are around $30k per year. Having attended other Utah colleges, my professors at SUU were better teachers and much more approachable. Of course, if you enjoy taking biology with 500 other students in your class by all means DO NOT COME HERE. We have small classes. SUU is located in a small city in a conservative state. Consider that BEFORE you come here so you don't end up like the 1-star people on here. Utah has a lot of Mormons. Consider that BEFORE you come here so you don't end up like the 1-star people on here. In my experience, most city kids and non-mormons that come here find they really like the atmosphere. As I interviewed and was accepted at excellent medical schools across the country, I found that my SUU education had prepared me as well as the many students I was competing against that attended Ivy League and large Tier 1 research institutions for undergrad. If you are proactive and don't have a victim mentality, and are ok with a small school feel, I can't think of a better place to do undergrad.

Vane Cas

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

John Smith

Academically a joke and more conservative than BYU. Stay away if you want to learn or don't worship the Republican Party. Liberal Arts school? There was nothing liberal or artsy about SUU.

Brance B Jones

I cannot speak for many of the specific departments at SUU, but my experience with the business school has been fantastic. It has been both challenging and rewarding. To give some perspective, I am 23, male, and have lived in Utah for about 10 years. I would definitely say that SUU is proud of smaller class sizes, and cares much more about the quality of education that you receive than about the sheer size of the school. Much of the value that can be found at SUU would be lost if it grew to the size of UNLV, or BYU. For example, we have accounting firms swarming to SUU looking for good accountants. The accounting department has earned a high reputation, and as a result, many firms try to hire us. Since the program doesn't spit out hundreds and hundreds of accountants, fewer students means greater value per student. Another bonus is the quality of faculty. I expected the professors teaching general courses to be bland and disinterested. After all, most of the students in their classes aren't really interested in studying that particular field. However, I was surprised at the level of engagement and interest I found in the professors of these entry level or beginning classes. Several of them have become genuine friends. Like a couple others that have posted comments and ratings, there are a couple of things you should know before coming to SUU. First, it is located in a pretty small town. If you like daily excursions to a big mall, you will be completely disappointed. The nearest large mall is several hours away (St. George's mall isn't very impressive). If you need to be around tall buildings, infrastructure, shopping complexes, and streets strangled by afternoon traffic, you should probably look for another school. If you like to hold loud dance parties in your house or apartment until 3:00 in the morning without neighborhood complaints, you should probably find another school. I prefer the small town environment. It's more peaceful, and I love being close to the outdoors. Also, Utah is full of Mormons. I would say that the population density of Mormons increases in smaller towns like Cedar City. So, if you have a problem with constantly hearing LDS religious terminology, a more morally stringent student body, or just dislike Mormons, then not only is SUU a bad fit for you, but likely every other other school in Utah. One quick example is of the Halloween party that SUU hosted this fall. Many people liked to use the "costume" excuse, to dress in little or no clothes at all when attending the party. Because such a large section of the student body was uncomfortable with this, those planning the event made some new rules in order to maximize attendance to the party. In conclusion, if you are making your decision about which school to attend based on how crazy you can get without getting caught or punished, you won't be happy here. If you are making this decision based on pure academics and faculty excellence, you will be perfectly happy at SUU. If you are looking for a balance between the two, then come spend some time here! Try it out and see if SUU is a good fit.

Ty Fife

Chris Jensen

First off they always say that your professors know you. Hahaha... Good one and also the edge project that is required to graduate is a joke. Seriously I already did my eagle scout project when I was a kid. The last thing I need is to do another huge project and try to fit that in with the mountains of homework I have. To top it off I think that the professors there seem to forget that us students have jobs and have to provide for our families. The only reason I am giving it two stars is because Emily Dean was an amazing professor. Other than that it was an overpriced experience.

Steve Barnson, Ph.D

Was passing through on our way to Colorado and stopped to walk the campus. Seemed like a quaint little school with a lot of potential. My daughter is entering g her senior year of HS. Don't think SUU will make her list, but a pretty campus all the same.

Melissa Kielpinski

Kara Oliverson

Coming to SUU was the best decision I could have ever made. It is my home away from home. One of the professors even bought me and my date dinner when we he saw us at a local restaurant. The faculty, staff, and students are by far the best in the state. GO THUNDERBIRDS!!

Madison Reber

Melynda Thorpe

A beautiful liberal arts university nestled in groves of trees reminiscent of a New England college campus. A graduate student studying Professional Communication, I am engaged daily by professional, intellectual and caring faculty members who are genuinely interested in my success.

boyd carter

Amber DuBois

So far great! I loved my first class. The ACE i was assigned was super helpful and encouraging. The sign up process was made easy by shawn in the application dept. He went above and beyond in every step. I was assisted with scholarships i didn't even know were available. The parking is scattered, but the pass is only $30! I'm used to $100 per year. Ive loved this starting experience and feel i will get many opportunities to find my home here. If my experience becomes less than a 5 star, i'll update, but for now i'm super excited to be a T-Bird! #SUU #Tbirdnation Update: we're a few weeks in now and i'm so utterly happy i switched to this school! CMU was all about homework. Literally 2 hours of homework per hour of class. There's no wiggle room on assignments and it's a whole lot of work with no hands on. SUU on the other hand? My first day i got to start building my robot. The professor's are laid back and easy to communicate with. The homework is very very reasonable! Lots of group work! I am so happy about being at suu because i believe i'm going to get the hands on skills ive been so desperately looking for. Very happy! Second semester and i'm happier than I could have ever imagined! I love the structure. I love the hands on learning. We're expected to do our own self education which just means you have to be invested into yourself, but every professor I've met has been ready and willing to help! I feel like i'm part of a huge family. This is such an amazing university. I'm so proud to be a Tbird! There's resource after resource so if you're not getting what you need it's because you're turning a blind eye to what's available. Opportunities all over the place. Inclusive to everyone. I'm so happy here...

Brandon Day

Small enough to be personal and easily involved, but big enough to always meet new people, offer a great education, post-graduation job placement, and varied opportunities. Great location, especially if you are into the outdoors.

Jacob Thompson

SUU was a great school for my first two years of college. After I got my Associate's Degree, that's where things went down hill. They cared about my success only as long as it made them look good. After suggesting outside-the-box projects for Honors coursework, many of the professors weren't interested in helping me out because My thoughts were too "unconventional". My thought was, "The reason why I chose SUU is because "Learning Lives Forever". All of my professors were encouraging me to think out-of-the-box. Things didn't seem to match up. My Majors were Spanish and French. I studied abroad, but there were no programs that offered semester stays while taking coursework in French or Spanish. This since has changed, but my grades did not change over properly and it was a huge hassle with the Department chairs to get the coursework into the SUU system in appropriate course labels. While going for career advice, the advisors were ignorant as to help me with a future career. Many of the career councilors and professors were trying to steer me toward teaching, but I later found out, after taking a bit of their advice, that teaching wasn't for me. Even though I would express my concerns, the staff would state that teaching was the only respectable thing I could do given the circumstances. Really? There is more to life than teaching. Overall, the more and more I stayed at SUU, the more apparent it became that it is merely a teacher and coaching factory, with narrow-minded individuals trying to impose their ideals on others. After graduating from there, I would say that you should go to another institution for your university education.

Daniel Hancock

This campus is really cool. I love the Shakespeare festivals.

Ycela Mendoza

Clint Dorny

Haobin Liu

Zander M

This school was much much better 6 years ago. I don't know what happened. It has become more about the $$ than the student's education.

John Frank

The academics at the school are poor. The university claims to hire and to employ professors with the highest academic accolades, but in reality many classes are taught by unqualified teachers. The school is famous for its bait and switch policy. Many classes which are supposed to be taught by professors are actually taught by undergrads. The professor’s name is listed as the teacher but in reality an UNDERGRADE will be responsible for the content and actual teaching of the class. This is especially true in the English Department. Individuals, who are hired, especially for adjunct positions, are hired because they have prior connections to the school. If you want to be taught by a twenty-year-old, who has taken three more classes than you have completed, then I would highly recommend this school. If you do not believe my claims, then look at their faculty listings. Many teachers do not include professional information because they have no professional training suitable for academia. I do think the Department of Foreign Languages is well run and employs wonderful professors.

Matheson Harris

Went here after Dixie and before heading to med school. Great school, small class sizes. Of the 20 students in my class going to either medical, dental, optometry or podiatry school, everyone that applied got in. That says a lot for a small school. I hope my kids go here as well.

Nikki Hyden

Best school E-VER! I am so happy that I made the decision to come to SUU because I have never had such a wonderful sense of belonging until now! #TBirdTerritory #BringItOn #SUUBlackOut

Kariri 2030

Xin Xin

(Translated by Google) Beautiful campus and Shakespeare activities! (Original) 美麗的校園 還有莎士比亞活動!

Payton Yerke

As a pre-medical student, Southern Utah University has one of the best programs in Utah. The professors are extremely helpful and I find that I have access to a lot of on-campus opportunities and events.

Brian Shaw

My alma mater. Had great experiences here and learned a lot.

James Evans

Stephen Evans is the best finance professor ever!!! Great last name too!!!

Claudia Winn

Great school great city great teaching staff

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