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REVIEWS OF Beehive Science and Technology Academy IN Utah

BSTA Elias

The cyber security blocks itself, the teachers get angry at students for no reason, and the school doesn’t even own the building.

Jessy Gonzalez

Steve Mayer

My son switched from public to Beehive this year and is thriving! I wasn't sure how he'd take to it, but the extra challenge has been unreal, straight A's, new friends and as many after school activities as he could ask for. I LOVE the after school free tutoring. Leaves no excuses for him to have any issues. Uniforms makes getting him ready for school easy. They helped us set up a carpool as well.

Chris Bell

This is our first year at Beehive Academy and I am so pleased. The class sizes are kept to 25 students or below. It is a high tech school. Every classroom has multiple large flatscreen monitors, Apple TV, wifi access, and every student gets his own iPad. My son's iPad is more advanced than mine! The school is much more diversified than any other schools I have seen in Utah. This includes both the teachers and the students. I love that my son gets these experiences. And as I hear from my friends about other schools, it makes me know we made the right choice to go to Beehive.

Thauany Shaw

MCC Mentor Consultant Coach

Many of the families I have coached have spoken highly about this place. Bringing my daughter to check out

Omar Hassoun

linda wade

I am the Grandmother of two young 6th grade boys that attend.BSTA. They have both had challenges transitioning to M/S but the teachers and program have helped them through this Journey in Life. The diversity that is present offers many experiences for growth for these two. The STEM opportunities have brought much growth and development for both! They are both successful and enjoying their individual learning experiences! They are as different as night and day, and both love it!


Fletcher Calderbank told me to do this.

Timothy Holt

BSTA Aidan2

The best school ever I go here and the teachers are great.

V Turner

Kaldred Payne

The teachers are some of the best in the world. My only complaint is the facilities are to small for the academic greatness of this school.

Fent5man Gaming and More

It's and ok school, but somehow 2nd in Utah.

Kaos The edgelord

They done JACK about bullying to a friend of mine. You can get detention for simply having them mishear you (alert! They jump to conclusions to) the social hiarchy is bull. One of the teachers picked favorites (who keep in mind is part of the administration Council) Have "your beliefs dont matter" get said directly into your face. Expect to have a review get deleted in 5 seconds if it points out 3 major flaws!. Get yelled at for eating pop tarts. Unless if you want to feel child labor with an excuse give this place a skip. Update:I just recently found out one the safety director picks favorites as well

Lucas Osborne

Anthony Vernieri

My son started here this year for 6th grade, and it's been a great experience for him so far. The small class size allows for hands-on teaching, and my son is actually challenged rather than bored. They have a ton of extracurricular activities geared toward STEM, and they genuinely care about the kids.

Arzu Arzu

Kai M

Very good school, the teachers and students are really fun and excepting. So glad I transferred here.

Ali Alam

Sonha Leavitt

Alex Preston

It's not the best but it's one of the best schools I been to.

Annie Drennan

My son started here in 8th grade and now as a senior he is still loving it! He was having an okay experience before at our neighborhood school but I felt like the joy of learning was being sucked out of him. He has been able to connect with kids with similar interests and be apreciated for his strengths at Beehive Academy. He has had so many opportunities to get college ready by visiting college campuses, ACT/SAT prep classes & clubs, and earning a congressional medal through the programs at Beehive. When my daughters were old enough, they've come to Beehive as well. It's been such a great fit! My kids love going to a small school. I love that they're getting their education in a much more diverse environment than they're neighborhood school. I don't really know how they've created such a great environment where kids are so supportive of each other, but it's one of the things my kids enjoy the most (well, that and getting an iPad). I appreciate how attentive the teachers are and how they focus on helping my children learn. My daughter has especially loved all the opportunities to learn programming and earn certification in programming languages. Despite being a science and technology school (and excelling in those areas), they have amazing Humanities, PE, and Arts teachers as well. If you're considering Beehive, I'd highly recommend having your child "shadow" for a day where they can go to all the classes with the other students and get an idea if Beehive will be a good fit for them.

Arika Awan

Lil Lia

Ok I left a review here while i was attending and now going to an actually good school my opinion has changed. The teachers were not the best, they were smart but awful at conveying info. Except Mr. D is a treasure. One of our English teachers was fired half was through the year. Then we had a sub but she gave birth half way through our term( obv. not her fault of course.) so then we were left with a sub who had no grasp on the subject. The campus is fine i guess. The lunches ain't bad but some were untrustworthy (looking at you pork chop). They had/have (I haven't bothered to check) a hope squad but, some of the people who were on it were down right rude. The way they dealt with bullying was mediocre at best. Had a couple incidents that were handled in a way that stopped the problem but, there was probably a better way. There is next to nothing when it comes to the arts basically a photography class a band and an art class ,but what can you expect from a school that has 'science and technology' in the name. Another problematic teacher was coach who just sucked as a human being with no understanding of how a nerdy teenager works. Once coach made us listen to crying babies for half an hour for no discernible reason. The language courses were underwhelming. The extracurricular is sad. The academics are eh. The health and safety is mediocre . My school experience over all is like 5/10. By the way I attended from 2016-2017 for my eight grade year. I now attend SLSPA where I am a sophomore pursuing what I love. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Aryan Merchant

School is school no matter where you go, the only difference is the environment, Beehives environment isn’t the best. Personal IPads are cool and all, the teachers are all amazing, and The curriculum is good also. Now to the bad things, the dress code is strict and is very uncomfortable to wear. Second, the school is very underfunded and their facilities are out of date, also there is no sports teams or opportunities in those areas. Third, they mix SPED classes with normal classes, I know it’s not there fault that they are the way they are, it’s just that in class, we get distracted for a good 15-20 mins per period/subject because of the person(s). Also, I feel sympathetic that everybody thinks that they are annoying, I feel like if they had their own class with actual trained SPED Curriculum Teachers, they could actually have an opportunity and actually make some friends, because of the school’s ignorance and lack of knowledge to this problem, I feel like my education and my equal opportunity as a student is being compromised, and I know a lot of people that feel the same way. As a student, I feel like I should be in a distraction free environment and a place where I don’t have to deal with a Guy/Girl who is screaming at the top of their lungs in my ear because they are mad, when I did nothing to them. I also believe that SPED Students should also have an opportunity, a place where they can make friends and work with people who share values and backgrounds, a place where they can learn and be prepared for the future. Beehive prides themselves at being “a tech and STEM school, a school of the future”. How can you be a school of the future if you are not willing to hear the students voices and have no equal opportunities for any of the students, have outdated facilities and have a dress code, students should be able to express themselves through what they wear and how they act, we shouldn’t have to be in uniform like we’re a manufactured product or a robot.

keydi gwynn

The best school in utah

Roya Schwartz

Awesome school, they really care about the students behavior and their educations. Thank you


Anya Awan

People are bias here. Especially to this one girl who won’t leave. But it’s still a good school.

Chris Green

My daughter has been going here since 7th grade and she is now a Senior. She has learning difficulties and social issues. The school has been patient and really catered to her needs. We choose this school because the class sizes are small so it's harder for her to be ignored and it's location is close to our house. The school is very diverse which I absolutely love. A couple down sides, first, I don't think the teachers are very happy here. Rumors about teachers gossiping about other teachers and students causes many teachers and staff to leave. I know, some of the teachers that left were not poor teachers and I was very sad to hear an integral staff member suddenly leave. I have never, ever spoken with the principal in the whole 4 years of my daughter being here. Honestly, I can't even recall his name. Second, I cannot stand the iPads. Kids that have learning disorders should not be given electronics. They are too immature and addicted to impulsivity and will abandon schoolwork. The iPad has caused a lot of grief for our family. In comparison, I have a much older daughter that graduated at the traditional local public school and I was deeply unimpressed with her schooling and the strong culture of "dumb is cute". I felt like she literally received the bare minimum of education. Beehive is a step up but if you really want a promising education you'll have to look at private schools. Many private schools offer scholarships and honestly you get what you pay for.

BSTA Musaddin39

I don't like it. Teachers are rude and we get detentions for the smallest things, teachers talk over us all the time, but since we are "younger" than them, we can't. You laugh in a during the teacher is talking, and you have to go to the office.


I suppose this is a great school if you're a really smart kid, and you're used to being challenged. But, for students more like me, it's really difficult to get by. I don't really think the grades update fast enough, though I do understand that teachers have a lot of students to put in grades for. The dress code could be a little less strict. It's really hard to shop for the uniform pants. There are other elements of the dress code that are stressful as well. Although, there is more individualized attention towards students. The teachers are great, but they teach us stuff a little too fast. I do love the classes the school has that other schools don't. For example, computer science. It was really fun to learn how to code. There are few bullies, compared to other middle/high schools. The teachers don't seem to enforce rules when kids are (for example) noisy, rude, etc. Overall, this school is great if you're fine with being challenged, and buying/wearing a uniform.

Jackson Peters

Ive been here for 6 years and I may not like all the things they have instituded, I still love the school.

BSTA Fletcher

Kool-aid Maker

dab ow

I got stabbed by a SPED kid thrice

BSTA William52

I come here and they gave me this iPad, win win for everyone

Mike Crissman

BSTA Brayden12

There are many bullies including teasing. It is an awesome school but it is very fun and I have learned a lot

Zubaidah K

BAd school. You get a detention for everything it’s very hard they focus on teachers more then students it’s ghetto. There is a little bit students i don’t recommend


Great school for the academics. But they are a small school so they don't have sport teams or drama club. The dress code rules are also ridiculous, shopping for it brought a lot of frustration for everyone. Most of the teachers are just phenomenal! Everyone is also very nice and friendly, you'll find that in the classes everyone is pretty much friends with everyone.

Im Bored

Best school ever

BSTA Juan32

Concepcion Melgoza

Jordan Pendergrass

Love the school, teachers, and the other students who join me in learning all year.

Maryam Hassan

This school is ok, I love the teachers (not all sry), for example Mr Vahit he's ma main man yah know. But the dress code sucks. It's too strict and it's really expensive, one set of uniform (the shirt, pants, jacket) is about $100 or it's just the place that I went to idk but ye. Once I bought uniform pants and it was literally from a section that said in bold letters, "BEEHIVE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY UNIFORMS" and I almost got a detention because apparently my pants were "too stretchy". Like, if it was a mistake, then why would you still give a detention for it? And I feel like they're targeting specific people, like my friend had the right color and type of pants on, but they almost gave her a detention because apparently they were "too dark" and "they look too much like jeans" when literally there was a dude sitting RIGHT next to the teacher, with dark brown pants and joggers, she even had a conversation with him, when we can't wear joggers and they need to be khaki, and she spotted my friend from the other side of the room, like, what is that? But I also made some new friends, but people are too judgemental, (I think that's a word) and they won't respect your personal space, and they won't consider your feelings, (if I even had any) but ye sure. And I feel like they won't stop to help you understand what you're learning that much, they're teaching everything really quickly. But ye.

Nika Podoprygora

Goaters Bro

Ben Holt

Our oldest loves going to Beehive because they manage to reduce the middle school drama and encourage the kids to explore. Beehive uses technology to increase the productivity of the kids and the communication with parents. I love the fact that our oldest can work on the school iPad or the home computer. I also really like that core curriculum isn't lost on a science and technology focus. Art, music and English each have highly educated teachers and full school support. 2nd oldest is joining the team next year.

Nate Coe

I have been a student here for about four years, and I have received a good education. They have a large, and very diverse student attendance, filled with people from all over the world. A all round great school.

Angie Peters

We are so grateful for the personalized attention our student is given. The teachers are so generous with their time and really understand that not every student fits the same mold. We LOVE Beehive!

BSTA Ernest57

Ernest rants about beehive 3:. Gonna be real with you. This school was far better then it was the last 2 years. Most teachers here have a really nice personality, but this school still ain’t perfect. They got some double standards here and that’s the biggest flaw. 2nd problem is dress code but you’ve most likely heard that already (but I can look like an emo now oh yeah woo yeah). Lunch rooms hella cramped and you are forced to eat there ;(, some teachers work weirdly and you can get in trouble for stuff you were given permission to do. Theming is rare here (REALLY RARE). Favoritism still a problem but not as bad. Now for the good: Sped teachers have gotten the hang of things aren’t as much as a problem as they were last year. They listen to opinions (locker room switch gang). Small class sizes :), fun teachers. And that’s all there is to it

Matheson Harris

Our two oldest started this year and are really enjoying it. Teachers seem dedicated and the school as already had lots of recognition in its short time open. Great STEM school if that's what you are looking for.

Megan Theorine

I am amazed at the academic levels students can achieve. The teachers go to extra lengths to see students succeed. Many students enjoy a bully-free diverse crowd where differences are celebrated.

Shauna Robinson

My son started 8th grade at Beehive Academy this year, and WE LOVE IT!!! At Beehive Academy, the teachers are willing to work with the kids. The Administration and Teachers cares about the families. They have many opportunities for the parents and kids to be involved, and good clubs and behavior programs. My younger son will start next year in 6th grade and he looks forward to it. I would recommend this school to anyone. Thank you Beehive Academy.

Cam Kopaunik

An absolutly remarkable school. I attended from 2006-2011. They are fantastic, they taught me how to apply for scholorships, how to apply for loans without being screwed over, and how to make resumes. They have concurrent enrolment opportunities, and they are very college oriented. It is the most ethnically diverse school with people from turkey, south africa, the phillipeens, etc. The classes are small and the teachers truely care about the students. Everyone is close and a family. <3 They are STEM oriented, I am heading towards a PhD in Theoritical Physics and this school was a big part of my decision. I highly recomend this school.

Matt Jones

Lawrence Walloch

My wife works here, what can I say but. Dont try to get anything past a bunch of kids who will probably be running this country someday. Else you will get messages from your wife on how to safely post on social media!

Krin Shig

Great teachers, great equipment, a parking lot for a playground, let down by poor facilities. Still a great school all the same. The iPads are genius, which makes it so that you do not need hefty textbooks, and High Definition projectors, well, have saved me many a headache, and the Stem Expo is very fun. I rarely see a student I don't know, and there is a students couldn't have more diversity. Overall, it is a very great school that makes up what it lacks in a gym and a cafeteria in education. I love it, and I plan on staying for high school. My favorite school by far.

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