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REVIEWS OF Athlos Academy of Utah IN Utah

Christine McClain

Nora Gonzalez

Preston Keeling

This school is amazing, the administration and teachers work hard to make kids have a good experience.

Dani Lassiter

My children love this school and we do to! They never stay in the same place for more than 15 minutes. They love telling us what they are learning about, and most of all the love going to school each day.

Hailey Olson

Don't ever got the jr high there! The jr high is not like a jr high it more like a elementary. They have no lockers in the hallways there in your home room class. First term we could not go get thing out of our lockers we had to wait tell lunch. They have no locker rooms. And the jr high and Elementary are in the same building. And they don't have a lot of electives to choose from. They did have bells until this year but they don't have bells on Friday. They had to let go a teacher the first month and they move another down a grade. And no backpacks. 3 other teachers have left the school. And we have had 3 different Principles in one year. There is a lot of fight in the halls and bullying. It is a every stress fault environment. And all of the grades have had get new Schedules and new teachers at least once this school year.

Valerie Loredo

Courtney Haacke

Joshua Heath

I would highly recommend sending your child to ANY other school in the area. We were so happy when we first heard about this school and it's potential. Sadly, the teachers and the administration have come nowhere close to the expectation. Teachers can't explain there own grading system. The saddest part is that most of the teachers don't even teach. They just assign videos and assignments on Kahn Academy. If I wanted my kid to learn from Kahn Academy, there would be not need for school! In short, the teachers are poorly trained on school policy and--even worse--they don't teach!

Amy Todd

Bill Ansted

This school is a RACKET!! They are printing money on the backs of our kids! It was started by real estate developers not educators. It shows in every aspect of the school. Teachers are the lowest priority. They get no support, no breaks, no prep time. They get let go if they speak up. The school is on their 4th director in less than 2 years. They get rid of them before they can get a handle on anything. Discipline is non existent, there are a ton of bullying problems, not to mention a significant percentage of special needs kids. Parents must read that the school emphasizes activity and athletics and guess what? All the ADD/ADHD/Autistic kids end up there because guess what else? This school will take anybody! The more students the more money they make! Fun fact: Athlos School pays nearly $120,000 a month to Athlos Companies on a guaranteed lease for years to come. In addition to other mandatory fees and per student payments. Legislators have recommended the State Auditor look into this shady operation! This is not how schools should operate and it is insane that this is allowed in our state. Think twice about sending your kids here.

shann mala

I have to echo some of the warnings on here, except from a teaching standpoint.. The students here are absolutely atrocious. I spent 6 hours in a classroom, where I witnessed first hand the students saying and doing hideously cruel things to each other as well as to grown adults. The abusive behaviors that the majority of the students indulge in at this facility is completely unacceptable and disgraceful. The way they treat each other and staff is way beyond just regular bullying. It’s flat out emotional and mental and physical abuse. They have zero repercussions for their absolutely horrendous behaviors. The few good kids here, severely suffer from the unruly, rowdy, and if I’m being completely forthcoming, frightening classrooms. Yes, it’s true the administration really doesn’t know what they are doing, with both the behaviors side and the logistics side let alone the education side... it’s extremely alarming. Now it’s self-explanatory why they are so short staffed. I heard they are adding 9th grade next year? Why? They can’t even properly handle the older grades right now. The older grades here are completely ruining the school as is. Adding another higher grade makes no logical sense whatsoever. There is a reason Jr. High and High School are separated from Elementary Schools.. I don’t see what the benefit would be from cramming all the grades into one building like this... In fact I think it’s unethical to the students educational integrity to do so.. I do not think they are qualified regulate the older grades, let alone properly instruct them. Quite frankly it makes me extremely nervous having such awfully deceptive and destructive older students in the same building as younger ones.. in fact I think it is a actually an *extreme* safety violation. Because come to find out, the older grades somehow know all the door codes to the locks that are supposed to be confidential and lock secure areas of the building.. In a public school setting something like this would never ever ever be tolerated. In fact the majority of the goings on here would never ever be tolerated... Athlos would be benefiting everyone (Staff, older and younger Students, and Parents) by only focusing on the lower grades... and getting rid of the upper grades.. to a facility that is more properly able to cater to the needs of the upper grades.. On paper this place looks great, in execution this place is a disaster. I guess this is what you get when a Dentist and a Realtor create a “private charter school”.

jamie ellerman


Because all the teachers ARe nice to me and the other children and friend's

Kim Wyffels

jt judy

This school has been one of the worst experiences we have had with schools in Utah. After over a year of our son being bullied, and trying to work with the faculty and teachers to resolve it. It is apparent that they are unwilling or unable to deal with those type of problems. Look elsewhere if you are wanting a good, safe, environment for your children.

Elvis Shyaka

Jessica Watson

Patricia Sepúlveda-Cofré

No one here is capable to be a real educator. Worst experience ever!

Fernanda Moreira

Unknown Unknown

They were strong in some areas but weak in others for example when someone is bullied take action I know a lot of parents are mad for that reason

Rosa Zubiria

My kids love this school as well as my husband and I. My kids have grown so much since they were enrolled in this school. I love how the school is always sending messages to inform parents of events and basically anything that is going on in the school. I am very happy with our decision to send our kids here. We love being part of Team Athlos!!!

Theresa wood

Donovan Allphin

We have had two of our kids attend Athlos and have been very pleased with the staff and the attention we have received from them. It is a pleasure when I walk through the halls and the majority of the staff seems to know my kid's names. Our daughter has received personal attention in dealing with some learning trouble that she has had and has made great progress. For sports it was great fun to watch her represent her school for volleyball and basketball. It instilled in her a desire to get involved with athletics that she never had before. It is a new school and they are definitely learning but I think they are on the right track.

Courtney Ryan Haacke

Love Athlos Academy~ Both my kids grew so much Academically! The teachers truly care, the front office staff is so sweet! My husband and I love that they have athletics everyday and learn about character development!

Kirstin Wells

We have had a great experience with Athlos. My kids love the athletic program. The teachers at this school work very hard and have always been great to work with.

Jenny Thompson

My son excels in the school, Academically and athletically. We enjoy the administration and the teachers we’ve had, last year and this year. Looking forward to the years ahead

Night Mare

tiffany van gelder

Joshua Watson

Anonymous Review

This school is not a good place for your child. My child has been here 6 months or so, and keeps getting bullied and blamed for things they do not do. Other students get away with lots of rude and disparaging comments, when the Staff is not looking. It is laid out like a prison. The only people helpful in the school are; The Janitors, Lunch Ladies, some Volunteers and the Lunch Room Supervisors and most Middle School Staff. The 4th and 5th Grade Teachers are good. And so are many 3rd Grade Teachers. There are many Special Needs Students at this school. Very little of the Special Needs Staff and Directors and Administrators are helpful or kind. Some front desk ladies have bullied parents and students. Students verbally and physically get in trouble a lot, and the Administration and Principals are not helpful. Seek another school to work at, or enroll your child in.

Kristi Rappleye

Hali Nickel

Love this school

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