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REVIEWS OF American Preparatory Academy IN Utah

Shasty Smax

Killer Ghost Program

this is were i went for my first year of high school, It was tough but worth it in the end.

Josh Cabarrus

Great school! Great teachers, values, and a strong focus on academics.

Special Olympics

Ive been going to APA for 4 years now. It has a great curiculum, and learning system. But as a student i can say that.....Going back 2 school each year is like starring in a new season of breaking bad. There is so much drama, gossip, and people seeking attention it really just pisses me off, i understand that the teachers can't do much about this, but i really feel like many of the students who go here, don't go 2 learn but 2 gossip and start rumors. Compared to the other public schools i've gone 2 the drama at THIS school is by far the WORST i've ever seen. Other than that this school has a great education system , many good teachers, and pays a lot of attention towards preparing for the SAT and ACT, so if thats something u want ur child to be apart of, APA is the school 2 go 2!


The first year here was awesome but there were still some bumps and bruises. Then recently someone came into power here and made it corrupt. If your looking for a school that is full of sadness and misery, send your kids here.

LeChauntel Nahwahquaw

cathy cai

YeLing Yu

Rudra Patel

The teachers were very rude escipally the first grade ones talking right in front of my face and being rude when I just went there to collect my students report card this school has no RESPECT !!!


My daughter started at APA Draper 2 in 8th grade and is now finishing her 9th grade year. It has been exactly what we had hoped for: a respectful learning environment with academic rigor and excellent teachers. The school offers great extracurricular opportunities, from sports to musical theatre. We have found the principal to be very available and responsive. The extras like social dance instruction, special Veterans Day and Memorial Day assemblies, and amazing end-of-the year dances for both 8th and 9th graders are the cherries on top. The only reason I would not give it 5 stars is the amount of homework is sometimes too much for a junior high student. Even taking the homework into consideration, my daughter is very glad she switched from the public middle school she attended in 7th grade. No regrets, just gratitude for a great school.

Jackson Wheelwright

I have been there before it was great

Usman Mian

One of the best charter schools in the Salt Lake valley.

Mague Venzor

Wonderful school my kids love APA!

Jumbo Jack

Duvish Suthar

This schools learning system is good, they have really nice teachers and really good staff, but I feel that this school has made me more stressful by the fact that they give out 4x more homework than my old public school. It has very strict teachers, which can be a good thing. The uniforms I am not a big fan of, they are hot and sweaty and the vests can get annoying. Other than that its a good school, I also think this school should allow you to listen to some type of music with earbuds on, just no texting or messaging or any of that with your cellular device, music is a good stress reliever and have children focus more.

Mike Johns

Poor judgment Using Eminent Domain is not the answer, Better choices are

Gopal Singh


Lenka Cibulova Becz

Absolutely amazing school focused on knowledge, individualism, academics, discipline. Love their material learned. Kids excelling in knowledge. We love the school, the environment, and the staff. Each classroom has an amazing teacher and an instructor. They are very able to handle classroom of 25 plus. We love this school, so happy we found it!!!

Chauntel Bolen

Kiri Reeves

I spent a lot of years trying to find a good fit for my smart-and-bored-in-class kids and finally found APA. I love that the school promotes a culture where learning is 'cool.' The small group subject classes help the students move through the curriculum at a customized pace, and having a full-time teacher AND instructor in every classroom means teachers aren't burned out babysitters. The integral character development program (they call it the Builders and the Ambassador program) helps the students develop life skills and promotes an atmosphere of exemplary behavior. And while children are not generally fans of uniforms, as a parent I can see how they greatly decrease the cliques and the comparing that can sometimes plague schools. No school is perfect, but this one comes pretty close. We wouldn't trade the past 6 years.


I went to APA for 4 years, honestly, nothing good came of it. I wasn't one to complain about the uniforms (I didn't care) or the homework (finished with a 4.0). The one thing I will complain about are the admins and SOME of the teachers. The admins are harsh and uncaring. They treat the school as a modern dictatorship by which students are expected to kiss the ring and pay consequences if they don't. As a student, I raised concerns about 2 teachers who failed to create a decent learning environment for which, I was accused of "Trying to start a mob". Don't get me wrong, most of the teachers are amazing, but with an unwilling and horrifically biased administration please consider alternatives.

Bryce sotp

I have been here before and it was a nightmare this place is EVIL DONT GO HERE American Prison Academy is APA the teachers assault the students don't go here the playgrounds are a death trap many people have broken their bones

Micheal Giron

It's a great school but the homework is overwhelming. It seems that the teachers could teach more and back up some on the volume of homework. The facilities are great, the uniform could give most choices.

Amado vazquez

(Translated by Google) My kids like APA.APA :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) (Original) My kids like APA.APA :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Camille Liebsch

For Little People

Good school with great elementary education and professional standars in higher grades. Strict, diverse, fun.

Bennett Wright

Josie Enniss

Going to school there is fun bc the friends and most of the teachers are great!

Mark McCormack

This is an excellent school, two of my children go here and the teachers are amazing. My children are learning at an accelerated pace. Everyone we speak to at the school loves it. Side note: the complaints listed as reviews are shockingly juvenile and embarrassing. This is an excellent school.


Good school. Great option for parents who need different options for different reasons. The are a lot of definite positives...but there are some negatives. ...But that is to be expected at any school. You just have to decide with positives and negatives are best for your family situation. Overalll we have been happy, but wish a few things were different. I definitly prefer their middle school to the public middle school! Those are the hardest years anyway! If you are considering this school know they are strict, but in many ways it protects the kids from themselves, and their peers! I feel like the basics are better covered at this school, and my kids have a better base than I did at our public school!

Spencer DenBleyker

This is an amazing school! I am finishing up my second year of school at APA and look forward to the next two years here! There are many different clubs, great academics and sports, and a new high school (Draper 3 campus) in the 2017-2018 year!

Camille Caswell

My son is an 8th grader and just started attending this school. It was an adjustment because they do give more homework than the average public school, but the work load is not unreasonable. I feel he is learning more- not only academically, but also about how to use his time. I also think the uniform has helped him to realize that when he is at school it is a time to work and not goof around as much. I appreciate that the school doesn't allow cell phones. This helps him to focus. He knows when he's at school he's there to learn. No school is perfect, but the administration and teachers here seem to be very focused on helping each individual child succeed. I have been impressed with the efforts they've made.

Napa Sharma

I just want to say...I like this school.

circle of life #fails for life

Fun just not quite the best but it is one of the best schools and the teachers are awesome.

Mariana Botero

Andrew Bennett

Actually our family has gone here for a very long, it's a good school with amazing teachers.

Karina Vilchez

Briant Tolman


Jefrey Stuart Madrid De'Giron

I helped build this school, the people in charge, really took care of every detail, this is definitely one of the best schools in Utah.


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