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Where is Johnson & Wales University Providence Campus?

REVIEWS OF Johnson & Wales University Providence Campus IN Rhode Island

Ruchit Vachhrajani

I have spent the most memorable days of my life in this university... If you enjoy city life, really, this college is for you...

Manny Gomez

I wish to study there.

Sam Bert

Parash Acharya

I want to go there.

Andrea Duncan

JWU's online graduate program is fantastic! The professors are very understanding and will do anything to help you succeed, and it is great getting to interact with other students from different places and different walks of life!

Irina Adiyan

paul Eom


Thảo Thanh

8 Abbott Park Pl


Elissa O'Brien

I decided to go back to school, after 20 years, for my second Master’s degree. I needed a school that provided flexibility for full time working professionals. In my job I travel 50% of the time, so on-line was my only option however I needed to attend a school that was “bricks and mortar”. Johnson and Wales University gave me this and more. I was so nervous because I was not familiar or ever experienced an on-line class. I'm a person who gets energy from people and from face to face interactions. I must say, I was surprised that I felt connected with my classmates and with my professors. I’m being supported and can really get to know the people in my class. I have six more classes to complete to receive my MBA and I am motivated to complete my degree by December of 2016. I feel I will be able to accomplish this because of the outstanding and supportive professors that help us achieve our goals. I highly recommend Johnson and Wales University, in particular the on-line campus.

Julie Itskovska

I got my undergrad from CLT campus. I am currently working on online MBA in Hospitality program. It has been a great experience!

tatiana jonas

Johnson and Wales University is awesome. My time there was great and insightful. I was very involved. I was a RA and an Orientation Leader. Being able to interact with the students on the level was amazing. My professors were very helpful in my journey as well. I loved the school so much that I just had to apply to the Graduate Program. The Graduate Program has also been wonderful. I would recommend this school to everyone. I have already been doing so.

bibiana prada

Theresa Daniel

Jennifer Babin

This has been an awesome journey! I was nervous about starting my masters, and online made me even more anxious BUT I do not regret it at all!! The classes have been great. I really enjoy the text books, I have kept them all and plan on using them in my career. I cannot wait to graduate. I will be very happy to be a graduate of Johnson and Wales University :)

Donella Snowball

Isabel Mercado


i love this college for me

Victor DePina

I attended JWU's North Miami and Providence campuses graduating with a bachelors in 2011. I loved my experiences at JWU so much I enrolled in the online MBA program last fall and am enjoying every bit of it. Students and faculty have immense pride in the school and it very contagious, making everyday at JWU so much more exciting! All of my professors are experienced professionals and have contributed greatly to my success as a business student. If I continue with my education any further in the future I will certainly love to attend JWU again for a third time. It is a great place with great people who really care about your well-being. Some of the best experiences I've ever had were at JWU and I would recommend any prospective students to strongly consider Johnson & Wales University, it will change your life!

Robin Jones

Sandy Barnes

Proud to be a student here!


Carl Acito



Giao Dinh

Khue Anh Ho

Love it! So many opportunities to get involved in the industry and get ahead the game!


Jacob B

As far as general education classes go, they are good. However, the professors in the computer science department are fantastic! They are all industry professionals who know what they are doing. They expect you to work, but are understanding and attentive when you need help. I truly feel that my hard work and dedication are rewarded here instead of being brushed aside. I can't speak for the Harborside classes as I have never taken them. But, the Downcity campus is lively, and serves as a beautiful backdrop for what is a great school.

Nicole Small

Online education is a great perk for people with varied schedules and full time jobs. I would recommend this JWU to anyone looking for an amazing school and community.

Sunny Khan

Tai Sellers

Went here for undergrad and now graduate school. I started at the Norfolk campus (which is no longer open) and transferred to Providence. While most of my experiences here were positive and eye-opening, I did have a few negative ones too. The course work is challenging but not unattainable. I excelled in undergrad and am doing well at the graduate level as well. The teachers are great and very accomodating. JWU provided me with a great college experience and I hope that as they continue to reinvent themselves that they include the following: 1) more diversity on staff and in enrollment and 2) more employment opportunities outside of the east and west coast. Overall it was a great choice for me and allowed me to broaden my worldview and to hone my skills. I will always hold a speccial place in my heart for JWU. Go wildcats!

Barbara Farrant

تركي الجملاني

Brittany Scott

I am currently getting my MBA here online, and I have to say the experience so far has been excellent. I am glad to say that I go to school here and would recommend it to everyone.

saila bala

Sharon Grames

I am rating this college solely based upon our experience as a Post 9/11 GI Bill family. This is the only school that I know of that takes the scholarships and grants it gave to our daughter and applied them toward tuition. If you know anything about the VA benefits for college, the Post 9/11 GI Bill covers all tuition and being a yellow ribbon school, JWU is supposed to cover any remaining tuition balance. But they have set their system in such a way that it benefits only them, not the military member or dependent. You will have to pay A LOT out of pocket to cover any additional expenses. They think it's okay that you do so as you get a stipend. I have tried several times to explain to the financial adviser that the stipend is supposed to go to living expenses like car payment, cell phone bill, insurance, etc so it is not a burden for the member or dependent to attend college. Every other university our other children have attended did a much better job of allowing them to use their scholarships and grants for room and board so that their stipend could go towards other living expenses. I would suggest you find a different yellow ribbon school, one that is more military friendly. Any time I have spoken with the VA counselors at the Denver and Rhode Island campuses, they have been rude and impatient. This is not a true yellow ribbon or military friendly school.

R Wheeler

One of the best Universities in the area but tough on student parking.

Nour El-Assal

Kenneth Coggs [STUDENT]

C Acharya

Good Uni. Excellent Place, Absolutely enjoyed my stay in Providence for 3 yrs!

Ashley Fenelon

David Unruh

Not worth the money and effort.

Djimon Zimmerman

Great school very beautiful downtown campus and lovely staff and faculty. I am proud to soon be an alumni.

Tawny Bowen

I'm a full-time MBA student living in Providence. So far, my JWU experience has been very positive. The on-campus class structure is typical and about as difficult as you’d expect of graduate-level work. Online classes are very organized but can be difficult if you don’t keep up. Since JWU offers classes by term and not semester, there’s really no room for falling behind. Procrastinators beware! Luckily, JWU has excellent tutoring resources available. The teachers I've had are extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help. I never have to wait more than 24-hours to talk to any of my professors. The campus itself is beautifully kempt and I’ve had no problems navigating my way around. The other students are friendly and say hello when I see them outside of class. Overall, I’d say JWU is a great school and a part of me wishes I attended JWU for undergrad.

Ashleigh Smith

Not only did I love my entire undergrad experience at JWU Charlotte I am currently enrolled in the online MBA program and love it. It is very manageable for busy working professionals and I really feel like the content of the courses is related to my profession and life. Last trimester I learned more about finances and retirement options with the time value of money. All have been very relevant and also help me really understand real world issues. I am excited I began this chapter in my education and look forward to finishing up my courses at JWU to complete my MBA!


Johnny Wang

Cody Currie

A great place for students

Avery Jo

bethany moore

caleb toman

My JWU experience: The professors are not organized, the academics are not the best (hence its focus being on culinary), and the student population is infatuated with parties. If your college experience is less about a meaningful degree and more concerned with how many parties you can go to while maintaining a B+ or B, then this is the university for you!

Natalia Montilla

I did my undergrad at JWU North Miami and couldn't have picked a better school to come to. The classes were small size which allowed me to know all of my professors, staff members and classmates on a one on one basis. Everything was walking distance and you truly felt a sense of family on campus. I am now pursuing my graduate degree online with JWU and I must say the feeling hasn't changed. The faculty, advisors and staff members are so on top of assisting you and ensuring you success that I can't feel the difference versus an on campus class experience. JWU is simply like a home to me.

vanessa pina

Ariana Stratis

Currently working on my MBA while being enrolled in the 4 plus 1 program. I have learned a lot here at JWU while pursuing my undergrad. The professors are very helpful and the school of online learning has made it easier for me to complete classes with my busy schedule. This school provides a great education and a flexible way for people to complete the schooling they want.

Mustafa Sa

Jacquette LeMon

Johnson and Wales has given me the best college experience, I could ever hope for. I received my Bachelor's at JWU and I am a current graduate student. The staff really want you to succeed. They go above and beyond to make sure you do. I would recommend anyone looking for a great college to attend, this is your school.


JWU in general is trash tbh they don’t know how to run a college.

Katie Menard

Yariany Garcia

I love it

Lukas Grabinat

Kelsey Remick

I have been attending Johnson & Wales since December 2014, I am an online graduate student studying for my M.B.A. I always feel very helped and appreciated while taking classes and even through the admissions process. JWU is a great school and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to gain a great education! All the professors that I've had are very tentative and dedicated to making sure I understand the information I'm learning.

Jsnjx Mznxj

Worst school ever they don't care about education nor their students all they care for is money I wish I could go back in time and never had attended this school the education they offer is terrible

David Dwyer

An old friends daughter attends currently and has mold in her dorm room and in the bathrooms. She was told by maintenance that it's her daughters problem. That an awful response and that's disguisting for a student to have to live in.

Suzanne Scotland

Very nice Campus

Sam St. Peter

surprisingly bad food on the dining plan

Jazmine Cook

-- this gets this rating because of one of their staff! By far, the most unprofessional, rude encounter I've experienced! I attended a pop up shop on February 18, 2017 featuring Damaris Warren. I arrived earlier then the chef but when I arrived to the wine shop I met Norma the owner and Ta`nisha Snead. Instantly I was welcomed by the owner Norma and she tended to all of my needs, yet I couldn't help to notice Ta`nisha and her snide comments. Ta`nisha asked myself and my partner for some of our wine and was talking to Norma about Damaris and her lack of professionalism regarding time. Initially, I thought nothing of the matter because it was a hour after show time. I began to get bothered as time went on and Ta`nisha consumed more drinks. She had no regards for Damaris or myself and my partner that was in attendance. She made ill comments regarding her very own intern until she arrived. I was most bothered by her request to Norma to end the show by 7pm and tell Damaris that the venue was closed to "teach her a lesson". When Norma declined, Ta'nisha continued to be hostile towards Damaris upon arrival. Although Damaris arrived at 6:30p.m, she began to introduce her meals and Ta`Nisha as her teacher. In doing so, Ta`nisha cut her off mid speech and told her "Carry on" while waving her hand. It was clear to myself and the other 13 people in attendance that there was a level of hostility and possible intoxication, but we all chose to ignore it. The breaking point came when I, Jazmine Cook decided to help Damaris try to heat up her food (in a wine shop, with no kitchen). While doing so, Ta'Nisha came back and was reaching over me and around me while talking to Norma who was in the back attempting to assist me. Ta'Nisha was telling Norma how unprofessional Damaris was for coming so late and that she was leaving. Although she stated she was leaving, she was reaching around me to try the food (although there was food out front on the presentation table that had been warmed). Ta'nisha turned to me and asked me "what do you do" I was confused by her question because, I am not her student and had never seen her before. I let her know I was just back there assisting in heating the food. Ta'nisha then laughed in my face and stated "heating the food, ha! Sure" immediately after she gave me her back as she continued to speak ill of Damaris. I then told Ta'nisha that the hot food was on the presentation table and not in the back with the food that was yet to be presented. At hat point I let her know, I am a adult and not in Damaris age group and did not appreciate her lack of professionalism. I was told that "I have no idea the situation and she was leaving". I said okay and continued to heat food. Overall this experience was by far the most degrading, inappropriate and unprofessional environment I had been in. Ta'nisha made sure to let me know she's a business owner and that I had no idea who she was. She was rude, and outright mean. Furthermore, intoxicated! I will be reaching out to the highest in command regarding this issue as well as the better business bureau and all other chains for the state of Georgia. For her to be a 'teacher' and self proclaimed 'business owner', whatever issue she had with the student should not have affected me as the guest! Everyone was offended by her outburst. Damaris ended up in tears mid event. I hope that someone, anyone will contact me regarding the matter!

Tikiera Pratcher

abdulwahab aftan

Sai Vignesh

Kelly Flanagan

michael leshinsky

Good downtown campus

Cyione DeFlorimonte

Food is terrible, especially for a culinary school, dining halls have very limited hours, everything is closed on the weekends and you’re forced to spend your money elsewhere although the meal plan is just as expensive as any other school, why would a college dining hall close at 7 on a weekend? And also be closed from 2:30 to 4:30 with no other dining option available. Dining halls have a very small selection of food each day and they always have empty stations. They don’t have food for people’s dietary needs and they’re always unprepared with their food not having it ready on time. Most of the items on the menu don’t even come with your meal plan so you have to flex them or pay out of pocket and they don’t offer visitor swipes either. Terrible management

Kieana Stuehmer

Class of 2016 <3 Going to miss JWU!

Miguel Crisanto

awesome school i love my classes and the way the campus is through out the whole city. the school has so much potential i wish the best for it im still finishing my major got one and a half more years to go! =)

Harshil Patel

Y.L. C.

Ege Erdogan

Jurien Huggins

Gaebe Commons is a very comfortable place to relax during the warmer months but tends to accumulate huge amounts of snow during the winter. Love it anyway

Scott Cox

Avery Payne

luzdairy Rios

(Translated by Google) It's the best


College isn't worth it now. Especially not this place!

Cheng Chuan Chang

kamal sapkota


Amritpal Singh

Extremely excited to be part of JWU

Emily Fries

nick mendes

Victoria Concepcion

rdsRamesh deuja

Brayan Martinez

Staff don't like

Quadnesha Selph


Brittany Meinsen

Johnson and Wales has been a great university for me. I am currently working towards receiving my MBA and Johnson and Wales has made that possible. They have great professors and a great program! I am glad to be a part of this University!

Richard Siravo

Heading into my home stretch of the JWU SCHOOL OF ONLINE MBA program and couldn't be happier. The education, experience and interaction with professors and peers has been remarkable. From cutting edge articles in the Wall Street Journal, creative financing, management strategies, marketing techniques, global economics, research and discussion forums, the journey has been amazing. The curriculum is challenging but rewarding and the professors provide real-life business examples from working in the business sector. Thank you for the opportunity and I highly recommend JWU's SCHOOL OF ONLINE MBA program. Best of luck!!! Richard

Angelica Morales

I have attended Johnson & Wales University (Denver Campus) since 2011. I received my Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts, my Bachelor's Degree in Food Service Management, and I am currently in the process of obtaining my Master's Degree in Business. I began the 4 + 1 Program at Johnson and Wales in 2014 during my last year of my Bachelor's Degree which I found to be a great opportunity. I think it's great that I am able to obtain a Master's Degree in just five years instead of six! Yes, it was a lot of work to do the MBA Program while finishing up my last year of my Bachelor's Degree since I was pregnant and had a newborn the last trimester of that school year, but has totally been worth it! I was in the MBA Program at the Denver Campus, but recently moved to Washington, so I transferred to the Online MBA Program. So far, it has been convenient and flexible with my crazy life of being a single mom to a 7 month old baby boy, working full time as a line cook at Mcmenamins, and attending school full time in the Online MBA Program. Throughout the last 4-5 years, I have learned a lot about cooking, managing a food service establishment, and now the business aspect of an establishment that will definitely come in handy for my future career. I would eventually like to open an Italian restaurant and will use the knowledge I have gained from Johnson & Wales University to be successful. I recommend this school to anyone that is interested in the Hospitality Industry.

Thomas Randazza


Money would be better spent on most anything other than this place. College is not worth the money anywhere these days. Also, last time I checked this place had security that would bother you or reprimand you over the most petty things! When they use to have a dorm called "ACE", they had a bunch of tow trucks come all at once to tow everyone who didn't have a parking permit visible enough.

Shanese Smith

Sean Corcoran

Jerica Overmyer

Adam Berbereia

Kushal Dave

Sandra Hamlinnbct2018

Best of Rhode Island for Culinary artists, Hotel chain preparations and management, and Tourism and Trade...The focal point of our circle of talent

Colleen Anne

Graduated 2010 with bachelors degree in management. Concentrations in economics, financial services management, international business and operations. Decent school, some awesome teachers, some so_so.

Ahmed Alsharif

Narender Reddy

I'm feeling very happy because that i got admit from the esteemed university(Johnson & wales university) for Fall2015. I did my theoretical part about JWU in the web, and that was amazing and I'm now very excited to pursue my practical part of it . I am proud to be a part of jwu. And I'll definitely share my experience with every one about my student life in jwu. I came to know that the Providence, Rhode island is the best place to live in.

aj schueckler

The Online MBA program is terrific nothing else like it. I have spent 5 years at JWU and the FISV5526 Financial Reporting & control class was one of the more challenging. Professor Sauceda, or MJ was great in teaching everything and provided us with more than enough to prepare us for the real world. If your looking at grad schools, look no further. ! And the online program is convenient and well put together.

Laura Gomez

Sarah VanDeMark

Tony Vaglica

Zachary Davis

my brother Steven goes here!:)

Diane McCown

I have been in my program at Johnson & Wales for about three semesters now. I like the idea of trimesters because it allows me as a non-traditional student to be able to complete the program in less time than with the traditional semester program. I like the fact the professors are so knowledgeable and very helpful should you need additional assistance with assignments. Although most professors are strict about deadline dates, there are some who will work with you while you deal with the demands of life, taking care of family, work and going to school full time. I recommend that you rent the books as much as possible. I don't believe that they are always worth the purchase since publishers change editions so often. I have been caught in situations where the book I got was too new and the professor was using an older version of the book and there were differences. Overall I have had a great experience at JWU and I am looking forward to graduation in May 2016.

Paul Chacon

Starbucks on campus

Brett Curry

Awesome well-rounded education. I really enjoyed my time here, and the professors are the best. Right out of industry!

Karen Josey

Mushfique Khokon


Candice Jackman

Piyush Panchal

Johnson & Wales University is very nice and reputed University in whole USA

Esther Honey

I graduated from J&W with a Bachelor in Hotel-, Restaurant- and Institutional Management and attended the very selective M.B.A. Honors program in International Business Management. Specifically the graduate program was quiet challenging, helping me to secure senior management positions internationally. I recommend J&W without reservation to any career oriented personality.

hafeez khan

Yup!!! Yup!!!

JVictoria Cardwell

I transferred to Johnson and Wales University the beginning of this year and I have loved every ounce of my experience as an online student. From the beginning, the staff and faculty has displayed nothing but hospitality towards me. The best part about JWU is the open communication whether it is my financial or academic advisor or the professor. The staff is very supportive and make an effort to check in with you to see how they can help you succeed and make the best of the semester. JWU is an amazing school with great people. I would not want to attend classes anywhere else.

nocii cool

I was a student here 20 years ago!

Anna Acosta


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