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REVIEWS OF Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School of Coventry IN Rhode Island

Kylie Whitaker

i'm a 6th grader and no one understands my memes, my teacher doesn't even know what triggered means.

Chris Peloso

Dr lisi is such a hot piece of arse!

julia henault

this is a terrible school. they are sexist and do not care about female students. they ban almost every clothing item that can be worn & for male students they only have one banned clothing item. Teachers don't care about students needs. for example I have an amxiety disorder where it's very hard for me to speak infront of large groups and I got accused by a teacher for faking my anxiety for attention. this year there's been multiple fights at the school & a student has brought a gun to the school which makes me feel very unsafe in my own classroom. also there has been threats to shoot up the school.

Lexie Verdelotti

The staff is horrible and I've been threatened by a teacher, multiple times, while the administration refuses to remove me from the class, even after my guardian called the school about the issue.

Connor Morris

kaitlyn george

i had a good 3 years many of the teachers and administation are nice. i am now a sophomore but i loved middle school. i always wish i could go back

skstelife shred

This school is terrible mrs turtle sucks dick

Colby Richards


nico santilli


Faith Willard

It's ok

Nicolas Higham

the teachers are so mean i rather be in a training school and i would still learn more this schools sucks it is so boring and we get a detention forlaening on our arms and we will get kicked out of the room if we do not have a pencle. we always get seperated from friends.the ela teachers cant even say the words how they are saposed to be said. like agenda my ela teacher said agener

John Pug

Rosalee Cambio

This school sucks

Jakob Clark

My bus driver is the worst bus driver possible. On his first day he called us dumb and stupid. Then about a month later he called us all idiots and then a few days ago he said to a student "Are you retarded" in a wicked mean voice and he is just wicked mean to us and the school should do something about it to get him fired. I'm in the band class and that is one of the only classes that the teacher isn't mean. Mr. Costa is the best teacher here and he should get a raise because he started a string program this year and he is teaching band and strings on his own. Mrs. ******* is a teacher on my team and she tries to take over every class even though she isn't the teacher. She should get fired because she is rude to all of us and thinks that she can take over any class she wants even though she isn't in charge.

Adam DAntico

Austin Teixeira

this school is aids and dont give any f uuck s about there students


Herbie Lipchits

My Granddaughter was sent home from school today because a racist teacher decided that the blonde white girl was a target and the racist principal agreed and made a decision they would NOT have made if my granddaughter were African American or Hispanic. Some world we live in.

Joshua Bricker

MIX sugar, cinnamon, salt, ginger and cloves in small bowl. Beat eggs in large bowl. Stir in pumpkin and sugar-spice mixture. Gradually stir in evaporated milk. POUR into pie shell. BAKE in preheated 425° F oven for 15 minutes. Reduce temperature to 350° F; bake for 40 to 50 minutes or until knife inserted near center comes out clean. Cool on wire rack for 2 hours. Serve immediately or refrigerate. Top with whipped cream before serving.

Autumn Robitaille

cheryl johnson

Aimee Shaw

Where do I even start with this school, most teachers are incredibly rude for NO reason at all, the food sucks, the yoga pants rule is dumb because us girls shouldn't have to not wear such comfortable plants just because boys would get "distracted" by them (smh), we have assigned seating in lunch for what? Because other students can't clean up their mess? Really? That's no reason to give all the kids assigned seating. More reasons this school sucks is because they don't give us ANY time to go outside even though they encourage us to do so at home (which no one does because we are tired from school), AND they get mad at students for talking in class when they don't give us BARLEY enough time to socialize. If we talk in class all the time its THEIR fault not ours, maybe if we had time to go outside right after eating and actually act like humans and socialize instead of being stuck inside small enclosed rooms where we can't even speak or move around where all your doing is "learning," this school would've been a great school . But I guess they don't care about their students. Honestly, I wish I could just take all of my friends with me to go to a Finland school because they actually give us plenty of time to socialize. Another thing I would like to say is about the homework. First of all they assign way too much homework and the once-a-month book report bs is stupid and is just full of ways to cause stress. Second of all, they don't even try to care about the stress and anxiety we get from homework, they just keep assigning more and more. The last thing that really gets on my nerves is that we are graded by raising our hands in class, but that is ridiculous and just uncalled for. I mention this because kids like me don't raise their hand in class because they're stressed, have anxiety, or just has a really bad headache and would not want to be bothered with raising their hand, I wouldn't want to raise my hand or get called on either if I had a bad headache. We shouldn't be graded on that because when we get yelled at or punished by our parents from a low "participation" grade, it just adds on to the anxiety we ALREADY have. I know this is a long paragraph but I want these words to be heard by the administrators because i'm sick of all this. I want a change in this school, and i'm pretty sure that everyone else does to. I don't even care if I get in trouble for speaking the truth about this hell they call school, I have a right to say what I want so idc if I get in trouble because even my parents would approve of this.

Briana Knight

the school does not care for each and every child's needs. in the eyes of the school board the teachers are always right and everything is always the students fault. in my 3 years of being a student at asfms i am scared for my younger sister to go there knowing how horrible it was for me. The administration and teachers are the biggest hypocrites. As most schools are,, students are not allowed to use cell phones in class however almost every day everyone of my teachers used their phones in class. not only this but i once had my teacher tell the class to be silent so that she could make a phone call to her friend in class. teachers text while in class but yet tell students they cant even have thier phones on them. students (such as my self many times) get in trouble for using bad launge in school however teachers swear almost more than daily. but give students detetion for saying a simple swear. Lastly the dress code is way to strict and unfair. at asfms girls are not even allowed to wear tank tops to gym class. It is not a girls fault if her attire desracts the male students and teachers....... i feel bad for any child that has to go to this school. it was my worst school experience yet. (sorry for misspelling words and not having good writtin maybe if the teachers were better, i would be smarter and this would have no errors!)

Alfredo Samson

Tyler Dejoseph

Nick Busby

the school is so bad the teachers are mean this one teacher he name is mrs sturdahl she called me a ass hole and i felt threatened and unsafe

Kidsphone Are


Trin Perry

Idk ab the school yet but someone needs to do something,my sister went to this school,a teacher was yelling at her so she did not do work so the teacher told her to get out the room she did and got detention.the teacher then screamed at her and attacked sister went to court because of this many kids saw this happen I feel so bad for people that go to this school it is not safe at all

Hanna Barbrie

three years ago, when i was in 8th grade, I got pulled out of line and almost got detention because I coughed. I also, when i was in 6th grade, got detention for slapping a girl (i deserved that) but she was kicking me (which is why i slapped her) and nothing happened to her. smh

Manual Legault

2+2=1 dats da rapeing 4 dis scool

A google user

This school is absolute horror. The teachers give us an overwhelming amount of work and I get pretty stressed out from it, and they do nothing about bullying, they throw kids under the bus (figuratively not physically) and us students are put under way too much pressure... the only class I'm not stressed out about right now is band and gym...


The is the way my teacher tough me because of them i am now a professional raper! Thanks a lot Nintendo :(


Found hair in my food, 2 times in a row, I just didn't eat because I didn't wanna embarrass the lunch lady. The atmosphere of the school is more of they control every aspect of you, whilst you are present. If one student does something wrong, the majority is punished, always, seriously, been here for 2 years and every time a kid did something wrong in lunch or class EVERYONE was punished. And the only class that does anything tech related is Robotics, where you document making a robotic arm out of legos, with people you hate. Robotics is the worst class in my opinion.


Sooo i know my name is like stupid but I made my google account in like 3rd grade smh. Teachers on my team have a tendency to push students past their abilities and it just is horrible y'all. Mrs.***** just constantly grades things but doesn't tell us and I usually do really good in all my classes but this class I show bad results because it's impossible to do okay. Teachers just grade things without telling you so you end up getting graded on things that you didn't even try on because you thought it wasn't getting graded see what I'm saying...anyways kids at this school swear a lot and say terrible things and many kids do drugs and smoke but no one does anything about it, they just let it happen. Some of the teachers think they have a super high position and they can just boss us around how they please...cough mrs styrtle (I think that's how it's spelled) cough mrs Antonelli... anyways they also pay no attention to who they hire as a sub like we end up with some pervert dudes subs that just yell at us or go on their phones I don't even know how to explain but this school is like a concentration camp from the holocaust yo. Kids walk to school and are lonely or being bullied and they do nothing. Bus drivers don't care about anyone.. it just is horrible!! I joined band and I'm in the string group with violins and we started this program this year and we were supposed to have our own program but instead because they're just cheap they have us being taught by the trumpet teacher who can't even play a violin and has no idea what he's doing not to offend him. Teachers don't care what students have to say they only respect their own opinions because students are always incorrect to them and it's just all SMH OK

Cameron Silva



please read this sorry its really long I like the school and all but there is a couple things i dislike the food sometimes taste weird like the burgers sometimes taste like pork and i don't like anything pig (i love piggies XD) and some of the teachers are Bipolar one day they are completely happy and sometimes their extremely mad for no reason we have like no time to socialize i live in the "woods" (i live really far from friends) and i cant ever see them also we cant talk? like at least let us talk like whispers and most of the teachers are very nice like the guidance counselor she is the BEST!! love ya but most are good my social studies teacher is the best ever! so is my science she made me love science class! but thats what i think about this school

Drew Albanesa


johnny m

Wow!! Great School. Great Teachers And I am in the school play and it is a great experience


Miss Major is the only reason of why I stayed.

Finnegan Johnson

this school not only doesn't celebrate Erntedankfest, but the cafeteria also doesn't serve soup very poor >:(

Robbie Feemster

education 1/10, staff 5/10 floof 11/10


Ashley Ferrazza

Hate this school with all my life

Erin Dion

Cameron Watson

this school is horrible the food is rubber i found a finger nail in my food and their is always hair in my food #hairnets


Terrible. Don't send your kids here. The school food is undercooked and the teachers threw my son into a locker.

Samantha Falcone

go eat a fly ugly

Christine Roy

Omg no u guys r wrong

William Trow

they try to seperate you and your friends

Clown Comedy


Blu Jay

It's a good school

Brett Silva

Sarah Bryson

Emily Tetreault

Colby Cournoyer

(Translated by Google) slowly (Original) despacito

rory owens

Just bad

Adam Lamy

this school tends to play favorites and not give every kid an opportunity to be sucessful

Addison Herlihy

Meh its school.

Jean Staubley

No one here understands Spongebob memes besides the meme community. we should actually learn more modern stuff like how to post a good meme and make good memes

Maia Rinker

I loved all of my teachers at the middle school exept for Mr. Desauniers he kept me after the bell rang for dismisal and cornered me in his classroom. I was so tramatized that my mom kept me home the next day and I cried that whole night. When I went back to school after I talked to guidence he yelled at me again and he made me cry in class. He also pulled me out of math class and made me cry again that same day. All he talks about is corn, he even made us read this dumb book called "The Omnivores Dilema" it was such a waste of time. He would also brush his teeth with coffee in class and he even trimmed his toenails once. EW WHO IN THERE RIGHT MIND DOES THAT? I'm also not the only student he targeted. If you get Mr. Desauniers switch out of his class if you can, if you can't just brace yourself its a nightmare.

Ella Voelker

Hannah Gliottone

Cailib Nolin

I love it.

Tiara Rochon

Get me to 1 million without any videos

This place sucks the teachers are idiots

Ashley Jacobs

Aidan Major

Its a good school, but teachers and staff should look out for fights that happen alot during school times... Also you SHOULD be able to defend yourself and not get in trouble for it if someone is hurting you...

haley oliver

Elliot Mann

this school does not serve soup

Damon Studley

Its Rad We Do Rad Things

Joshua Ferland

Raven Fortune

The food was undercookedand 6c teachers give us more homework

Nathan Shippee

Egul sss

meant to put 0

nathan shippee

it... one star because there is no option for zero). it would be better as a pile of rubble(only because no school that way)

Benjamin Almagno


redder robin

Hannah Amaral

Mrs. St Martin yells at me for following her rules every single time I have her class. It all started out of nowhere, and she threatens to write me up just because I stand up for myself, every time I try and talk she screams over me and does not give me a chance. I try to be nice and respectful, but it is hard to be when she isn't giving me a chance.

Joseph Olenkiewicz

Colton Martins

This school defiantly awesome!

Ellie Zambarano

A&J Reacts

The food is horrible,,,,, and KIDS should be able to defend theirself if their getting into a fight,,, instead you will get as much of the blame as the other kid, even if you didnt start the fight!! The teachers are good an example is mrs osterhout my math teacher, she teaches us very well and review the lesson more than once if the class is having trouble... FIX THE FOOD, LET PEOPLE DEFEND THEIRSELF and the school will be way BETTER!


Lucy Colby

This school is ok. Some of the teachers are really overstrict. On my bus people say ALL the swears, even ones you could get fired from your job for saying. Nothing has been done. They have not been written up, and the bus driver had completely given up on reprimanding them. The school lunches are terrible, and they don't let you charge lunches, so sometimes I don't eat. But some of the teachers are nice, and the only class that does not give me stress or anxiety is band. Mr. Costa should get all the awards possible.

Nathaniel Card

oops meant to do zero

Mikayla Gaulin

Kerry Medeiros

Sometimes this school scares me. When ever ms. Sturdhal goes down the hallway I panick. She is always yelling about all the things we do wrong (and most of the times were not even doing anything) when she yells it gives me goosebumps. If you hate your job this much to a point when you yell and disrespect students.. just quit your job.

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