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Utep is a very nice school. International office is kinda lost some of them r just students and they do not know all the work so when u get lost with them just tell them u wanna talk with an advisor or supervisor I am not sure which one is it. Parking is awful issue if u don’t buy the permit in May u will suffer. If you are a sophomore in IE and u wanna register IE classes you will have a problem because all the classes are almost full.

Carlos Contreras

The school is good overall. They have enough classes so that people are not desperately trying to get registered for their class like they do in California. They have a wide range of degree programs you can choose. It is a commuter school, but still there is a lot of student life, activities and pride. University is what you make of it. You can go and leave each day without talking to anyone, or you can go and make lots of friends and join clubs making this the best years of your life. I read some of the comments that say that the professors don't answer questions and that they act like celebrities. I say talk to the dean, you are paying for your education they need to answer your questions. Of course don't be that person that tries to take over the class trying to feel smart asking question after question. Also there is a degree of learning that comes from in class teaching, but students also have to study on their own based on the guidance they get in class. How many hours do people really study? In regards to getting a degree, please don't get thousands of dollars into debt for a liberal arts degree unless you have some plan that will allow you to pay back your loans. It is no one but the students fault if they choose a useless degree. You guys should know what degrees will allow you to get a job after graduations and which ones are just going to look nice on your wall. At the end of the day, there are many Universities around the country, if you don't like it, go to another one or don't complain that you didn't get accepted anywhere else and you are stuck.

Short and Sweet

Excellent University! You get what you put into it. Provides students with great opportunities to better themselves in their careers. Can’t beat the price. School has gone through a lot of remodeling and new construction making it innovative and modern looking. ⛏

David Moran

Go Miners!

Brian Rodriguez

There are plenty schools that can be considered superior over UTEP but soo far I'm content with the services and professors


My daddy went to this school and so I love it too!!!

Oscar Apodaca

Campus is nice but that it. Staff servise sucks like literally no professional at all RUDE and having other students and me back and foward also teachers not being teachers and everything else is ridiculous. Do not recommend all at your own risk besides from what i see no changes from my last visit. When is change happening?..

Leigha Drennan

Daniel Soriano

Ivonne Durant

Thảo Thanh

The University of Texas at El Paso

Danitza Viniegra


G.P. Kiefer

UTEP as university does not rank at all in either the QS, Times Higher Education or AWRU World University Rankings. Hence you do not go to this university to be competitive within academia nor expect career compensation on a commensurate monetary level as a Top Tier or even 100 ranked university. For those interested in careers in National Security or Intelligence, UTEP is one of the IC ACE (IC Centers for Academic Excellence) under the DIA. If you examine the current list of schools who classify, all with the exception of Penn State are sub-par in terms of academic ranking, reputation and overall competitiveness. As such, you should NOT expect to be recruited by premier alphabet federal agencies such as the CIA, ODI, FBI or DIA. The so-called meet and greet sessions with organizations such as the CIA are just for PR. Read A Curriculum of Fear by Nicole Nguyen. The IC ACE program is just an extension of the Milton High School program at a secondary level and subsequently proof of further militarization of academia. See Prof. David N. Gibbs research. UTEP NSSI program will not prepare you adequately for a position at an alphabet agency. I have direct experience in terms of the interview process and this includes two Five Eyes countries intelligence services. I would strongly advise having an established military background with an appropriate MOS, preferably working INT with high level clearance and exposure to analysis. Foreign language acquisition is mandatory. Being or becoming a polyglot is an enormous plus. Military is valuable for the vetting process and indoctrination. Finally I would also suggest majoring in fields of specialty as opposed to a generic umbrella like liberal arts program such as Intelligence studies. I would also suggest overseas exposure. Long term. Think Exchange student for extended periods. Total immersion including culturally and linguistically. Travel, gain first hand experience and real world knowledge. My final critique with UTEP is the faculty. None have applicable real world intelligence experience. Some have military background which is not the same as in the civilian world working for an agency. I can get more real world knowledge reading the articles written by ex-CIA McGovern or Philip Giraldi at Consortium News or watching Richard Steele on YouTube droning on about the need for total all source open intelligence as a reform for the CIA. This is a problem at UTEP and probably the entire IC ACE program. In fact, this was addressed in the Washington Post article, "Colleges Must Be Intelligent About Intelligence Studies" written by ex-CIA, professor of History, Nicholas Dujmovic. This was followed by a limited response from two UTEP professors entitled, "Can colleges teach intelligence? Three security studies professors argue they can, and should" I seriously suggest you READ BOTH. Pay special attention to the second follow up response comments. There are 14 comments including Dr. Dujmovic's timely response which adequately confirms my own beliefs and experience. as he correctly states, "professional academics, with little to no actual intelligence experience, who have an interest in perpetuating the degree programs they run." The additional comments are of equal merit as they brutally confront the apparent hypocrisy of the such academic programs from what genuinely appears to be INT insiders with both military and civilian intelligence experience. On a final personal note, I would like to express my disdain for the program's coordinator, Carmen B. Medellin whose has shown to be completely inconsiderate and rude to student needs and inquiries.

Alexis Amaya

Yang Celia

Good university.

Emrah Arslan

Luis Garcia

Nice place to visit

Damaris Linares

Allison Nawman

I graduated from UTEP with a BS. I would not recommend this university. The instructors are not given to tools or proper equipment to run labs or productive lectures. Students are treated like cattle. The financial aid department and SBS are full of misinformation and do not follow any policy related to the university or the Federal guidelines. They are not willing to help, but are willing to continually pass you from person to person leaving you without any resolution. They are rude and extremely disrespectful. Remember you are only a number. At UTEP you have no value. If you have an option please do not invest your money and put yourself into debt at this university. You will be very dissatisfied.

Jared Conner

Robert Santos

Beautiful campus and amazing engineering programs!

Luis Medina

nice place

Eduardo Villarreal


Captain Tarin

Worse decision and experience of my education process ... Safe yourselves from hassles and an alternative option for your education, there are plenty of options

Patty Garcia

(Translated by Google) I am looking for an unerberida for my son (Original) estoy buscando una unerberida para mi hijo

Luis Fernando Galván Contreras

Abel Stephen Barrientos

Aaron Millis

Campus is certainly beautiful, excellent athletic facilities (including a brand new state of the art student rec center) climbing wall, pool, gym, courts the works. Students are polite enough. It definitely doesnt have the community feel to it like a typical college would. No one says high or really engages in any sort of conversation unless they know u from high school (majority of people who go to utep are from el paso or juarez). (I was an engineering major, so this next bit only applies to you). They seem to make a big deal about engineering at utep "its the best engineering school for latinos/Latinas in the U.S"...but come on! Consider the location. The engineering program (mine any way...M.E) was good enough, but certainly no better than any other program in the state. It was lacking in some key ways (1) many profs could care less about conveying their messages in the class room...more interested in research. Or perhaps they are simply not good at conveying messages? (2) their is a hierarchy in the ME department which u are at the bottom of. If u can work hard and get good grades, u will be rewarded accordingly and perhaps earn some say, but if u are an average student, nobody really cares. (I mean why should they right?) there is a lot of opportunity to be had at the university (a lot of research/internship stuff) but u need to have the grades for it. Simply put your experience at UTEP will be what you make of it, don't expect anything extra or special.

Anonymous User

Positives: The school environment is not so bad, most people are polite. staff and faculty are supportive of disabled students. Fairly easy for veterans to be admitted into school Negatives: Staff often don't know what they are doing and rather then striving towards figuring out the problem they just refer you to a different department or tell you they will call you. Staff often don't reply to voicemails or emails with the excuse they simply "forget". To much investing in remodeling rather than education; "centennial plaza was pointless." Most engineering and science classes are offered during the day leaving graduate students no choice but to not work. Utep advertises programs they have with great pride yet are poor programs but because the advertisement is legal they advertise. Example: Online courses and Utep a top 7 school which they use to lure in students who are unaware of good school ranking sources. Some professors and student organizations are very rude. Not enough scholarships,if you are not some kind of genius or started on the correct path since beginning of high school, the most you will get is a miserable 1,000 scholarship a semester; If you are an adult(i.e. not supported by parents) be ready to get loans. Engineering professors care more about the programs and research they are involved in than teaching correctly. Which is good for the university but bad for you. The purpose of this review is to inform potential customers of what i know about the school based on my experience only. The school may have since changed their policies. Good luck. -previous utep student of 4 years

Michaela Robinson

Worst university I have ever attended. My husbands military so we have moved a lot and it's my third college. Many of the teachers here do not speak good English and neither do the TA's. Teachers consistently fail to email me back about issues. They actually take attendance for 200+ classes. They completely disrespect service members by not giving veterans day off but they can give Mexican Presidents day off. I had one teacher tell me my friend got a better grade on her essay than me (2 letter grades better) with one more source than me because "She needed a confidence booster." IDC who you are but that is not a fair or equal grading scale.. and even if that is your reason, you do not tell a student that. I was forced to drop my Biology class because the man barely spoke English, no TA, and the college would offer no tutoring of any sort because tutoring just isn't a thing here. This university acts like they want to make it as hard as possible for any non traditional student to achieve their goals. If you have any other option, do not go here.


Soooooooooo good

Jose Romero

The University is well suited for the students needs to succeed.

Sean Mangelson

Great school.

July Henze

UTEP Is a nice university in the south of the US near to the border with Mexico. Used to harbor people from almost everywhere, now has many Mexican students that are coming to pursue their dream. I feel happy for them, but definitely UTEP's past population diversity made it phenomenal for international students to meet each other.

cloud s

Escobaria Gracilis

Did not go to college there, but I do enjoy the beautiful buildings on campus. Also the various productions offered from time to time.

Jaiden Briones

Currently a first semester student here and I have loved the experience so far. I came from a two year stint Epcc and the experience is night and day. The campus feels alive during its peak hours, so many sprawling studenta full of diversity. There could be more activities and general things to do to get a better sense of community. The rec center is definitely a plus for after class activities. 4 basketball courts, two level gym, swimming pool, racket ball, etc. I have only taken 4 classes so I can only comment on a small fraction of the education experience. So far it has been great! Understanding and interesting professors teach here at UTEP. I am glad I am finishing my degree here!

Sandra Lyle

Unique campus. Caring teachers and great curriculum. I loved getting my masters degree here!

Elena Saenz

Kevin Buehler

Nice campus.

Mathew Kerin


Melissa Valenzuela

Angel Franco

Over prices on tuition. Teaches don't give a dam about students future of there cares. And therefore, money is power.

Jonathan Chume

Worst parking service. People working for parking are swindlers. They just know how to rip money off people. No permit arrived at your house.

Marily M

mia khalifa

Drew Richardson

Not the best college

Vicente Enriquez


Really cool stadium, I want to go to a game there sometime. The city of El Paso really supports their school which is very nice to see.

josue reyes

i will be a future utep student excited to see what im going to be experiencing

Chagas Albuquerque

Eric Andre

Best city name ever

David David

Let's go miners


(Translated by Google) The history.... (Original) La historia....

Stephanie BTS 아미

Comfy environment

Nael Morones

Abraham Goytia

1 more year so I could go to college n I want play basketball or ball at utep

Steven Yeh

Alumni of UTEP and currently studying computer science. This university is good. High quality professors, friendly staff. I also work here (part-time) and I want to say that my co-workers and supervisors are very supportive and helpful. However, I feel the students can be a bit nicer.. 4.5/5 but I'll round up. :)

Northern Texas

El Pasoians can be some of the best fans and worst fans depending on win/losses during a football/ basketball season! (AKA Bandwagoners) But UTEP has a chance to hire a young hungry president who is sports minded!! New coach, good recruits the possibility is endless if done right. Sunbowl renovation is a band-aid job! A/C in the press box?! Tell me how that gets UTEP recruits?! We needed to update our entire press box! Change it up enough fans can forget all the losses from years past so that we can all start fresh! The locker rooms under the Sunbowl when I was there in the early 2000's looked like something out of 1978!!!

louie morrow

Fun basketball games


I am going to attend the college of engineering from Fall 17

Still Mode


Reagan Turley

Love being a graduate student here

Steffany Sosa

Alan Johnson

They make you pay for everything. Everything is overpriced. The employees are too incompetent or too lazy to do their jobs. You are less likely to receive good help from the employees if you are black because it is very obvious that some of them are prejudice. It's no wonder why utep has a 100% acceptance rate. They want to suck as many people dry of their money as they can. They should change the name to university of rip-off at El Paso.

awsomenes dragon

My mom went there and she she said it was great


Go to NMSU instead.


I did my BS in Engineering here and had no issues working for top engineering companies, some people still don't know where the university is located at, but some other places I worked know the research and development is being done there. I would say some teachers do treat themselves as celebrities but others are open to hear from students.

Xuyang Liu

Abiram N

Very nice view of wall 10/10

Manolo Faustino Ortega

Blanca Ortiz

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Exelente

Minna Ocon

Andrew Cone

Good unversity for people wanting a degree:)

Eric Martinez

Any experience is what you make of it. Many people say that they failed to learn or give some sort of negative feedback but honestly it's difficult to fill a cup that is already full. UTEP was a wonderful experience that opened up many doors for me. If you want to be successful, get involved and ask questions. UTEP is a beautiful campus and the faculty is always willing to help as long as you are willing to ask. It isn't just for engineers, I graduated with a biology degree and attending medical school. Through UTEP I traveled in and out of the United States through SEE and developed as well as enhanced many leadership skills through SLI. It takes more than good grades to be successful.

Cat D

Go Miners ⛏

Giselle Silva

Jose Gaston Barriga

The campus is genuinely an architectural gem; however, the displayed American and Texas flags were severely torn and tattered. The lack of attention, care, and late response to my matters were the feedback that I took in return.

Anita Eti


David Perez

Underrated university, academically that is (football team is a let down season after season).

John Espresion

The campus is nice, it is really easy to get from one side to the other on a skateboard, and it has some really nice views

Victor Sanchez

Patrick Perez

This is a review of UTEP's Alternative Teaching Certification Program. If you are a professional, or student, looking to obtain a Texas teaching certification, I highly recommend avoiding UTEP's program. Seek a program through Region 19 or any other reputable program. The office at UTEP for the ATCP has a high rate of staff change over. While my wife attended the program, getting answers to questions was a slow and aggravating process, with new staff members often unaware of her file or the status of program completion and certainly always empty handed regarding employment opportunities. The program is costly, but most importantly, they will hold your certification 'ransom' until you obtain a teaching position. One of their main driving pitches is they only collect their fee (~$3,000), through payroll draft, fee after you have been job placed, at which point UTEP notifies the Texas education board that your certification may be released. However, school districts will always ask you in interview if you already possess a valid Texas certification. There seems to be little to no understanding between Texas school districts and the University's program that a given graduate of the program possesses a certification simply pending being hired. They advertise, and testify in office, that they will assist in job placement. My wife finished the program two years ago, she has 'student' taught at a local private school, and in the time since the program has directed her to a single (1) career fair on campus. Since she has been utterly dissatisfied with UTEP's program, my wife scheduled a meeting for today, to request if she can outright buy out what is owed to UTEP so that she might have her certification in hand. An email was returned to her for an appointment last week and now, once again, the staff member, Carmen Reyes, isn't returning the call to confirm the appointment. In closing, service from our experience, is very spotty through out the program and generally stops once you have finished the program.


Mia Khalifa

Luis Ontiveros

It is ok and awesome

Damian Copado Maynard

I was enrolled at utep from 2002-2007 and off and on til 2011 but I never did receive any help with finances except once out of my whole academic career at utep. The rest I payed out of cash and it was just getting very expensive to deal with. Some professors are helpful if you ask for help and they will eventually get to where you want to be but some were not very helpful. I look forward though to returning to utep to finish my education hopefully I can get the help I need through disability office and assistance. --Damian Maynard

Luis Ramos

(Translated by Google) Uy good university 100% recommended (Original) Uy buena universidad 100% recomendada


This school has brought me so many good memories and great learning experiences. In the past, I wasn't so sure that I was college material but with the help of university resources and helpful peers, I've been able to overcome most of the hurdles when it comes to higher education. I do agree with most of the users who have commented about the engineering department though. Some of the engineering professors do have a tendency to not listen to their students when it comes to help or other issues. Perhaps they're too busy with their research? I myself have run into these problems and even had one or two professors who would give an attitude or scold you here and there. Overall, as an Electrical Engineer alum, I still give UTEP credit for being a great school with a good engineering department, despite its flaws.

A Brookman

The instructors think they are celebrities, and refuse to answer student questions. They have"class" by way of a computer program and a student to proctor the class but NOT able to teach the class. The instructors ASSUME all students are from the area. When they give an assignment out of class at another location they do not give full directions as to where the event is. The instructors do NOT respond to emails from students, do NOT respond to blackboard, do NOT feel the student deserves any respect when the student is asking about their class information!!! All 5 of my classes instructors are like this. The VA doesn't know what they are doing. They ASSUME all students walking through their door is under GI Bill, when there is many other chapters other than 31, 33, 35.... even if the school requires you to take a class the VA will not submit that paperwork. It takes months for then to submit paperwork. While the student acquired late fees, and outstanding debt while waiting for the VA at UTEP to submit paperwork. The instructors only have to post grades twice a semester. If you think you are doing well and are actually failing the student will not know. As the instructors only post twice a semester and only if your account is paid to date. If you are waiting for UTEP VA to submit paperwork YOU THE STUDENT ARE SCREWED!!! If you drop a class before the deadline (because the instructors refuses to post or inform you of your grade) YOU THE STUDENT ARE SCREWED, because UTEP will give you a grade of W, you still have to pay for the class. Anyone still reading this, other Universities are not like this. UTEP is operating below a community college level. I have been to CTC (Jr college) as well as TAMU @ COLLEGE STATION (University) UTEP is a joke!!

Andrew Davis

Its a love-hate relationship but thats just how college is right?

El Vampirate

Kyle Patrick

Horrible school. The professors are good, most of them anyway, but the all the administration, and various offices and administators are terrible. No organization, not a single care for students, they want students to fail. Worst university I have attended. Unless changes are made I'm gone next semester


the collage is beautiful and all yet the staff working in it seems to be quiet stupid always giving wrong information and aboding to do their jobs I had to wait 3 months for something that only took 10 minutes in order to register.

carson jill

nice campus

Vasu Kumar

Great campus & awesome engineering faculty. I have had great experience pursuing my masters degree at this university.

Kim Thoa Le

Frank Briones

Beautiful campus. So unique with its Buhtanese architecture. Good university.

Hector De la Rocha

6 MONTHS to get the I-20 AFTER I sent all the documents required. Called them, went to them in person just to get "it is 'in process'", telling me lies, asking me for "more documents" just because they didn't do their job well. Non-communication between Offices. Lies everywhere. Had to go from Chihuahua to El Paso to do an exam someone from the Stuff told me that I had to and gave me a FALSE date. Spent more than $300 DLS in 2 days to do the "imaginary" test. If I were the director or a kind of Boss would have fired all the teens working at: International Students Office Orientation Office AWFUL!

Hassan Barzani

UTEP is a great and diverse community. Beautiful campus as well! Keep up the great work!

Alex S

I don't recommend this university. Only come to this university if you have to, and the universities 99% acceptance rate demonstrates this. The University is full of people that didn't get into other universities or that they have to attend this one. The University has full of professors that didn't get accepted to teach (or do research) at better universities. And of course you have exceptions but it seems to be more of a rule than exception. So not only do you have the worst students, you have the worst professors. Not a great combination in my opinion. Sounds like a blast. Oh yeah whether you have options or not, it doesn't change the facts that the university ranks at the end of the list in the country.

Gibran Pena

This is a great university. Despite bad raps it may get, the actual education you get (if you want to learn and better yourself, that is) is not reflective of the "statistics." As far as my personal experience goes (got a BBA in accounting and finance) the university's ranking nationally or admittance rate has not affected me in the least. I am currently pursuing a law degree in Ohio and I'm able to compete with anyone from "top tier" schools like Ohio State without an issue. Ultimately, it is up to you to make use of whatever resources you have, and the tools UTEP provides are indeed valuable.

Manuel Hernandez

Great place bruh

Austin Carson

This University offers a beautiful campus. I enjoyed the scenery. On the other hand the University is awful. The structure and system of the University is poor. The staff within most departments lack knowledge. You are constantly being directed to different locations in order to resolve an issue. I wanted to change my major midway through the semester and I seriously had the worse time changing it. Let's just say, it is still the same major. I am unhappy at this University, the professors although some good, seem as if they just show in order to receive their check. My first two years, 70% of my professors were extremely anal and dealt with giving outrageous curves because the whole class was failing. The reason why everyone was failing was mostly because of the lack of teaching. Yes, it isn't always the professors but the students as well, I know, but when 95% of the class is below a 70, we have a problem. At this point I'd rather invest my money into a community college to rap up my basics. Give UTEP a try, but I am almost positive you won't be too happy.

Joel Vega

They are not helpful at all. You are just running around.

Johnny Runyan

Pretty good

Robert Denney

Alan A

Amazing school! Lots of opportunity/internships!

Isaac Zuniga


Senior undergrad in Geological Science, great geo program and marvelous naked geology surrounding the region.

Thamer 96craft

Leo Lopez

Worst school in TX, incompetent staff and misguided programs. It is a horrible feeling going into any office (whether financial aid, business center, advisers, heck even parking offices) and know that you will probably know more about their job than they will. Stuck here for one more year, but if i had children I wouldn't send them here even if they'd pay me for it. Beautiful campus, staff and programs ruin all the potential for this school.

Christina Hernandez

Good food and really good service.

Christina Contreras

Beautiful campus. There is so much to do when I visit the campus with my small children as well.

Daniela Muñiz

Great university! Number 7 in USA. The facilities are beautiful, it has great dorms services, and research is very good.

Ana Cruz

The University is beautiful.

priesess 53 baby

(Translated by Google) Kim (Original) kim

George Doering

Love it, great school for STEM Majors, Go Miners

Issac Ramirez

I like utep i want to g i there when I finish hischool

J. Landon

Luke Schmitz

Beautiful campus

Adeel Malik

Location, construction, people, organization


The engineering department isn't the best the country but they sure do try to improve every semester. I like that. As an ME student, if you're having problem getting through the classes.... it's 2016, you have a million resources to help you get through. Only problem is getting a hold of your instructor bc they all do research and they're busy most of the time. Anyway... UTEP may not be up to par w everyone but the effort to improve is clearly there.

James Hu

They lied to people and rip money off people. Its my 1st and definitely will be my last semester in UTEP!!!

Gentian S. Nikoliqi

Beware! UTEP is a 'For Profit' non-profit institution. The library is like being in a bazaar, where there is no quite time to study unless you go home, besides paying a $10.75 per semester credit hour. So, if you are a full-time student who takes 15 semester credit hours, that equals $161.25. There is more noise in the library than getting out there somewhere. The only quiet place might be the study booths that exist in the 3-4 floor, which are for graduate students only, and for that is a wait of 1 year and a half. You will pay a fee for a max $180 to fund the student services, no matter if you participate or not. You will pay it! Then there is a Student Union Fee for construction, operation and maintenance of a union building. Again, it does not matter if you use it or not, you will pay that fee of $30. The International Education Fee of $4. So you will finance the program of those that are less than 5% and go abroad and study! A maximum of $258.75 is the fee for technology and network services that is like trash. They keep the internet to the lowest speed available, from which many times it disconnects, especially having students that use it. It is the slowest you can ever experience in your life. It is slower than dial-up connection, if you are one of them who ever dealt with that connection two decades ago. They charged me $207 for technology fee! $13.20 for medical services; $10 to $50 course fee; $5 adding/dropping classes; the list is long. I was about to forget, if you rent something from the library, as I did a calculator, you have 24 hours to bring it back, otherwise you will be charged $2 per hour! Then, you will not be able to rent two days in a row; you have to wait two days! I had to stop here, because the list of fees is very long. If I had to write about them all, I would have had to write as you do for a couple of page essay! So, for as a full time student I paid around $700 in fees only. In math tutoring place you can have 1 help in one hour. I was told from the tutor that they do private tutoring! BTW, many times you will not be able to understand the instructors, because they have an accent that you will have hard time understanding. So far I did not have any instructor that was not nice. Many times the air circulation is terrible in the class. For that, the classroom door must remain open, but unfortunately there are always students who talk loudly or make some kind of noise that will disturb you in the class. For more info, you can also read the review from Hoejin Kim. It is to the point! P.S.: This is my experience in UTEP in comparison with two other education institutions I attended before I transferred here because of my orders as a military member.

Eduardo Guerrero

I want to study international commercial relations!! Does the university have thus career??

Claudia Chaidez

Good university love my experience. I believe its overpriced I got in debt with loans and all for not finding a job

Alyssa Garcia

Patricia Monge

TeeMex Martin

Very rude staff in the science building. Dr. Nancy Marquez is very rude and ugly behaved. I will never attend this college because of this person.. If you don't like your job quit!!!

Yuvil Alejandra

I truly enjoyed my experience at UTEP. Have so many good memories. It is a beautiful school and had so many excellent professors.

Sandy Ramirez

franchequia v

Wanzet RedGreen

(Translated by Google) A good university. It is like, just once, stood waiting for the beginning of the lesson, and then Grandma came with the hard drive and start yelling at me. (Original) Хороший университет. Очень понравился, только один раз, стоял ждал начало урока, а там бабка с винчестером пришла и орать на меня начала.

adel bedoui

Beautiful campus, nice city and amazing atmosphere


Utep is amazing :) 99.9% percent

Hector A Chacon

The best!


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