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Hasib Hassan Khan Chowdhury

Small university comparing with Texas Tech. But located at a beautiful destination. Surrounded by scintillating hill view and has ample space beside campus area. Situated in a fantastic city.

Samantha Ortiz

My friend is nervous about giving negative reviews because the school has threatened legal action, but here goes: she is unable to complete her major because 2 of her classes, which must be taken consecutively and in proper order, were overbooked. When told she would have to wait another semester to take the class and still pay regular tuition she tried to transfer. In addition to this problem, she failed a class because her professor was in court for felony charges and didn't grade her final assignments, as well as the school constantly demanding she make outrageous payments because the school failed to keep track of them in their system. When they refused to accept that she had indeed made said payments on time they gave her a 1-week eviction notice from her dorm. She is trying to transfer but UNM is withholding her transcripts and is trying to charge her an additional $2K for 3 months of housing despite the fact that she had already cleared out and moved out. Legal action was unadvised because of the immense power of the school's legal team, so my friend is now more than a semester behind and all of her college plans are on an undetermined hiatus. While I'm at it, she frequently reported fears for her safety due to the high crime rate in the general area and the campus itself. This school is by all account bad news. Spread the word, spare yourselves.

Tobyn Keeney

Terrible place in an even worse state. Stay away, much better options and places.

Mahdi Hasan

Terrible Mechanical Engineering Department, not supportive towards students. faculties are not friendly.

Cooper Stokes

UNM The University of Nothing Much, I have no idea why some people post 5 stars for this university, but this has to be one of the worst unversities in America. It may look visually appealing on the outside, but the inside looks like it’s deteriorating and moldy. The teachers here are probably one of the only good things about this university as they willing to help. People have already described the administration offices so you have an idea. A lot of classes are ridiculously overpriced. I’ve meet students that are very chill and down to earth, but a lot students are rude mean and total douchebags, Especially the female Graduates, simply awful people. The campus location is dangerous as Students always have chance of being victim of a crime (minor or major) as Albuquerque is low key scary. Nothing to do with the actual university but the sports teams either horrible or okay don’t expect much from them. After dealing with faculty offices I have transferred out of UNM and I’m now attending the University Oklahoma State I’ve made the mistake of attending so you don’t have to. Probably the best option for a New Mexico is honestly out of state. DON’T GO HERE

Rosario Barata

Vova Kobrin

(Translated by Google) Where to find Walter Wyde? To buy blue honey! )))) a hah (Original) Где найти Волтера Вайда ? Что бы купить синий мед! )))) а хах

Oleg Industries

(Translated by Google) The best university! (Original) Лучший университет!

Somei Guyee

Witnessed, first-hand, MASSIVE corruption in almost every department and at every level of this "university"; in particular keep your eye on the IT middle and upper management, they're foul creatures who twist and poison young, impressionable minds. It's the biggest jewel in the crown of ABQ avarice and apathy. Bad place, worse people. I realize that none of you reading this have ANY reason to believe me, but in all sincerity - if you value your sanity and morality - do not attend here for your own benefit!!!

Ross Rader

College University alright!

Gus Lavigne

Don't bother reading reviews with 5 stars (they're full of themselves, trust me I had classes with schifer ) The campus has ostentatious alumni who talk down on undergraduates and make you feel lower than pond-scum. The campus looks beautiful but the education here is average. The only majors that are worth your time and money are Anthropology and Nursing, only because of the extensive course work and effort they put into them, but even then you'll have a hard time enrolling in classes because they fill up too quickly. The administration is similar to a bureaucracy, they make you walk from place to place to seek help, only to add in last minute things that extend your time there. The staff are unsure about their jobs and will tell you where to look for help elsewhere. Student personalities are mixed up, some are really cool people and are decent people, some have acrid personalities and hate everyone there. Most students I know at UNM don't even know why they're in college and waste their money taking random courses. As for the class sizes, they are overpopulated up the wazoo! If you don't like to sit with 300+ students in one class, you should consider taking your classes elsewhere. Your education is not worth squat if the instructor doesn't read your work with so many students!



Hamza Abbas

Hi everyone! Happy new year !!! I want to study (Master )graduate study in English . Please who is studying or studied (master )of any thang ? How much for graduate program in this university? Is it covered by financial air or any thing ?

Sandy Swearingen

I'm with a patient at the Ortho clinic at University of New Mexico and the wait time is appalling! Even though this was a scheduled appointment, we have waited almost there hours to see the doctor! Utterly rediculous...not a happy patient!

Brown Yes

very good archaeology department.

Andrew N Bre

The only large College in Albuquerque so do the lack of competition the quality of their services is lackluster. Tell me what the administration is a nightmare and parking is a headache. If you have the option to take classes somewhere else do it.

Shiv Desai

LMFAO what a joke feel bad for anyone going to this dump

Anmol Thapa

Luke Waruszewski


Their financial aid office and Bursars Office are filled with incompetent personnel.

Thibaud Rouquet

Beautiful campus, decent education, very friendly staff and awesome international students. I do miss my time at UNM.

Erik Seymore

Beautiful place

Rachel Noek

My BS in Mathematics, minor in Chemistry from UNM has served me very well. I went on to earn a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Duke. I was well prepared for my PhD program.

Jordan Chavez

I am a CURRENT Econ/Stats student here who would give lower than 1 star if given the option. So let's start with the Pros. Tuition is dirt cheap, especially for in-state students and those with financial aid (you get what you pay for). The landscape is decent and the weather is nice, that's about it. Now for the Cons, staff and administration here are quite clueless and care very little about you or your agenda. The education is not up to par compared to most other universities (again you get what you pay for). The Business school is okay, but I wouldn't recommend it for the MBA since it's a complete repeat of the bachelors degree. I've heard Engineering and Sciences is pretty problematic as well. Wifi is horrible! Liberal bias is through the roof on everything and parking is insane. This institution is a complete reflection of the state of New Mexico, not kidding. If you can get accepted somewhere else and can afford it/go into debt for it then I'd recommend doing so.

Riyanna Davis

Stupid I can t the picture

Nathan Garcia

It's ok for being an urban campus, some teachers care other could give a crap less. Lucky I got the good professors to make my experience a good one. The only thing I hate so much is the bureaucracy of the place. It's take a long to process stuff that should take a day. Raise tuition so that the ten thousand president earn 100,000+ so they drive around in there BMWs, Porsches, Audis and more. We pay for school not to fund your lavish lifestyle. It's like a kingdom, you either pay taxes or they boot you from the city. They just want money they don't care if you graduate or not. Y'all want to pass, a take BIO 402 topics course- Maggie Werner-Washburne. She will do everything in her power to help you graduate and succeed at UNM. She had the power to make it rain at UNM....not just water but A+s too!!

Jose Rodriguez

UNM is a school unlike any other. It's a microcosm, a unique intersection of New Mexico and the world at large converging in Albuquerque. The campus is awe-inspiring - with its amazing architecture and the splendor of color in the fall. The instructors are world-class - all experts in their fields and willing to do anything to ensure your success. Most of all, the atmosphere is welcoming, weird and eclectic - there is never a dull moment. So dare to learn, dare to become part of a movement beating in the heart of New Mexico. Dare to be a Lobo!


Great University

Leroy Torres

Unm hospital is awesome me and my girlfriend Margaret have alot of faith in this hospital. Thank you. 12/21/18

Kevin Miller

"Describe the experience... " let me see... It was like having the opposite of an orgasm whilst being tortured for no reason by a morbidly obese walrus of a dominatrix. Attending this institution was the biggest mistake of my life; worse than smoking.

Hillary Zinks

This school sucks in nearly every way. Except their teaching staff. I have met a few good teachers. But its like prison everyone goes but nobody graduates.

Amir Hope

Tuition is prorated for the Pell Grant which is very strange considering it's only one class, never in my life have I had a more difficult term with this place, they make it more and more difficult every term for us to attend this campus unfortunately UNM has taken a turn down hill and displeases me constantly, it's difficult to even drop a class less than two months into it. Governor Martinez is corrupt, greedy, and selfish she cut the Education budget out of corruption and vetoes Bill after Bill

Virginia Acosta

My experience was exceptional.

Melissa Acer

Scary staff!!! Ian Drackert, an Academic Advisor, is a very scary person and surprising that he remains on staff with the way he behaves towards women. You know the kind of guy that just makes your skin crawl...this is totally him. Makes inappropriate comments and just all around unprofessional. Run, don't walk, from this sketchy place!!!

Michael Escobedo

You can pursue so many student degrees and be a part of so many organizations that are fun and worth while!


I would like to revalidate subjects for this university... Who can I contact?

Jette Edwards

Absolute worst University one could attend. Although I graduated from this college, I'd never send my child here nor refer anyone to this Uni. The professors are amazing (for the most part). However, the advisement, the financial aid offices, and really anyone other than the prof. are horrendous. I should've stayed home in MA and attended school there. UNM has been my biggest regret thus far.

Bryan Q-tip

Iba Louise

No person or institution has been so troublesome to me than the University of New Mexico. Just when you think you have called all the people they tell you to call, been transferred again and again, they will continue to belittle you as a student and graduate! They don't discriminate! (I guess that's a positive, right) You may be told people do their job out of the goodness of their heart, just to make sure they have put you in your place for asking that an error on their part be fixed. One person will tell you one thing and another person something else, but in the end it will be your fault. Not your advisors, not your program department, not the University. It is you the student who will be blamed, belittled and at fault, even if you have done exactly what you have been told to do by the University. I will never return to this University. I don't wish the experiences I have had with University administrators and staff on any student who is working hard to earn their degree. Many if not all of the professors were knowledgable and professional. The administration staff is truly something else.

Lauren Nitschke

I am currently a senior about to graduate this May from The University of New Mexico. I love this school and all that it has offered to me during my time. One reason I love this school is they always keep students in mind. For example, today they had a "cuddle a K9" event on the center of campus. This event was provided to the students that may be stressed about upcoming finals and projects due. Especially for students that have left dogs at home, like myself, it is important to have the opportunity to de-stress and get some doggo time. UNM always keeps its students in mind from the variety of resources they provide to the fun campus events they host. I am proud to call myself a Lobo. (Woof woof!)

Sarah Seitz

Great place for in-state education and continuing ed for mature students. Beautiful campus, excellent selection of courses.

Banyan Blue

best school ever

drwaqar anwer

Doug Markey

I went to University in Mexico back in 73 74 75 76 as a very good college expenses engineering and the Sciences Division and their law schools pretty good to about 35,000 students very good neighborhoods around there and I love that school

Stephonáe Nelson

Best university in the US.

Zacharias Cipriano Sais

James Robinson

Great university!


Not sure why this school is not the MIT of the Southwest with the elite federal labs nearby. What is holding UNM back?? Politics? The "tomorrow" mindset of ABQ? Maybe an overhaul of the Board is needed? Bring on some real change makers and get away from the usual cozy legacy politics that is New Mexico.

Anees Abrol

Been a great exp till date. Really good course curriculum and awesome professors/staff.

Allison Pfeifer

The wifi literally never works. Like ever. It's just a joke now. Always down, fix it already

Doug Griffith

Awesome campus, great food options, and study places everywhere. Has a good New Mexico feel to it.

Joey Graham


(Translated by Google) A beautiful October day. A duck pond and water fountain. It is a beautiful October day. There is a duck pond and a fountain. (Original) A beautiful October day. A duck pond and water fountain. 美しい10月の日です。アヒルの池と噴水があります。

Laken Baca

Nice, modern, up to date.

Louisa Estrada

This place takes SOOOO long to give you your meds! I understand they're really busy, and trying to get everyone out in a proper manner, but Sheesh! Sometimes this place can be ridiculous!

Christopher Santana

Filled with stealers and harassers

Bob Rodgers

MMAS kumar

Awesome professor

Muditha Katuwawala

The architecture of the buildings look likes Pueblos. Lot of area to walk around

Tardis Chick

They are so overpriced for the education you receive. I recommend ASU or another university, because this one is just there to nickle and dime you and you don't even get what you pay for. Use caution. I had to take extra classes because the adviser didn't know what classes I needed and fuddled it up royally. I personally think they do that on purpose so that you have to take extra classes.

Joe Walter

Alejandro Moreu

(Translated by Google) Leo and I liked it (Original) A Leo y a mi nos ha gustado

Roderick VanWhy

The University of New Mexico is a unique place to attend college. With a mix of diverse student body and a variety of degree programs in Art, Science, and Medicine, this university has opportunity for any student eager to obtain their degree. The university has a very active student body, and I found interest in several clubs. One of which being the UNM Mountaineering Club which focuses on taking students outdoors without breaking their budget (as they pay for mostly everything!). The campus is located around a variety of great restaurants and coffee shops which are great places to unwind, and finish homework. The campus has a beautiful aesthetic and is very safe to walk through. I have had a great experience here and have met so many influential and kind people, some of which are now very close friends of mine. Go Lobos!

Emi Masui

Crystal Gonzales

Ok at this point I am having to agree with people who say the UNM Staff is not friendly or coordinated. I have been unable to retrieve my tax form and they have been sending me on wild goose chases as to whom to talk to about it. Then I will finally get someone who gives me an answer which is: "We will not help you".

Waka The Platypus

Spent two months signing up for this school, and after I finally got everything in order I had to sign up for orientation, which I couldn't the first time because my placement test scores where failed to be put in the system. After they were in I still couldn't sign up so I had to call to find out why that's when they decide to tell me I didn't make it into the school because of my GPA, which finding out what my GPA was is one of the first steps into signing up for the school so why did it take 2 months for ME to find out, they didn't tell me I had to force it out of them. Nice people, but they don't do there jobs.

Brian Montano

get your education

Andy Rutledge

Jonathan Kahl

Dr the drug test me right now because I was gone for 2 hours the nurse here is named guy said that this is what he had to do and he's

Chinita Howard


Blanca Isela Arenivas

jose luis

Cynthia Perkins

Lost 3 pounds since last visit

Jamie Diaz

I really enjoyed my undergrad time at UNM. The Anthropology and History departments are great, full of knowledgeable professors willing to help guide students. Atmosphere is welcoming. Plenty of amenities on campus, lots of places to study, you can always find a good quiet spot if you need it. Tons of opportunities to get involved, not just for Greek life. I had capable advisors in Anth and History.

Jasmine Brooks

Visually the place is very pretty, and a good environment to study and grow in with the right habits in place. With the exception of students occasionally having lazy or non-helpful advisors and what feels like repeat cafeteria food, it's a good school.

Leonardo Rossetti

Don't listen to what others review, UNM is a state university of course paper work is a pain buracracy sucks

Lei Ma

Francisco Sanchez

(Translated by Google) Great university, a very nice campus and impeccable facilities (Original) Gran universidad,un campus muy agradable y instalaciones impecables

Sarah M

UNM should stand for University of Nothing Much. Not a good university or campus location....In the most crime ridden part of ABQ.

Genell Burns

ATTN: Foreign Invaders. DO NOT attend this school. Save your money and attend CNM or seek a school outside of NM. Though the faculty generally cares about students, the staff is clueless and will give you information that will cost you time and money. Run far, far away.

Noah Lewis

Not a very good school, high crime, poorly managed

Alexis Gurrola

I am forever indebted to the University for preparing me to face the real world. UNM will not hold your hand every step of the way, you have to earn your spot and stay on top of responsibilities. However, I have been supported and guided through my entire University experience and have loved my entire time here!

Modesto Ruiz

Aprill O'Grady

Its referred to as the University of Nothing Much. Its cheap, but as always you get what you pay for.

Dustin Simon

Jake Osborn

I expect better from the graduate departments at a flagship school like this.

Dustin Schiffer

UNM provides a wonderful atmosphere. It is an oasis in the city. It maintains many highly regarded programs, and provides a quality education at a reasonable cost.

Mohammad Abdo

Kali Antram

As a student currently attending UNM, I can confidently say that I am satisfied with my decision to come here. UNM has affordable tuition (especially for in-state students). The Bridge to Success and Lottery Scholarships help motivate in-state students to achieve higher grades not only in their high school career, but throughout their college career. There are also many scholarship opportunities for out-of-state students. I lived in the dorms my sophomore year, and I loved the luxury of being able to roll out of bed and walk straight to class. Plus my roommates were all super friendly and we had a great time! UNM also has very kind and helpful staff and advisors who want to see you succeed. As someone who was changed their major a handful of times, I can happily say that every advisor I talked to was extremely knowledgeable and excited to help.

Leo Dudziak

Terrible school give out A's for doing nothing. Average student is dumb as a rock. Also UNM has poor quality professors .UNM Doesn't offer enough classes so it takes longer to graduate. The gym looks worse than third world countries and doesn't allow chalk. Only have a couple of good departments but the average salary of a UNM grad is mid 30's. They don't care about you personally you are just another paycheck that they will milk by raising tuition and assigning 300 dollar textbooks. Went to NMSU for undergrad and the gym was cleaner and open more. It wasn't closed for half the day. They graded harder and professors actually remeber your name. Learned way more from undergrad than my masters. Go elsewhere unless going to med school or nursing. The tuition is double what NMSU is for an MBA program. While there program is just a review of a bachelors in business. Where NMSU requires basic econ, accounting and statistics and teaches an extension rather than review. Worst choice ever to go to UNM.

Bluffs Puffs

The school itself is very expensive. It's like you can watch Taylor Swift's concert many times with the money spent and yet we still go there for a piece of test paper (some, papers). I pity the staffs. The staffs are uneducated and rude. Once I asked about the toilet and 3-4 staffs just ignored me and walked away.

Kara Kawulok

I’ve been going to school at Unm for 5 years now.. and I’ve finally reached my breaking point.. when I started Unm, I did with the best attitude possible.. I was ready to learn something and more than motivated to do anything and put in as many hours it took to reach my goals in life. After 5 years I really can’t tell you anything useful I have learned. And I really wish that was different I want to take something away from going to school and I have waited and waited every single semester hoping I will learn something useful.. and it hasn’t came after 5 years.. yes they teach you and most of the teachers here are very good but I haven’t took anything that’s meaningful or insightful and nothing that makes me career ready. Another downfall is how hard they make this as simple as registering for classes.. it’s now going on two weeks that I’ve been trying to register for classes but it’s one issue after another.. every semester when you go to register for classes they offer very little of classes that you need to take and end up with a schedule of classes that are 1) not very accmodating to your life, and 2)classes you don’t even need just to fill up your schedule for financial aid and scholarship requirements... I’m so close to having my degree that it would be very dumb to just let it all go.. but this school has defeated me in so many ways

Susan W.


Isaac Chavez


Diana Diaz

Great campus! Great teachers and services. Math department needs major help and new teachers but the science teachers are the best!

Michael Rivera

Waited 4 hours to get seen was told to get some over the counter med got a bill for 135 dollars

Captain Drahcir

UNM is an interesting school. The tuition is low compared to many other accredited universities however the cost is realized elsewhere. Quality teachers are best found through student referrals since there are many subpar teachers specifically in core coursework. Several teachers are more interested in teaching their own political and moral opinions rather than subject matter. If you're skiddish about liberal propaganda choose your teachers wisely. With all that said, UNM for me is still a decent education since I spend a great deal of time thinking and know how to filter what I "learn." I am in Anderson School of Management and there the content is appropriately focused on business.


Beautiful, relaxing campus available to the public. An oasis in the city.

Joseph Gonzales

OK don't eat at cafeteria it sucks

Acapella Wiz777

this has to be byfar the worst university in the united states, its actually quite disgusting. Teachers take legitimately no responsibility for anything-everything is your fault. I guess it was my mistake believing that perhaps this godforsaken place would hold their students to equal standards as other universities.

arjun gupta

Julius Maximus

It's inviting and welcoming and a lot of fun. It's a great place to learn.

Alicia Chavez

Go Lobos!!!

Quino Carretero

(Translated by Google) Wolf! (Original) Lobo!

Betty Bless

I love UNMH! Very caring and kind providers.

solid_ salsa

Paid parking is such an irritating inconvenience to find and semesterly parking passes are too expensive.

Abigail Avalos

I had a decent experience after my first year here. The financial advising people were not very knowledgeable and put me in a significant bind that I was left to figure out for myself, and my academic adviser misinformed me into an extra semester there. After that first year, I learned to get everything in writing. All things considered, my experience here was not the worst thing I have ever experienced.

zi yan lim

Tried posole for the first time and didn’t like it

Redd Parker

I love this college!!!!

Brad Wylie

People should be aware before attending unm. That crime in the area is really bad. When I lived in the student ghetto. I had everything imaginable stolen from me. Ranging from musical equipment to a car stereo out of my 92 tercel. Basically anything that's not bolted to the ground will walk away. Young people trying to start out in life dont need to deal with crime and insecurity. There are many universities across the country that are in nice, nurturing environments. Unm isn't worth the time or the money. I actually hope this post informs young people of what I was not aware of when I was a teenager.

Matthew Pepin

Parking Nazis charge $20 if you overrun your hourly parking and threaten to boot your car.

Liz Wagner

Jonathan Miller

Nice urban campus

Miami Scene

All my aunts and uncles attended school here- cousins, too. It was a kinder gentler time. The campus is busy and vast.

Oscar Lucero

Great college experience

Azad Vojdani

Most dangerous campus ever, police focus more on enforcing parking rather than safety. I have been a student here for two years. The only thing that's changed is some new facilities that still blow. Money allocation is ran by a preschool it seems like. The biology department lacks any kind of organization, I get good grades but it has been an annoying journey here. Not to mention the social events here probably costed about 500$ so yeah expect them to blow too. Overall if i didnt get a lottery scholarship to this place I would've never even considered coming here.

Tony Edwards

looks nice but it's kinda sucky

Aaron M

Hate going to class everyday? Love cheap tuition with basic education? Say no more because this schools' just for you! At this university, you can BS every class assignment and still graduate on time! And why try to be an a**hole when graduates students here are top of the line arrogant and snooty! This deal also comes with students who also cheat their way to the finish line! Enroll today and receive the administration department package, it's ran by the students and even though they're not well trained, we still give them the attention they need because it's the only way your gonna get that mandatory hold off your student account. If you hate that, then you'll like attending required workshops that waste hours of your time, don't wanna go? here's another hold in case you do. Wait, enroll in the 10 seconds and get the awful student bonus! Like a jar of acid dissolving a box, the students here have rude attitudes and acrid personalities that will do the same! You'll notice it so much that even your politeness just melts away! Average and sour students, bureaucratic administration, it's all here for you today!

Andy ABQ

Nice campus and atmosphere, but trying to get help from someone competent is like pulling teeth. Ran into no end of red tape and bureaucracy - and really fell through the cracks as a transfer student. Really got the impression that the degree programs are designed to take five years starting as a freshman and twice as long transferring in.

Jess Gong

Could have been more challenging, but I finished my general education here practically for free.

John Marshall

UNM terminates long term employees at will,lousy management. Will fail.

Danielle Branch

Charged me 5,000 and I never attended one class

Astrid C.

After high school, I had trouble deciding where to go to college. I decided to go to UNM and I am extremely glad I did! When I started, I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in, but the diverse courses available allowed me to find not just one, but TWO majors that I absolutely love! I have had nothing but amazing and passionate professors! The diversity here allows for various perspectives to be heard, which makes for excellent class discussions! I will be starting law school next semester and I definitely feel ready, thanks to the professors and resources available at UNM!

jonas Peña

Very very rude...sat in the er waiting room for about 15 hours and they have homeless drunks spitting on th floor and yelling and they don't say nothing one tryed to steal my phone I told nurses and security and they told me just to move....and on top of that the bathrooms were very disgusting...urine on the floor and trash over filled and no soap......just very horrible service...wont recommend anyone to comehere....

Andersom Barreto

John West

Sad to say, it's better than the land grant college in the small midwestern town where I live, now -- but not by much.

Frank James


Racist against white males apparently.

Hassan Barzani

University of New Mexico is amazing!

Tommy Wong

Nice atmosphere, good vibes, always a good time.

Ashley Rendell

Rudolph Checkley II

I have had the best service everytime.

Alicia Dominguez

I am from New Mexico and didn't really think about going out of state, so UNM seemed like my best option. Overall, I think UNM is a pretty good school. Teachers and advisers, are never as helpful as you think and hope they would be. Therefore, I suggest being proactive and taking accountability for making sure you get what you need done in and out of the classroom. There are plenty of research and scholarship opportunities if you look for them, especially for first-generation, underrepresented, low socioeconomic status students. In particular, the Biology and Environmental Science departments have a lot of helpful staff and provide a few scholarships and research programs. El Centro de la Raza has always been helpful for me, as well (i.e. free printing, study space, scholarships, supportive staff). During the summer, I went to Harvard for an internship for Biostatistics and was amazingly well-prepared. I thought I was going to struggle, but realized that I received a pretty thorough education. I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that I have accumulated at UNM and do not regret coming here for my undergraduate.

Priscilla Magallanes

UNM has definitely been an amazing experience with great opportunities. As a freshmen coming to a whole new city at first it was scary. However, since UNM was able to provide such amazing resources and different organizations, it wasn't a hard transition. I think being able to get involved on campus and exploring new groups, for me was the best way to start meeting new friends. One thing that I believe this campus offers is beautiful areas to either study, let loose or just hand out with some friends. Zimmerman Library, the duck pond and Johnson Field are just some of these many places to go just to relax. UNM not only offers amazing study areas but the education here is sensational. Many of my professors that I've had shown such a passion in what they are teaching us and really do share a concern about their students. Knowing all of this is what made me fall in love with this campus and truly appreciate everything it has to offer.

Lauren B

I rec'd a PhD and post doc work in Psychology's Clinical & Experimental program. Close connections with "CASAA" (research, treatment of addictions). I may assume that other doctoral programs also seek community connections. I thoroughly enjoyed the great prof's, and many opportunities available PLUS available scholarships and work-study placements. I cannot say enough about my graduate experience (Psychology Dept). Thank you, UNM!!! Of particular interest to many students include the beauty of the campus itself. I did not much care for the food court after noticing a two inch cockroach in my bread. Actually, the roach just informed me of his territory. [NOTE: this occurred a long time past, and is NOT meant to represent all vendors.] However, The Frontier is right across the street and many local eateries make room available for ACTUAL STUDYING!!! Another advantage for the undergraduates is that some of the core courses for psychology are taught by advanced graduate students. Given the level of competition to gain a spot in the C&E doctoral program, the student-teachers tend to be experienced, very intelligent, energetic, fair, and sometimes use this teaching outlet to de-stress with a bit of humor. Many have prior teaching experience, and ALL must be in good-standing in the dept (B or better). I believe this is a lovely advantage to the undergrads. There seem to be a plethora of collegiate non-academic activities (I'm a nerd and did not participate in anything that did not include a book & notepad). And a whole lot more!!!

Donald Macias

Nice atmosphere & great college to attend

James Wass

Just wanted more twos

Cassie Collister

UNM is an awesome university! I'm currently a junior and throughout my three years here UNM has provided me with a number of opportunities, friends, resources and life skills. The campus is gorgeous, at all times of the year! People on campus are always friendly and there's always a ton going on. Aside from the great atmosphere, the staff and professors are extremely nice and always willing to help. I came here with no major in mind and was able to explore with the help of my advisor until I figured it out. I was able to create the degree that I wanted through the liberal arts program and my focus areas have opened so many doors for me! UNM has also provided me with the opportunity to go on exchange to another University for a whole year at the same price for tuition, amazing! I will always be grateful for the knowledge and skills I've gained as well as all of the amazing friends and colleagues I've made! I truly could not have asked for a better undergrad experience.

David Loera


Joshua Uffer


Wenting Yong

играем игры

(Translated by Google) Mama (Original) mama

Marvel Stainforth

Great campus. Considering going.

damian garavito

Август Маев

(Translated by Google) I remember the Wall of Daniels !!!!! (Original) Я помню Стена Дениэлса!!!!!

Ryan L

Good classes caring professors

Dan Rohe


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