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REVIEWS OF St Michaels High School IN New Mexico

Miguel Gabaldon

St. Michael’s High School is the best high school in New Mexico. My wife and I are St. Michael’s Alumni (‘83 and ‘84), and we made the decision to send our children to St. Michael's to get the same quality education and have the great high school experiences that we were so fortunate to receive. Now we have three more St. Michael’s Alumni in our family - 2013, 2015 and 2018. More importantly, St. Michael’s prepared our children for life after high school and they have received, or will be receiving, college degrees four years after graduating from St. Michael’s (UNM-2017, UNM-2019, and Grand Canyon University-2022). Thank you St. Michael’s for all you do for your students. Go Horsemen!

Anna Farrier

Our daughters are on to college now and wonderfully prepared because of their experiences at St. Mike's. Not only are they academically prepared, but socially and spiritually as well. The latter may in fact be the most important. They definitely left "ready to serve," with maturity and insight that came from the school's focus on educating the whole person. We are happy to be part of the St. Mike's family!

Tara Archuleta

I have two children at SMHS and absolutely made the best decision to invest in their education. The teachers and faculty genuinely care about my children and know each student by name. We are actively involved parents and know what goes on at the school at any given time because of the constant communication from the school. Students that graduate from SMHS are not only prepared for college, but have been given the tools necessary to be successful beyond high school into adulthood.


Aileen Alvidrez

Love it its nice place

Ryan Eustice

Graduated about six years ago and I can say that I was never more prepared for college and the challenges that were ahead of me. I credit all my academic success to the challenging curriculum and the tremendous amount of support I received from the teachers as well as the community of all Horsemen. This school prepares you for the future and gives you a strong base that you can build off of and grow. The teachers pushed me in the classroom and this translated into a work ethic that I still carry with me today.

Rachel Gantt

Best decision we have ever made for our children. The most well rounded school in Santa Fe.

Loretta Smith

leslie c

St. Michael's in the best school in Santa Fe!

Carol Luttrell

As the mother of 3 Horsemen (1 graduate & 2 current students), I cannot say enough good things about St. Michael's High School. The academics are challenging and focused on college preparation. The teachers, coaches, and staff are knowledgable, supportive, and caring. The extracurricular offerings are varied enough that all of my kids found sports and clubs to fit their interests. And the focus on building caring, responsible citizens who are ready for the world beyond high school is evident in all they do. I am a proud and grateful St. Mike's parent.

Victoria Jones

My son just graduated from St. Michael's High School last week after attending the school for four years. I can't say enough good things about this school. From day one of his admission interview, the administration made it very clear to him and to us as parents that going to college after completing SMHS is NON NEGOTIABLE. The school emphasises standards of morals, values, and respect for the students themselves and respect for others. When I go to the school the students greet me and hold the door open for me. May seem like a small thing but now-a-days when kids have zero respect for themselves or others this means a lot to me as a parent. The school is Catholic but respects and values all faiths. Their motto, "Enter to learn, leave to serve" is the foundation the school stands on. The education at St. Michaels High School is in my opinion is the best in Santa Fe. The teachers are dedicated, professional and extremely knowledgable in their fields of study. Don't expect this school to look like Prep with extensive Lacrosse fields and fancy buildings. This school puts it's money where it's mouth is EDUCATION. My son struggles with a learning disability and the teachers and couselor Doug Enloe have served my son's needs while also challenging him to thrive academically at a college level.. As far as the reputation SMHS might have for being only good for students who are sports oriented, that really couldn't really be farther from the truth. My son is not into sports at all and has found his niche with some of the most beautiful and respectful friends that I am so grateful for. My son has flourished and grown into a confidant, academic, and beautiful young man. I have St. Michael's High School teachers and administrators to thank for this. Don't hesitate to chose this school for your family; It will be the best investment you will ever make for your child. God Bless St. Michaels High School.

Kar Fernandez

Max Myers

The best money I ever spent. My three sons excelled in college after attending St Mikes.

Sam Ruyle

Saint Mikes helped prepare me to handle many of the situations life throws at you, the education and tutelage I received during my time there equipped me with the foundation I needed to get to where I am in life today! Great school, Go Horsemen!

Aimee Geyer

Graduated about 5 years ago, never had trouble academically throughout college due to the great preparation from St. Mikes. The extra curricular options continue to expand each year. They have great sports, music classes, drama, chess, student gov, and many more. St Mikes also continues to grow technologically (smart boards, mac labs, digital photography, etc). The supportive community creates a stable foundation to learn and grow, which is incredibly important during middle and high school years. Plus, St Michael's looks fantastic on a resume.

Kimberly Marcus

I have (2) daughters that attend/ed St. Michaels. My oldest is now off at college & my youngest is a freshman. My oldest struggled with a learning disability all through school. St. Mikes did everything in their power to assist her - she prevailed - she made the Dean's List her first semester in college - couldn't be more proud! My youngest is challenged academically and continues to thrive. Both girls are/will be prepared for any obstacle(s) they endure. The students (not the school administration) creates a "community". These students have a very strong bond within their "community" and it shows. When one person is suffering, the school comes together to lift their spirits. They cry together, they laugh together and they are there for one another. These students are friends for life. I am proud to say that I am a member of the Horsemen Family! Thank you St. Michaels High School!!

Anna Sandoval

When my daughter was finishing her elementary education in public school here in Santa Fe I knew without a doubt that I would be enrolling her at St. Michael's High School. Two years ago I experienced a job loss and as a single mother was devastated at the thought of having to pull her out; however with perseverance I can proudly say that she is now a Senior and she is still at St. Michael's High School. She has maintained a high GPA throughout her years at St. Mike's and is looking forward to a career in physical therapy. The preparation for college is incredible, not to mention the entire staff, teachers, administrative team have all been top notch. St. Michael's High School has been the best decision I have ever made.

William Germann

this school is not worth 10k. at Santa Fe High, everything is better in every spectrum.

Gabriela Camarena

Our experience at St. Michael’s High School has been nothing short of great. Both of our daughters graduated from St. Mikes beyond prepared to take the next step in the academic careers. St. Mike’s offered our daughters an atmosphere where they could grow academically while instilling values in them that they will carry with them for the rest of their life. My daughters graduated with morals and tools that will not only help them academically but in any other aspect of their life. Both of our girls found the transition to college easy because of how well prepared they were, from time management to discipline St. Mikes did a wonderful job at preparing my girls for what the rest of their life has to offer. Apart from the academic St. Mike’s also allowed our girls to thrive in sports with coaches and teammates that pushed our girls but also taught them how to be dedicated and a team player in order to accomplish something bigger than just them. St. Michael’s is by far the best school in Santa Fe for the cost and the results will not go unnoticed! Nuestra experiencia con St. Michales High School ha sido altamente positiva. Nuestras dos hijas se graduaron con una excelente preparación académica y listas para iniciar sus carreras Universitarias. St.Mike’s les ofreció un entorno de trabajo y valores morales fundamentales para ser las mejores seres humanos posibles y además una disciplina de trabajo y superación tanto en los deportes como académicamente. Sin duda, St. Michaels es la mejor escuela privada en Santa Fe.

Susan Patten

Best environment to prepare kids for college - challenging yet supportive. Not only are the academics excellent, but the opportunities kids have outside of the classroom through athletics, fine arts and clubs are invaluable at St. Michael's.

Lincoln Byrd

Are you kidding me? I could go to college with tuition from this school. Definitely not worth it.

Chris Crumbacher

St. Michael's was a great experience for my son and daughter. They received a well rounded education, made life long friends, and graduated ready to excel at whatever they chose to do in life. (My son is now a doctor! My daughter is excelling at one of the most important jobs, being a great mother!) The staff and administration set good examples and genuinely care for the students and the families. God, academics, sports, and family. I recommend St. Mikes to everyone.

Taylor Gantt

Both of my kids attend St. Mike’s – my daughter is a sophomore and my son is in 8th grade. They are consistently challenged to think critically, they are safe physically and emotionally, and both are involved in something outside of class (sports and music) where they've learned how to deal with adversity – and are pushed outside of their comfort zone. I've been very happy with St. Mike’s and recommend it to a lot of people. They'll be well prepared for college...

Raya Waters

Going to this school was the best decision I've ever made. The teachers don't just want to teach you to recieve their paycheck. The want you to have a safe, happy, and healthy learning environment. They also have amazing staff and are welcoming to everyone. Couldn't ask for a better school.

Jeremy Garcia

William Pearson

Went to Jr High here. Pretty good school, although rather pricey for a private school.

Christy Aguilar

tanya roybal

Outstanding academic excellence and classroom experience.

Melissa Lopez

William Bloodworth

Mary Anne Burke

St. Mike's High School has far exceeded our expectations not just academically but particularly in the strong community it provides for our daughter. It's a community experience that she has not had the privilege of being a part of before and it gives her confidence that she goes to a school which is safe, takes care of one another, as well as the community beyond the walls of the school. Excelling in one's academic achievements is supported not just by the faculty and staff but by one's peers which is an attribute not common in educational institutions particularly at a high school level. It's OK to do well in school! The pathway to college is not only made available to all SMHS students but the pathway is clearly defined so students know what is required of them throughout their high school years to become a well-equipped and attractive college applicant. We look forward to our son who is soon to enroll, it's an invaluable investment we will never regret.

Karissa Baca

This school is not just a center for learning it is a place where friends are made, life lessons are learned, and the foundations for a wonderful future are built.


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