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301 Loma Colorado Dr NE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124

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REVIEWS OF Rio Rancho High School IN New Mexico


My son attends and they keep him motivated with a wide range of extracurricular activities to choose from. They give a lot of incentives for students to keep their grades up. I'm very happy with his education his first year there.


Rio Rancho High is the Best school ever, A thousand times better then cleveland high

Sabrina Minnix

It's not the best school but not the worst either. I went here for part of my freshman year back in 2012.. The teachers are OK. Personally I wouldn't send my kids here.

Nikki Quick

Complete garbage and sham of a school. A Security who violated my rights (And many others) All they see to be is wanna a be rent a cops. A few have law enforcement pasts but I doubt many. and sterotypes people who are not status quote. If you are not a athlete or straight A student here, you mean nothing. A horrid administration. I have met a nice group of teachers at my time currently here. Although, I can say some bad eggs are in the bunch. Students strengths are not viewed only weakness. All this school cares about if your shoulders are showing and that you play ball. Complete and utter garbage. They are not here to help us they are here to help the name of ''rIo rAnChO hIgH sChOoL''

alvaro vf

Dustin Hackett

I am so greatful that I finished high school and I have came a long way.


Greatest school


can't wait for next year

Haley Johnson


Corene Baum

Traci Stockton

Reese Nutter


Eoin Duffy

Nik S

I've been to five high schools so far, and Rio Rancho has by far been the best. The teachers treat you with respect, and they really know their stuff. The academic level stuff is mediocre at best, but the school really starts to shine in the AP classes. The AP teachers here helped me score a 4 and a 5 in my AP tests. They push you hard, and know their material very well. The school also has a lot of money and programs. All the photography classes use $600-800 cameras, all of the classrooms have access to technology and wireless internet, they have a astronomy telescope, a fully decked out kitchen for cooking classes, hundreds of solar panels, fully stocked labs, hundreds of $250 robots for the robotics class, etc. You name it, they have it. The people at this school are also very nice. I've been to a few ghetto schools, and in my entire time here I only met two pot heads! As far as high schools go, that's a pretty small amount. Also, considering Breaking Bad was filmed here, I'm surprised I didn't see any meth. Plenty of nice people to hang around with. Really nothing to complain about. You really can't go wrong with this school. It's not going to be any good if your a slacker or a bum. But it's going to be a great experience if you put in the effort.

edgar levine

Dayle Coduti

William Quinn

Muhammad Iraqi

This school is filled with drugs and teachers who do not care about "low" grade students. Literally students sniff pills in class while the teacher lectures. As an alumni who has been here all four years, save your student the hassle and torment of being around bad influences.

Matt Marshall

Amanda Prieto

DesiearreaLynette Candelaria

Cathy Carrillo

Trin Sorem

I personally really liked this school. Some of the teachers are mediocre, but some are just outstanding. That school, though there are many people that attend, has some great people. The athletes and extracurriculars (ie choir) are phenomenal as well. I’ve had a great year and a half at that school. I would absolutely take my children to that school if i ever move back :)

Shelly Harrington

Awesome, honest and caring people fill their lives with the students and go the extra mile.

Paul Maez

brogamers adrian and cristian

Jorge Ortega

Grace Morales

Martin Ramallo

I highly recommend Mr. White's chemistry class, especially half way through the school year when he does the fulminated mercury demonstration.

Oscar Diaz

Jonathan Morales

Santana Ruiz


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