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REVIEWS OF New Mexico Military Institute IN New Mexico

Samantha Rodriguez

This place is simply amazing! It perfectly balances academics, leadership development, and athletics. The whole military system is very structured for great motivation that regular schools usually lack of. It is not only the outer part of the school, but the inner part too. The friendships created and the relationships are very strong and create a family-like environment. For anyone looking for great edication both academically and personally, this is definitely a great place.

Grant J. K

I took gre test at this school in 1998, loving it

Dat Luong Gia Dat

Garey Baker

Helen Body

Military Madness in New Mexico

Mandie Bolton

Pavel Dumitrescu

Adrienne Williams

New Mexico Military Institute has provided immense growth in my personal confidence, independence, leadership, and humility. Coming to this school for ROTC's Early Commission Program has been a very good decision. Being constantly in a military based environment has gotten me used to the every day life of what my career will consist of. I have made close friends and I am always learning more about myself and others around me. I value my experience here and look forward to the last semesters and graduation that will take me to my next four year school as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army.

Randall Smith

Great school but you have to want to be there, otherwise you'll be miserable. If you accept the rules of faculty and of your cadet leadership and listen you'll do fine. I graduated JC in 1993. Colonel Orell and staff are wonderful leaders. I recommend this school to young people that want to succeed.

Doo Alvin

As a student who is currently attending this school, I am very satisfied of the campus life and surprised of what this school provides to me. The quality of the education is high and the students can grow their leadership skills by the education provided from the school. This school is not just a school like a normal school, it's a school where the students can grow their personality and become a great leader. There is no doubt that this school is one of the best military school in the nation and this school will be the best choice for your or your children's success.

Christina Parsley

Brad Davis

One of the best schools in the nation.

Jose Antonio Vindiola Sicre

New Mexico Military Institute has be the most important decision that I have made. It has been a great challenge that has taught me so much, helped me grow mentally and physically and given me a life changing experience. This institution is a great preparation for the future of younger adults who are becoming tomorrow’s leaders whether they are joining any service or are simply here for education like me . This School, which becomes just another part of cadets life’s, teaches us great values as; Honor, Loyalty, Respect, and the caring for other's wellness. At NMMI you will succeeded and will achieve goals with the help of others as well as learning teamwork and helping others succeed. After being at NMMI for 5 years I’ve learned about family and friendship, Leadership, Education and Responsibilities, becoming independent and ready for a successful future, I have learned so much about leading, and following and am proud to say I will be a NMMI grad May 2016 as the Regimental Commander.

James C Plumbing

This place is horrible! They have an extensive history of kicking kids out by using fake drug tests. If your kid does not "fit in" then they beat your kid. If that doesnt work they pt your kid till they pass out. If that doesnt work or your kid has trouble making a's or b's then they use a fake drug test and kick your kid out. I know because I was one of those kids. So was Morgan Bell.... he killed himself over it. DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE!

Caleb Gambz

Ricardo Ortega

New Mexico Military Institue is a great place to get an education. Teachers are willing to help any student who ask them for help. It is also a great place to develop leadership even a new student.

Eugenio Beyer

Lance Cole

Matt Smokov

Coranne Polk

Will Johnson

New Mexico Military Institute changed my life. I showed up in Fall '07 as a high school senior looking to perform well and gain admittance to a reputable college. Up to that point in my academic career I had not performed up to my full potential. The discipline and camaraderie I gained from the military, scholastic, and athletic programs at NMMI helped make me the man I am today. I will forever be indebted to the military staff, teachers, and athletic coaches at The Old Post. I am now a senior at Texas A&M in the Corps of Cadets and will commission into the US Army as a 2LT in DEC 12. That being said... NMMI is not for everyone and you only get out of it what you put into it. If you are willing to buy into their program you will do well and they will provide you with the tools to reach your full potential. I did not experience hazing during my time at NMMI. I played football, basketball, and golf while I was there and did not experience or witness hazing on those teams either. As for the fake drug tests... I had a friend who came to NMMI with me and had a history of abusing drugs. He legitimately failed a drug test and was booted after 8 weeks there. I can't really help you there. I can guarantee you that if you do the right things and don't do anything stupid then you will be just fine. If you are not committed to positively changing your character as an individual and living duty, honor, and achievement everyday then do not go to NMMI. It's that simple.

simon polakoff

This school has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual and as a leader. Though it can be strenuous at times, the pros out-weigh the cons. I would recommend this school to any individual looking for a challenge academically, physically, and mentally.

Dave Capenter

David A. Carpenter H.S. Class of '50 NMMI is not for everyone, just like college is not either. I transferred to the Hill from Brown Military(no longer exists) as the Outstanding Cadet of the school. I'm not "the brightest bulb in the sign". and was a better athlete than a student so prepping for West Point was good academic training for me. I spent 4 yrs in the air force during the Korean War, flew jets in the aviation cadet program before washing out 2 days before graduation for a physical deficiency. I graduated from a small(1850) liberal arts college(Occidental) on the G.I. Bill, worked in sales and marketing in healthcare for 30 years including stints at both UCLA and USC Medical Schools. When my wife got cancer I quit USC and went back to school at 66 and earned my teaching credential and taught high school science for 15 years. NMMI is not for everyone. You have to have the right stuff. I am proud to be a Native North American. My Gr. Grnd. Fath. came to Santa Fe in 1830 on his way to Calif.before settling in Los Angeles in 1832 and having two children with a native girl. I feel a strong connection to New Mexico and the West. Io Triomphe!

Luke Joyner

The school is a great place to become a leader! The experiences you gain here are like nothing you will gain anywhere else. I came to the school as a junior in school and am now a college freshman. I have done nothing but learn and prosper in both the military lifestyle and in the classroom. It will forever hold a special place in my heart as a home and as a alma mater. My life will forever be changed do to the many friends and experiences I have had at NMMI. When I think of NMMI I think of a famous quote by John Quincy Adams, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader." this quote describes exactly what I and my fellow cadets have done in our time at NMMI.

Sandra McCormick

Bill Voelkers

Class of '78. i entered the school with a BAD attitude and a with NO future. Can't begin to imagine what my life might have been like without it. A great place to teach a kid to be a man. To learn pride of country and respect of others. No regrets!!!

Gg Gg

I've played the course a lot and it's always in good condition. The course is fun, it has its challenging holes and it has holes you can get after. Just a good solid course.

Apryl Anderson

This school has really helped me with my leadership skills. It has many different opportunities and programs in the school if you want a bright future. Coming here as a prep was one of the best decisions I have made because I know the education here will make me succeed in the future. If you are planning to come to the school as a prep it is a good idea because it really teaches you everything you need to know for your future. It gives you such a higher opportunity to go to an academy and gives you a year to figure out the academy lifestyle. I'm glad I came here before I continued with my life at the academy.

Ivona Luettgen

It has the best education in the state for the price and provides life skills that lead to success.


Timothy S. Parnell

School has a very long history.

Craig McNeil

Great education.

Ryan L

This is a great school for those who wish to be challenged both mentally and physically. The leader Leadership skills instilled give the cadets a very competitive edge in the job market and even the military.

Francisco Enamorado


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