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REVIEWS OF Eldorado High School IN New Mexico

Noah Chacon

The school went from 100 to 0 real quick as soon as they banished the media channel known as "super school news". It was the only reliable source of reporting and they just killed. I no longer feel safe or happy because of their actions.

Panda Outlaw

Not bad. Not too bad. Ms Burns sucks tho

Ultra Instinct BlastaKicker

Eldorado is where im going next year it is awesome ok haters

Edward Carr

Bad school drugs

Jason Castaneda

I can't believe this high school charges for parking! I'm sure they have money from filming "Breaking Bad".

Lacy Kimber

Eagles Nation

Wasn't this the school were breaking bad was filmed

Duke Nukem

Got shot up

Salted femur

Maia Keough

Josette Gurule

Joash Zatarain

taylure Canamar

Steve Kiyabu

Phoenixx Nixx

Aaron Baker

Ivanna G

Djiby Coulibaly

Jacqueline Krawchuck


I've never gone to this school yet but just from the outside theres trash everywhere- weird grafitti on the walls and probs a lot of drunk dealer hippies. I'm going to la cueva bois L

Fredifer Monzon

Connor Bowdoin

Barbora Basista

Coach Mac

Less than POOR! School has fired their incredible girls soccer coach over prayer when players have been offered the options NOT to have him pray, yet they wanted him to. Seperation of Church and State should not cause seperation of common sense and personal choice (by his players). The board who approved the forced resignation of coach Hirschman should be ashamed to remove such a loved, talented, and respected figure in their school and community. I imagine there are far more who are outraged across this great country!

Saucy 3hab

Michael Baca

@Paris Luttrell are you a idiot Eldorado is a sucky school they need to get better staff members again like you said you are not going there until next year so why don't you shut up being that you have not been to the school yet.

Jpcrunchy 0_0

Michael Quinn

When i barely graduted their back in 1978. Our Principal said. This is the best class we ever had. I yelled out. You say that every year. He was pissed . said i

Dylan Brahmin

Its a decent looking school, attending it this year. But the one thing i really wish they had was a computer tech\ coding class. I understand why Eldorado is as it is though. Eldorado is a very Self-spirited and sport classed school. But why not have E-Sports, and No im not talking like CS:GO Or Call Of Duty, I'm talking about having coding sports, or even a computer construction sport. I'm just wanting the School to be more tech' advanced, have some tech geeks, and less jocks. Again With this, it could expose students to a enviroment in which they would like to "Hack" School Systems. But with that we could teach students to advance computer securities. They could be white-hat hackers, but there will always be some bad apples. But with these sour students we advance computer security and school security, always have a camera in the computers to see who truly signed in. I mention this because, students will use other students ID cards for malicious intent. Expose a Trojen, Build malware, or even delete school critical files. So have the computers camera always on so that we can see who really causes damage to intellectual property of the school. Again I wish that they would a computer tech class for these reasons.

Brandon Meaden

Every school has their problems. Unfortunately kids would rather hate this school because they rely on the teachers and staff to have a good experience. But in the real world, after you graduate, YOU are responsible for your experience in whatever field or place you work at. If you kept your nose down, and if you did your best at the school, you would graduate with highly good recommendations for college and a good foundation for your future.

Darius Mckenzie

i like this school

Ryan O'Rand

Went to school here... Good people.

Eleanor Andrews

Matthew Brown

I h8 Scool

Xxsimplyolivia Payton

Have tried for two years now to get my daughter in special ed. Never got a call or email back. Showed up to the school to ask why no one was responding They are unable to locate the person I need to talk to or they're gone for the day. Set up appt , went in and they say ok they'll get the paperwork together, never heard back. But when my child had the flu and missed a week they had security walk her to Chavez's office and then he didn't even kno who she was. It's pathetic to think this school gets a 10

DinoJackGaming258 _

Nico Sanchez

Worst high school ever won't even let you take AP classes no matter how hard you try or how good your grades are I recommend staying away from this school.

MegaJackman13 The coolest

Please take the time to read this please. I'm sorry if it's longI was a special ed student at eldorado in 2012 and I absolutely hated it I was not allowed to eat lunch outside or anywhere else unless my teachers where able to supervise me! And even worse i got into trouble just for showing my teacher the Microsoft Facebook page. Decagon the other hand was a totally different story' my teachers would not allow me to buy anything there unless I earned it which was total nonsense considering the fact that it is not a privilege it is there to do just what it needs serve it's purpose. My mother asked the teacher if they could escort me to deca and they agreed' for the first few days that is then I got screwed when one day my main teacher refused to take me to deca for lunch &a I was only allowed to eat a cafeteria burrito. Then my teacher had the nerve to lie right to my mother that I ate the burrito when in fact I never liked burritos! My special ed pe class coach was a total jerk. One day I bought a Gatorade from the vending machine & as soon as they saw it they made me pour it in the trash. Speaking of pe in the gym there was a place called coaches corner which I was never allowed to go to unless I earned it same as deca. Another time when I was in wood shop class it was the day after Halloween and everybody started eating there Halloween candy and I had my own but the educational assistant that was with me would not allow me to eat any of mine despite the shop teacher not minding. Parents & Teens please don't go to this school! It is one of the worst schools I have ever been to don't let your kids attend this school. Especially if you have a special needs child! Trust me I know from experience here I would rate this review zero stars if I could.

Working For A Better Tomorrow

@Brandon Pine shut up dude really just because staff at eldorado was nice to you doesn't mean it was nice for all of us. The counselor here named casey cooper is the worst counselor ever don't bother trying to switch counselor's though because the school won't let you.

Deep Fried Salad

George Martinez

Spencer Wilcox

Benjamin Lucero

Kevin Brane

Eldorado is a great school, even though I have to admit they could improve on a few areas. Overall, I love being an Eldorado Eagle and attending classes at EHS. Being at EHS have been some of my best years at any school

Netty 3000

Currently going to eldorado have to say love the school the teachers are nice so are the people and excellent cross country program hands down my favorite sports team at the school

Nolan Miller

Not quite sure what all these people are whining about. I had a pretty good four years at this school. Took my AP classes, kept my grades up. It's a good school. Pretty sure the people with poor reviews are just kids who didn't pass.

Mercedes Martinez

Great school I love it just don’t come Here and do a 3 A.M. challenge, 100% sure this school is haunted. There was a tall figure chasing us, and someone was sitting in the library and staring at us through the windows, then one night we went back and someone knocked from the inside of the gym window. Love this school, I recommend it for anyone who loves a good scare. And the staff is fantastic.

Lance Lehman

All I did was make a Twitter page to tell my fellow students the latest news about Eldorado. Next thing you know I find myself in the principals office being interrogated by the principal, 2 assistant principals, and the APS cop who was threatening to take me to court. The cop even said he was putting a cease and desist on my wonderful news page. All I wanted to do was to keep the students informed about the going ons of our school. I even made polls to make the students feel involved and I had my own segment on periscope for the visually impaired students! All I wanted to do was improve the student life here at EHS, but no, they felt the need to suspend me all because I wanted to make this school a better place.When they made me shut down my news program, it caused the loss of over 50 jobs, most of the employees having children to feed. I still see a lot of them begging on street corners because they are having so much trouble finding new jobs. No business can't bring out their hidden talents like mine did, so they appear as useless to all the other businesses.They were the best employees I could ask for. I can't believe l had to shut down something so great and inspiring. I have never felt so ambushed in my whole life ;(

Paul Griego

layla R

Ashlee Fromme

Jackson Stewart

Eldo sucks team sandia

Claire Barton

Carlo La Pegna 98

Shanon Lehman

Lawrence Bueno

(Translated by Google) to (Original) k

Rebecca Keene


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