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REVIEWS OF Albuquerque Institute of Math & Science IN New Mexico

Dom animations

I am surprised to read some of the negative reviews on here. My husband and I have been extremely impressed with this school. Our son started 6th grade this year and it has been nothing but positive. Academically, I feel confident in sending him to school and knowing he is being challenged. I do not know many teachers personally, but through conversations with my son I could tell how much these teachers care about their students and their success. They push these kids, but in a way that encourages and inspires them. One of the things that surprised us all (including my son) was the PE/Karate program. He was not looking forward to learning Karate and now he loves it. He is, with out a doubt, in the best shape that he has ever been in. Our daughter will be starting next year and she is so excited. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who's child needs to be challenged and prepared for their college years.

Antonia Pattichis

bad experience.

Jerry Hunter

Jason Lu

I don't even need to say anything. This school isn't bad, but the "people" who run it need a mental checkup.

Shane Vespender

Best school in the 505

Laken Baca

This school has done so much for me as a student. I have learned to be a successful individual and learned so many life lessons early so I can be successful in college and my career. Life lessons that have to be experienced. Life lessons that cannot be spoken upon and learned. Thanks to AIMS, I feel like a person who is ready to conquer the world. Teachers have helped me learn things academically, pushed me to a higher level of understanding, given me grace, taught me so much, and are personable and relatable. I am appreciative most to my parents. They fought for me to get into the school. They have gone through so much for me, they have taught me how to be a young adult and have raised me to be a successful individual, supplementary with AIMS. My parents are the role models of my life, and all I want to do is make them proud. I recommend AIMS to people who want to be pushed, but people who are willing to rise above and be the next generation of successful individuals.


Its a really good school! The teachers always are really attentive and its not for everyone but all of the people there make really good friends!

Aaron H

GLxC Frost

As a student at aims, I Fire and Ash think this school is only for the hardest of mind, will and effort into learning education. It is absolutely crazy and it makes me go insane. We start to early in the morning and get out to late. My grades aren't the greatest and there are so many tests. There are however good things: including the people, the extra 3 hours we don't have on Friday's, and how you can earn college credits. But if you and your parents decide this school would be good for you make sure your in high school so that there is less suffering and less F's. Shoutout to my brother swaskid33 you suck Mr. I have all A's. My friend Milidu broke his hand by hitting a chair, even though not being a smart fella I dont blame him. If you see me make sure to say hi and give me a crisp half five. I'll see you later Fire and Ash fans.

Sarah Wood

This school opened when my son was barely starting primary school and began strictly as a 4 yr HS only, but I planned for years and they began a mid-school program just in time! Extremely competitive to get accepted but it is an Ivy league school in every way, but free!! Best school in NM as far as all the test scores, GPA's, and has national attention for it's almost 100% graduate rate of students who must excell in AP Honor courses, are required to attend college classes after 9th grade, and are heavily dependent on community service hours to develop highly functioning intelligent adults!! It's very stressful witith constant HW, mandatory science fair participation and volunteer obligations, but I am so lucky I could give my son the education he needed and he loves his school's small community, challenging himself to not just pass classes, but to learn everything he can and succeed in his studies. He has already surpassed all of his elders who have Graduate degrees in his overall intelligence. He thankfully never needs help with his HW because I never had to experience the complex curriculum of studies, even in college! Thank you AIMS!!!!

Jeff Gearhart

bob stevens

this school sucks my iq would be higher if i had dropped out before coming here the only reason I gave this one star is because that is the lowest rating

Jordan Montoya

As a student at aims, ive been here for a few years and the school isnt all its said to be the principal does not care about the students and you barely even see her, she never interacts with students either. When you come to the schools open houses the school is made to look like the best school ever and the teachers and adminstration care so much. There are a select few that do care but in reality most do not care. also most of the students do not have any social skills.

im just here so i dont get demerits

the card system is terrible. Each week cards are handed out, and we are supposed to take care of them, but all it does is bring stress to the children of aims, because we get an even bigger punishment if we dont have them

Naren Tarikere


Great school, helped me advance as a person, and to the people who say the principle is often absent, she is frequently in meetings trying to open up aims west. All of the teachers care deeply about the students, and are very friendly. There are small class sizes, allowing for individual attention. Although it is not a place for everyone, I have found a home here.


In my opinion, AIMS is a highly average school. It is very beneficial to the smart kids, but most of the kids like me struggle with lack of understanding and teaching. However not every single teacher is like this, there are a few teachers who are thoroughly engaged with the students and want them to learn. There is also a lack of equality and justice, as many teachers have favorites over others even though they claim they aren't allowed to have favorites. I just think every teacher could use a self-evaluation.

Victoria Blanco-Alcantar

Katherine Walton

Grindi Rashana

BEST school in New Mexico

David Foo

Rik Bhattacharyya

Angeli Molina

The school is OK but the staff and principal are horrible no matter how bad they treat your child the principal say there not that he doesn't believe his staff would do it...

Ryan Baca

I've been extremely impressed with AIMS from the principal to the class options to the faculty to the overall culture. My daughter is thriving there. The communication with parents is great!

Gary Trujillo

Our Daughter has been at AIMS since 6th grade and will be graduating this year. AIMS has been a great experience for her and has pushed her to expand her learning and her goals. She likes her teachers and gets along great with both the vice-principal and principal. She has already been accepted to 4 universities based upon her excellent grades and she has pushed herself to take dual credit classes at UNM & CNM, because the teachers have inspired her to get a good education. We want to thank all of the AIMS teachers & staff for inspiring our daughter to be the best she can be. Upon graduation she will be attending UNM to double major in engineering & architecture. We feel this is because of her positive experience at AIMS.

Nicholas Hutt

As an Aims student I would say that this school is exactly what it says and is great academically. I do agree that sometimes there are not enough room for extra curricular activities however it prepares for hard collage classes and is great. There is a connection the teachers have with the students and makes it seem more at "home". However, you do need to build the relationships with the administration and be more "outgoing". This is great for building social skills

Sandra Fernandez

Nemiliztli Ortega-Trinidad

A Glowing Tree

Angie Wilson

This school needs to focus on what is important, and not on just how they look to the public.

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