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REVIEWS OF Albuquerque High School IN New Mexico

Alkarim Kassam

Allkarim Kassam


Rachelle Aragon

Best school

Arbnor Beqiri

♥Breaking Bad ^^♥

Eva Chronert

Nagumi Hiroe


Kalishic Herardo

I am still currently a student at Albuquerque High, and the reason they don't receive a 5 star is because of how retarded the attendance office is. I went in there to get an absence Cleared because I was sick, and the front desk lady thingy women was talking to me and then she interrupted me because her mom was calling her. I was thinking to myself like really are you that lazy like YOU are at work like you are supposed to do your f****** job. Besides this terrible experience with that person I would like to say my teachers for the most part are great! I have also heard that Ms. Troncoso is a disaster at Albuquerque High most (every) students that has had her has disliked her. I myself would not like to experience her quote on quote prison like classroom so good luck to kids whom may have her and may God revive your soul. Love ABQ High tho go Bulldogs!

cartoonjoe mex

Security can actually care less of what kids do

Shj it ffj S

I like chicken

John Hanson

Mary Keller

I do not hate it,I like it, east high wildcat


Moe Lester

Absolutely god awful excuse for a school. I mean wow, this school is just something else, I honestly had no clue that a place of education could be this terrible. School admins care only are about the sports teams, more specifically the Basketball team. Teachers and staff are rude and not helpful by any definition of the word. Here are some tips: -Don't go here -Don't, I repeat DO NOT get Ms. Robinson as a teacher -Repeat the second tip -Repeat the first tip Just don't go here please for me

Maria Wolfe

This is a school where every student can accomplish great things - if they want to! Recent Marshal scholars were AHS grads and they have a strong success rate with an amazing mixture of students - and they are a Title I school. They have a great Honors & AP program open to any student who wants to try and a strong music program. Their Mock Trials Teams almost always go to state - this year, 2 of their teams made state finals. Their Soccer program is tops too. The administration and teachers have always been very receptive to my parent concerns. There are super strong teachers, and weak teachers for sure - every school has this. Any issue I've had with teachers has been dealt with successfully. My kid is getting top scores on PSAT and we are very satisfied with the decision to have him attend AHS. Is it perfect? No. But it is a good, public school with a great history and tradition. It is very close and accessible to the CEC, UNM, CNM for concurrent enrollment opportunities too.

Neil McFadden

Do you really trust the reviews of teenagers still in school at AHS? Or angry parents that believe their student has been wronged by AHS? This is the most diverse school in Albuquerque, bringing together students with diverse economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds. If you believe that a well rounded education involves exposure to diverse population of ideas, then this is the school for you.

john travo

Well, after completing my time here, at this school, i'd like to reflect on a specific teacher, that should absolutely NOT be teaching, allowed to teach, or even around people, much less children. In case you're wondering whom i'm speaking of, her name is Yolanda Troncoso; a Spanish (so she claims) and ESL teacher. I'm not big on writing review(s), or really caring much about this kind of stuff, however the travesty that she considers teaching needs to be exclaimed. Now, i'm not sure where to start, or where to end, but i'll try and make this as short as possible while giving as much description that's needed. I'll put it in numbers, to make it easier to understand. 1) Something a teacher should NEVER do, she did/does. Ms. Troncoso assigns book work, from both the hardback class book, and a paperback book. That's ALL the work she gives, besides the quizzes and tests on the book work. Never does she incorporate activities within her teaching, it's nothing but cringe worthy book work, along with the tests and quizzes. The entire year was page after page after page of this mindless labor. The worst part about it, is that from this book work she expected us to have a grounded enough knowledge to complete and ace these exams. So in retrospect she did not teach us anything, she graded. 2) She expects you to have a pretty strong base knowledge of Spanish. In her mind you know basic vocabulary, and grammar when entering her class; and if you don't, well, too bad. Her quizzes and tests consist of sentences written in Spanish, so if you had a bad Spanish 1 teacher you're already behind and will most likely struggle with passing. 3) Let's move on to the prison like setup of the classroom. Sometime during the first few days of her class you'll be handed a syllabus, not so bad right? Well, the syllabus is something like 10 pages long, filled with rules and requirements. The most enforced rules being: No food, no drinks, no phones(in your pocket or they will be taken), backpacks at the back of the classroom, no roaming, no talking, no arguing(with the teacher), and three bathroom passes during each six week period. Her classroom is completely void of any passion, or care. 4) This will be the final number, however I could go on and on about how much disdain I hold for this ''teacher.'' I feel the need to mention that, she said, and i'm not making this up: '' Spanish isn't useful.'' Now if she wasn't a Spanish teacher that might have not been as ironic, but she is. She explicitly tells her students Spanish is not important or useful. Yet she has the nerve to fail students and give them book work and quiz them on the thing she deems useless. So in short, DO NOT get Yolanda Troncoso as a Spanish teacher, or ESL teacher. Unless you enjoy book work, weekly quizzes/tests, political indoctrination(not making that up either), being told the stuff you're learning is pointless, and a prison like set up of a class room then her classes aren't for you.

Dante Van Orton

I’m a Student at this school I’m a Junior and I love this school the teachers are great all my friends are great and it has an impressive variety of electives

Gabriel Romine

This school sucks but has some good teachers

Kody Joel

Gabriel Prado

Eduardo Freires

Orisi Somumu

Viviana Aguilar

Kyle Harvey

Bulldog Pride

Valentino Lujan

Best high school Bulldog for life I will always bleed green & white ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡ bulldog pride ♡♥ AHS

Rainbow 505

I’ve been to 3 highschools and this is the worst one omg , the teachers literally look miserable teaching and the kids are wild , the school is very diverse but everyone’s always upset and rude the only good thing at this school is the drama department one of the best in the state and best period of your day , but don’t go here if you want to be low at academics and dumb people corrupting your brain


It's lit

Noah Tapia

Cristy Garcia

Jennifer N Shu

School has the worst answering skills I've ever delt with. They refused to release my daughters grades to another school in another state.


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