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REVIEWS OF Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School IN Nevada

L-K Kari


My kids went to school at Faith Lutheran and went on to successful college preparation. The school gave them a multitude of opportunities and the teaching staff went out of their way to ensure their educational success. I observed a higher level of staff dedication in a Christian environment and were dedicated to preparing my kids for independent skill sets and thinking in a complex world. The school has a system that helps those families who really can't afford the tuition. They even have a special education program for certain kids with learning disabilities. If your child Is undisciplined, has serious behavioral issues, or has a parent who vicariously wants them to be a sports superstar or movie star, then Faith is probably not for your child. But I think they've even graduated a few of these.

Charles Friley

Most of the people that rate low are troll here from faith, dont listen to them

John Demuth

Alfredo Elosegui Sanchez

Wayne Turner

As this school looks very good on the outside as the other student stated the academics is "fluffy" and does not prepare students for the bigger colleges. This school is expensive and you should expect more than what we received. My child was there for 6 years and the middle school experience was the worst. I would recommend if you want to attend, to save the money for middle school and go to public. The principal, Sara H was truly rude. She was very arrogant and impressed with herself. I found her telling me on a couple of occasions I was "lying" when I asked for my child to be considered for their resource program for children that had a 504 or a learning disability. I had to jump through hoops and go to 'her doctor" to be considered. She was very short and abrasive and did not take time to answer any questions. I didn't feel the structure was a true "Christian" setting and was very surprised to find her like this. When I asked to talk to someone else about it including the CEO, I was brushed off. This school seems to be more interested in "BUILDING FAITH" and growing bigger by adding something new each year - and then raising tuition. Expect to be asked for more money then tuition. During the year you will be asked to pay for items that are conveniently added to your bill. With a poor public school district in Las Vegas I can see why it has many students. It appears to be a good school for your child - but I would think hard before I spent over $12,000 today for this education. If your child is not prepared for college - why would you spend it. My child was not happy here at the school, I should have listened to him and taken him out. He would have been happier and I would have saved all of that money.


Fredrick Biedermann

Chuck Burnett

Just attended a play at the Faith Conservatory of the Fine Arts. The Addams Family!! If you have a chance to attend any of their performances in Las Vegas, you won’t be disappointed!!! Amazing Cast and Crew!!! Hard to believe it is a High School and Middle School!!

Bryce Pfefferkorn

Linda Norcross

gwen avant

Dyhna Remigio

All I can say...

John Sepe

If you want a decent education go to a school not a church lol

Pamela Kendall

sara Rosenthal

Abigail Reams

Clayton Rhodes

My dream is

Yuri Shang

2nd year at faith, the school focuses on preparation for college courses though it is very expensive to attend this private school

Jared Chavez

Anna Murakami

I am a Faith student in the Resource program. Bullying is rare, the teachers are, for the most part, AWESOME, and I play the flute now. Everyone is so talented.

Angelica Parvaz, Realtor

Great school!

Justine Cloetens

Mike N Ike

Spicy Ricy

God Bless Faith Lutheran

Sylvia James

Ryan Ball

Amrita Verma

Lucas Bodner

Sounds better than Adelson...


Russell Bourne

Best combination of athletics and academics in the city. Students are treated like they're in college including online learning, every other day classes, etc.. It was well worth every penny. Obviously, every person who gave it a one either has some agenda or is just doing it because they don't like Faith. John 3:16 gives it a one but then spends the entire reviewe talking about Jesus. Real brain surgeon there. And this Ryan character obviously never went to Faith because he's functionally illiterate. That's the only problem with the internet these days and reviews is a lot of internet tough guys who would never tell you what they really think to your face because they're cowards.

lets break that



_CuraSarina _


Pearlie Courchesne

Awesome school. My cousin loves it and tells me about it all the time.

Billy Bob

Brittany Bartolome

I was a student at this school from 6th - 12th grade. The facilities are very well maintained and the staff is friendly. However, I would not necessarily recommend this school for students who are looking to attend competitive colleges. It seems as if many of my classmates attended private schools (mostly Christian universities) and very few pursued colleges like the UCs and Ivy League schools, which made it difficult as a student who was looking to attend a top tier public/private university with little regard for whether it had a strong religious affiliation. That being said, the school does excel in some regards, specifically their Science program. The school has invested time and money in well-educated Science teachers, namely in the Anatomy and AP Biology departments. Unfortunately, this was not the case with the Math Department as many of the students had failed their AP Calculus exams during my time. I did not realize how poor the math department was until my college classmates had explained that their public school class average was a 4.5 on the AP Calculus 1 and 2 exams. While this may be, in part, due to apathy on the students' part, we did not feel as if we were being challenged enough to properly prepare for the AP Calculus exam. For example, our class time comprised of 10% homework review, 20% learning material, and 70% free class time. The class exams were not challenging and students were able to ask for hints from the teacher during the test. In addition, my sister who had also taken the AP Calculus exam had taken it as an independent study course outside of the classroom. It was a self-taught course where she was only assigned homework to be graded by her teacher. She was one of the only, if not only, students who had passed the AP Calculus exam that year. While the school curriculum requires immense changes, the faculty is quite family-centered and approachable. They care very much for their students' well-being both academically and emotionally. The extra-curricular activities like the theater department is also commendable and receives vast sums of money/donations for their productions. On the whole, my experience with the school was average. I enjoyed myself while there, but it was only after my experience did I realize how much of a disadvantage I was placed at academically when compared to students of my college campus. I would recommend this school if it is important for your child to grow up in a religious school as 1/8th of their class time will be dedicated to their religious growth every year -- a sentiment that I did not fully appreciate or take advantage of as I am agnostic. Disclaimer: I am currently a medical student at the University of Nevada and received my degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Margaret Knowlton

Alex A

emily anzell

This is my first year at Faith and I already love it! The teachers are amazing, so is the eduaith.cation, and especially their faith. 1,000,000,000 stars if possible

Jessica Arakelyan

Trisha M


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