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Angelina Scarboro

I have been a student here at APA since fourth grade. At first, I really disliked uniforms mostly because it was the first time I've ever had to wear them. But now I know that they do that so kids won't get bullied based on what they wear. I think that the curriculum is great. Students get to be in classes at their own level. No student should be in a class that is too easy or too difficult. The teachers are fantastic and really professional. I've made many great friends that I wish to stay with for the rest of my life. In 5th and 6th grade, you get to do ambassador events. It's basically when they teach you manners when you're eating and handshaking and all that stuff. Those events are really fun and not only do they teach you manners and how to be an educated human being, you get closer to the people around you too. The only thing that I dislike about APA is that when you get in trouble the first thing that they do is suspend you. My friend got suspended for high fiving a kid, missed his hand and accidentally hit his face. I mean, it was not on purpose and they should have talked to her about it, instead of suspending her right then and there. One time is 4th grade my friend and I got accused of doing something that we didn't do, and we got in trouble for it. My teacher, for some odd reason, believed him and they didn't have the audacity to come and ask us if it was us. Another thing, a lot of kids spread rumors. That's not really the school's fault but the teachers should actually do something about it. Like a month ago, my best friend wanted me to come with her to go tell the principal that people were spreading rumors about her. And so, I did. We told her the names of the students and everything. And after a month, still, spreading rumors and gossiping about her. It seems like the school did nothing about that situation. Overall, this school is okay. :)


Be prepared to do a lot of homework The struggle is real sometimes K Bye

Christopher Chan

I see a few low ratings from either disgruntled students or disgrunted parents and it's a shame. APA is not a perfect school and it's definitely not for every family but it is a good solid school providing a great classic education with a focus on academics (not so much on sports and the arts, for that go to Doral Academy or some other school) and character building which you don't find it anywhere anymore; where they actually care about educating students to become productive citizens and actual decent human beings (imagine that). So yes, there are lessons in ethics, manners, general good behavior, values and morals that today's society seem to despise but to those that want that for their children, it's a great place to be. Sure there's some silly cheering, singing, and yes even dancing, at times there are rules that seem unfair or too severe, and of course the terrible car pool wait times; but overall, it balances out. The net is you get smart kids moving as fast and as high as they are capable of achieving and the slower kids that trail behind are helped to get up to speed. Some classes are very tough and the standards are high. If this isn't for your child, then I'd hate to say it, leave. There are no "safe spaces" here to cry at the first sign of challenge. Kids are taught the skills they need to survive out there, to excel and be the best they can be. And yes, at APA we honor our country, our Veterans and we are very patriotic. We love how our children know to respect other people, have discipline, and know the meaning of working hard. Our kids say it's not a "fun" school, I think they're trying to improve. but then again - they can have fun at home and later in life for years to come....

Christopher Scarboro [STUDENT]

My sister and her friend Gobbles suffer going here everyday due to the staff being disrespectful and telling the students to "ask their parents if they needed help on their homework". Like seriously ? They should be able to help you out, instead they just come here to get paid for doing absolutely nothing.

Juana Rios

Pat Ellis

Natezs40 Zegeye

Nathan Yraola

Autumn A

Nice teachers but a few ridiculous rules..

Trevor Bagwell

I am a high school student at APA. American Preparatory Academy is incredible compared to other schools. I feel like I'm getting a great education, the teachers are really friendly, and I just love coming each day. I've met some really great friends and people here at APA. Sometimes I'd rather be at school than my actual house (except Mondays when I'm tired). I really love how APA makes learning fun, even for high school. Some teachers are super chill, and I have the most fun in those classes. (Sometimes you can ask really dumb questions about life and they will answer them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).) APA teaches their students that good education goes hand in hand with good ethics. Our 4th period class is Character Development, where we learn the importance of being a good citizen. Also we learn some pretty sick moves for ballroom dance and get free food when we learn table manners. Oh and to those germaphobes, APA is probably the cleanest school I've ever been to. Lastly, the fact that APA has extracurricular activities is pretty cool. They have debate, volleyball, basketball, mock trial, dance, and much more. They also have cool elective classes like Drama, Dance, Debate, Art, Choir, Orchestra, and Band. APA also provides classes like P.E., Health,and Latin. They also give a ton of AP classes. And for LDS students, they provide early morning seminary, the best class of the day. Thanks APA!!

Skylar James

it's pretty neat, like the other students, BIG SHOUT OUT TO MS. ORTAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and others. it's cool yo

Nathan Ly

This school is okay. Not the best but I have seen worse.

Joel Bejarano

Norayr Izahanian

Leeah Anderson

Riley Gibson

Eden Ben-Aroya


It’s okay actually, though coming from a student who’s been attending this school since 4th grade, I don’t really like it here. Students waste their time engaging in pointless drama/spreading false rumors, and teachers don’t really do anything to stop it. 60 students in our grade have been suspended in the first few weeks of school, and I’m not sure if it’s the rules being too strict or students just acting straight up stupid.

Casual Mel

After going to this school for 2 years I've learned many things that are both beneficial and tough on my behalf. Some may believe American Prep is the prison of all schools and that everyone is forced to do the same things but, that isn't the reality. The students are actually a lot like the kinds of students you'd find at a public school. They're intellectuals yet, good at street smarts. Nobody throws around their money like you'd expect from a school where the students are held to the highest expectation. Everyone is everyone's friend is the motto and truly, we're all stuck in the same school so the concept is pretty good. It's K-12 which could mean you could be going to the same school with the same people and more for up to 12 years! It's best to befriend people instead of having a rivalry with the people in the same boat as you. There is no doubt I'm going to finish Junior High at American Preparatory Academy and love the whole experience.

Salsawit Eyadew

It's awesome.When it is like memorial day or veteran day we celebrate it.

Leeahnie Anderson

American Prep Is the one of the best schools in Vegas education wise. It is my second year here and I feel as though I've gained a lot of knowledge. This school taught me how to write an essay in about 15 minutes! If the students don't get something the teacher would take the time to explain it to them during and sometimes after school. At first it's a little overwhelming, however as time passes through the school year you'd get the hang of it due to repetition.

Torryana Tanis

Great school

yena love bot

Don Maria Benny


Best skewl eva

Sam Ande

Inari Senpai

As far as my experience at American prep, it honestly wasn't the best. The only thing I looked forward to was seeing my friends and talking to them. The education is good and all, but it's just the students and some of the staff. I have a friend who is being bullied and no one on staff has bothered to take any course of action over the past weeks. And the bullying seems obvious to anyone with common sense. There's a lot of drama stirring around and I've heard rumors about students doing drugs and other things that shouldn't be welcomed in a school environment. Again, the staff never took any course of action until later on when the rumors died down. The staff also had little respect and understanding for students with mental disabilities such as Autism, Anxiety, and some cases of depression. Someone on staff had informed many of my friends mental disorders after found self harming during recess. I find that utterly disgusting how some adult thinks that it's OK to openly talk about a child's mental disorders against the child's will in front of many other adults in which they probably don't know. This school is great if you'd like a good education for your child. But coming from a students point of view, it's absolute hell and I don't think you'd like your students with such careless staff and terrible students.

Beep beep Skirt skirt

The education is good but most of the work we do is busy work. Stupid things to keep us busy. The people are ok here, the teachers aren’t that nice tbh. The elementary school teachers are too much and too strict (I’m in high school). Most of the teachers in the secondary department are just always annoyed and tired. The teachers don’t really care about you and if you try to talk to them they just get this gross attitude. Carpool is terrible and the teachers are so rude. We get way too much homework here and it really isn’t nessecery. The uniforms are just sooo extra and should just be simple instead of putting what feels like 10 layers of clothes on. The uniforms are also expensive and kinda ugly. The rules are strict and the freak out when they see a phone. This school is so annoying and they freak out over stupid things. Then they act like they care.... they act like the school is the best school and the students will come out perfect and perfessional when in reality were all just teenagers trying to have a life lmao.

Noah A


Arsenio Angus III

We love this school and everything about it. We love the values they instill in our children, the uniforms they wear, and the level of education they provide. They are very firm in their policies and some may find it too strict, but that's why we love this school. They had a most amazing assembly for veterans and honored each one and thanked them for their service. The car line runs pretty smooth to drop off and pickup your kids. The staff and faculty are very nice and professional. The teachers we know are very passionate and are experts in their field. They provide education from K to 12th grade. There is an application and proficiency test to get in and a lottery system if there is too many applicants. If you are serious in you child's education and want good wholesome education with no common core American Preparatory Academy is the school for you.

Calley C

The only good thing I can say about APA is that they hold a Veteran's Day and a Memorial Day assembly to respect those who fought and/or died for our country. Other than that one thing, the high school population is small so all of us had the same level of English, science, and social studies classes. It was claimed that we were taking "honors" classes, but the quality of those classes didn't prove that. On the subject of academics, I HIGHLY recommend math and science enthusiasts like me to not come here. Get ready to be forced to go to formal dances and have it all for a grade! What ever happened to free will? Don't even get me started on carpool. I took "advanced" orchestra here and had to haul my cello to school 4/5 days of the week. The teachers and instructors want us to not be on the curb and want everything to be fast. Therefore, I couldn't put my own cello into the trunk, and I HAD to trust the skillfully handed teachers to put it in! The next thing you know, one of the teachers cracked my cello! You MIGHT want to get instrument insurance. Overall, I don't recommend APA for middle and high school, and don't come here if you like math and science, as it will be miserable.

Anthony Layao

Lauralee Chung

I'm a resident near this school. The parents of the school block the middle of Patrick Ln road, from Buffalo all the way to Durango. No residents can get to their home. The school needs to find a way to keep the cars off the main road so others can drive through

Maureen Perez Warnisher

Anastacia Arredondo

Mike Olsen

Great school. Great Facility


This school in general is a very good school. Most of the teachers are nice, and teach very well. I learned a lot at this school. What I don't understand is why most of the faculty are complete jerks. The administrators treat us like little children and when someone gets in trouble in a class the entire class has to learn what they did and how it was so wrong. The kid already knows they did something wrong leave them alone. It is just plain embarrassing. For example, there are several dumb kids in one of my classes so the entire class had to do physical labor for an hour and a half. Other than that it is a good school. My advice to any new students or students looking to come here, stay away if you are a bad kid in any way. TRUST ME

Anthony Cruz

This is a great school. This is my last year here though. I do and dont agree with the people that say that the teachers dont care. Mrs. Holloman, Mr. Larsen, Mr. Hulet, Mr. Jex, Mr. McElroy, Mr. Haigler, and Mrs. Mayo are just some of the teachers that cared. We also had a graffiti problem this year in the mens bathroom. We never figured out who it was (because they stopped after Mr. Hulet made an annoucment about it). I hope the graffiti stops next year. Mr. Hulet if you're reading this, tell me who did it. I like answers to puzzles. If you are reading this and you are responsible for the graffiti.....tell Mr. Hulet NOWWWWWWWWWW!

Leeanne Anderson

APA is an amazing school! My sister goes here and is ecstatic about it. This school is very welcoming and does not tolerate bullying. American Preparatory does a great job at educating their students and teaches them how to carry themselves. I highly recommend sending your kids here.

Liana Qadiri

Tbh it's not a great school. The rules are ridiculous. Don't come here

Gelila Heruy

Yu Fu

Iek Tong

Kerry Mckenna

Chris Rubeis

We are so thankful for APA. Both of our son's love this school! We have a 15 month old and plan to get him in when the time comes as well. I can't say enough about the professionalism and love that the teachers and staff show our sons. The education they provide and pride in our nation and it's Veterans is like no other school I've seen. Thank you APA for all that you do!

Toe Jennert

It's not a very good school in all honesty. The people that say it's a good school are the people that aren't singled out regularly. Also some days I'm afraid to go to school not necessarily because of the kids but because of the administration... I mean I'm scared to walk by the principal in all honesty because I get worried oh is he gonna get mad at me for something I have no clue about because, it's happened before. I mean it's a good education but other than that I would honestly stick with public school mate. :/

Annabeth Chase

As a student, I will say: it undeniably has a good education system, but it has flaws. There are already plenty of bad review on here for it, and good ones. read them. It is true, there is a lot of homework. The name tags are REALLY extra. A lot of homework. But the people are generally very nice, or just stay out of your business. Most teachers care about the students, but there are some to, *avoid*

Jessica Lawrence

Eamon Glover

I'm a student here and i honestly think its the best education I've ever had. Amazing teachers, rules that will keep all of the bully's away, and the best school to get an education from. I myself strongly recommend this school for all

Dane Johnson

I am a student and I don't like the dress code


Send your children to a different school it is terrible trust me. I have been here for 4 years in this prison cell

peter grifer

Stacey Lee


Marylin Sinclair

Carmelita Winters

Mary Catherine Finley

Really good education, but they can be overly strict on some things. It is really good though, because they care more than a public school would about bullying and other issues. but still strict.

Hlena The Gamer Girl

Kanishka Qadiri

Hannah the Minecraft Panda

Doing Me1

PART 1 Welcome to APA! home of the school dances so bad we force kids to come! Don't worry though, we wont 'Force you' we will just 'make it for a grade', because phrasing it like that makes us look better. We also enjoy pestering our students by making them wear name tags because 'everybody is every body friend' and NEEDS to know you name. It is absolutely wonderful that the name tags are super easy to lose so we can make money off the kids by charging them 7$ for a small magnet and a piece of plastic. We also enjoy watching as we make our students dance at least once a week with each other for an hour or two. No you don't get a choice whether to take this or not, nor do we care about any sickness or rule of personal space you or your 'partner' may have. You MUST dance with them. Furthermore, ever get back into a school you were expelled from? No? Well here you can! all you have to do is wait 3 months or so and then ask to come back (Life Hack: go somewhere else) and voila, your back suffering with the rest of us! Still not impressed? Well the high school has had about 6-8 different high school teachers in the course of the two years this school has been open. Only one of them left due to personal matter and one/two more were fired.) If you look on our website and go to the Parent Satisfaction you will find, chunks of it are in latin, meaning unless you've got a child suffering here and taking Latin, good luck reading whatever it says (google translate doesn't work either, don't waste your time). We also thought it was a good idea to make our improvement plan in latin as well, because we probably don't plan on getting better and don't want you to know that. We also put random, seemingly, meaningless graphs on our page as well to make it look like we know what were doing with our website. Go ahead and click the two big links below, they will take you to schools not even in vegas! because we are oh so helpful and definitely want your kids here, at the vegas campus, as you can tell, because our links talk about schools in Utah. I went ahead and clicked on the link that actually took you to one of our schools, out of 63 ratings the only 5 star ratings are mostly from parents who's kids are enrolled and are not in or above grade 7, there were two 5 star ratings from students, one 5 star rating from a teacher (wonder how much they were payed to put that in) and the rest were not 5 stars. Keep in mind, those were the Utah schools, not that here will be any better. Some of the students that go here are pretty nice, although there are quite a few who don't stop causing problems (nor usually get punished for it), of course the administration always favor those who are the actual cause of the problem and manage to punish the innocent. Furthermore, I am actually going to have to post this from a made up email because they will probably either suspend me (which by the way can range anywhere from 2hours-3weeks) or expel me (don't worry though, I'll be back in three months) because, you know, the First Amendment doesn't apply to us here at APA. Happen to be impressed by the nicer layout of the building? Well not for long! there recently has been people tagging all sorts of things! It's ok if you didn't do it or don't know who did it, we will still search your locker and phone anyways. Because, you know, our students don't count as people and we can go through their stuff without permission. Another great addition to our school is the carpool system.

Melissa Aionaaka

This is the most amazing school it is not just teaching my children it is also helping raise well mannered, kind ,self motivated human beings who will become amazing parts of this world ...

cmpunk839 839

Yabsera Thompson

Kaitlyn Pierson

ccc Nathan

Not very enjoyable

Ingrid Hoffman

Simply awesome school ! My daughter became an extraordinary kid since she attended APA... People described her as a very smart kid. Thank you APA !

Lana espiritu

Jasmine Wong

I loved going to APA. Everyone was so nice and the teachers were the best. I liked how they dealt with the bad kids. I miss going to APA.

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