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REVIEWS OF University of Missouri IN Missouri

Lisa Budd

Very helpful and knowledgeable doctors and nurses.

Rosco Sam

This so called university is great at segregating race. Stick with your own kind so nobody gets offended. So much for diversity.

Pedro Balloni

(Translated by Google) Because I want to go to college there. (Original) Porque eu quero fazer faculdade lá.

Skippy skipz

If you are looking to open your mind to other points of views this is not for you, this place seems to be runned by leftist views only if you try to debate you will not be heard as you will most Likey be called a bigot

Samuel Barraguer

It was some time ago, but I spent there a wonderful academic year, thanks to an international exchange program signed by MU and Spanish Universidad de Navarra. Facilities, teachers, dorms and its School of Journalism were just great. I feel an enormous grattitude to that time and to those who made it possible. I wish I could go back some time for a visit!

Vladimir Chernov

One of the great univerities

Bri H

Anyone wanna go to ruffcorn tonight?

Paul T. Backes

A very good but expensive and pretty big university. Mizzou not only has some many students, but its health care system is really helpful.

Stan Loughery

Great school steeped in tradition. Best journalism school in the nation. College of Business is top notch. Located in downtown Columbia, MO. Plenty of nightlife and things to do. It is the oldest land grant institution west of the Mississippi River. Has the largest Greek System west of the Mississippi. Columbia ranks in top 10 of best college towns to live .

James Krewson

Excellent educational experience. The professors care about the students, they don't pontificate, instead, they actually teach and encourage learning. Astronaut Linda Godwin, and journalist Jim Lehrer obtained their degrees from this institution.

Michael Lam

Gorgeous campus.

Pierre _Vertov

torrent TULLA

Nice place

kc c

Sang Bealer

(Translated by Google) So far so place (Original) So far so goob

Lewis Thompson

If you want your son or daughter to go college at a school that covered up sexual assaults, by Athletes, for years and a school that pandered in 2015 to Radical BLM Protestors, who eventually coereced the resignations of both the President and Chancellor, Mizzou is a Great Choice. Mizzou has paid a price for its spinelessness. The number of entering Freshmen has declined 35% from 2015-2017.

Adriana Lopez

Disgusting School. Stupid people.

Da Mao

The school is located in a nice college town which is growing fast. Beautiful campus. Recently has a Nobel winner. M-I-Z Z-O-U!

Thomas Underhill

Mizzou is one of the many schools on my "not safe for gays" list. Melissa click wasn't enough, they allow BLM to show up at an orlando vigil.

Joshua Merlin

Chance Drewery


preetham Gowda

I want to learn about research

Thiago Palma

This is where I got my B.A. in Theatre with emphasis in performance! The school is great. Fantastic facilities/resources and it is "the place to go" if you chose to be in MO. Outstanding school spirit and a powerful community of professionals. One of the top journalism courses in the country. The bad problems are the constant pointless activism and many things that are taken out of proportion. The university seems to nurture students to see life unrealistically and so students are not ready for the "real life" scenarios. =/ Like any program in the world it is what you make of it more than anything else. GO TIGERS!!!

G C.

"I need some muscle over here." Definitely, a safe-space to be cuddled up to.

marcia budman

stop the experiments on innocent dogs eyes...They are suffering because of what you are doing to them.....I would give 0 stars but I couldn't post!!!


I want to play Mizzou Tigers

Craig Watson

Great campus, very convenient for students living on campus to get to all services.


I wanted to be like too...

Sean Hammond

Papa Phil Boozeman went here why isn't he listed under Notable alumni

Joseph Sisto

This school is a joke. You're better off going to some for profit scam school because at least there you won't have to deal with these BLM supremacists.

Steven Williams

Love MU

James Bryant

This university has pissed me off in more ways than I could imagine. Where tuition itself is high enough as it is, additional "course fees," "health fees," (even though I've never even set foot in a university health center) and requiring that you pay for the Rec center even if you don't want to use it. Parking is both expensive AND a nightmare. Faculty does not care about students' constitutional rights. I'm transferring out in favor of a university that actually values education.

Elena Esquivel Alvarado

Ravinder Guptha


Attend here if you want future employers to think you are an HR nightmare.

Willie Kirks

Allison Felton

I attended both undergrad as a biology major and then attended the UMC Medical School, graduating in 2002. I became a Board Certified Psychiatrist in 2004. I look forward to returning to teaching soon.

tiger tiger

Mizzou does not value academic excellence.

Irwin Kaye

Very good for meetings and classes . Good A/V equipment readily available. There are many places to post notices and posters.

Ranetta Davis

The Best of the Best!! Highly recommend

Eliyahu Rosenberg

This bastion of Marxism is a perfect place to brainwash young adults. Any rational discussion is discontinued the moment someone may find what you are saying offensive. They purposely stir up racial tensions, and will discriminate against "privileged white males". Michael Knowles was attacked for saying the radical fascist phrase of, "men are physically different than women". A great place If you'd like your children to get a taste of the oppression of the former U.s.s.r!

tj schoenlein

Would not send my kids there - radicals running the school. Much better choices in state at less cost - better education.

D Walton

When accustomed to privilege , equality feels like oppression. The only thing students want is to have a voice and to be heard. If the school had done that is the first place non of this would have happened. This happens on all majority schools you just don't hear about it. There's nothing wrong with the school. You just need an open mind to other peoples beliefs and respect it. You don't have to agree, that's the point. It's a great with a lot to offer.

Matthew Rundle

I'm a student at Mizzou and I can say from experience that this is an amazing collegiate experience. I love it here. The city of Columbia is a great college town with so much to do. The campus is gorgeous, the people are kind and helpful. Everything about this university is great. Many people told me to make sure to have the full college experience when I went away to school. Now I can come back and tell all of those people about my top-notch college experience because of this university. I'm an undergraduate now, and I would love to go to graduate school here in Columbia. Como is a great place to be. If you aren't at Mizzou, you're missing out!

Neil Sawford

I'm an '02 Engineering school grad, so I'm biased, but by all accounts I feel I had a great education and a great college experience. Tuition, especially if you're in state, compared very favorably to other comparable universities when I attended. It is a big school, so if you don't make an effort you might begin to feel like a number instead of a name, but with a little effort you'll find a lot of groups and classes that make the place feel more like home. Columbia itself is a great college town--big enough that there's plenty to do off campus, but not so big that it loses that cliche "small town charm". Definitely take advantage of the many hiking/biking trails.

Eugene Alvis

Very nice hospital. Very cheap prices in their restaurant. Staff was friendly and helpful.

David C Duncan

they do everything possible to keep you smiling and take care of your needs

Ray Schneider

Don Ney

They charged me extra for guac.

Richard Thomas

Students and faculty are racist towards white people. Did not feel safe when I visited. Faculty do not support free speech or intellectual dialogue.

Conner Ruhl

Pretty baller.

Ron Machetta

One of the most friendly places I've been in Columbia and I will go again many many more times

mohammed khaled Khaled


Jack Blackburn

Alan Mark

As of 2017, we live in world where over-paid university administrators don't even get a second "strike".... screw up once, and the downward spiral starts. Well, Strike Number One was kissing the ass of Melissa Click. It's been (very badly) downhill for Mizzou ever since. The brand is damaged, probably for 4-5 generations. Only a fool would tie their fate to Mizzou now.


All of my instructors have been great, but the political environment and the lack of vertebra from the administration tarnish the reputation and diminish the value of the diploma I have yet to earn. Athletics>academics for this school. If things change, I'll give more stars, it really is a nice school.

Ted Ayres

Beautiful campus, distinguished faculty, great city, superb traditions and outstanding students at the University FOR Missouri.

Jim Arth

Beautiful campus. Friendly people. Nearby hospital and VA can make traffic issues during rush hours, naturally.

Solomon Davis


I didn't realize that social justice was a bad thing. My goodness, what have I been doing with my life! Where do I go from here! Up is now down, dark is now light, and I'm so confused. Social justice, you have ruined my life. (But seriously, social justice is a good thing... it's in the Bible, just in different terms)

Sheylan Reed


Mandy Butler

Harry Oliver

lez goo bubba

Curtis Fox

This school is run by far left, so-called “liberal” fascist who support the fascist tactics of their students, as seen by the attack against Michael Knowles, which was triggered by him simply stating that “men are different than women.” This is not an institution of higher learning, it’s an institution of indoctrination.

Joseph Vincent


Lauren Sloan

Husband and I are proud alums-nursing and CAFNR! Great college town atmosphere! We loved t so much, were both back in grad school there! Go Tigers! M-I-Z!

Finn Cody

Bro I dropped like a whole bunch of eggs out round here and nobody helped. It took me 2 hours to pick up all 200 of them.

سعد بدر

As a visitor to the university during true and false festival. I like this university

Aboma Galatta

It's been here a long time. It's gone through it's tests. Coming out strong!! ZOU!! Come Join!! Pawprint start here and traverse the world!!

Sarah Miller

Beautiful campus

Stuart Lloyd-Smith

My years at mizzou were great! The engineering school provided a good learning environment, and school itself is an awesome social environment. Furthermore, the career center office was exceptional. The well organized engineering career fair helped me find my first internship and first job out of school. Finally, I use what the college of engineering taught me on a daily basis at my current job.

Richa Barua

University of Missouri, is a beautiful university with great architecture.Dedicated staff.

Zach Hedrick

M-I-Z! Stop by the Francis Quadrangle!

Dan Hancock

Go Tigers!

Victor Migneco

We consider Mizzou our family school, with 5 of us attending. Our youngest son is the latest Tiger, in the School of Business.

L. Patrick Gray


joey joule

I love it, quiet and beautiful! Lots of events to take part in.

Daniel Chacko

Great Campus, encompasses the entire college experience that you should have

Elizabeth Berry

Hadn't been to a MU homecoming years! It was a great time.. loved being with old friends and making new ones.

fana sym sims

Your school is great l would like a scholarship there .l am 15yr old boy

Nick Drysdale

Took all of my money and put me in crippling debt .5/10 would recommend

Daniel Vogel


Jill Waroff

The Best College. Beautiful Campus. Great Education. So much history.

Jocelyn Jacobs

Not enrolled, but was visiting for State Music festival and the campus is absolutely beautiful.

Andrew Reynolds

Beautiful campus. As far as higher learning goes, you'll get as much out of it as you want.

Mandy Nistler

Shame on Mizzou for the animal experimenting. You murdered 6 PUPPIES for ABSOLUTELY no reason. I've never been so disgusted with a university.

Beth Marie

The experiments this University carries out on Beagles is UNACCEPTABLE!

ryan thomas

Its a dirty university with questionable students.

Tyler Aufranc

Cam Abernathy

This school is horrible if you have any desire for free inquiry. The scandals that rocked this university last year, and their utter desire to stifle free speech makes this no longer a place of "higher education." One of my buddies is a campus speaker and he literally HAD TO HAVE BODYGUARDS when he went to address an audience about free speech in America. Anyone see the irony in that? Until this administration gets its act together and rededicates itself to an open exchange of ideas, this place doesn't deserve a penny from you.

Young Scoot

Kev S.

Tori Alexander Okk5mjjmmmmmmm

Lynette Rousseau

The University of Missouri is a beautiful school with a passionate staff that are willing to make the student/athlete successful in life. This school has everything to offer a child wanting to succeed in life. The educators and coaches are very proud of their school and their students and want to help each and everyone be thier best. This school has so much to offer their students and athletes. If you haven't been there to visit, it's a must when looking at schools to further your education and get you ready for the world.

Chronic Awareness

Horrible place... No freedom of speech, full of leftest, liberals, teachers are anti trump and and make sure to teach that to students... Place full of Snowflake SJW Fascists

Noah Berhane

Michael Porter Jr is the GOAT! Read more Sike!

Chase Smith

Went to school here

Brendan Sigale

Pretty nice looking university. Amazing rec center.

Jack Whiteman

Amidst the turmoil perpetuated all too extravagantly by the media, the University of Missouri has and always will be a terrific institution and its Columbia campus its prized jewel. The recent developments of racial inclusion and oppression have been countered with a community uniting to solve these problems and ensure a safe, inclusive environment for ALL Tigers. Divided we fall, united we ROAR. M-I-Z!

Kimi Tu

Andrew Polk

Spent my undergrad here and loved it so much that I am staying another 4 years for medical school!

Jimbo Jimmus

It is pretty jgiv(e)

Louis pintola

Audrey Ragsdel

They saved my life!!!

Ben Tracy

Fantastic School. 2011 Graduate. Beautiful campus, with plenty to do and great faculty (at least in geography and SNR). Great night life, and outdoor activities. Hope to come back for graduate school!

Miles Mu

Facilities and teachers are awesome

Michael Seitzinger

The university experience is what you make of it and it appears there are a few who made no effort. As far as the costs, thank your legislatures who campaign on a promise of lowering taxes without telling you what gets cut.


Very nice university

Timothy Byrnes

why do african americans make up false charges against white people, ?????? TYPICAL


Ive heard so many great thing about the academic learning/ teaching at this school. Hopefully I get accepted this is my dream college.

Sarfuz Zaman

University of Missouri-Columbia is beautiful University with great architecture views. Passionate teachers and students. Very friendly towards international students.

Mark Wavering

Excellent choice for one to participate in education. Friendly staff and a wide variety of students to associate with.

STL mom

Beyond disgusted that Mizzou still does animal testing. Killing 6 dogs -beagles- recently because of a failed experiment. Shame on you!!

Andro Sale

I go Mizzou, make me very smart boy. Football very good, class for dumb nerds. Trump 2020.

Jessica Hatfield

Beautiful campus! I love MU! Excellent University and excellent Medical Services.

Christopher Wilcox

worst scholarship offer I received from any school; schools out of my home state of Missouri offered me 7x what mizzou did even though I am a resident with two alumni for parents. Everybody I know going to this school is going because it's what their parents did and they explored no other options. I will admit the rec center was phenomenal, but for me was offset by the prevailing frat bro culture. So if that's your thing, have fun paying 28k in state.

Columbia Hearing

I wouldn't recommend UMC to my worst enemy. If you want a party, go to UM. If you want an education go to Columbia College. This is certainly true of undergraduate. Maybe grad school would be alright because they are large and have a lot of facilities but that's the only benefit.

Amy Louise Meng

Dedicated, staff and Doctor's, friendly and helpful.

Sara Ringbauer

This is not the University of Missouri. This is a street in a neighborhood with University themed names.

Ben Bates

Awesome University! Great program for Fisheries/Wildlife and countless opportunities await you

Phyllis Dent

Im not in collage yet but i like there sports teams :/


Be cool to have more men’s restrooms....

Tyrone Smith


Kyle Morrison

Love Mizzou! Got my BS IT there. Great program and great instructors.

Wenfei Ku

Tamara Klein

Schrodingers Matt

Auron Lim

Great University and beautiful campus and well equipped facilities ! I have had a memorable moment there, part time working at University Bookstore provided the chance to meet international friends. Lastly thanks to Mizzou providing me grant-in-aid. Go Miz !!

Matthew Morris

Its truly sad how this place has 4 stars. I was in there the other day and I saw a nurse leave an iv pole in front of a patient's bed blocking the television. When I asked her why she did that she told me "it doesnt matter. Not like shes going to use it anyway" the woman/patient as i was later told was blind so i was extremely surprised. Dont take your loved ones here please.

Chiew Albany

Homecoming at University of Missouri campus. Beautiful celebration ! Uplifting universal message !

Drew Cox

Filthy Deporable Faggoty Cunt

Paul James

The best university in America!

Justin Willett

M-I-Z... Mizzou prepares students for the real world better than most institutions of higher learning. And the alumni network is vast. Wherever you go, you're bound to find a Tiger... Z-O-U

Connor Knabe

Great school. Wonderful engineering school, got a job right out of college in software development. Highly recommend.

Carol Moss

Had surgery yesterday very good Dr and nurses they explained everything.

Manoj Das

Morgen Salas

POS institution that condones and funds torture and murder of animals in poorly designed research- asshats

Ryan Kraft

Nice geology program.

Marty Mcfly 88MPH

Great school if you want a useless education that won't get you a job.

Brenda Brown

Very beautiful campus


Clayton Shepherd

I graduated from this school in 2008. The professors in the Arts and Science college pushed homosexual propaganda, shamed Western Civilization and Culture, belittled males and Christians. These soft science professors and administrators need to be fired and The University must formally apologize for their sickening ways before I would consider sending my children to it.

Hailie Bellinger

I'm going here when I get older

Dave Jenn


Brad Zukowski

Electric campus, great football team, and lively bar scene

Jennifer Stough

This does not take me to 104 Cornell Hall the building on MU Campus.

Makyla Cheyenbe Harrison

Jen D

Daniel White

This place is apparently a cess pool of medical experiments on helpless dogs. Not to mention their racial unrest. This certainly isn't some place I would want to be.

Taylor Canon

If you're an outspoken Conservative or just anyone else who may hold different views than the mainstream liberal social justice warriors, don't go to this college! It does not honor freedom of speech for everyone!

Daniel Shpeizer

"The place Social Justice Jumped the Shark" Milo Yiannopoulos

Kurt Van Loo

Andrea Shifflet

There has been a call to action and I want to know what you have to say about the testing done on beagles and any other type of dog or cat?

Brandi Ivester

I'm finishing my first semester as a distance student and it has been very frustrating! One class changed from a 1 credit course to a 3 credit course right before school started. This made the semester much more expensive than anticipated. Shortly before registration they changed the immunization policy, and my records were lost when my home flooded. It has been a nightmare trying to find somewhere they might be. And one of my teachers was unable to post to Blackboard, the program they use for online classes, for the first several weeks of class. By the time coursework actually started it was past the drop date, so I am stuck in a class that I would have really rather dropped. I expected more from a school with a reputation like Mizzou!

Lizzy Dunham

Very, very, very money hungry. Paid around $1,000 on books for ONE semester, and they offered me $5 to buy them back. Tuition is increasing, yet no longer includes student health fees. The "beautiful campus" doesn't quite ease the pain of the mass sum amount of money that will be drained from your pockets. They're building more residence halls when their admissions have dropped. I'd prefer bathroom renovations than empty halls

Rick Romano

I graduated from the School of Journalism many years ago. I wish I knew then what I know now, and it would have been a richer experience. Still, I used the degree early in my career as a journalist, in mid career in PR and marketing and now late in my career as a freelancer. Journalism is not dead -- it's just a little harder to do it right. Great school at a wonderful, beautiful university. It is amazing how it has grown -- and how much has changed in the decades that have passed since I attended.

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