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REVIEWS OF Saint Louis University IN Missouri

isaiah hollis

It all right my cousin graduate. On may 12 2018.

Dontel Washington

Tell how

Lana Kuziez

Daniel A

School leaders are ridiculous. The school is too liberal, not Catholic by any means. If you are looking for a deep rooted Catholic education that celebrates Catholicism look somewhere else. :(


Harrison Fischer

No freaking parking for guest parking cost everywhere. Terrible!!!

Paul T. Backes

I love this school, since it is catholic. It also has a good campus.

Diane Ross

Beautiful campus, great faculty

Eswar Bala

Amar Prem Khakha

Cody Rabe

Brian Yost

Nice ATM

Danielle Manning

Michelle Downs

Oyverné Randriamaholisoa

Christopher Jenkins

Tara Brockgreitens

Great school and awesome students

Jeffrey Shafran

Rachael Moore

On July 14, 2011 I brought my best friend to SLU for a consultation for a brain tumor. Her doctor was very positive and uplifting. He told her she could wait 6 months for her surgery. She had already been told by St. John's in Springfield, MO that her only priority was to have her surgery. She demanded her surgery. The doctor said "No problem. We will have you back next week for tests. After your tests we will have you back the following week for your surgery." The hospital administrator came in with his funny little bow tie and smile and assured both of us that she would be taken care of right away and that she had nothing to worry about. Her surgery was scheduled for tomorrow, October 7, 2011 at 5:30 am ~ nearly 3 months later. They called her yesterday to tell her they would have to reschedule it. My best friend died this morning! She leaves a small child without a mother; a possibility she was aware of but was doing everything possible to avoid. This surgical departement left a family with false hope and shattered expectations. They should be ashamed of themselves!

6 Houston

charles hobbs

Sheikh Seema Ji

Every thing is best except fees



It's a private university, so it costs more than others in the area, but if you have financial need or have great grades, you can get a LOT of help. The school itself feels very separate from the surrounding area. It's almost as if going into another city when you step off campus. The professors are wonderful, the reputation is good, and honestly the grounds are beautiful. I don't regret my time here and would happily attend again.

Philip Newell

This was a super venue for Gateway to Space conference. The students were highly engaged. The rooms were well appointed. The hall decorations are educational and visually appealing. The aerospace engineering labs have cutting edge equipment and projects.

June Hartter

Love it

Josh B

Awesome college, great people, great place to learn!

Charter Communications Mike Renaud

. We considered allowing our daughter to attend school here. Steaped in tradition, but, dirty. For instance, many of the windows were foggy +/- littered w/ pigeon droppings. Thanks to Julie Mudd's refusal to furnish us with a temporary permit, we got parking tickets every day. .

Ethel Fortuna

Exile Plustax

Sharyl Cruz

I start my college life at SLU in August, I've seen the campus and it's gorgeous. Anybody I've met affiliated with SLU has treated me with the utmost respect. I highly recommend a SLU involved education.

Christian Batson

Pat Monteleone

Blake Anderson

Beautiful campus, excellent professors and really nice people. If you are looking for a great private education, look no further.

Jacob Lazen

Bruh if you want a waffle machine i can sell you one for a penny. Come on down to the waffle machine emporium right of I-70 on Armstrong avenue. It's the building with the giant inflatable Chubby Checker (Earnest Evans) on top of it. To Get there just go round and round and up and down. True Story.

Denise Feldmann

Byron Keaton

World Class University! One of the top ranked in the world!

Gladius Sagitas

St. Louis U offers a wonderful learning experience. I earned two graduate degrees from SLU and have benefited greatly from my education and contacts there.

Ryan Town

Excellent school

Jon Meinhardt

Stella Lee

Not too big, not too small, proper size of campus and inspired Catholic educational philosophy.....

stephen duffy

My 10 years at SLU (1966-76) after Peace Corps in Ecuador, earning both an MA & PhD in Spanish, and teaching ESL after completing all my coursework, were truly a blessing in more ways than I can count! I cherish the Sesquicentennial Medallion I received for my first conference presentation, an article on "Credit Unions: Revolution and Evolution in Latin America," at M.C.A.L.A.S. And then published in 1968. I look forward to attending the SLU Bicentennial. Hope to earn a Bicentennial Medal if there's a chance for another presentation! Go Billikens!

Ahmad Al-Taee

Domoina Holiharimanana

Victoria Birchem

Stephen Brooks

Jillian S

I am MSW student part of the Lourdes University partnership here in Ohio. All my classes are online via FUZE except my internship courses. I love the setup of the Master of Social Work program. Never stepped foot on campus, but the classes have been very educational.

Monai M

The offices I’ve interacted with, specifically the Registrar and Human Resources on the phone and in person have been very rude. In most cases I am simply asking a question, but it’s always met with annoyance as if I should know the answer already. It’s just very disorganized with a lot of unhappy staff.

Sequoia Maybearry

Don't take advice from the people who gave it a 1/5 rating. Most of them just complain about the cost of parking payments or how it's for "C- students" instead of the academic environment. I haven't attended there myself, but my family members have and they absolutely loved it. I plan on attending there myself.

Rachel McKay

Quinn Favo

I enjoyed the tour.

Kay Bee

Jin Zou

Saint Louis University is a very good private Roman Catholic university since 1818.

Chandler Beck

I love this school

Sean Typher

Beautiful campus

محترف كمال الاجسام

Alex Stokowsky

SLU offers a great learning experience for the C- Student!

Will Moore

Laura Pichler

By far the worst place I've ever had to stay...two weeks of hell and poor care.

Maggie Noble

Rudest people I've ever met.

Sarah Simmons

Brendan Underwood

Chelsea Langeneckert

The staff at the registrars office needs a lot of work. They have made the process of requesting a transcript a disaster. As a "catholic" educational institute the school should understand the need of transcripts and do their best to accommodate students in there path of continuing education. The staff needs to work on both their customer service skills and conflict resolution practices. The behavior of the staff during phone conversations and email correspondence has been completely inappropriate. Our firm would separate from individuals with their antics as soon as possible. I have been requesting my transcript since July 28 and my new school has still not received it. It my understanding that my transcript was finally sent on August 8 but I have been given no proof of that. UMSL understood my concerns on the situation and offered to accept the transcript via email. I sent an email to SLU at 10:40 asking them to send my transcript to UMSL via email as soon as possible. After hearing no response, I sent two additional emails at 12:30 and 2:00 but still received no response or indication my emails had even been requested. I finally called the school at 2:30 and the assistant registrar argued with for several minutes about how I was insulting and didn't allow them time to respond. However, she was well aware of the situation and knew who I was before I even mentioned my name. Instead of arguing for several minutes with a disrespectful attitude the correct method for resolution would have been apologizing for my experience and trying to accommodate my needs. After I explained it is taking more time to argue then to fix the situation I was told it would be emailed that day. At 3:30 I received a completely inappropriate email in which I responded with my concerns on how the school handled the situation. In my opinion the school is more of hassle than it is worth. You should always put the education of your students or former students first instead of treating someone with utter disrespect. I have asked to sit down with whoever oversees the registrars office. I have several suggestions on how the staff can improve and work with students in a respectful and helpful matter.

Juan Alva

Wonderful univ. I graduated from the medical school @ age 23.

annetta dawson

my home state university thank you saint louis university

Grace Miklosovic

I recently finished my first year at SLU and I could not be happier with my decision to go here. I am in the nursing program and lived in a learning community last year. I met so many amazing people and I loved my professors. I had so many great opportunity a this year alone and I will also be attending The schools campus in Madrid Spain in the full.

Christina Talbot

have their issues, but a pretty good school

Albert Scheuffele

Ashley Elizabeth

maria del carmen Sousa muros


Stacey Beal

Gary Lee

This is a school for losers, of losers, for sure. Pathetic.

Dan Greg

Great education with great professors but the Zeitgeist is really cynical right now.

Ganesh Maddamsetti

Grace Workman

Mohammed Daulat

Laura Austrin

Igor Ristić

Gary Horn

Md. Zakir Hossain

Derron Davis

Jay Haugen squared me away with the assistance I needed. Promised to have redundancy built into his teams to assist Veterans.

Rossana Sandoval

Ryan O'Malley

Elizabeth Twente

love the campus

brayden hommel

Assem Faraj

Andrew Petroline

Great campus.

Dave Jenn

Quality education at a quality price. Recommend having a car to go here..

harry sharma

Daniel badass

Fahad Abdulhadi

I graduated from this university in 1983

Sasan Raissi


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