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REVIEWS OF Ranken Technical College IN Missouri

Jonathan Smith

In the end, after graduation, the degree and training go far. But the school has flaws. The workload for the instructors is high, they can't help every student and train with them through the class. You are almost just on your own. Good luck.

Angel Garrison

16000 for a 2 year for automotive technician. Wasting people's time an money. No wonder nobody goes to colleges like this anymore. This is for people with low income. They dont work with you.

Gary McNeely

first time at Ranken Technical Institute....nice place, here for WordPress meetup,, room 203

Sirleon Stuckey

A Great School for a Career job.

Michael Book

Cody Holland

erin mertens

Nice friendly tech school!

Jeff Stewart

Do not waste your time taking ASE test here. They scheduled my testing the same day as they had a conference with people talking on a PA system. Also the computers take 10-15 seconds to load each question so you run out of time at the end of the test. Sometimes the timer does not display time remaining. The 3rd time I went the computers did not work at all. Person there said they are collage first testing is extra. I am not impressed with ranken or the people who work there.

Dino Ramic

Patric Ripperda

Stephen Roth

Oluwatobiloba Kosoko

Carol Cayce

$95 APPLICATION Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, Even when you try to cancel a few days after the application.

Mason Jordan

Do yourself a favor and go to SAM Tech. Do not go here. Mismanaged. A bunch of lies. Went there for HPRT and dropped the second week of my 3rd semester. First semester I never touched an actual car. Did goofy things like test thermostats in boiling water. Waste of my time and money. Stayed optimistic and went onto my second semester for Engine Machining. We learned how to take a 295hp 5.3 to a 500HP 5.7. Class was overbooked, professor was a stand-in but knew what he was doing. 0 students finished their engines. I complained to the administration about the lack of skills I learned and how No one finished engines and was offered a summer job to finish my engine and learn some more. I shouldn’t have to come back in the summer to get the education I was supposed to get during class hours. I took the job and made the best of it. Went to my 3rd semester and couldn't do it. Biggest waste of my time. They destroyed a super-flo dyno. And by destroy I mean the thing was in pieces. It exploded. Blamed it on old flywheel but plenty of 12 year old flywheels in 500whp cars don’t go blowing up and killing people. Ranken owns a TurboTrans am and a chasis dyno. The 2 never get used and it wasn’t until last year that the dyno was fixed. We have flow benches that never get used. A Rotler boring machine that’s been waiting to be hooked up for several months now. You only use a carb and Holley EFI. They ordered a blower, had it chromed, and never taught students how to tune for boost. Commanding for 100% injector duty cycle and only getting 8%. Going on 2 years that the instructor can’t fix this and robbing kids of their money and experience. You should be able to at least write a tune and you won’t be able to do that leaving Ranken. 3 classes have gone through Don Rote’s tuning class and learned nothing. It was so bad we had to hire Shane A. Hind and Ahmed Habibi from Habibi Motorsports to teach seminars on tuning to fill in the gaps. Extremely strict on dress code, beard, haircuts, and so much else that it takes away from class time and actual learning. 2018 is their audit year so you can’t miss class or homework. You could pass a class with 100% homework and test grades but fail “work ethic” by 1 point and you will have to repeat the class. What sense does that make? You, your family, and your kids should never go here. P.s Hilterbrand...if you’re as smart as you say you are you’d bring R.S. back.

roy gillespie

Ryan Pullam

Michael Meppiel

Jordan Longhi

Ranken is a wonderful school. I would recommend it to all those who are looking for hands-on training.

Darian Ashby

As a student, this school will jerk you around so much, as well as make promises they do not own up to. Do not expect the financial aid to ever be on time, as I have never received aid in time for the start of a semester and find myself either being told I cannot participate until aid goes through (which they somehow present as my fault and start taking away absences which you are only allowed 5) or that I am waiting for a book voucher. They cram the semesters and large quantities of information into short periods of time, they also never mention a change in time for summer classes. I believe this lack of information and the willingness to compromise the individuals quality of education shows via the program. I would not recommend that anyone waste their time with a place only so concerned with collecting the dollars out of your pocket. "Not for profit. - Yeah right" - Darian

Luke Downham

Two of my teachers were fired while attending.

Rich Wetstein

Byron Keaton

Have expanded within the past 5 years! Lovely tech program.

Edward Nonymous

( St. Louis Campus) Can't speak for the other educational tracks or web development but, the networking section of the IT track landing most of my graduating class with a 38K a year contracting job within 3 months of graduating. This was in addition to multiple other job offers. There were some negatives: 1. The business/administrative staff are generally rude. Whether this is because they are overworked or have a bad attitude I can't say. But most times they will give you the impression that they are doing you a personal favor by doing their job and you owe them for the effort. 2. Also, courses are largely self-motivated. If you need someone to keep checking in on your progress and help you catch up if need be, this is not the school for you. You get out what you put in. They give you the resources, but you must use them. 3. Lastly, you might be better taking your general education courses elsewhere if you actually care about becoming well-rounded, as the instructors for GenEd courses are clearly there for the paycheck and have no interest in your educational career. This is in contrast to the technical instructors, who are well-informed and helpful.

Glo.kidz5 Channel

I love this school

Gurren Lagann

This school hasn't helped me land a job, and my teacher wouldn't even recommend me to employers.

Jimmy Smallwood

James Williams

I loved it, I learned a lot, I get calls about jobs all the time, and the best part is I know more then a lot of the guys how have been in the field for 2-3 years.

Vivi Dee

Desiree Osborne

ItsMeJQellen Terrill

Ashley Reddick

Roger Mudd

No question, this is my my Alma mater, and I've got nothing but love and respect. Curriculum is not for the lite hearted - if you come here playing you won't make it. Ranken is the only school I've heard of that actually grades you on your work ethic - I just wish more females attended, Lol. I graduated in 2012 and I was my education everyday.

Tyrone Williams

Anthony Cook

I graduated from Ranken's HVAC evening program, I loved it great instructors and I would recommend Ranken to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!


Support to assist with completing, answering questions regarding Government Loans and process is not provided by Ranken Tech. Very laborious process to complete setup, Promissary Notes and interest is very steep considering the current rate environment.

Don Fitchett

Mixed reviews of Ranken from their students who took our PLC training to enhance their industrial automation careers.

Darrlysha Chunn

Jared Foley

Graduated in 2009 from the Electrical division. Learned a lot on updated equipment, excellent hands-on atmosphere, great instructors, couldn't be happier. It is what you make of it.


mixed reviews hmu on snap chat jt2356

David C, Jr

I still loved my experience there from 1995-1998. Ironically I have seen others spend way, way, way more for education and got a lot less! I can say for the money I put forth my technical career has paid well back in it's weight in gold. For a $25k loan I took out back then and me making over $80k a year for the past 14-16 years I can safely say I think it's paid back and then some! I learned about professionalism, about a trade, and accepted challenges. Would you believe at one time I was part of putting in a muli-media conference room for McDonalds back in 1998? me neither... but I did! I am still going to school via my current employer, and gaining even more knowledge. One thing that will help, go to Ranken Tech with an open mind and you are not sure what you want to do. When I did my years all I thought was $85 for registration and that was the end of it. I went in with an open mind and wasn't for sure if I would be successful and came out a winner. You can too! I would have to say, this was, and always will be one of the best experiences of my life I will never forget-Bar None.

Gary Candrl

Shalonda Brooks

D Griffin

Austin Hohe

Great choice for IT. The instructors though sometimes tough as far as making sure you abide by their rules, almost always know what they are talking about. Even if they don't know the exact answer they will help find it or use it as an opportunity for you to research it on your own which at the time seemed lazy to me but I'm glad they did it since Google is pretty much an essential tool for any IT professional. Even if you live closer to the St. Louis campus I would HIGHLY recommend preferring the Wentzville campus. Of course its not really a campus just classrooms and a lunch room so you can't stay there but the experience there seems to be much better.

Joel Harrell

Graduated in Internet and Web-Based Technology (IWT) in 2007 (Associate of Technology), Cum Laude. These were the two greatest years of my life. I was constantly challenged at every turn. Not only did I learn about topics I was highly interested in, I also learned about professionalism - a skill most college's do not teach. For this reason Ranken is highly rated by employers. At any time during normal business hours an employer can visit the campus and see how things are really going. For these reasons, dress and appearance policy are strictly enforced. Most people who give bad reviews could not live with Ranken's strict policies which were disclosed before attending. Normal college activities like hazing do not happen here. I never even knew what hazing was until I asked. Other people who give bad reviews sometimes have legitimate complaints but fail to update their reviews on how the college dealt with the complaint. The college keeps good records and isn't ashamed to say where they went wrong in the past. No one is perfect, but one thing is for sure: "I'm Ranken Material. Are you?"

Anthony Kallal

This school is pretty good my doods

Sharon Mcdaniel

Finished trade in year. Steve Wilson and John Biama were a great help. Had fun thinking about going back for a second major in Electrician.

John Nguyen

Shouldn't went here first

David Huffman

Sevak Assatourians

I was the first foreign student in Ranken (during years 1971 to 1973).

Alex Shurtleff

Do you like strict dress codes? Teachers touching your face to see if you shaved like they wanted? 50 students and one teacher? Your teacher being almost as old as you? (He was 26 teaching automotive brakes... No experience.) Well Ranken Technical is for you! Seriously contact me before you pay for this over priced "school".

Eric Boyster

Bryan Hicklin was my teacher when I went to school here. I still believe him to be one of the greatest teachers and mentors I’ve had in my lifetime. I went to school here in 2009 for Carpentry and Building Construction Technology. This is a great university with brilliant educators. The only con I can think of was the attendance policy’s threat over you being kicked out of the program for missing 6 days.

Nelson Wiggins

Great i work there from 06:30 to 14:30 pm

Colby Emily

I wouldn't even recommend this school to my worst enemy. The school itself does not care about its student or Thier families. All they want is money no matter what situation your in. If you lose your job and can't pay the money you owe they don't care they will file a law suit against you anyway. The school was also a complete waste of time, very in organized, classes aren't what they are made out to be, and if you live a ways away and you can't make it because of the weather, oh well the school doesn't care. Now the teachers, I respect the teachers they do their best but ranken in general isn't worth the time. Edit: they also don't give you a payment option or send you any letters to let you know of any payment options. The only paper I ever received was them saying they were going to file a law suit against me if I didn't pay 5000 dollars in 10 days. No option for payments what so ever.

Peter Flamengan

Their auto internship is a joke -


Teachers do not care and will go as far as not answering questions when asked. I hardly receive help and many others have agreed with me. Overall its a 50/50 with the staff besides instructors. Some are nice, and some are not there to be your friend. Definitely didn't receive 1700$ worth of tools... I spent a good hunk of change on tools expecting an abundance of em and was left with around 750 -850 $ worth of tools. I honestly was really disappointed to find the lack of help and hearing my instructor say "I don't know" and walking right by me when asked a question. I cannot stress that enough, if you're expecting help you probably wont receive it.

cody jones

Its ight i guess

Tyler Freeman

Neal Severn

One of the top IT schools in the country. Not uncommon to make $60K+ right after gradution.


bianca jackson

I did not enjoy my experience here. My classroom was to crowded and I did not get the attention and assistance I needed. I learned way more on my job than I did in school. It was a waste of my money

Zachary Mathews

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Sam Garesche

Bradford Duncan

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