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REVIEWS OF Missouri State University IN Missouri

Sam Meilink

My biggest complaint about this school is in regards to administration and the Financial Aid/Services offices. This school's attendance has grown, rapidly, in the past few years. The administration is set up for a small college (~10,000 students), or at least it feels that way. If you have a problem, there is typically only one person who can help you. Apparently, they can only train one person to handle upwards of 24,000 students for that particular issue. Also, it seems as if none of the systems are connected. You have to go to two to three different buildings, and maybe up to five different offices. No one can give you a full answer, so you have to on a scavenger hunt for all the pieces. And now, they're cutting the budget again which may entail layoffs. So, there will be less people to be able to handle issues...

Bijun Li

Great experience during my years in MSU, professors and faculties are friendly and always glad to help. Campus is beautiful , buildings are clean and facilities are well-maintained.

Surapon Boonlue

very well. The Best of All


BUYER BEWARE: You'll be fine at MSU as long as you don't complain about any lack of teaching pedagogy in your classes. As a student I have had a Jekyll and Hyde type of experience here; some professors include direct instruction (in a number of modalities) others do not. I was told verbatim by a professor; "I'll do what I want and no one can tell me differently". Another professor, on three separate exams, gave no feedback and in a class of 16 students had four A's with the rest, B, C, D, F, range and didn't change his "Educating" the entire semester. One other professor who had given out continual C's and B's - said he didn't need to teach for "Mastery" of the topic - he only needed to give "Students a shot"... Keep in mind professors are experts in an area and not teachers - that is do not have the training and education to teach, to reach students. Further, in classes I have never seen an administrator come and evaluate the level of "Teaching" being done.

Taylor Cane

The Masters of Computer Information Systems program is awesome. Very will structured with extremely relevant information for aspiring IT leaders. I was able to immediately apply lessons learned to my job and my work. I was overall pleased with the instructors as well. The Hybrid on campus / online structure really works. A+

Zeb Ayres

It's a lovely campus, with lots of clubs and a great student community. The school also has a lot of enthusiasm and support from the greater Springfield community and it shows. I got a lot out of my time there.

Peter Parker

Best school Clif Smart

Paul T. Backes

Good university. A lot of my friends from high school go to school here.

Caleb Carter

My brother graduated from MSU and he has sucseessfully persued his career as a Cox Health Emergency helicopter pilot. And it's all because of the great teachings of MSU. Thank you MSU.

Khalid Bakhtyar

Nice place wow l want to go there

A New Perspective Films

I Wish I could write a better review but this is the worst University I've ever attended. I will not deny there are good professors, however the number of bad greatly outweighs the good. General education classes are often crammed past capacity, and the pass rates for a lot of the Gen ed classes are below 50% due to the class sizes and, frankly, the lack of concern by the professors. I wish I would've went to another University first before wasting 20 grand. Get indebted somewhere else.

Antoine Mack

Teachers really cared. It was very accessible. That might change with recent construction, but whatcha gonna do?

Amy Nelson

I have grown to have no patience for rude people. I think I reached a breaking point after a lady in financial aid at Missouri State University treated me like an inconvenience and as if I'm incompetent. This is not my first time having a negative experience either. When I call Missouri State for any inquiry I feel herded along like not only do my opinions not matter to the university, they don’t need to be said because they will be over talked by policy and procedure that 9/10 has not answered my simple questions. Students often must fork over a lot of money for college and they deserve to be treated with respect while navigating what can be a confusing daunting place. If I were officially the 84th person to ask something as basic as, "Does Missouri State have a website?" would you snap at me because it is such an obvious question? You don’t know me, you don’t know my story, and I don’t believe that any positions in Financial Aid call for judgment in a 3-minute phone call. I will be a good student and you can be a kind employee.

Nathan Minor

Excellent collaborative electrical engineering and civil engineering program through Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Clint Cochrane

Wonderful school. President Smart fights for the students. It's a very clean campus. The one bad thing is the school doesn't accept any form of payment other than cash or cheque. I am a computer science major, and I love my department. It is small, but the professors are always around to help.

Max Sommers

A hidden gem that is slowly emerging as a real threat to Mizzou. Class sizes are very manageable and personal. It is easy to connect with your professors. Constant renovation and building might hurt some. But it means the university is thriving and growing. President Smart is a brilliant person who is making the university a place for all. After for all the 1 star troll reviews make sure to read them carefully. A bunch of them are unrelated or political. I was a member of the College Republicans and went through the Political Science program, never felt targeted.


I went here last year with my high school band class and watched the marching band perform. Amazing performance!


It's Haunted.

Loversonar MgGee

Horrible kids here. I can't seem to fit in anywhere here. It's always crowded, too. Nobody cares about you here. You'll have no friends here. Don't come here.

Sammi Smith

Beautiful Campus. I really love their sports department and their theatre department!

Brian N.

MSU is a good choice if you plan on getting an undergrad degree and then going somewhere else for your masters. They have an excellent study abroad program which can make a big difference in your college experience. The professors are first …

Michael Meis

Don't go here as an online student. They have no idea how to run an online program. Advisers are never available unless you are there in person. The online program is an afterthought to get more money.

Allie S

I had an absolutely horrid experience at this school that I attended for 2 years. The cost of admission is ridiculously high for the quality of education. 90% of the professors that I experienced while attending MSU were pessimistic, rude, and unhelpful. Being told the first day of nearly every class each semester that you will not do well due to the level of difficulty is not the most helpful or optimistic way to bring about learning. I do not recommend this school. The advisor I was assigned was rather hateful and very unhelpful. The advisor once told me once that my gpa, grades, and myself were “garbage.” This is the reason I decided to attend college elsewhere. I never felt comfortable at MSU, I was never happy attending this school, and I would highly recommend any other school in the area.

Sasuki Lago

Atfter 3 years... Word to the wise, more often than not, you never crack open that 100, 200 something dollar book. A quarter of the professors are great people and go above and beyond and are the positives of the university. Another quarter are there and go through the motions, pretty average and that's fine. The rest are communicationally and emotionally compromised and feel the need to be dictators of their classrooms and go on emotional rants unrelated to material, are professors that have checked out because retirement is around the corner, or are teaching assistants in their early 20s and have no idea what they're doing and rush through so they can get THEIR work done. Parking is a mad house the first half of the semester. I've spent an hour trying to find parking and gave up, I've been threatened and screamed at, dealt with aggression and almost hit by cars. It's not like I felt safe on campus anyways or in Springfield for that matter. The school enrollment is growing faster than they're willing to keep up expecting more and more from professors and give less and less to those who pay the continually raising tuition.

scott knox

I myself have had a horrible experience at MSU, but I won't let that account for the school as a whole. If you are considering entering the Computer Information Systems program, you should really consider another school. The instructors in the program are currently abysmal. They are working hard to improve the program, but for now you will learn at a pace and challenge level much less than you would even get at OTC. The College of Business in general felt like a degree mill, in my opinion. As for the rest of the campus, it really is great in every way. You can do almost anything you need right on campus easily. The Foster Recreation center has an awesome pool and great selection of workout equipment. The library is also top-notch and has a great selection. I have a feeling that if you're pursuing an education in non-technical subjects, this would be a great school for the money. If that's not the case though, I highly recommend you seek a better business school elsewhere. Springfield has a hard time retaining talent, and you'll find little of it in the more technical departments at MSU.

Chad Hall

Getting anything done from this University is a Joke. Their Financial Aid department is stuck in the stoneage. One year I didn't get my Fall financial aid until December through no fault of my own. You can't pay a bill online or on the phone it has to be mailed on done in person. They don't have near enough employees to help you when you need it and when you do finally get help, you have to go through 10 different processes to get even the simplest things done.

Naoyuki Saeki

There's a good English program here.

Matt Freihofer

Quality teachers and leadership. Fantastic Biomedical sciences programs.

Julie Wrocklage

Very proud to have graduated from Missouri State with both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Endless opportunities to get involved, learn, and grow. Professors that truly care about their students and their subject. Employment opportunities as well. I was fortunate enough to have worked as a graduate assistant—a major benefit of this was that my tuition was waived!

Jay Cassidy

The humanities at this school is a detached cult of unreality. If you want to see how wacky and hateful Liberalism becoming, this school is a real is a real eye opener. To give a bit of context, I consider myself to be pretty politically …


Probably one of the best schools in the state.

Ayres Ryder

Ive never seen any business ran so effectively but several other schools ran much poorly. Very high quality teachers and recognized as a great education at all levels.

Bob Ford

When I was a student there over a half century ago, it was a great value for the money. The degree did what I wanted it to do. It opened doors for jobs I wanted. I learned later in life that where you get a degree from in most occupations does not matter. All that matters is you got the degree.

Lisa Armstrong

Great place ro work as well as great events at JQH Arena. Lots of student activities and fitness centers as well as on site Dr's office for students and staff.

Aaron Peterson

Recently graduated with a degree in CIS here. I enjoyed my time as an undergrad at this school and recommend it to anyone looking for a school with caring professors. I am continuing on here in a MS program and very much look forward to it. Special shoutouts go to Dr. Moses and Dr. Margavio in the CIS department for teaching awesome classes.

Siriporn Kuikratoke

I can see MSU more clearly.

Joshua Harrold

Your typical state college. Larges classes and okay professors. Campus is nice but most buildings are old.

Kokokafe Neo87

The best Uni Cause my sister study here.!


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