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REVIEWS OF University of Mississippi Medical Center IN Mississippi

Deiondria Lee

Jay Rock


Ken Johnsey

Charles Pope

They done a wonderful job repairing my mama's broken jaw if it hadn't been for them I don't know what we would have done ♥

Kayla Wiltcher

Mikela Carter

They did a great job controlling my daughter's asthma. Everyone there was so nice they explained what kind of medicine she'll be taking and what was wrong with her. So i would like to thank the STAFF at Batson Children Hospital for everything

Tara Hines

Min Liu

Chase Simmons

Hip surgery was great recovery going well surgeon was amarzing

George Renfroe

I went to the dental school and had all my teeth extracted for dentures. When I was healed enough for them to start with the molds for the dentures it was determined that they did not smooth the bones properly when they pulled my teeth, so I had to get my gums opened again so the bones could be ground again. Now my gums had to heal again. Now they finally started with the complete set of dentures. When they were finished, I told them that they did not fit correctly. I was told to put more poligrip. That did not work. If I bit on the left side the right top denture would come down and the same for the left top if I bit down on the right. After 11 months the top dentures broke in half. The dental school said that I would have to go through the whole process again and PAY again. I went to the school because of cost as I am retired and not rich. So save yourself a lot of trouble and go to a real dentist. Note: my mom got dentures back around 1940 and they fit great and she did not have to use any filler on hers. NUFF SAID

Matthew Henry

A large hospital has lots of doctors but can sometimes be hard to deal due to its size.

Dee Lee

William Davis

Have been going for years for my seizures, MS and just found out have diabetes 2 years ago. Staff, doctors, and everyone have been so helpful.

Dustin Kelly

justin sims

The service we endured here at ummc was not great at all. We have been here for 4 hours and have not any results. People who came after us have already left. They don't seem like they want help anyone. This all went on in exam rooms 30-39. Everyone who is a patient here has been getting agitated with the long wait and getting no help. All the nurses are busy talking amongst each other instead of caring for the patients. Looks like we won't be back here. Wouldn't even give them one star but had to just so I could write a review.

Stephanie Hearst

Trennace Turner

Neda Cotton

Ilike it

Allison Scott

I really liked the way everyone who worked there knew what to do and how to do it and was very welcoming and helpful.

Kayla Nations

Very professional and top of the line care you can tell and feel that they employees see you or your families problems as important and go above and beyond to show they are gonna do all they can.. Great place all around usually a wait well worth it

Miss Jackson

everyone nice!

meg boyd

Erika Limberg Pace

Really becoming a joke to go to this hospital anymore. Quality of care is terrible, bedside manner is terrible, medical treatment & diagnosis is a huge waste of time because you aren't going to get anything! A pat on the back to say how bad off you are, after thoroughly being checked and re-checked for track marks, follow up with your pcp. This hospital isn't any better than Merit Health, unless you were in a sensational accident and/or flown in. Beyond that, forget it, you will not get help or get answers at that glorified "has been" hospital of MS. If I were to get into an accident and I was taken there, I would promptly request a transfer the heck out of there, especially if I want to live!! The scary thing is, it is a teaching hospital. This is obviously what we have to look forward to for medical care in the state of MS. No one knows, slap a band-aid on the boo-boo and let them walk out. After they see the patient fall keep standing there then have security escort them to the door and tell them find transportation off of the premises ASAP. OH! I almost forgot, that is after patient requests a wheel chair and then the medical professionals tell them they are too busy helping patients in much greater need than you. But be careful with that broken sternum because you are sure gonna need surgery for it because your break is worse now than it was to begin with. Seriously have to question this hospitals personal and professional ethics and integrity. Huge mistake to go there. Grand mal seizure for the first time in your life....we dont know what's wrong, go see your neurologist. Yeah, not kidding. Actually happened less than 5 hrs ago...pathetic excuse of medical professionals and medical care. Would not take my dog there. I wish there was a negative rating system. They deserve a negative 5 star. HORRIBLE.

Matheus William Brito

(Translated by Google) Perfect (Original) Perfeito

Arturo Carrillo

Jess Marie

Update: we went back to the hospital for a different appointment and the elevator is still out of order in the garage B.. thank gosh my husband was able to get a spot near the entrance walk way. It's a pain toting a child who was sedated and all of our belongings up and down stairs. also while we were waiting for my child to be seen in a waiting area. My oldest saw a roach in the light. the staff was nice and gave us a remote for our oldest to watch TV, but the TV didnt work.. there was no signal. It cut out off and on (digital blocky looking) for a few minutes but then no signal the whole time we was there. The Hospital is a joke. Dr.s change appointments not telling you, give wrong dates and often change just because they feel like it. The parking garage B, so elevators were broken. We had to tote 2 kids & stroller down a flight of stairs. And parking places are to narrow for vehicles now days. So other people take up your spot and leave you no room to get out of your vehicle. I'm not exaggerating, I'm 5'6 and 115lbs Also we have to visit this hosptial several times a year because sadly they're the only specialty doctors in the entire state of Mississippi. Nearly everytime we've been to the parking garage, a BLK lady was driving a super sized golf cart. She always drives away from us even when we had chase her down. But everytime she'll only have only BLk on it. One time she stopped and said something, I said oh thank goodness. We could use a lift. I had 4 children in tow by myself ( 2 were little ones). She said I wasnt talking you! I was talking to him and he(young BLK man) got on and she sped off. He and her were the only ones on it. By the time we finally made it to our car she had it loaded down but not with "us people" it's the same woman driving everytime.

Eric Brown

Elaine Martin

For the most part everyone has been so good to me!!! We are finally making some progress in my health!!! Thank you for all you do for me, my family, our community and the research that goes far beyond!!!

A Marie

The hospital may be fine, but I would NOT recommend going to school here. The faculty does not care about helping students. If you're not caucasian, good luck.

Caleb Zumbro

Nice school. Learning alot


Waiting waiting and still waiting. Since 7:45 am for Short stay surgery it is now 11:37 I am still waiting

Estraya Sanchez

Came in from out of town to visit our sister expecting an actual waiting room like every other hospital but there wasn't one.

Pamela McIntyre

Gene Smith

scott pettigrew

great every time I come to hospital everyone is super nice. ..

Melissa Beard

Love this Hospital !! Really great Dialysis Clinic as well !

Irma Stewart

Shakendra Wash


Alice Sewell.


(Translated by Google) Of the strongest universities (Original) من اقوى الجامعات

Erin Owens

well my husband was shot and i took him here and he died in the hospital now i just had a his baby and the baby dosent have a father thanks

Kris Adams

When my son was spiking a bad fever and was severely dehydrated we came to the Batson ER. They got him back to a private room quickly and immediately began giving him treatment. Within 8 hours he was feeling better and we were released. It was a long night but I am very grateful to the caring staff at the hospital. I wouldn't even question where to go if we have another medical issue come up.

Ken Strehl

Been going there since February

Edward Taylor

Timothy Rutherford

Great care!! friendly staff.

Johnny Green

Don't come here as a patient unless you like being a human college class. Wife went in to see one doctor and before we knew it we were met with our assigned physician plus 3 additonal MD's in their residency with no type for forwarning whatsoever.

Teran Bonds

Shabba Ranks

My wife and I are working on our fourth hour here in the ER for getting her asthma under control. Totally unacceptable!

eric jones

grandma recieved horrible service

Hillary Vzang

I sat in the emergency room for FOUR HOURS with chest pains... they finally came out and said they would be doing an EKG shortly. After another hour passed we left and went to River Oaks. I still received a bill for $1,700 and all I did was sit in the waiting room!!! I will NEVER go back.

Bobby Gonzales

Quality care but don't go during turnover time around 7. Whatever help you received abruptly disappears and you suddenly have a 40min- multiple hours long wait. Sorry guys, but I'm pretty disappointed with how long my brother-in-law had to wait to get processed.

gary stanford

Everyone here in the Hospital are Very Very Nice and so helpful that helped give us that comfortable feeling . We Thank You so much for Everyone's comfort and Kindness.

Jay Dogg

I will never go to another hospital!!! The people who work here are absolutely wonderful!!! The nurses , doctors and staff are always courteous and respectful and very professional!!! They seem to love what they do and really want to be there !!! I haven't had the misfortune of visiting a lot of hospitals but I've been to enough to know they're not all like the University Mississippi Medical center and I would recommend them to anyone in need of medical care!!!! A big Five Stars from this old Franklin county boy for sure!!!!


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