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REVIEWS OF The University of Southern Mississippi IN Mississippi

Amelia S. McGowan

I couldn't have asked for a better university experience. Great Honors College, great arts events, wonderful study abroad, fantastic student life, beautiful campus. Loved it!

Christian Bonson

This is an amazing university

Ashley Baggett


Abhijeet Bhatta

Evan Williamson

I got my degree here, and that should tell you something.

Ronald Oswalt

Anna Warren-Sullivan



First of all ugly god went here so ya its GREAT!!

Walt Garnett

Valentina Caldito

Excellent University with beautiful buildings and cozy. All their locations are accessible and easy to roam around on foot. Unforgettable experience


Jaelyn Fails

Tonya Mcdonald

zeta mcbroom

I love my new school and the campus is so nice.

Da'mirriyah Washington

I might be taking my dance talent over here

Chris Brown

Chanston Watson

Love my school!

Wilson Ross

Jacob Bowen

Great smaller southern university, lots of school pride. The campus is easily walkable and accessible. There is also the long leaf trace that runs parallel to it for walking jogging and biking.


Baburam Khanal

Bishal shrestha

Aaron Manning

Terri McKee

Nicky Duvieilh

LISA Lampton


When ugly God is the most famous person to come out that college

c h

Hunter Deerman

Mercedes Slaughter

I don't really have that much of an opinion of USM since I've only spent one summer session with them but I wanted to add my two cents anyway I may come back and update it later. So, far my experience wasn't that bad unlike some of the other reviewers here, but they are correct about the parking situation, the professor poor work ethnic( I wonder how were these people even able to get their degrees), working with the business and financial aid offices is a bit of a pain the are slow to reply but they do try to get more money out of you, the cafeteria meals are mediocre at best you might as well get your own food or eat somewhere else on campus. Their assistance with residence housing has been poor in my experience I am in rough situation right now because all of the dorms are full and this school doesn't compensate housing for students like renting a hotel for students or covering for apartments. I highly recommend that anyone to apply for housing ahead of time like very very early otherwise they'll leave you to fend for yourself.

Donald Morgan

Fabulous school, best business school, great campus life

Snape Snape Severus Snape

Walker Garrett

U.S.M. has been taking the right steps forward lately.

Trinitas Christian School

George Alexander



Talmadge B. Lee Sr.

Elizah Keller

Joezer Pinheiro Xavier

Good place with a very good staff.

Darine Lewus

Mariha Partman

all new telugu movies

Carla Childress

Jamie Arrington

I absolutely loved my time at Southern Miss. I highly recommend.

Christopher Island

lila stewart

Shania Claiborne

The Best college ever!!!!

Edson Oliv eira Oliveira

Robyn White

Hikmah Mcmahon

I love my school. They are very efficient about the things they do. I wish they were put more efforts in rewarding students with good grades

Donavan Boykin

Harold Boyd



Charlie Hagar

Onoriode Otojareri

Awesome experience would not trade it for the world.

Ezo kablan

Bob Parker

Bill Parker

If you are not familiar with USM it is widely known as Mississippi's diploma mill. You (or your cat) can get just about any generic, non-respected, useless undergraduate degree at this party school. It's littered with bitter professors who - generally speaking - couldn’t get their foothold in private sector, economy-based employment (aka – real job). The main point is - when your USM grad child goes looking for successful employment, they will greatly regret their choice ...and so will you. They'll have to do it all over again - and at a real school... with more loans to add to your debt. Don't flush away your hard-earned money at an institution that wants to run your child through the system just to pay the salaries of poor quality 'professors'.

Tessa Romero


Eugene Topps


Shawanda Thames

Overall great school and location. (Close to everything) There are parking issues, always have been. I graduated from there. Faculty and staff are great.

Richard Browdet

Mackenzie Chamblee

Pretty campus


I'm currently going here and I cannot wait to get out. The parking situation is ridiculous. They should not differentiate between student parking, it causes too much confusion and senseless tickets. There already is not enough parking. They do not care to listen to your appeals for citations either, regardless of what your situation may be. Terrible school. I hate my experience. I wish I could give it a 0/10.

Randall West

SMTTT!!! Great experience...06' BSBA Accounting / 07' MBA

Angry Bun

Not rating it now but rating for the past as known for the school that made the saddest civil movement story the story that made a innocent intelligent man go to jail by a fake testimony of Clyde Kennard

Queen 1500

Bibek kshetri

louis gambina

Lavon Grider

Manish Kumar

I want to go for study but no one can help to get the right information regarding my admissions

antonio almengor

Saleh Abdullah Saleh

Jared Waldrop

Alfonso Gómez Rodríguez

Good University and good campus.One of the best experiences in my life. From Spain, Alfonso

Nina VonTesse

Beautiful school! Transferred here with no problems. The faculty and staff was very helpful and friendly!

Jake Flynn

Looks like a nice campus but I could not imagine ever going there

Thomas Wilson

The University of Southern Mississippi has been a second home to me. The small classrooms and walk-able campus give the school a shady, welcoming feel. The school has lots of spirit, and most departments have professors that care and are dedicated. I've completed my time there. It was a very rewarding experience. Like any school, the more you immerse yourself in the activities like the fantastic music program, the more involved you feel. Take the time to do some extra curricula. You will not regret it.

Andrew Dale

Great instruction, beautiful campus. Enjoyed my time here.

Ina Sukarno

Susan Miller

Looking for the college with the lowest job placement rate in the state? One that has had accreditation problems in the past? Need a college degree that holds little weight in the career world? Want to waste 4 pivotal years mistakenly assuming that you are earning respected academic chops to obtain a good career? Then USM is the place for you. Bottom line - if you just like to party and don’t expect much out of life, then you can get a degree from USM - and then go sell insurance, drive for Uber or something like that. Just get daddy to write them a check. Why do all the 5-star reviews here have no actual glowing words in their reviews?

Bungheng Taing

Great school. I want to see the flower garden there but unfortunately, they were all dead.

Stella Barnes


abhijith reddy


Eddy Chen

(Translated by Google) a simple place, school school conservative (Original) 一個純樸的地方,學校校風保守

Abby Trigg

I've been attending USM for a year and a half, and I can confidently say that it has not been a pleasant experience. Parking services and financial aid are a huge pain and only try to get more money from you instead of helping you. No degree holds the same value because grading criteria for courses vary greatly between instructors. Work that would get you an A in one class can easily get you a D in another. The attendance policy is outrageous and inconsistent. Supposedly it applies to the entire campus, but some instructors never take attendance. Those that do follow the policy knock points of your final grade for missing more than 3 days, even if you're still able to keep up with coursework and make high grades. Paying to attend this institution feels like a waste, and I can't wait to get away from USM.

Damien Miller

Would of gave it a 0 if possible

Evelyn Foster

Tisha Trim

Attended a workshop/training. Pretty campus. Very pleasant people. Enjoyed the day. Campus is beautiful. Fairly easy to get around. Still need more parking though. Lol

Eugenio Perez

It's abeautiful place!!!

KalebNelson 2017

I hated it

Riley Garner

Brian Dozier

Patrick Murray

Taylor Tanner

Punith Rao

Team JLew

Jordan Seals

They would tell me I was good to go with financial aid. 2 week later, I'd check in and they would need more information. It happened about 6 times. Didn't even get financial aid until months after I left the school. No one was every able to answer my question the first time I asked. To the point where I had to be rude to get somewhere, which at this point is the normal when I have to call them. You can ask a question they don't give you ALL the information you need. Hated my experience.

Ponam Kartik

I love usm...


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