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REVIEWS OF Mississippi State University IN Mississippi

Drew Walters

Great feel and campus

Clay Taylor

The best university in the state.

Halle Allen

awesome very nice

Officially Nez

One of the best decisions of my life #HAILSTATE

Al Plain

Mississippi State is great. They now have every thing extremely well thought out to maximize time. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Mississippi State! We got some Dogs up in here!!!

Candice Crawford

Awesome time in undergrad!

Isaiah Beasley

Graduated from MSU with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I was in the military for 12 years active duty and went to about 6 different colleges while enlisted and by far MSU was the best one that I attended. It is one of the most military friendly which is what appealed to me in the first place. The facilities are top notch and the Research and Development is among the best in the country (CAVS).

Jordan Williams

I left after one semester and drove five hours home every weekend because I hated it that much. There was black mold in our AC and on the ceiling, cockroach infestation under the sink in our dorm, and we had bed bugs. The ceiling would also crumble down on top of us, and this wasn't even the worst dorm on campus. Also, someone who lived there before me peed in my closet, so all of my clothes smelled of urine. We reported these issues several times, and nothing was done about it. It's a major party school, and they have "turnup Thursdays". The offices were unhelpful. The food is not good. The people weren't nice and are immature. Unless you're in sports, you're going to get lost in the system. Definitely was not the school that they seem to be. I paid too much money to get treated, fed, and live the way that I was while there.

Rusty Montz

I’m from Alabama, I had to leave my dog at the hospital several days waiting on a CT Scan. Everyone from the doctor to the front desk was just wonderful. They called us at least twice a day keeping us up to date on our dog. We could not ask for our dog or us to be treated any better than we were at a very difficult time. Thank you MSU, doctors, assistants, everyone for what you did for Rondo!!

Chris Forbes

Easy drive from Alabama.

Reed Gordon

I loved going to school here but the main issue with the university is the lack of parking for students. It is awful.

Suhag Goswami

Because it is fully amazing..

Jobreonna Henley

This is the best college in the world i want to go here it is my dream to go here my sisters go here and i'm going here they have an good study progam and great food.I hope you can go to this colleg they will make you feel home like you belong there and there staff their is great and awsome go there you will love it.

Olanrewaju Raji

You most definitely have to visit the drill field in the Spring or Summer! Play a game of Frisbee, Cricket, flag football, read a book, whatever you may, just get out there and have fun!

Naila Bushra

A school that is growing and has a lot of potential!

Samuel Keaton

Beautiful campus. The drill field is amazing. It's a great place for students to gather.


If Forrest Gump went to Alabama.. his retarded half wit brother more than likely would go to Mississippi St.

Kristen Bray

I might be slightly biased, but I love my college. Most of my professors are super helpful, and will do as much as possible to make sure I succeed. The biggest misconception is that they will just give answers, when in reality, the teachers want to see your effort and willingness to be guided in the right direction. The culture here is diverse. Sometimes there are groups on the drill field (usually radical religious groups) that say some hurtful things, but it isn't difficult to avoid them. Overall, a wonderful university, in my opinion.

Tom Shelton

My daughter loves her freshman year. Loves the University and everyone she has met. We looked at alot of universities and this campus really expressed us.

Crosbygyrl C

Great school! Awesome friends for a lifetime! You'll forever be in a Mississippi #STATEofMind

lucas elder

Mississippi State is a wonderful school with many accredited departments and professional schools. Mississippi State boasts top ranked agriculture, architecture, engineering and meteorology programs. The atmosphere is wonderful (especially on game days) and everyone expresses them selves freely. As a student here with many friends, I know many people who share the same positive opinion of this profound university.

Mike Merrigan

Super fantastic University @HailState #hailstatefb

Chris Smith

This item isn't properly pinpointed on the map.

Adam Kita

Great and friendly cafeteria staff! Will be back for sure.

linda adrian

Cool. Its awesome

Ryan Wallace

Currently a Junior at Mississippi State, and I love it! My major is accounting, the professors are helpful and accessible outside of class, and my advisors are top-notch. Several of the staff are also CPA's or involved in the field in a similar way. The parking isn't that great, but it's (as always) a work in progress. The games are not to be missed.

Bobby Krentel

Applied and had everything sent to Mississippi State, never received a decision. I applied early enough to give them plenty of time. I was an out-of-state student looking to go into their engineering program ,and never received a decision. Some of the admissions office people are nice others are very rude. I couldn't even get a refund for my application fee , I paid that Fee to get a DECISION. I pretty much got scammed from MSU. If you're an out-of-state student I do NOT recommend MSU. The communication from them is horrible.

Ivye Allen

Great meeting location!

Scottdale Music, LLC. Scotty Dale Vine

Love starkville Ms.

Caleb Abbott

Great University for learning agriculture, mechanical engineering, Aerospace Engineering, computer science, electrical engineering and many more degrees. The more time you spend here and the surrounding areas the more you will love it. #hailstate

Germaine Cooley

Campus tour was fun! Can't wait to apply!

Emily Morris

It was amazing. I will always love Mississippi State. Go Dawgs!!!!

Jonathan King

#HAILSTATE engineering lyfe

Lainey Strickland

love it!!

Shane Roby

Ok so I was never a fan untill my gf started going here and i can say after spending time on campus and the area I fell in love with everything about the place

george davis

Great Place 2 Work. Who Let's The Dogs Out.

Stacy Wilkinson

Those cowbells almost got me deaf.

Darion Evans

Honest rating. But after almost 6 years, there's a lot of things you notice that can be fixed. For one, dining on campus is way too high for the mediocre taste and service. Parking costs way too much for the limited parking. A ticket for parking on campus without a decal costs the SAME price as buying a decal. Let's not talk about the departments. There are some departments here that will give you the run-around as if they have no respect here. And some of their teachers, are the absolute worst. AND not to mention, MSU praises athletics more than they do their own academic students. They will go all-out for a cash cow, but not those trying to gather an education and do something with their lives (but that's every school with a football team)


this really sucks

Jarmaria Outley

great love it go dawgs

Ian Johnston

Had sex. Would recommend. #hailstate

Cory Johnson

A truly wonderful college experience. MSU offers it all, from top rated academic programs to endless sports entertainment. It's good to be a Bulldog! #HailState #WeRingTrue

chop god slauder goat

Beautiful campus with very friendly and helpful staff

Dave Ritchie

2 children both attending State and both absolutely love it. Both are in mechanical engineering and are receiving excellant educations. From our initial campus visit we've always been treated like family. If you're looking for an excellant education at resonable tution, I recommend that you take a campus tour. The campus is clean, demonstrating that not only the staff, but the students actually care. Go Dawgs! One proud parent!

dee ray

Great people very helpful

bennie stallworth

Great years were spent there!

Kat Wayne

Wonderful school. Wonderful people.

Russell Taylor

Hail state! Great place, great programs.

Zach Blakeley

My wife graduated from here and I loved attending this university. I hate that I couldn't graduate from here, but I had to transfer back to a university in Tennessee because I changed my major and couldn't afford out of state tuition.... I also didn't want to change my residency and wait a yr to get in state tuition. The professors really go the extra mile if you don't understand something and are extremely understanding in their area of expertise. I would highly recommend Mr. Valentine & Mrs. Brown in the psychology department, Dr. Mercer in meteorology, and Dr. Lozano in Economics. I don't like to name names, but they alone made my experience a lot more enjoyable. Also, the admin always are helpful and get things done in a timely fashion.

bongie mcneil

Mississippi State University campus is beautiful. Great college to attend.

Jimmy Crackcorn

Worse school in the USA!

ramesh shrestha

Amazing faculty and research college in the nation

Hiko K

I like this university. Very beautiful campus

Drissa bagayoko

I was a Cochran fellow from July 30 to August 12, 2016. I've got a rich expérience on climate changes and smart agriculture. I thank all the administrators and professors, particulary Dr Prem Parajuli


Nice school to attend

Matthew Thomas Jr.

Fall Preview was awesome very impressed.

xin wang

sweet home, Mississippi State~ Go Dawgs!

Ryan Batterman

#HailState nuff said


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