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REVIEWS OF Eleanor Roosevelt High School IN California

Lola Palacios


Britney Obasi

Michelle Thweatt

Tennis Volleyball Child

Erin Castillo

Future student

Andrea Franco

Elizabeth Wang

Currently a senior and I would say that the academics at this school is great but there are just too many new teachers every year. There was a sex video scandal and alleged sexual assault during my past years here, but I guess just be responsible for your own behavior and be good. Majority of the staff here are kind and well-trained. #class of 2017

teen wolf

they did nothing to help me staff is ok but I was sexually harassed by a student and I'm not liking it one bit the only staff members I liked were the resource officer and my assistant principal I miss them but Roosevelt is full of jerks no offense

Eva Laus

Ryan Andrew

ricky ricardo

R3M World


Marco Gonzalez

Karen Patel

Suzy Nelson

Angie Unigi

So great

Charles Wilson

tyler Garcia

Yeezy Season

Shoutout Mr. Yu, best teacher and the best math teacher I've ever had.


Wun atta Fifev, Staff not Danke enough.

Cosme Villareal

yangguang O

(Translated by Google) very good (Original) 非常好


Amazing School!

Electivedust 1

Great teachers technology is up to date

Yara Chaves-Andrade

Heueue Hehejdjdj

It's bad

Sofia Guzman

Duckylover 971

Sam Lan

The campus and school is great it self but the teachers some of them are a problem Mrs Munro is the worst teacher to walk the earth NO TO WALK THE UNIVERSE IT IS THE WORST SCHOOLLLL CAUSE OF THESE DUMB ASS TEACHERS THE COUNSELOR SUCKS the teacher Mrs Munro she is the worst teacher ever she yelled half a inch up to my face and made me cry and had an anxiety attack in her class room and wouldn't let me leave and she kept yelling at me to calm down and and abviously telling someone to calm down if anything make them freak out more and there's one teacher who I loved Mrs nighswonger best teacher on campus she's a good teacher she friendly lets you eat lunch with her in the room and she does tutoring unlike other teacher I went from an F student in math to an A student lots of teachers are great but she was the best teacher ever I'd say 40% of the school staff sucked the worst teachers I've encountered are Mrs Munro and Mrs Copete and a teacher called me out in front of the whole class and told me I had no friends and no one to talk to and said why would be on my phone and another bad teacher is mrs carter the pe teacher didn't like me so failed me transferred

Carlos Garcia

CLASS OF 2014!!!!!

Bill Liang


(Translated by Google) Every Saturday at 11:00 am, the school’s library will give children a class, public welfare activities, and the teacher is very good. (Original) 每个周六上午十一点来学校的图书馆给小朋友上课,公益的活动,老师很好

Ricardo Sainz

ERHS is a great high school and has a lot of benefits towards freshmen that come to make a difference. GO MUSTANGS!!!

Truly Trudy

Ian Naguna

This school is bleh. Feels bad man I h8 it this school gets rekt by centennial.

David Lawhorn

Jordin Rangel

Nox Leonis

Lee Kilcoyne

Lamon Jefferson

Aaliyah Melchor

Dean Miller

staff is undertrained

Tami Moore

Silvano Chavez

Horrible system

Wilson Alonso

Paul Fitzgerald

The teachers are super nice. Ms. Cortes is the GOAT. The buildings are up to date and the tech is new. Love it. Like a second home.

Vivian Medina

Alicia Ramirez

Angel Hernandez

It's a school. Shout out to Mr.Hernandez, Mr.Wilson & Ms.Quick for being the best at what they do.

Desi Elliott

Steve Enriquez

Juan Lopez


Eric Stout

helloits melo

Terrible school.

Stealth Dino

Great place, teachers, and people to hang out with during school hours. Go STEM!

Jovan Robinson

Great overall school...teachers care, nice mix of diversity in culture, and really nice kids overall !


William Olivas


MayBaby123 lopez

@dalton blair well i think that you just want to get attention and you think that you are better than everyone else so get over your self and just be friend day to everybody including the freshman k thanks :))) CLASSS OF 2020

Lily Wolf

Probably an above average school. Teachers are decent. Some security guards clearly have misplaced priorities.

Evalynda Cayton

bmister games

Exon Swift

This school has the best thing ever many students getting the career of their life becoming a pornhub phenomenon and just persuing their dreams

Lauren Martinezz

Thomas Perez

Rhs is better

Sophia Pierce

I am currently enrolled in Eleanor Roosevelt as a sophomore and we just found out about ANOTHER sex scandal video a few of the kids at my school did. It was not filmed at the school and it did not take place at the school, but KTLA had us on the news the other night and plan to do the same tonight as well for that scandal and the stupid actions the teens got themselves into. That is why I give my school this rating...

Josh Green

Well designed school

The Lemonboy

Boo this school sucks

Dalton Blair

Class of 2015 was amazing, class of 2014 was terrible, class of 2013 was alright, class of 2012 was amazing. Every year the school gets worse, mainly due to the freshmen. I graduated 2015 and it depends on how you want your high-school experience to go. I had a great time because I wanted to. Most people who didn't have a great experience didn't want one. Class of 2015 was great and we all had a great time because all of us wanted to. It helps that we had Jeremy Goins and some of the best people


Marcos Flores

Awesome school

Matthew Allison-Aipa

I do not like this school what so ever the teachers are strict and mean

Henry Shi


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