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3300 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

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REVIEWS OF Zzaam! IN Virginia

Matthew Mlot

Delicious & healthy food. Great Service. Very reasonable prices. And parking in Carytown. I plan on making this one of my staple quick serve restaurants.

Bradley Davis

All the food looked like it was cooked hours before we arrived. Korean food without pulgogi. Pretty disappointing

Charles Shade

Enjoyed the stop. Something different for the American palette. Other food opportunities at the location as well. Beer bar

Berkeley Goodloe

Love their Korean bowls! I'm disappointed they got rid of their small bowls because their large bowls are too big for a lunch portion. Really good beer selection for a quick serve style place.

Orlando G Torres

The noodles were good but the broth wasn't hot

Nicole Jackson

I love this place. It's quick, healthy and delicious. I get the salad with tons of veggies and "spicy" chicken. The kim chee is just the right amount of spicy. The amount of food you get is ENORMOUS.

John M Haviland

Like Chipotle except Korean food. One of my new favorite places in Carytown.

Nathan Jones

Great little inexpensive place that lets you customize your noodle or rice bowls with all the toppings that you want. Multiple protein choices, a variety of toppings and sauces to customize your own Bowl. Easily one of our new favorite restaurants in Richmond especially for the price.

Danielle Johnson

Nice and quaint! This place is something like a Korean Chipotle. I LOVED THE CHICKEN RAMEN (hold the egg)! The crab pancakes were interesting. I couldn't get past the texture to eat it alone. With the rice it was good. And the sauce they give you was amazing. First time for everything. I'll be back.

Nikki Longo

Think Chipotle but with Korean food, not authentic but tasty. If you're looking to introduce someone to Korean food but they're a little timid, this is a great place to start. Good portions for the price, the small noodle bowl was more than enough for me.

Veloschka Raptore

This place was dank! The ginger dressing is good. Outdoor and indoor seating. It even has a parking lot which is extremely rare for a business in Carytown.

Michael Whitley

I had the Korean Street Ramen with beef and took advantage of their specials on craft draft pints. The staff was genuinely friendly and outgoing. Loved the casual atmosphere and it was very affordable


Agreed! The original version was the Korean Chipotle and was great. Went by a week ago and WOW. Menu is cut at least by half. Now it shares a space with a waffle cone joint. Sad, we really liked the original Zzaam

Patrick Groh

Wonderful food with an amazing selection. To the new person it's almost like a burrito place, but with Korean dishes. You choose a base, meat, toppings, and sauce all independently, and you get your food. It's fast, fairly cheap for the quantity, and really good.

Shawn Evans

Tasty noodle bowls with fresh ingredients, kimchi and egg ftw! Great value!


Nice atmosphere. Food was great. Excellent customer service.

Scott Owens

Excellent menu selection and fresh ingredients! Also great variety/options for all dietary types from vegans, GF and meat eaters. Also draft selection is decent and $1 off draft from 12-6 daily. Cant wait to go back!

Dell workout

Great place to get a bite to eat.

Miranda Detailing

Amazing place. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Rice and noodle bowls were delicious. So many great choices. Certainly recommend it.

Jonathan Delp

This used to be great Korean food. Their ingredients have been changed and the food is hugely disappointing. The japchi used to be a favorite, glass noodles and tons of flavor, but is now linguine covered by bland sauce. He bibimbap has far less flavor and taste much cheaper than it used to. I will not be eating here again unless I hear that the recipes have been corrected to what they used to be.

Neil Murphy

Use to eat zaam at least once a week, but since the renovations I wouldn’t recommend it. They cut the options for meats and toppings in half, and converted the rest of the space into other restaurants and tap room. I can only hope they don’t make the same disastrous changes to their other locations.

David Stahr

I would have given 4.5 stars is 1/2 stars was option. Food was great! I got the noodle bowl with spicy pork. Good portion size and great flavor. Lots of topping options as well. Also liked that they have parking. Rare in Carytown.


Zzaam! is basically a Korean Chipotle; you have a build your own bar full of AMAZING combinations. You get a lot of bang for your buck, and if you're going to the Zzaam! in Carytown, then you can even go to Kokee Tea in the same building for dessert!

Johnny Araya

Food is really tasty, easy access, own parking lot. Beer on tap. Assembly line style like Chipotle. But they have a very nice patio. Meat options and toppings are unusual and that is what makes it unique.

Esh Kae

We ordered the Kimchi Stew and the Kimchi Fried rice. Both were made in the kitchen so they were served hot. Both tasted decent. The stew was more brothy than other Korean soups I’ve had so it was more of a soup than a stew. I would have liked to see bigger and more pieces of the pork. The service wasn’t bad but it wasn’t noticeably good either. The cashier/server did not look happy to be there during all our interactions.

Sean Case

Great Korean food for a reasonable price. Set up so that you can completely customize your order.


Experience delicious Korean food. You will not regret it. Also the staffs are very friendly. Best of Zzaam and I will stick to it.


I love eating bibimbap but the bibimbap at this place just does not taste good. Since this place seems to be well reviewed, I have tried to go here a couple of times, but it just isn’t for me. I know Zzam isn’t supposed to be representative of an authentic Korean restaurant, but it just gives a bad rep to the original bibimbap dish. The chili pepper paste tastes awful, which is sad because I think it is an important part of completing the dish. I have tried the other foods on the menu, and I would just say they’re slightly above average. I wish there were better Korean restaurants around the area.

Brittany Hinton

I stop in here for lunch when I want something healthy but filling! Sometimes I wish the items were warmer but overall I would recommend for a quick lunch.

Toan Phan

Very Americanized Korean food (we have been to many Korean restaurants). Bad service. Will never come back.

Rick Allen

Extremely tasty and congenial

Ahkar Phyo

Was 5 stars but only now has 2 meats out of like 8ish selections before. Barely any toppings anymore. Less than a quarter of whag they had before. Price increased. Before it was A1, now it's just ass.

Jessamy Austin

Obsessed. So good. Great portions for their price. Fast service and very friendly; always helpful and nice!

Andrew Noble

Great atmosphere good food and interesting bar

Vincent Lynch

Casual dining. Chipotle style ordering. Less than $10 per person. You get to pick all sorts of great toppings and there are so many fresh veggie options. Really hope this place is successful because its awesome for a cheap, healthy & quick meal. They have bubble tea, wine, beer, a patio, and their own small parking lot.

Nakita Dolet

This place is worth checking out. It is a collective of businesses. A ramen, Korean, bubble tea and a self-serve beer bar. The vibe is chill. The bubble tea was solid, sweet and refreshing. I would also highly recommend some wings from the Korean place. The skin is crispy and saucy. The wings are not seasoned all the way through, but the skin more than makes up for it. The beer bar is also pretty cool.


the food was amazing! genuine Korean food is hard to come by and this hits the spot. I would definitely recommend the noodle bowl with spicy pork. there's also a very cool atmosphere to the place itself-- modern/rustic/urban

Bryan Rogers

Chipotle with a Korean twist but much more food for your buck making it a great value. Employees were friendly and helpful to this first timer which resulted in a bowl packed with flavor. I've already returned a second time and was not disappointed. Would love to see one on the east end of town.

Jeff Swanson

They opened up recently down here in Midlothian near my office. SOOO much better than Chipotle! quick, fresh and great options.

Brian Davis

Edit: wow... Two steps forward by adding the self serve bar... Three steps back on the food menu... No longer like chipotle. Removed half the ingredients. Increased the price. I understand that sometimes you gotta adjust to what your customers want to be profitable, but I REALLY preferred the original menu... Original review: Awesome spot to grab a quick bite and a brew. Self serve taps are reasonably priced and the food is really great. It's the Korean version of chipotle, but even better value in my opinion. The closest authentic Korean flavors this side of Seoul. Great spot to kill some time before catching a movie at the Byrd.

Haley Beck

The Korean tacos were good. I really like their Zzaam sauce.

Ryan Frantz

The tuna poke bowl was amazing.

Robert Fraser

Always delicious! The only problem is we never can decide on what to order, so we order it all!!

Eric Gordon

This is a great place if you are a fan of bibimbap. The variety of flavors that you can add to your rice or noodle bowls are almost unbelievable. The food is good the staff well let’s just say they need to put away their cell phones wash their hands and use a new pair of gloves once they are removed. Originally this little spot contain only one eatery now it contains for other places including KAZE Ramen, A Hawaiian food option, a bubble tea and dessert location, and a winery. All under one roof!

P Nguyen

I've been looking forward to trying this place out for a while. Even with all the hype and anticipation, I have to sadly say that they failed to satisfy inn every level. First off, their spicy chicken is nothing but a version of the Chinese bourbon chicken. Next, the rice bowl with the pork and teriyaki sauce was ok at best. Finally the dumpling. We order the steam and fried pork dumpling which seemed to be missing the pork all together. The fried dumpling was over fried and borderline burnt.

Jasmyn Snipes Louis

This place is so delicious and inexpensive. It's my favorite place to eat right now. It's perfect for dining in and eating on their patio or getting it to go!

Wei Styer

Fast, fun, tasty Korean food! Known for their kimchee burritos, but the rest of their food is really good too! They have indoor and outdoor seating, and it's a nice casual atmosphere for a quick bite with friends.

Ben Hoover

The "Chipotle" of Korean food. An awesome idea. Lots of food for the money. One of the best happy hours in cary town.

William Lee

Im sure most have heard the saying that food can be one of two but all three between cheap, fast and tasty. Zaam Fresh Korean Grill is none of these. The service is comparable to the BMV in Zooptopia, the prices are high and the food is incredibly underwhelming and bland. I ordered the street ramen with a side of wings, but what i got was not. Quite possibly, the worst korean restaurant I have ever been to.

Lamar Calloway

Good food, nice atmosphere with a large patio. Good beer selection as well. I enjoy going here for lunch.


Used to be good. Not anymore! Ingredient quality is poor. Japchi is no longer made correctly. Skip this one.

Celia Jones

New type of food. Good variety. Staff very helpful for first time customers.

kent romska

Richmond's best fast casual concept. Healthy too.

Thiago Oliveira

If you love Chipotle this is the place for you! It's just like Chipotle except everything is Korean. I've eaten here over 10 times so let me tell ya, I've got the low down on this place: 1. If you get the traditional Korean toppings on your bowl they will be delicious but you might get terrible farts and a rumbling stomach the next day (although this only happens 50% of the time, odd) 2. Beware the egg it will cost $1, but on the upside it will somehow significantly improve the flavor of the meal. 3. Sake Bombs (rice alcohol) are a fun and inexpensive way to get tipsy with your friends 4. The Korean Burrito is actually surprisingly awesome It's all priced pretty well so you can eat there often on a budget if you want. Pretty sure this place is going to continue to open new locations in the future.

Paige Alcorn

They no longer have brown rice, or half their toppings, and sauces. Ginger sauce is gone... their toppings are also hidden behind a wall now so you have no idea what is fresh or looks appetizing. On top of all the skimping, they have raised their prices. I will not be going back.

David Silversmith

Good tasting americanized korean food... A bit pricey but a good value for what you pay. They have a great concept and service is outstanding

Daniel Spencer

Food at other locations is generally good. During the summer, I understand college students are gone and this restaurant doesn't have as many customers now but the food was very dry like it had been sitting out all day. All of the table tops were sticky. We were the only customers in there, there is no excuse for sticky table tops!

Forrest Allison

With food like this, they must be faking their reviews. It's americanized and bad. This place would be WAY more popular if they served actual Korean food. It's very easy to make real bibimbap, and would probably actually save them money. They tried to turn it into bibimbap Chipotle and that's about what you get. No Korean would eat here

Strawberry Syrup

The owner is drunk. He also owns sweet frog. The illegals that work there harass the women that work there. All around not a place you want to give your business to.

Charles Nowlin

Mine was great! Very authenticate for what it was, great Korean flavors! Wife's want so great, but it wasn't the typically ingredients that you would put in a bimbimbop.

randy shavis

Unique ...sorta make your own. No atmosphere, but Korean food rocks, hot or not

Sam Owens

A perfect example of a restaurant trying to do too much. The food quality is still good but you are railroaded with regard to food choice. It’s unfortunate, this was once my favorite place to get a quick bite in Carytown. I doubt that I will return.

Theodora Stinson

This place is amazing and inexpensive. I love the Korean street ramen with chicken. It's a great place to go to after a day of shopping in Carytown!

Rev. Amanda Hill

Trivia on Wednesday night! Great place for vegetarians. Yes, get a friend egg on your bowl!

Tauryn Lafelle

a little over done on the wonky side. very fresh very enlightened

Anthony Wyatt

I can't pronounce anything on the menu. So i got korean street ramen. It was pretty good. They give you a lot too. That was 5 days ago. I keep forgetting to take the leftovers to work for lunch. Whoops, just saw this is for cary town. I went to colonial heights. Probably same menu though huh.

Aaron Mack

I enjoyed the atmosphere. Just didn't enjoy the checking out process for the beer part. Pretty slow, but I'm sure they will figure it out.

Eric Bazemore-Gardner

Called 3 times to ask a question @ 4 PM, the call when to voicemail 2 and was hangup on the third

Mark Rogers

Nice team works with you through the order and food (seems) to be good quality.

Gunnar Larson

Great place for decently priced, filling healthy food. Very nice and friendly staff.

Ivory S

Haven't eaten here in a year and I guess they've been cooking for whypipo too long. The food had no flavor and they must've downsized. They didnt have any pickled radish or other ingredient either. I have no desire to eat here anymore that was a poor excuse for a korean bibimbap bowl.

Liz T

Tasty and warm bowl with excellent customer service!

Ryan McSweeney

Good start. I wish the meat was a little more grilled and everything had more kick, but overall easy and good.

Mark McNees

The Chipotle of Korean food, and honestly, I liked it better than Chipotle, Moes, and Qdoba. Get at me.

Nancy Thomas


Thomas Loeber

Had the kimchi stew and it was delicious!

TNa Ho

This place has a good milk tea with Crystal boba. Waffles also pretty good

W. Gerrit Winterson

Wings are Excellent and friendly staff!

Ahmed AlNajjar

Healthy food, nice spices, employees are very nice

Aly Giannotto

They totally changed the layout of the restaurant and it's extremely confusing and the portion sizes and topping/sauce choices for the bowls are absolute and utter trash. I honestly have no idea who thought this was a good business idea. Literally almost teared up in the checkout line. Feels like I lost a lifelong friend. RIP to the Zzaam I used to know and love

lauren siegel

The food was amazing and the staff was incredibly helpful! I will most definitively again

Devan Wolfe

Great, quick service. Food is good, nice atmosphere. Definitely worth going to.

Michael Forder

Fresh, interesting ingredient combination at fast food speed.

Brian Richardson

This food is amazing. Get the pork belly rice bowl and I promise you won't regret it! Awesome drink prices and a fantastic patio. I've been coming a few times a month recently because I just have to get my fix!!!!

Jan Mckee

I would have given five stars in the past but now they don't carry beef. How do you have a Korean Bowl place without bulgogi beef? It's still good for what it is and it never pretended to be one hundred percent authentic but not having beef was a sore disappointment.

Angelina Staples

Always fast, friendly, polite service. Delicious food with abundant toppings available. Never once been disappointed. We will most definitely be returning again and again☺

Christopher Winkler

Huge portions of carbs, vegetables, and protein for $6-9 dollars per person, so the value is very good. If you're looking for authentic Korean, keep going; this is for Americans. The food is tasty but not outstanding. Service is fast, friendly, and efficient. Dining room is very spacious and clean, with good views outside. There is a pet friendly outdoor dining area as well.

Josh Monday

The new food court setup is an ok idea in theory, but Zzaam has gone downhill because of it. Their space was practically cut in half and it's no longer a Chipotle/subway style line to pick your toppings. Some items were removed from the menu (assuming this is because of their reduction in space). I used to go here weekly since I live a block away, but not sure how much I will go now with these changes.

Andrew Slater

Genuinely impressed. Fresh, delicious ingredients. I had a rice bowl with spicy pork and it was nothing short of amazing. The bartender even knocked a dollar off my beer even though happy hour was over. Oh, and this place is ridiculously cheap. I'll certainly be returning soon.


When this place first opened, it was delicious and a great option for a quick meal. I was there once a week. Now, they took away almost all the parking to put in a bunch of different restaurants. It’s confusing and doesn’t make much sense to have all these different places (Korean, ramen, barbecue, a brewpub?) in one space. They took away most of the protein options and the option of brown rice. The broth for the noodle bowls has no flavor, nor do any of meats the toppings. They also got rid of the two different size options (used to be able to get a size small). Every now and then I come back to see if maybe if they’ve gotten any better but I’m disappointed every time.

Debbie Ahladas

As Zzaam newbies, our ever so friendly server helped us through the process; so don't be timid. Flavors blend well. We got two bowls; one rice, one noodle. Both were delicious. It was a fresh and healthy surprise. Don't forget the sweet tea. It was also awesome.

Michele G. Rogers

New management, better layout, poorer service, food was meh. Everything was warm but didn't taste fresh.... Specifically the meat. Veggies were fine. Service was spacey. I ordered fish cakes for my young kids and said so.... You would think he would've mentioned how spicy they are. Honestly don't see us ever going back.

Bennie MacEntyre

we have eaten here several times, obviously the food was fresh, prepared in front of you it appears to be reasonably authentic Korean food, it has been called the chipotle of Korean food... The staff is always very friendly.. The prices are very reasonable for the amount of food you get... quite often they have drink wine and beer specials.... it's really a good place to eat...., they have their own parking lot off of Cary Street which is absolutely a benefit and they also have outside seating..

Ngọc nguyễn

I love this place, the food not like fantastic, but it just make me feel like an actual Asian street food, I really love this place

Chris Cash

Good quick Korean food

Obdnanr smith

Good beer. But the brisket was over smoked and dry with no flavor. Don't try the bbq. We ordered the nachos from that bar and they were pretty much burnt. Lacked jalapenos and bacon which were advertised on the menu. Large servings, but bad food. The beer is the only reason you get 2 stars, other wise it'd be 1.

Cameron Dicken

Great food. Made to order. And there is beer there. Doesn't get better.

David Koslow

Cheap eat if you do it right. The flavor isn't going to be authentic Korean, but that's hard to find in Richmond anyway. The street ramen is good and the bowls are the staple item here. A great place to get a meal with a variety of veggies for cheap.


Great spot for a quick bowl. Options for vegetarians! The ginger sauce did not disappoint.

Dylan Croslin

Tried Zzaam for the first time and found a pink press on nail in my food. How did that happen unless gloves were not worn during food prep? Absolutely disgusting and never eating here again.

Rick Robertson

Great food and atmosphere

Clinton Lewis

Not bad, friendly staff. Food was pretty good and was quick. Use to be able to look at and pick toppings when it was a longer counter now you just say what you want.

Charles Jacobs

We used to enjoy Zzaam. First time back since they’ve changed the layout and service, and I won’t be coming back. Started off with a disinterested guy at the register who took the food order and said he’d take the bubble tea order too. But you have to order and pay separately at another counter. You have to pay for alcohol at a third location. So while I’m trying to get a beer my kids are having to pay for their own drinks due to the incorrect instructions from the first register. The beer prices are listed by the ounce on the self-pour taps. I ended up with a $9 pint of flat IPA from a tapped-out keg. How about just hire a competent bar tender and list the beer prices like any normal restaurant. The food was another story. Quality has gone down and prices up and fewer toppings to choose from. Two of us got our dishes after the other two were halfway finished with their meals. If the owners weren’t having to pay for their expensive self serve beer setup they could keep prices reasonable and focus on service and quality.

Steven Thompson

Food is good, mondoo is spectacular, all at a pretty good price. Mouse running around the dining area was really cute too... But obviously raised some concern, so we won't be back here for awhile.

Judy E

Great place for decently priced, filling healthy food. Very nice management and staff as well.


One of my new favorite places to eat. Everyone I have taken here loves it also. It's always clean, staff is super friendly and helpful for first-timers. The food is delicious, fresh, fast, healthy, and did I mention cheap? Seriously $5. Love it!

Craig Snow

Seriously, avoid this place like the plague. It’s 4 restaurants rolled into one and they’re all garbage. It’s run by a bunch of snot nosed teenagers starring into their cell phones waiting to be bothered by you. I ordered a noodle bowl with spicy chicken and a fried egg. I waited long enough to finish my first beer only to order a second and then finally my food was ready but nevertheless cold and not spicy. I didn’t even bother to complain, just never going back and neither should you.

Thomas King

A Korean take on the quick-casual dining experience a la Chipotle. Rice bowls, kimchi burritos, and dumplings with a variety of meat options from beef to tofu with absolutely banging sauces.

Becky Rich

I called to confirm my catering order placed through EZ Cater. It took me four attempts to get someone to pick up the phone (and voicemail is full), and when the girl answered, she just said "Umm" and then put me on hold for a minute, then picked up the phone and hung up on me without saying anything else. Moments later I received confirmation from EZCater that my order was OK, but I would be happier if the restaurant workers had just answered my question. EDIT: Food arrived on time and pretty good. I will probably use them again. EZCater is a lifesaver for doing office catering. 4 stars for pretty good food, on time, and easy set up for a good price. Missing the one for the phone debacle.

Brianna Rauch

Good bang for your buck! The portions are pretty great. I witnessed a few people needing to go boxes including myself! I had the rice bowl. You choose one protein and how ever many veggies you want! The sauces are flavorful and great! I enjoyed ky meal a lot. I love stir fry type of meals. I got a side of Mandoo as well which is their dumplings and you can choose to fry them or steam them. They were yummy. It's Chipolte style ordering so you walk up to order and walk with the employee telling them what you want in your bowl or tacos. It's also connected to a BBQ place, an ice cream place, and the new RVA draftroom!

William Phillips

Great amount of tasty food for not a lot of money. The staff are good at making recommendations if you're new to Korean food, too!

Charles Vtipilson

Need to have crispy tofu

Tom Sheranek

Fantastic spot for a quick bite to eat! Get some delicious Korean cuisine and enjoy the rare outdoor seating in Carytown!

Josh Soltis

Portions were small. Food tasted good enough, though. Outdoor seating was plagued with flies.

Hollis Brumfield

Last year when they opened their food was always incredible but it's sadly been downhill the past few visits. I guess they took away the option of 2 sized bowls and now it's just a plate with single layer of rice across the bottom. The food wasn't as good as it used to be either. I ordered a beer and when they finally brought it out it was legitimately half foam...I almost went it to say something but it took so long for them to even bring it out that I didn't want to wait anymore. This place has a lot of potential, don't cut corners in the wrong places!

Art Matt


Christopher Bryngelson

Awesome take on Korean BBQ! There spicy pork is amazing!

Trevor Niklawski

Great atmosphere! Awesome food! Great beer happy hour! Will definitely be back soon

Kevin Shen

Wow! Delicious! I love that they give you 6 side dishes with the large bowl option, and the meats are delicious. The crab cakes are also delightful -- they look a tad oily but boy are they tasty.

Jessica Weindl

Really good and you get a lot for your money. The flavored are fresh and authentic. The patio is really nice and the beer is cheap.

Dan Ridenour

Service is quick and the food is good. One of my favorite lunch spots.

ida basilio

The food here was great and the staff was so nice

Ian Davis

My new favorite place in Richmond. Kind of like Chipotle style with the assembly line. Food is delicious, and they are super nice. Great beer selection too! And the patio is a nice option. They have ample parking as well, which is key in Carytown.

Nicole Holstein

We loved Zaam when it was just Korean food. Now their venue also has a BBQ option, a Bubble Tea counter, and a beer tasting room- and it's all delicious!!! They have live music on weekends, a wonderful outdoor patio, and fun theme night too. It's a place we love to bring out of town guests to.

Jason B

Lots of food, but I found a hair & a bug in the same bowl. Not going back.

Elisabeth S

Used to have such good food; one of my favorites in Carytown. Now it’s a strange food court with the original zzaam cut in 1/4. I don’t go anymore; the redesign was a poor choice.

Pro Wrestler Aleks

The ramen from this place is delectable. Anyone can find enjoyment in the 3 levels of heat - mild, medium, or hot. Easily one of the best bang-for-your-buck places on this side of town. Would recommend to all ramen fans. Service here is also very friendly.

James Daniels

Bland meal that lacked flavor and overpriced for what it is. Customer experience is very weak and the layout is not enticing at all. Plenty of better options around in Carytown.

Seth Peters

Kind of a chipotle style "Korean" place. Food is good and much cheaper than similar quality and amount of food at other places In the same area. Food is great and the staff were very happy looking and polite. Overall a great experience. Has vegetarian and gluten free options- and they're labelled.

Nelson Avila

It seemed like a good place to try out, until I went inside. Once inside, I felt like leaving. Somehow it smelled like urine in a certain area which is not even close to the restrooms. Awful. The restrooms were not clean either and the walls seemed to be stained with dirt plus no paper towels were available. The cashier was a bit rude and maybe not having a good day but still decided to order some food. The food was OK but couldn't get the thought out of my head of the place I got my food from. Sadly, I did not take pictures. ~This is just my experience so don't rely on my review.~

Jon S.

Very good way to mix Korean food with fast food. A lot choices available with some more traditional offerings as well. Good place to stop at. Try it!

Ty Lindsey

The food was tasty but, after eating here, I realize I'm not all that big on Korean fusion cuisine. So the rating is based more on that than the restaurant itself or their food and I'm sure others may enjoy it better than me.

Robert Turton

Tasty and reasonably priced. You can choose from many meats and veggies. Plus whether you want spicy or not.


Nice place^^Korean style foods ^^

Team Babu

This place is awesome! While the food is great, the owner and employees make the experience top notch. The portions are great for the price and they have an awesome beer selection. They have good vegetarian options for that picky vegetarian girlfriend you may have (as I do). Just note that the broth in the noodle bowl has vegetable AND chicken stock, so is not completely vegetarian. They also have one of those cool fountain drink machines that has every combination of soda pop known to man. Can't wait for the summer when we can use that awesome patio they have!! 5 stars for sure.

Taren Woelk

I am obsessed with this place. I have made a point of trying to eat at every Korean "fast" food place in the Richmond area and this is the one I keep coming back to. Reasonably priced, with a tasteful and authentic selection of toppings and sauces. I like to get extra rice so I can make two meals out of a bowl. If anything I wish the loyalty program had a lower amount for qualifying purchases, but overall no complaints.

Win C

The food is so good! I recommend the chicken wings, they are tried to perfection! A bit spicy so go mild if you cant handle spice!

Andy Ricketts

Now offer a lot less options for the choose your own meal/toppings. Food is still good but this was the main attraction for me.

Maria S. Card

My fave veggies were cooked the way I wanted it. All other dishes were fine.

Nicole R.

It's only ok. I ordered through uber eats. My rice bowl was flavorless although I asked for medium spicy. The egg rolls were literally burnt to the point of being black. It is inexpensive and quick. I would choose J.Kogi's rice bowls over this any day.

Stewart Mullins

I love Zzaam! Korean BBQ. Great friendly staff. Always terrific flavors. Noodle bowl w/bulgogi is my favorite. Anna works at the Carytown location, and does great on keeping up that napkin supply (they were waiting to replenish on that, so she was able to get some paper towels my way). Staff all very courteous here, and appear to be happy with their working environment. Great experience!

Viet Nguyen

A growing Korean chain with many options and great prices. Very tasty food however I would not consider it "authentic" Korean

Laura Taylor

Zzaam is so good - the bowls and the ramen are the best!

Glenda Wuennecke

Good value, great variety of toppings, fresh ingredients, tasty food. Uncomfortable seating, but worth to eat there.

Bruce Johnson

This is definitely a casual place, but the food is GOOD! The crab pancakes are a treat. We had a simple dinner for two fit under 20 bucks.

Shelley Ottenbrite

Delivered -- egg roll was fried on outside, doughy on inside. Burrito -- ordered with no spice (in two different places of order) was beyond spicy. Food arrived tepid -- don't think it was ever actually hot. Will not order from here again.

Lisa Miles

Brought a large group in and got excellent service. Food was fresh, tasty and filling. I'll be back.

Darlene Brunzell

A good no frills healthy food option for veg and meat eaters. Most dishes have generous portions that could be shared.

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