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1952 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23454, United States Located in: Regency Hilltop Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Yukai Japanese & Seafood Buffet IN Virginia

Galaxy 357

If you desire a great place to eat that's not too expensive but still casual then this is the destination for you. The waitresses are nice and the food they offer comes from different cultures besides Japanese (although most of the food is Japanese). I come here when I have a special event happening or just want to celebrate.

John Driggers

I've been coming here for years. Their sushi buffet is the very finest I've ever seen! The cooked foods buffet is quite good as well. Hibachi is tasty too. Pho is an option I haven't tried yet. If you have any room left, the desserts and chocolate waterfall will take care of you! Bring your appetite and be careful, you can easily overshoot the mark with all the options available at Yukai. My favorite buffet restaurant ever!

Sonji Jones

The food is great here with a variety of food for all taste. It's fresh and the staff is friendly. There's a grill for your own fresh choice as well. There's sushi and great seafood of all kinds with all kinds of Asian and American foods. …


It's always a pleasure coming here. They have a very wide variety of food and their servers are very attentive and professional. Have been coming here for over five years and will continue to do so. Best price and quality in the Hampton Roads area!


Why I loved this place, 1 word: Sushi! It was not over crowded while I was there, but I was also there very late. Which I felt guilty for. But the sushi kept coming the rest of the buffet was amazing as well! The staff was awesome and for 3 people, so was the price! Especially with one being a picky 9 year old.

J-Kun / 제이쿤

Menu is pretty much the same as always which I don't really mind. They do add some new dishes and all few times. Quality of the food is about average i would say considering it's a buffet, do not expect some 5 star quality. Price is not bad too. Great place for the dinner with your friends or families. Won't recommend it for the first date course... But other than that, it's pretty decent place to eat and hang out


Great selection of asian and chinese foods. Sushi bar was very large. GREAT FOOD...

yu Li

Great food. Service was pleasant. Especially two thumbs up for Kelly. She is very nice and has great customer service talent.

LadyRaine 2010

It is reasonably priced and the food is delicious. Service is excellent.

Ben Alamon

Food is great!!!! But server that served me was rude, your still eating and your party is not done eating, here comes the server giving you the receipt already and rushing you to finish. Rudely grabbing the payment out of my hands. Very rude!!!!!!! I can not say that there were a lot of people waiting for tables cause there were a lot of empty tables. So why rush us to leave.

Best of Najim

only reason I get to this buffet is for seafood, nice food with great price.

Byron Bailey

The sushi buffet is fresh, plentiful and full of flavor, and the staff are friendly and helpful. Best buffet in Virginia Beach as far as I'm concerned.

Myke Adams

They charged my wife & I $4 for sodas that were so watered down they tasted like bottled water... We didn't refill once. The food was far from fresh, the lines to get your plate & food was pure chaos. They have no designation of order what·so·ever... It was dog eat dog. After fighting elbows to a$$holes with everyone for food... It was a complete let down at the $45+ tab slapped on us. 2 people for half a hundo should be much better offerings. Would not recommend NOR eat here ever again. 2 stars simply because I won't say it was the worse buffet offering I've ever been to

Gail Mantzouranis

Variety of foods and very clean restaurant with great price

Spike Hopkins

Great food, great price. Wide variety of delicious sushi and other Asian cuisine. The dessert selection was also delicious. you figure all this food for under $18 is a great deal and the food actually tastes good.

Yvonne James

I read reviews before coming here. Perhaps my tastes are different than the average person going to an asian buffet. I grew up in a city where the asian population is higher. The food overall is good, but the variety is not as claimed. It says 40 types of sushi, my visit there is closer to 20 types and only 1 type of vegetarian sushi. Better than bug mouth, but I prefer Hichachi supreme buffet sushi bar and grill on Broad street in Richmond. The service is as good as the food there. Not to say my experience here was bad or that the food is not good. Just not the best I have been to so far.

Chris J

okay, this is a Chinese buffet, so there's probably very little more I need to write to give you an idea what's going on here. I can say that their selection of sushi was quite extensive, probably about two times what I'm used to seeing at a Chinese buffet. I had to take off a star because they didn't have the sugar rolls that are a main staple of places such as this. The service was fantastic and friendly and the selection was great. I rate the sushi a 7.5 out of 10 but that scale includes sushi in California which probably isn't fair. The dessert selection was a little anemic. I left 14 pounds heavier than I entered, so there you go.

Melinda Hancock

Went here on a date. Didn't go out with the fella anymore, but have came back many times since to enjoy the sushi, crabs, and hibachi grill they offer. Good food, and can quickly accommodate a good size group.

plus 1 1

When I went to Virginia Beach, I was here this place with my family. The service was fine but the foods taste just like regular Chinese buffet. I didn’t feel anything what is different with other chinese buffet. They also charged $6.99 for 3 years old my son. It is too high price. I was shocked with that.

Kyng Dre

Food is really good here. Also they have really great sushi!! Prices aren't bad either. For me and my wife was just $37

Zadok Moss

Excellent buffet! Plenty of selection for a good price. There's not many places in this price range where you can get decent sushi, stone crab claws, oysters, and much more! I love buffets and this is one of the better ones I have been to. We will definitely be returning!


Great variety. Good sushi at a reasonable price. No line up at the time that we went. Captain George Buffet next door had a lineup at the time. Glad we pick the right place for the right price. Attentive staff - although they got on our nerve a little bit when they tried to move our stroller (with a sleeping baby inside) to a higher traffic area to accommodate a larger group of people despite the fact that there are other tables available.


This place has something for everyone. There is a large variety of sushi available as well as a hibachi window, seafood, classic American food, and desserts. The sushi isn’t the best that I’ve ever had but it’s still good quality and the price is right; especially during lunch time. The only issue that I’ve experienced was with the attentiveness of the wait staff. If you stay long enough they have a tendency to ignore you. This makes it difficult to get refills on water and even to flag down a server for the bill. Last time I was here it took 10-15 minutes to wave someone over for the bill. It seemed as if they were actively ignoring us. To be fair they work off of tips so they need turnover, but I don’t think that spending 2 hours at a buffet is unreasonable. However, this issue is not bad enough to prevent me from returning. I highly recommend this place.

Richard Scott

Depends on the day, historically. Sometimes its decent / good... but then again there are sometimes I barely eat. I would reccomend to eat here when they are the busiest and really only for the fresh sushi / sashimi and raw oysters on the half shell. Cant screw up raw food! Bonus points for getting Hersheys ice cream cups back.

Jason Ciaschi

Really surprising how good the food and yes even the sushi was. Sushi at a buffet sounds like a bad idea but they have so many people eating it that the sushi is constantly fresh. No it's not the best sushi I have ever had, but it's the best sushi from a buffet I have ever had. The rest of the buffet is pretty typical with a variety of Asian and American food. They also have hibachi, but I didn't try it so I can't comment. Overall a very good selection of food at a very reasonable price and we will definitely visit again if we are in the area.

Edward Guity sr

Great place to eat, been there 4 times ,love the food.

Paulina Cruz

Price is 5/5 because it is affordable. Ambiance is good. Bathroom is clean.Food is typical for asian buffet. Tastewise the food is average. Although, I gave 4/5 because the seafood was somehow fresh. Would recommend if you want to indulge and not spend too much.

John White

Excellent food and service. Food is always fresh.


Its a pretty nice buffet place...I go there from time to time for sushi and sashimi.

Lisa Wilson

This was me and my husband first time going to celebrate our anniversary. Must say it won't be my last going. I love the variety of the sushi and the desert bar, I didn't have the chance to go to the crab area and crawfish but I will definitely will the next time. I love how it was so diverse felt like I went to Japan. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Bret Woodall

The selection is large and includes many nice seafood options as well as other Asian dishes. The sushi is supposed to be the big draw here and it wasn't up to the standard I have experienced on previous visits. The sashimi was good (not great) but a majority of the sushi pieces looked (and some even tasted) as if they had been left out for far too long. All of this may be because we came for a late lunch and so they may have been trying to use up as much as they could to save food and waste but it should have been cleared away far earlier.

Terry Bellamy

We went here today for a friends birthday and service was terrible the waitresses cared more about standing around talking then waiting on customer. The food taste good at the time but I suffered later by spending the rest of the day in the restroom. There was 15 in our party, and I know that's 15 people that wont be returning.

Benjamin Kennedy

Great food... always. Authentic dishes, some I've never heard of, but they're all delicious. I'll be back next month!

Hansiain Rumsey

When you walk to the buffet area its two different option areas. You can choose from a variety of different sushi, salads and fruit, fondue, hibachi, and delicious Chinese food. I am a regular, so to me everything here is delicious. I love …

Michael Nguyen

4.5 star good place to eat. Japanese buffet and Chinese food. Big restaurant, good for all occasion such as b/d graduation party. Good place for everyone. Decent prices. Good foods and good services

Mike Meikle

Went to this buffet after the Captain George's buffet had a line to Pluto. The food is ok. About half the cost of Captain George's. Don't expect amazing quality and you'll be ok. The sushi was fine. I'm still alive so there's that. 30 min wait time and was quickly seated.

John Carr

It's been awhile since I've been here and the quality has dropped a little. Some of the rice in the sushi rolls was stale. The hibachi grill was good but they should have hand sanitizer close by from touching the tongs. Some of the desserts were stale as well. All in all it was okay. Like I said, it has been better in the past.

Oleg L.

The food seemed fresh. My kids liked their fruits covered in chocolate.

Travis Bower

The selection is amazing and not your "run of the mill" buffet. The rolls are all fresh handmade. Hibachi top. Not bad at all. Best of 2018 award winning buffet.

shultz lawrence

Food is fantastic and crab less only 7.99 a lbs can't go wrong

Jadeane Jones

Amazing choices. Perfect for everyone in the family. Great service. Food is fresh and awesome. Definitely will visit a lot more!

Wen hui Li

The hibachi is horrible. They call beef ribs ‘steak’. They also charge a sales tax well over the actual states sales tax. VA Beach’s sales tax is 6%. They charged a sales tax of 11.6% for no apparent reason. Only thing good is the service. Definitely would not recommend.

Andi Infusino

This buffet was fantastic! Having lived in VB for a while, I never knew about this tasty gem. Recently visited with family from out of town, they really enjoyed the variety of not only sushi, but the hibachi and pho stations! The sushi was fresh(I'm picky about my sushi) and the seafood was plentiful. Yukai is definitely on the list of delicious places to visit again!

Julie Corbin

Looks are deceiving! The inside is BEAUTIFUL! So much delicious sushi and food in general. Additional $7.99 a pound for crab legs, but so worth it. Everything is wonderful. 10 out of 10, will return.

Patrick J Appel

I'd say like 10% of the buffet is good, I'll never be back again.

Carrie Carter

Such a beautiful place! I go approximately 1 time a week. But last week, my son had to literally get up and ask for more water as all servers was "chillin" and standing there chatting. All in all, love this place!

Shane Gilson

Pretty good. I guess you get what you pay for. It is a buffet but seems really unorganized. But the food isn't all that bad. If you want good sushi go to a sushi place.

George Mensah

My wife and I always make plans to come here when we go to VA Beach. The best and authentic Asian buffet we have ever tried and will continue going. Wish I could buy the restaurant.

Yogeny Ferrufino

It was AMAZING!!! Now this is a buffet, you have a wide variety of delicious food!! As if it wasn't enough there's sushi! Really good delicious, perfect sushi!! It was my first time and wish I live near by so I could come every week, I will definitely come back whenever I'm in the area.

Janine Beatty

Unfortunately, this place has gone downhill. It used to be good and affordable for a family. Went on a Tuesday with a group of 13, during the height of summer, and a lot of the food was not good. Mushy overcooked crab, unripe fruit, spoiled dumplings, flat soda, etc. Tried to chalk it up to a bad night since we had been many times. The only thing we complained about was the flat soda. We repeatedly told the server to remove them, but he did not understand and kept bringing more back. When the bill came, he hadn't removed them, so we asked for the manager. She wouldn't take them off the bill because the server never told her about our issue. After some back and forth, we told her we wouldn't be back and just give is the bill as is. She finally removed the drinks, but at that point we won't be going there again.

Kara Lam

Its ok. U can definitely come here to fill up for about $35 for 2 people. The hibachi was my favorite, it was cooked perfectly but the beef was so tough. Normal Chinese buffet, expect the usual. I think they spent more money on decorations …

Nancy Ferareza

Very good buffet and staff are very accommodating. This place is very large and reservation is not required. I would recommend this place if you like sushi and seafood.

Michelle Unsell

I absolutely love this place!! They have a wide variety of fresh sushi and pho!! Lots of seafood & a great price too!! Highly recommend!!

Eddie Varh

One of the best buffets I've been to. Great food selection for reasonable price. Only thing im worried about is the cockroach that climbed on my leg, no lie! Was in the middle of the food isle by pho station.

Dorothy Ward

Best AYCE in the area. Sushi is always fresh and turns over so quickly the fish is always fresh. I do wish they'd bring back the soft serve

Ulysa Muirhead

Love the variety, customer service, and cleanliness of this establishment. Seafood was amazing and my cup was never empty! A little pricey but worth the money.

marino tjonameeuw

Fresh clean sushi and everything. The wormers are very nice and patient. And its just relaxing there. They dont rush you and just give you the pay request after 3 plates like other places

Michelle Chen

This is one of the best buffet I’ve ever been to! Our server was super kindly and funny. The hibachi was really good and even the making it was nice. Things just went amazing that day.

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