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Amazing korean food! Kinda the only place in roanoke but their food is amazing. And the staff is friendly and fun to talk to.

Ronii Fink

Great Korean food!!

Sa R

I didn't expect much since I don't live in Roanoke. I come from a city with tons Korean restaurants around. The place was small but functional. Nicely decorated, and nice staff. We ordered TtokBokki which is Korean rice cake dish, it was good, I just wish it comes as a main dish with more portions. Soontofu & all the side dishes were pretty good as well. Definitely a nice place to visit.

Leo Nid

Great restaurant. I had the stone bowl which came with some side dishes and a cup of miso soup. The service was great, it was a nice cool, pleasantly lit place on a hot summer day, and the prices are very reasonably. I'll go back when I'm in the area.

steffi Mitchell

The food is always delicious! My fave is def the app of spicy rice cakes! You also get several side dishes that are really good too.

Nghia Nguyen

The foods were good but the custumer service from the waitress was terrible. From the time we came in till we left, not even a greeting from her. Seem like she just hurry up and rust us out of there. This is the last time im eating here. Never to come back to see this crazy waitress.

Bayleigh Williamson

The food is decent but the staff are very rude.

Frederick Pryor

Great Korean food with great service. Try it for lunch, awesome!

James Downing

This place is a hidden gem. If you're at ALL adventurous, give it a go, you will not be disappointed.

Phil Martin

Colin Thomasson

Always good... One of my wife and I's favorite places

Sean Aaron Ang

The food were awesome with a decent portion. However service is really really bad. They even forced us to put an 18% gratuity with their horrible service!

Anthony Carpenter

Great authentic Korean food!!! I make it a point to have a meal here every time I visit Roanoke. It's busy for a reason.

Marj Easterling

Family style deliciousness in a cozy atmosphere!

Naeif Hamoud

Stevie James

I've seen this place a million times and finally had the pleasure of dining in this afternoon. Hands down, this is the best food I've had in Roanoke in the entire time I've moved here. Making this a monthly stop from now on! Amazing food, wonderful service, ambient atmosphere, 5 stars!

Steven Chandler

Awesome authentic Korean food!

Trey Smith

Friendly staff and very accommodating. Portion sizes are a little off with prices but still genuine Korean food.

Kendzie Blankenship

Great authentic food. Limited vegan options.

Tim Hill

Very friendly, love eating here. Had kali and the spread of veggies were great.

Jengyu Chiao

RACIAL DISCRIMINATION. We family four people ate at this Wonju Korean Restaurant. The owner who serve us charged us 18% fixed tip without my permission. The reason she claiming is Asian people does not always pay tip, so she based on her assumptions and charged us 18% fixed amount tip. This is so rude and offensive. We live in U.S for serval years and we never seen this before. This is racial discrimination. We will never ever be back again. We suggest people should not support the restaurant where racial discrimination exists. People are borned to be equal. I attached the receipt below as evidence.

Cleveland Davis Jr

Thomas Legg

Mark Lucas

The food is fast and delicious, decent beer and wine selection, plus sozu.

Richard Collins

Kanlayanee Prae-arporn

I usually come here often but this would be the last time. I gave them the usual tips that I can afford at 15% but the server was unsatisfied and asked me more for the tips after she let me signed the sale slip which she took a look at it right away. I really feel bad about this that the restaurant that I often go to did this!

Troy Cole

Very nice staff and fresh, delicious food. A definite must!

james lim

William Steele

Some of the best Korean food in the area and it's cheap amazing place to go if you like good food

Stephanie Faith Grosser

We got the scallion pancakes, the beef short ribs, and chicken with noodles (yaki soba) and everything was so delicious. The flavors of every dish was simply fantastic. The restaurant was very family friendly and a nice atmosphere.

Youngand HonestlyWise

Great Food and better service. Also the location makes it ok to comfotabky easet in or take out.

Life With Brad

Great kimchi soup. A quiet place and the owners are great. I would recommend thus Korean restaurant.

Tony Maro

Excellent service and food! Highly recommend it. Very personable wait staff and the owner gave us a sushi plate on the house to try a new dish.

Kristen Mai

Great food! Service is a hit or miss. I guess it depends if she's pms'ing or not. Might just do take out from now on.


Jake Vu

It’s very bad service and then I won’t give the tip! But the ladies ask me” have to put tip” and then keep me in! What’s the F* ‘ !! Never come back!!! Don’t waste your money here!

Wynnie Shroades

The food is different, not bad if you are new to the Korean cuisine. The service is fair but I had encounter a server who has an abrupt attitude and not so friendly. Cost of the meal is a little costly and they mandate 20% tip. Not a good thing.

Seana Hope Williams

I brought my family and a friend over to try Korean food for the first time. They loved it! Legit korean food. It was worth it.

Very Roman

very good food with friendly service. I very much enjoyed the Kim Chi. kam-sa-ham-ni-da

Jawoo Koo

After seated, waiting for about 20 minutes with no service, got kicked out as they were too busy with other tables.

Kenneth Lyons

Excellent food

Hong Danny

So so

Seungha Hwang

I am sure this restaurent has the worst service. I was going to order 'to go menu' by call, but call receiver said that they don't have the menu which I ate just a month ago in very annoying tone. She shouted at me to check the menu and call back, and she never received my call again after then. I still don't understand her at all because the menu is WRITTEN ON THE MENU!!

Randy McDaniel

One of just a few Korean restaurants in Roanoke. Service is excellent. Traditional dishes served at a reasonable price.

Sam Parsons

Best Korean food outside South Korea

Tim B

This is the best Korean restaurant I have ever been to in America! It is very authentic. They always give extra side dishes when dinning in.

Clabern Ellington

Wonderful Korean food in Roanoke.

Jackson Barrow

I've only eaten at a couple of Korean restaurants in my life. This is the BEST hands down. The food had amazing flavor. The rice is perfectly cooked, and the presentation is great. I'm a huge fan of Bulgogi and this place has amazing Bulgogi. The steamed and fried dumplings are nearly perfectly formed. It is a smidge pricey but well worth it with the quality of the food.

Tim Kim

Food is ok but this one serving lady that is a little bit older is terrible. She never checks on you and doesn't refill your water unless asked. She leaves mid way when you're paying if other customers come in. These are typical problems I've had over the past few visits, but now it is even worse. I ate dinner that cost $14.35. I paid $17.00. I was charged $20.35. When I called to complain several days later when I noticed the error, she answered and told me that managers not here and she'll let him know and hung up without taking any of my information.

Jeff Schulman

Legit Korean meal. Great bulgogi, ttakkalbi, and dukmanduguk!

James Wood


Sean Corron

It was good, but not the best Korean food I've had, and pricey. Worth a try if you've never been.

Rudy Aviles

I'm an out of towner, I came here due to high ratings of the place. I definitely enjoyed it, thanks for the tip!!!!!!

Brian Lebiednik


Dan Goff

Great Korean BBQ this place is consistent with great quality Korean BBQ and dishes.

Jarmilla Bernadette

Great food!

Doborah Smith Sweeney

Eric Lin

Cute authentic korean restaurant tucked away in a small plaza. The food is legit and comparable to korean food back in NoVa, but it also costs the same. The server was very nice and attentive. We had the beef bulgogi, and galbi bibimbap, can't go wrong.

Machete Bernabe

Korean BBQ was delish!!Wings were yummy too!!

Sherrl Carpenter

Yummy and a great selection of kimchee

Francis Fu

Wasn't bad. Wasn't good. The Kalbi definitely couldve used more flavor and bigger portion for the price

Stacey Carpenter

Haven't tried very many Korean dishes, but the octopus hot pot was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone who likes seafood and spicy dishes. Our server was also very delightful and helpful during our dining experience.

Vina Le

I've always wished that there was a Korean restaurant near Blacksburg! When a friend referred me to Wonky Korean restaurant, I was satisfied with the service and the food. I'll always stop by whenever I pass by Roanoke ☺

Mickey Denoncourt

rebecca goodhart

Love this place!! Check it out if you are in the area!


Tamiko Toland

The bibimbap was solid, with the typical array of condiments. I've read service complaints but my experience was great, fast and efficient for lunch. Tempted to give it five stars but the decor could really be freshened and they removed jap chae from the menu, which is crazy, as this is literally a Korean staple food. If I ate there on a regular basis and tried different things, I could be convinced to add the fifth star. Given the location, this is truly a gem. Surprised to find it and very grateful that I did.

David Melki

Eat here. Service and food was amazing

Frank vC

Great service Great food

Anna Robinson

This really is a Hidden Gem in Roanoke It's a very nice place with a friendly staff and great Food.

Matthew Osborne

Food was excellent

Scott Fightmaster

They are a small establishment in a off the main path, but great fare at a decent price. Will be back when I can.

Scott Moorhead

Really good food

Cassidy Funk

Really yummy korean food with plenty of variety on the menu. The atmosphere isn't impressive but the food more than makes up for it. We've been a few times and try something different each time and it all has been good! For two people, each getting an entree, splitting an appetizer, and drinking only water it comes to almost $50, so maybe not the most budget friendly place, but the portions are quite large and we always leave feeling full!

Lawrence Rawlings

Nice lil hole in the wall spot.

Jiecheng Zhao

Good place to try different types of Korean food. The dishes are generally of good taste, though a bit more expensive than other Korean restaurants. It locates in a plaza not very big, but has space large enough inside. I can tell it is popular during weekends. If you like conventional Korean food or would like to try, this is a good place.


This place is a diamond in the rough! I saw a few reviews about the service but we were sat and served in no time, the waitress was incredible! As western eaters she realized we had no real idea where to start and she introduced us to 2 meals that were absolutely delicious!

T Tiller

Good service and very fast. Small menu. Not as we expected but still very good overall.

Brandon Bradford

Best Korean in Roanoke. Delicious Bulgogi!

Max Vella

Yong-Woog Choi

Wonderful food!

John Nelson

Excellent food. Everyone enjoyed.

Carl Ross-Works

Don't read a book by it's cover, this is a hidden gem I. Roanoke. Very large portions and flavorful. The pork bulgogi is amazing. If you are a fan of Korean food you must stop by. Would have been five stars if they had black rice.

Thomas Harris

Very good food and wonderful staff.

Lawrence 0

Great food, nice staff!

Connor Sink

Really good food, good service, friendly people.

Marcella Blankenship

Service was quick. Waitress was mannerable and attentive. Food was good.

Sophia Strange

Me Deer

Great authentic Korean food.

Richa Sinha

Must try!

Rakhi Wadera

Slow service but good food. A little pricey but you get a lot. Definitely go here if you want Korean food in Roanoke.

js won

Eric Craft

Wendy Stapley

Friendly staff. Simple, clear menu. Very Delicious food. A bit higher lunch prices than what I would have expected.

Changwei Liang

Pooja Desai

Food was good and reasonable.

Drew Gallacher

Excellent in every way.

Kerry McBroom

Great Korean food, especially the Kimchi

Christopher Winkler

I've lived in several cities with large Korean populations, and I really love Korean food. This means that I've been to many great Korean restaurants in my life, so I'd like to think I know what I'm talking about. The food here is delicious, authentic, cooked perfectly, delicious, and portioned generously. Prices are reasonable considering that you don't have a lot of other options in the Blacksburg/Roanoke area. Service was fast and polite when we visited. This is a gem!


I love coming here when I come to town to visit with family. Food is great, I can get some of my favorite drinks, and the owner and staff have always treated me well. 대박!!

Dale Pokorski

Korean and Japanese mixed menu.

Karl Pierce

Food was great and servers were very nice!

Levi Buck

Great Korean classics and fast service. A great place to frequent.


John Wilson

The food is fairly good. Service from our service person was not good. Very pushy and arrogant. The portion size on the meat/proteins in the hot pots is probably around 1 TEASPOON. This is not an exaggeration. It makes me a little angry to pay $15-20 for a hot pot or Bibmbap and get almost ZERO meat in it. The other day I asked for an extra egg in my Bibmbap (I made it clear that I would pay for it) and the service person said that they don't normally do that but that it would be $6.00. $6.00 for an extra egg??! It might be a while before I return.

Alexa Rei

This was absolutely stunning. Heavenly food, quick service, and authentic korean food. Not your average american-asian fare, this authentic korean food is one of a kind. The tables also come with complementary kimchi and other pickles and preserves, all of them good. Eat here at least once in your life. Fantastic! I feel more in touch with my culture here than any other Asian resteraunt, much less korean

Sarah Phillippe

This restaurant has a quaint feel to it. The staff are super helpful. Service is quick and the wait for food is not long. The Korean food here is delicious! They do not have table grills for grilling your own meat, but everything we had tasted wonderful. The kimchi tasted a bit off, but it might just have been that day. The bibimbap, bulgolgi, and hotpot were all spectacular. I would definitely recommend all of them to try.

Andrea Jin

Tom Ross

Very good food and service.

FamilyMenders LeiAnn Raines

Dolsot Bibimbap was good. Meat had good flavor. The rest of the dish needed salt (and I’m not someone to grab a salt shaker with any amount of frequency). Otherwise, good experience.

Hunter Papp

If you only eat at one Roanoke restaurant make it this one.

daniel robert

SAVE YOUR MONEY AN TIME. Not legit. Limited menu. Not authentic at all. Hot pots are suppose to come with the meat on the outside not already cooked in pot so when u turn on its getting over cooked. Take from plate and put in pot an cook to desired is how a hot pot works. Ruined whole experience not 2 mention it was 90 percent vegetables. And at 35 bucks I kinda expected some meat.

eunkyung shin


Nicki Karr

First time eating here and the food was great and service was great

Paul Fandel

Waited and waited to get served. Wasted an hour before giving up and leaving restaurant. I love Korean food, very, very disappointed. Felt like I was being ignored....and I was! ☹

Catherine Reed

Yiting Chen

Good food but terrible service, always push you to order and pay.

Debra Brown

love this picture

Christina M

The food was amazing I had the shrimp yakisoba def recommend to a friend !!

Mincheol Sung

expensive but delicious Korean food in the area!

Jessie L

What an experience! So delicious...we are HOOKED!

Simmons James

Wow. Wonju is the best asian food I've ever had! My girlfriend used to come here alone and eat here on her lunch breaks. The staff are friendly, the food is good and they treat you like a valued customer. My girlfriend knows the owners by name! Doesnt matter if you're alone or with a group, you're sure to have a good meal and receive good service!

Elaine W

Very good food and service

Daniel Torres

Can't tell you about the food we didn't eat there when we came in there where 2-3 open tables in the main dinning area but we were seated by ourselves in the bar area and forgotten! (we were the only non-Asian table there) The next couple to come in (a Korean couple) were sat in the dinning area. So we left after waiting for 5-10 minutes and the owner didn't do anything to get us to stay.

Richard Blackwood

Good, but pricey for what you get

Thomas Boylan

Great place, very pricey


Absolutely amazing! I haven't had good Korean food since I lived in Hawaii. A very warm and welcoming place with great tasting food. Highly recommended!

Katie Carpenter

yesssss so yummy

James B

Great food!

James Ahn

Convenient location

Mei Lin Cosgriff Chan

Food is good. Green tea ice cream is good too. Surroundings are nice including inside and outside the restaurant.

Frances White

Menu is smaller this year. In the past, there were a few dishes with black beans but now there are none, too bad. Bar selections are poor.

Casey McDonald

Ken Barsky

Authentic Korean Bbq, very good, and unexpected in this general area.


Excellent food and polite staff

Amanda Nichols

Phuong Nguyen

First, the food was okay. I like their baby octopus- nakji bokkeum the most because of its flavor and seasonings. Next, I do not like the waitress because she was rude to us. I’ve been to many Korean restaurants before, and no matter how much we ordered, there would be a fair amount of side orders. It was not a good experience to me, and I will not come back. Hope their customer services will get better.

meagan taylor

The best resturant in Roanoke. I've been there several times and enjoy the delicious sushi and Korean food. Try bulgogi(Korean) or the marilyn moroe sushi. Everytime I've been there they bring out a new appetizer and the ginseng tea is awesome. Highly recommend for any out of towners looking for some good international food. Must be good if the local Koreans eat there.

Shadowdar narasedtakul

Food tastes really good!

Evan Nelson

Small and off the beaten path, this is a little gem of a restaurant - especially compared to all the fast food options around it! Service was fast and polite, and the food was good. However, this is not a cheap lunch - about $15 for one, with tip.


(Translated by Google) Seven people go to the stone-bibimbap. Tuna muffin. Galbi tang. Yukgaejang. I ate Kimchi stew. Everyone said it was delicious. I gave a tip of 15 pros, but who said it was calculated, and the number of people is seven, so I should give more tips. I did not want to get upset because I ate it delicious, so I offered 20 pros.

Benjamin Ballard

Charles Kim

Delicious authentic Korean cuisine. Korean pancake was outstanding!

Wesley Tse

Delicious food. I thought the service from the owners was really nice.

Yuchen Gao

service was bad, or at least the services I have received. Feeling like owe money to them, and the attitude server showed was bad. It happened every time. So, I rate this for bad service.

Bryan Schaubach

Best (only) Korean in town. Good, but pricey. Good atmosphere. Go off hours and you get great service.

Bruce Barreto

Great bibimbap

Jaideep Pandit

Bibinbap, Bulgogo and Kimchi Stew were all fantastic.

James Strange

Real Korean food with good service and a fair price.

Michael Campfield

Amazing non-Americanized Korean at a nice price. Perfect place for sharing different dishes.

Taren Woelk

I came here last year with a group and the waitress was very condescending, the food was excellent though. Came back again last week and was definitely much more impressed. Can be a bit on the pricey side, but excellent selection of kimchi's for the table and the stone pot is pretty good.

How Liam

That's so fxxking sucks,They ask me the tips ,and said you have to pay at least 10% of your prices,this is the law in the USA,are you serious? I wanna ask you?


This place was amazing! Small and cozy, and incredible food!! Some narrow minded Americans may not leave an unbiased review, because the food and atmosphere is quite different, but the food is fantastic, as is the appetizer spread (can't remember what it's called). Service was great, and she was extremely helpful in answering my first timers questions and curiosities! I live 3 hours away, but intend on making the drive back, just to visit and dine again!

Stephanie Berntsen

The service was standard but the food is great. Really good beer!

Greg Stakor

Can be a little pricey for the quality and portions. Good hot pots and bento boxes.

Miller White

Excellent serving and even more excellent food

Chip Donahue

Always delicious. Perfect food for escaping the cold and opening the sinuses. Been eating here for years.

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