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REVIEWS OF The Palm Washington DC IN Virginia

John Whyman

Great spinach and potatoes

roger boatright

Great food,great service

mike ggg

The first thing I can say about this restaurant is that it is very, very, very expensive. Dinner for two, consisting of steaks and a side of mashed potatoes, with salad appetizer, and one alcoholic drink, cost over $200. That said however the atmosphere is quite Lively, the lights are not too bright, and the staff is very very friendly. The restaurant has an enclosed patio out front along the street, which is an excellent venue if you want to view of downtown DC. All in all, it is a fine dining experience, as long as you remember what you are buying. You are buying the name, and the possibility of running and do some of DC's more powerful and political people

Mohammed Alhaddab

Very delicious steaks. Excellent service. Nice atmosphere.

Loraine Maeda

Dinner with colleagues went splendidly. Exceptional service and delicious food.

Peter Colarulli

My wife and I dine at The Palm every Valentine's Day -- and we had another terrific meal this year. Our server was attentive and knowledgeable. The cocktails were well poured and generous. And our food was excellent. We started with Blue Point oysters that were delicious. The wedge salad was great. Our porterhouse steak was excellent and the whipped potatoes and green beans were a perfect accompaniment. We really had a great experience and can't wait for our next visit... Peter

Tianna Cox

This is a meal to be appreciated so plan accordingly! My mom always gets the 4lb lobster and eats some of my ribeye which was huge, juicy, tender and sliced at the table in front of me. I added the half lobster to my plate, very tender and also cracked in front of me . You have to try the clams with the bacon on it, that sauce will make u wanna bottle it up for later. Best part was the warm donuts for desert or maybe it was the drinks. I gave 5stars because every course and every dish was outstanding. Be prepared to spend a few hundred when you come here or wait until you're ready for this. I'm going back Sat night

Keith Cramer

Food was very good. Me and a friend shared the oysters, calamari, and a side of sauteed spinach. Calamari was especially good. Oysters were not as briney as I like, but that is very particular to me. I had the sesame crusted ahi tuna steak rare. It was a big portion and quite delicious with a sweet glaze over it. The service was excellent at the bar.

Torsten Wezel

Long wait for the food (50 minutes, when the restaurant wasn't really busy). My veal dish was mediocre and as such grossly overpriced. The bread was good.

Alberto Lozano

Ambiance is very nice I've been to a bunch of Palms however this one and I watch exactly what I ate during the day and I can tell you after eating here in the middle of the night I did not feel well I had to go to the bathroom something was not Kosher in the kitchen I will not ever eat at this Palm restaurant ever again very disappointed for the quality of the restaurant something went drastically wrong do not eat here at this particular Palm

David Hasler

Friday night 2000 and the place is less than half full. The manager tried to sit us at an awful table and when we asked to sit somewhere else, out came the attitude. The Palm used to be my go to place when traveling as there is not one in my city. But after 15 years of seeking out their restaurants, not sure if they are worth it anymore. I suspect their volumes have dropped dramatically as they have changed their menus, their rewards program and have even closed stores. They only have to look at their management to understand why! Too bad, I love the Palms

Peter Hatt Lipscomb

Over priced , cold for living on past reputation.

Doug Herreman

Great food, great service, good views from the meeting room

Teresa Anderson

When my sister came for a visit we went to walk around DC and ended up getting dinner here. The food was great and the service was excellent, I will be returning!

Claudia Hammarin

We had dinner Friday April 5th. Our waiter was wonderful, the steaks were very nice exactly what we expected. We ordered fries with the meal I couldn't believe how disgusting they were, for such a pricy restaurant to have so soggy and awful fries?!! The atmosphere was very loud, we were screaming to be heard!!!! The manager that night needs to take a review class on customer service!!! Very snobby and above everyone. He was like that from the minute we entry the restaurant to the minute we left.

Karen Latham

Food was not what I expected. Mediocre. Very noisy. Hard to hear what anyone was saying.

Joel Erikson

Service was great. Disappointed in filet. Cooked perfect but seasoning was lacking. I had to season steak on my own. Sides were very good.

Blake Portman

The steak was good.

Ben Martinez

Awesome experience. Becky and the staff were great. Food was as expected...delicious.

Suzanne Rhodes

I've eaten here for several work related lunches. The sirloin steak was not very tender, the sides to share just mediocre and the onion crisps and breads they give you to share also just so-so. The chicken parmesan and fish dishes also looked very mediocre to me. To be fair, we only had so many choices for our group lunch. Perhaps the food is better ordering off the menu. The staff was great, very attentive. Took my cheesecake home and it was very good. Atmosphere for a group lunch was good too, in a large windowed room. Not sure I would come here of my own volition.

Marco Kruk

Upon entering pleased to be welcomed by the friendly and helpfull staff. The poverty looks a bit old and and damp but cozy. The food and drinks are over priced. Don't get me wrong, the food is really good. But you can get the same quality of food at a much cheaper restaurant with the same service.

Yvonne Kelly

This was our second time having dinner at The Palm and it was as amazing as the first. Mike Melore and his staff make you feel like you are at home at The Palm. The service, the meal and the ambiance are par excellence! When you walk through the door, you are transported back to a more elegant time in dining. The Palm epitomizes the phrase, "Service with a Smile." We started with great cocktails and conversation at the bar with the always quick witted, Mary Pat who made us feel like we were at home with a welcoming smile and an amazing Martini. After being seated, wine we had brought from home was perfectly decanted and waiting at the table. Our server, Rubio, was super attentive and on his game. Throughout the evening, several staff and managers stopped by the table to check on us. Our glasses were always full (both wine and water) without ever having to ask. Our meal was outstanding. We had the Calamari to start which was great. My Wedge salad was almost a meal in and of itself. I ordered the 18oz New York Strip and asked for medium rare temperature which was exactly what I received. Once Rubio made sure we have everything he came back a moment lasted to make sure everything was cooked to order. Our family style sides were perfect and HUGE. We had the creamed spinach (which was fresh), the Fries (which were hand cut) and the potatoes au gratin (which tasted like Mom's). We finished the meal off with the best dessert on the menu, Warm, Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes. If you are looking for an amazing experience all around, look no further than The Palm.

Ivica Olujic

First time had a dinner at Palm. While the steak was good as expected I would give a six star for service and staff. I felt like in my best friend dining room. They definitely take the best care about gusts. Wallet parking just for a tip is quite convenient.

Sherwin Rahimi

Pretty upset about the quality of steaks here. Got the Bone in rib eye medium rare and the tail was about the width of my finger. Spent a majority of the time just trying to chew through the meat. For the price I would rather go to Bourbon steak or Joes or even DBGB. Sides were fairly bland. Was really expecting a better meal here for $240. Service was great!

Sherman Gray

Exceptional food, service, and atmosphere. The best steak I've ever eaten. You will spend a lot of money, but you will not leave hungry. We ordered one dish and one side each and came home with a full meal. Our server was personable, funny, and told great stories. I signed up for the club card on my first visit because I will be a regular from here on out. We can't wait to go back.

Bill Potts

Love this place. Bartenders are awesome & generous, food is always excellent!

Michael Early

The food and service were acceptable, but the decor could use some updating. I know it's part of the charm of a steakhouse like The Palm, but this has extended beyond "moody." Server was stellar. Filet and the other entrees were delicious, but it felt like they skimped on the lobster in my surf and turf special.

Kevin Li

Great steakhouse to try in Washington - great atmosphere and the lobster bisque was great. The steak is definitely the winner here as expected. Great service and cocktail and perfect for a special night out

Karl Nittinger

I made reservations for a late lunch as I was in the DC area for business and also for the much happier occasion of picking up my daughter, a student at GWU, for Easter break. We both loved the food, the atmosphere is fantastic, and the service was perfect. This is a place where, from the moment you walk in the door, you are made to feel welcome and it continues until you leave. I will absolutely be a return customer. The Palm was a "bucket list" restaurant for me and, unlike some "bucket list" experiences where they may not live up to expectations, this one not only lived up, but exceeded expectations. Thank you to the owners and all of the staff at The Palm. You set a standard that you should be very proud of.

Nagendra Setty

The Palm is a classic DC steakhouse. Despite that it has grown to be a national chain, this DC location continues to be more local in flavor, excellent in food, service, and overall ambience. We went on a Sunday evening and had the so-called Sunday Dinner special, which includes a starter and a surf and turf main consisting of a NY strip and 8 oz of snow crab. Everything was delicious, and our server went out of her way to make us feel welcome.

Jennifer Faith

Nice restaurant. A little loud. Food is good.

Renny Sherrow

Great place to celebrate graduation. John was the Waiter Supreme! Thank you!!

Robert Kranz

Very nice steak house.

Wendy Cooke

Great Place. Went for a birthday dinner. Food and atmosphere on point

Owen Schwartz

Good food but over proceed. Very loud so it is hard to hear. Good service.

Karen Waters

The staff at the restaurant are great, especially our server Jimmy. However there was a large party there with kids running all over the place, literally. Needless to say that killed any chance of a quiet romantic dinner on Valentine's Day weekend. No fault of the restaurant that that happened. I did however get really sick that night, and again the next morning. Kind of ruined the experience for me. My husband didn't suffer any intestinal issues and we didn't eat the same appetizer. So there you go.

KC Mercedes

Fantastic food and service. Don't pass it up.

thomas james

Atmosphere was excellent. Glass patio watching DC night life. Service was excellent. The apple wood bacon was .... Same as I get from Wegmans. My Cobbler drink was watered down... Couldn't even taste my favorite Zacappa rum. Creamed spinich was soupy. Alas, my 22oz bone in ribeye was overcooked and more fat than should be on a Prime Steak from a renown steakhouse. The good thing... My date's seabass was perfection and the carrot cake was moist and delicious. Could have been a bad night but the half filled restaurant on a Friday @7... Tells me perhaps the Palm is past it's prime and on the decline.

Graff Corby

Made to order, from every aspect, being satisfyingly successful!

Alan Goeke

Great dinner. We shared everything and still couldn't finish. Server did not make us feel bad about sharing.

Brett B

I love the food at the Palm and the service on Saturday was amazing! My primary disappointment, however, is that there are not many vegetarian options or gluten-free options/substitutes. (Unfortunately, my guest is a vegetarian and I am gluten intolerant.) It's 2018--most restaurants have great options for people like us and I will continue to patronize your restaurant if you expand these options! (And at least list them on your menu or website!!)

Melissa Reitkopp

Left much to be desired, from food presentation and blah taste. Down hill from the glory days.

Amelia Smith

The Palm is the best steakhouse in the area.

lord-ahli omega

Famous people, fancy food. Filet mignon was ok. Definitely not the best I've ever had, but not bad either.

Tee Dawn

Delicious lobster bisque. Pork chops were awesome

Kevin Simmons

Good food.

Sean J. Kent

THREE STAR STEAKHOUSE this fine establishment is great but not exactly the five star restaurant that the wisdom of crowd would have you believe... Or maybe it's a five star sea food restaurant?!?

Aleta Meyer

Great food great service. Love this place.

Elizabeth Risley

Delicious! Great service. Very nice dinner experience with friends.

Chris Hale

Yo....the steak for 2 is amazing. The waiter overshares about his life but it was cool. Kinda like moe from the Simpson's.


Great food, great service. A very enjoyable experience overall

Bruce Plunkett

Loved it! It's the Palm!!

Anthony Cade II

Food was good but the atmosphere was not fine dining. Customers were very loud and obnoxious, and the staff seemed ambivalent to the situation.

Carlos Peralta

Excellent food and service. The fillet mignon was outstanding. Order it with chimichurri sauce and have a creme brulee for dessert. The calamari fritto was huge and delicious.

Monique Graham

Great food, great atmosphere, and excellent customer service!

Gregg Palmer

Always a great meal at The Palm. They run a Lobster special in the summer. We came and had the Lobster. Wonderful dinner. Service was on point.

George Leith

Best lobster we have ever had. Really enjoyed the evening with great friends at the Palm DC!

Jeannine Clark

Was a guest there at sponsored medical conference so limited menu wonderfully dressed mixed greens salad, beautiful fillet mignon with delicious but a bit oily green beans and mashed potatoes. Nice very key lime pie. Staff attentive even in crowded small dining room. Can't comment on price.

Sven Persson

Entrees and drinks were wonderful - as was the service from the very friendly waitstaff, specifically to include the many support staff who worked hard to help all of their patrons. The appetizer was the highlight of my experience - and the entree was delicious. The atmosphere was a bit uncomfortable - it was so loud that I had to scream across my own table to be heard, - not what I would expect at this kind of restaurant, but certainly not enough to merit a poor review. However, some of the side items ordered were unacceptable - soggy, tasteless, far from gourmet. But again - this is not a reason to leave a poor review - one does not go to a restaurant like this for the side items, and again the entrees were delicious. After our tab was paid and my party left the restaurant, I shared my experience with the manager. I was treated rudely and the manager made it very clear that my concerns were not important to him. It is difficult to appropriate a positive rating when the person managing a a restaurant of this quality displays verbal rudeness and neglect to his customers. Within this city there are numerous establishments that, price of the meal aside, have treated myself and my companions constantly and consistently with kindness - not to mention at the very least, thanking them for visiting their restaurant and inviting them to return.

Max Ilyaguyev

On behalf of an older gentleman, I refer to as Grandpa- The Palm is fabulous, I eat here Tuesdays with my friend and socialite Alan. I don’t know how to use the computer to get reservations, so I call Tommy and he gets us our booth in the front, away from Nigel's picture. The steaks are just fantastic as is the wine list. The best part is most of the people there are also upper echelon DC society, so I rarely have to tell people who I am. Let me tell you, it sure beats eating ice cream over the kitchen sink.

Dexter Craig

Loved it. The food and the staff are beyond excellent. You must visit and see for yourself.

Aaron Bloom

If I could give no stars I would we had a reservation and we were refused seating got there before our time and were ignored after we checked in - will never go to another palm restaurant to bad but mortons welcomed us with open arms and was 2 blocks away to go mortons and enjoy their service and staff

Jarrod Richards

Very good food! One of my favorite places in DC to get a steak, and the service is fantastic. The atmosphere is fun with a DC twist.

Bradley Darjean

Tonight was fabulous. Normally very loud but tonight (Monday) was very quiet. Food was amazing as always. The veal chop and the prime rib (weekends only) are my favs.

Cheri Mallory

Fantastic dinner awesome service.

Tim Fitzgerald

Had a good meal with some great friends.

Diana C

Great steak but terrible cocktails. Loud Birthday singing very obnoxious. This is a fine dining establishment not a chuck e cheese.

Robert Fairbairn

As an institution this place is right up there with the biggest in DC. And it's good, trouble is, it just isn't as good as it costs. It's popular among those who don't have to debate over the cost for good reason. Everything is reliable and good enough. But there is better food, drink, and service in DC, and for less money.

Robert Stuber

Old reliable. That's what I think of The Palm as....been going there for nearly 20 years, and it always GOOD.

Armani Jenkins

Great shopping stores

Tim Wood

Waitress dropped two of our dishes. Result? Two free appetizers (jumbo shrimp), free wine, visitation by the manager and another coordinator/director, and prompt re-cooking of the meal. The food was fantastic, and the entire staff was extremely friendly and personable. Will be taking my girlfriend here for sure in the near future.

Ernest Achenbach

The Palm is one of those places in DC that is timeless and caters to both new and returning patrons. No matter who you are, the staff and cuisine are top-notch and make you want to go back. The steaks and seafood are superb. Though there are Palms in several other cities, it does not feel like a chain, and that is part of the allure. Each visit is special.

Stephanie Davis

Hosted a round table function with a menu. The tomato basil soup was delicious. Really enjoyed it. All windows in the private function space. Definitely on display. Quick service.

Suguru Sakai

Steak and staff are exceptional. Wine was little bit pricey if you know market price, but I know here is a restaurant. Wall paintings give us unique experience.


Decent food, good service, fluctuating WiFi.

Lindsey Tennett

Amazing food and service.. will definitely be back!

Hatem Elatawy

Excellent food and nice setup in the sun deck

Sonja E.

We often frequent the Palm in other cities and were terribly disappointed by the service we received. Had to wait over 20 minutes for a menu, over 30 minutes for our waiter to acknowledge our table, had to get others to find our waiter (several times), asked for the manager twice and literally had to flag him down for him to come to the table, the food took forever to come out and after all of that the food was just okay. We certainly noticed that only our table was being disregarded in this manner. I do not want to say it was a race issue but I do not have another explanation for the poor service we received. Once we were finally able to speak to the manager, the waiter was a little more attentive but it was too little too late. We will never return to the DC location. Capital Grille or The Palm in Tyson’s are much better options.

John Coveny

The service was top notch, the food was excellent the only draw back is you pay fire the name. I guess that is why they have a name you recognize. Good food good service. Will visit again.

m a cummings

Beautiful (amazingly flavorful) steak

Steve Delassus

The staff was amazing and the food was delicious. The Chicken Parmesan was HUGE!


The food was pretty good. We took our Girl Scout troop there as an etiquette outing. They loved it. The service was great!

Bernard Filmore

It is a good restaurant with nice decoration. One of the pricier places to eat but it is worth visiting if you like dining out.


The service was good, but I cannot recommend the veal. The scent was indescribable, but the flavor was not the worst I have experienced.

Toni Praete

The Food was Phenomenal!!! The Filet and lobster was unbelieveable!!! Service was fantastic and they really made us feel special with our Anniversary...!!! Thank you so much for making us feel at home!! Toni and Robert (South Carolina)

Ade Joledo

Very pricy for the qauntity you receive. Food was good and environment was pleasant.

Seth Kirshen

This Palm is better then Palms in most other cities. The food is very good. The waiters are professionals. Hence, it is a great experience every time. Remember - they have good Italian food - don't just order the steak.

Josh Robichaud

Good food but the place is a little outdated. The Cobb salad was large and tasted good. Large variety on the lunch menu with some small portion options and larger steaks.

Panorea Penny

The entire family travelled from NYC to celebrate our son's graduation. We made reservations for 10:00pm. James D., our server and new-found friend, was absolutely the best! Even though the kitchen was closing, he was attentive to our needs and we were not rushed. The food was top notch. The whole atmosphere made our celebration even more special. We laughed, drank and enjoyed each other's company. Can't wait to come back!

Andrew de Boer

Excellent food and attentive and friendly staff

Ellie Shewring

Veal chop is to die for. Great spot for a classic dinner.

A&B Funny videos

My experience was awful. I made a reservation for my birthday on the 21st and When I got there the host looked at us like if we were from another planet. Well, the thing is that I have a 14 months old daughter who has stranger anxiety and will not stay with anybody. I knew the restaurant is more about adults, because they don’t even have kids menu. Plus it was my birthday and the last thing I wanted to do was to spend the night without my daughter. Okay, it didn’t end there. After we were seated, the waitress came and she didn’t even introduced herself, nor did she said “hello” she just came and said, “ anything to drink?” I was very disappointed after this, but I decided to give her a chance. We waited there for our water and she sent a guy who speaks Spanish to ask us in Spanish what we wanted to drink when we told her already what we wanted. She was very rude and had this angry face every time she came to our table. So, I told my husband that maybe because we were Latinos she thought we didn’t have the money to pay the bill. Okay, when we were ordering she wanted us to hurry, it was the first time for the other couple that was with us, so they needed more time. As the waitress I thought she was gonna say “you should try this it come like this, bla, bla, bla” but no she was just trying to be done with our order. Anyways everyone liked their dinner. I do want to thank everyone in the kitchen for the great work you do. After we were done with our food, we asked for the check and we pay. On the reservation I had written down that the occasion was “my Birthday” we saw that everyone was singing happy birthday to other people, so I thought “oh I am going to be next” nope i was wrong nobody said anything. She took the check and left. My friend decided to tell our waitress after all and she came with another waitress. It was so weird cuz while they were singing they were just looking at my daughter. After they were done singing she left without saying anything else. I will never come here with my family or friends for the the food maybe but the service was very unfriendly and unprofessional.

Marty Norris

Food was great, cooked exactly as asked

D'Enda White

Food was delicious. Ambiance was gorgeous. Staff was extraordinary. Wonderful experience and I would do it again. Recommend everyone give it a try at least once. I must add that I went for dinner with my team at work.

Guadalupe Green

This is my second visit and it did not disappoint! The filet mignon was absolutely melt in your mouth! The little crab pie appetizers and wrapped asparagus appetizers were delicious too. I can't say enough about this place - look it up when you're on the northwest part of DC. After reviewing other comments on TripAdvisor we decided to give it a try. We have not been disappointed at all. The beginning was still surprising because there wasnt the usual greeting and asking of your wellbeeing. Instead we were greeted with the question if we have a reservation. I mean its ok but normally you would expect a different salutation. Nevermind at the end because the quality of the food and the service ok Mike made us forgett about this minor incident.

Brian Luti

Food was very good. Waitstaff was excellent. The one thing I don't like is that you have to order side dishes, since the mains come with no frills (and especially at the prices your paying), but I decided not to dock them a star for that, since food quality was high. That said, the extra you are paying is for the service. I've had the same quality food for less other places (which included sides). So, price is my main complaint. Everything else was flawless.

Monica Mckenzie

The bacon wrapped scallops are to die for, my filet mignon was cooked to perfection and after topping it all off with the delectably delicious powdered donuts, I would say my dining experience was 5-star. Compliments to the staff for their friendly service and to the chefs for preparing a wonderful meal. You made our Holiday dinner an awesome success!

Judy Ciccone

Awesome experience, what a wonderful time, the food was out of this world, staff was awesome we also had the twins birthday there the staff gave the twins Birthday cards sang Happy Birthday and brought out chocolate cake for them. What a wonderful time with the family.

Chad Stevens

Great food and the drink specials are amazing! Definitely worth a visit if your in the area!

Eric Bridgeforth

One of my favorite steak houses. Highly recommended.


Decided to try this highly rated restaurant for lunch yesterday. Problem one, was the fairly unimpressive menu. There wasn't a lot to choose from in our opinion. Nevertheless, we decided to give them a shot. While I can say, my food was ok, my coworkers were HIGHLY disappointed. They both ordered jumbo crab cakes.....let's just say, The Palm apparently doesn't know the definition of "jumbo". On top of that, they weren't even good. I tried a piece. The quality was about the same or even less than a frozen Phillips crab cake you can buy at the store. Only the Palm's is a tad smaller. This is supposed to be the "famous" high end Palm Restaurant I've heard so much about. Finally, we received NO utensils or napkins (our order was to go). Giving them a 2 star rating is generous. Go to Joe's Seafood Prime Steakhouse for a better experience. The food is way better AND they give you utensils. Take a look and tell me if that's "jumbo" to you


Best steak I've ever had!


My dad is a regular here, but this was my first time. We were greeted warmly by the hostess when we arrived(although the entrance was dimly lit the remainder of the restaurant was much better). The General Manager Eric(sp?)immediately recognized my dad and quickly came over to say hello and take us to our table. He was funny and polite and gave a great first impression. Eric sat us at the back of the restaurant in a booth with my dad's regular server, Ladonna (I really hope I am spelling her name correctly as she was phenomenal.) We brought our own wine, and she quickly had it prepped and poured for us while I went over my food allergies. I have quite a few and I carry an EpiPen in case. We had planned to have lobster but unfortunately we failed to call ahead and didn't know they were out. While we pondered the menu Ladonna placed our appetizer of bacon wrapped scallops(which she had them cook in a different preparation to accommodate my allergies). For entrees my dad ordered a linguine with clams and a white wine sauce, and green beans(pictured). I ordered lobster mac and cheese and mushrooms (2 side dishes, also pictured). Throughout the meal Ladonna impressed me with her thorough knowledge of the menu, ingredients and preparation style for each item I asked about. She made sure everything I ordered was safe and any part that I couldn't have was modified to accommodate me. I saw how far she was willing to go to make sure I not only enjoyed my meal but stayed healthy after too. Her passion for the restaurant and her tables was amazing. The entire time we were there I never saw her falter or miss a step in her job. She took care of all her tables with the same care and attention. I wish I had gotten the name of the busser for our table, he consistently kept our water glasses full and was polite and friendly the whole meal. Overall this was one of the most incredible restaurant experiences I have had. From the service to the food I wish I could give this location 10 stars for their incredible work.

Darin March

One of my favorite restaurants...great food, drinks and customer service is fantastic.

Carol Walsh

Great customer service.Staff were helpful and friendly everyday.Good food, good price, and great atmosphere.One of my favorite steak houses.

Roger Bayer

This is a higher priced restaurant but during the summer it offers a great deal on a lobster dinner for 2. Soup/salad, shared 4 lb. lobster, shared side for $99 total. You can get a bigger lobster for an additional $15 a pound. Their steak is superb. No charge valet parking but you should tip. You can tell I love this place.

Lee Covington

Bad service. Food just ok.

John Pembroke

Great food and service! Classic steak restaurant

Reynolds Bromley

Had a great meal on a tight schedule. Waiter said I'll have your steak out by 7 and delivered with time to spare. The steak was 8/10, but the salad/sides were the best I've ever had at a steakhouse. Would go back.

Rich Stedronsky

Went to dinner here with a good friend over the Christmas holiday. I can't say enough good things about my experience. The service was excellent, the food was superb, and the atmosphere was everything I could have asked for. I enjoyed the soup of the day, followed by a filet + 1/2 lobster. Everything was cooked to perfection. Partnered with a wonderful bottle of red wine, and it was a meal not to be forgotten!

Carolina Vallecillo-Rodriguez

We came to The Palm to celebrate my brother's graduation from the Army's War College on a Friday night. Needless to say, the place was busy and loud. Nicole, the hostess, chose to pinpoint us for "being loud", however, we weren't louder than the rest of the crowd. Her attitude was uncalled for and unfortunately I believe she did this because we are Hispanic. Nicole needs some customer service and cultural sensitivity training. The waiter and the food made up for the unpleasant approach from Nicole.

Lawrence Greenberg

Pretty much exactly what you'd expect.

James Sparks

It has been a long time wish to come to this restaurant. The service and food were excellent. I highly recommend coing to this fine upscale establishment for a very enjoyable experience.

Daniel Iglesias Sr

Just ok, Palm in LA waaaaayyyy better

Kennedy Carroll

We celebrated my birthday at The Palm in Washington, DC. Our server was very entertaining and really made the experience that much better. I usually order a steak, but decided to go for one of their Italian Specialties. The veal marsala was really delicious! Due to it being my birthday, the staff sang Happy Birthday and gave me a signed card. Such a thoughtful gesture!

Khalid Terkawi

The food is nice and quality is good .. enjoyed it. Anw, quite expensive place

Danny Minor

It the Palm say no more! Great steaks and nice atmosphere for any occasion. Can get loud though

Denise Lanning

Impeccable service, fine cuisine, excellent drinks

Ben Wills

Great steak. Nice atmosphere. Standard upscale steakhouse.

Rob Shepherd

One of the best places in town. Great night celebrating a 70th birthday.

Muhammad Zua'bi

Great food, lovely staff. Little bit expensive But we enjoyed our visit. Dishes are BIG!! RECOMMENTED

Timothy Johnson

One of my favorite steakhouses. The service and food is impeccable.

Sonja Brown

My husband and I heard very good things about the Palms and decided to celebrate our 21st anniversary there last night. We had reservations for 6:30. When we arrived about 6:20 there were a lot of open tables and we were seated immediately. However we found it strange that the Host originally tried to cram us right next to a large party when there were so many open tables. We asked to be moved just one table over. Once seated there, the host quickly came back and said that we had to move because that particular table was promised to someone else who by the way was not even at the restaurant at the time. My husband stated that he did not care to move as there was no “Reserved” sign on the table and more importantly this was such an unusual request. The Host basically said he didn’t care what we thought and proceeded to ask us to move to another table. We were then seated in a booth in the very back of the restaurant near a door. I shouldn’t leave out that we were offered free glasses of champagne for the inconvenience. I rarely play the race card however I couldn’t help thinking that was part of why we were being treated this way. My husband and I were so stunned and humiliated that I asked that we leave. I could not justify spending our hard earned money on such a special day in an establishment that clearly needs racial bias and sensitivity training. We ended up at Ruth Chris. Their staff was very attentive, treating us with the upmost respect. The Palms should get with the program, especially in the climate that we’re in today.

Noah Burke

Delicious food in a very Washingtonian setting. The walls are covered in decades worth of politicians. The hamburger is amazing.

Imma Star

******Review Update: I really enjoyed my visit to this Palm location. The greeters were extremely courteous and our Server was fantastic. We had the Lobster and it was fresh, perfectly cooked and delicious. The Brussels sprout and carrot cake were amazing too. The restaurant itself was extremely clean inside and out and I loved the relaxed atmosphere/ambiance. I'll be back asap to dine at this Palm location****** I am planning to visit this Palm location soon and I cannot wait:) I have Never been to any Palm Resturant but I have called this restaurant twice in the last 6 months just as a regular Customer. I have always done this long before I was a GLG. The reason I do this is because I can tell a lot about what type of Customer Service and Care I'm probably going to receive in person from establishments/businesses just based on one telephone call. This Palm location now has my personal highest rating of '10' in my book in every catagory, including Superb Telephone Etiquette/Telephone Customer Service and Care. I am really looking forward to my visit and I will Update this Review immediately after my visit:)

Ariel Scheirer

Incredible service and excellent food for work holiday luncheon.

Lynn James

I had my birthday dinner at the Palm Washington DC last night. I got last second reservations and they accommodated me without any fanfare or acted like they were doing me a favor type insinuations.

Mark Miller

Great service and good food!

Donny James

The food was great and LaDonna provided excellent service along with the other teammates .

Arun Kumar Padmanaban

Very good ambience and nice food. Little pricey.


Always a bit of history. The walls are filled with DC's movers and shakers. The food is great.

Ant Gee

Very, very, very good food. My favorite steak in DC. It is pricey and almost always crowded, but the best places usually are.

deirdre garmon

Always been a staple for amazing food, incredible service, and a friendly background. We are never disappointed.

Lynda Tennett

Great experience, food, atmosphere, service! Nicole the manager was very friendly!! Will definitely return!!

Brenda Walker

Marcel's is if nothing else consistent. It is consistently outstanding in every respect! The tasting menu gives you a great opportunity to try a variety of offerings without going totally overboard. The service staff is truly exceptional and has always impressed me with their quality over the years.

Terrance Green

As always, The Palm was a hit! This was my 4th or 5th visit and I don’t have one single complaint! The staff is very attentive and friendly making sure you have the best experience while dining. Our servers name was Mike and I couldn’t be more appreciative of his great service! I will be back soon to enjoy another delicious meal!

Bryan Roberts

The Palm has a great ambiance for a quality steakhouse. It is cozy, charming, and professionally staffed. I ate here for a business dinner. While I do not eat red meat, all of my colleagues loved their fillets. For any chicken eaters, I recommend the chicken Parmesan. It is enormous, cheesy, and cooked perfect (you will likely have leftovers as it is large). All sides are family style and a la cart. We had asparagus and green beans - they were good but beans do include bacon (pro for most people).

Roberto L Ramirez

Excellent meal and celebration not my son's birthday.


The best steak and lobster ever... personalized service at its best

Bonnie Wood

We visited Commissary on Friday before a day of site seeing during a quick weekend visit. Our awesome server at the bar, Brock sold us on the short rib hash and gave us a sample of mulled wine. Both were absolutely amazing! We will definitely come back soon.

John Bernstein

Worth every penny

Tahmena Rauf

The chicken parm is amazing always and our filets cooked a perfect med rare. We enjoy celebrating special occasions here because they make you feel like the most important people on Earth...extra check-ins from the manager Eric who always makes us laugh and invites us back. Hopefully one day we will be able to save room for dessert!

Kyle Waters

Food was good but the ambience was great. Jimmy was our waiter and he made the experience what it should have been. Very good waiter, very attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. Only challenge was the large party of children that came in after us and ran amok, putting a damper on a late Valentine's Day dinner date.


That big salad was the best thing I've had ever

Please Stand by

Unfortunately, my experience wasn't equivalent to the rest of the patrons of this establishment, particularly with the food. The ambiance was nice and the cocktail was delicious and on point, but the linguine clam was tough cold and flavorless. The colossal crab was not colossal and it was average. And the filet mignon was bland. very disappointed , but my drink hit the spot and the waitress was lovely.

Jason Wallach

Very nice meal. I had the Chilean Sea Bass on a bed of rissoto, and it was excellent. Not the cheapest of steakhouses, but great service and food.

ed lezerp

Had lunch at the Palm. Great food, great service. Watch the patrons though, filled with politicians and lawyers.

Nicholas Taylor

Love the porterhouse and cream spinach

D orr

Amazing meal superb service! Will be back

Jessamine Dagenais

Excellent food and service. Staff were helpful and friendly everyday.Good food, good price, and great atmosphere.

Hope Golden

My Husband and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary last night! As always, The Palm was awesome! From the door, the service is excellent, extending throughout dinner. Food is always wonderful. This card was on our table upon arrival.

Kyeremeh Henry

They have some of the best beef in D.C.

Bob Levin

We had an outstanding meal especially the crabmeat salad

Gwen Thomas

Food normally good. It was awful. They messed up soft shell crabs.

Charles Dahan

Always great

David Hayes

Food was excellent! I love the steak and the portions that they give you. I can never finish it.

Markus Dueringer

Top place for Steak & Co

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