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Potomac Mills, 14375 Smoketown Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192, United States

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REVIEWS OF Silver Diner- Potomac Mills IN Virginia

J sirk

First time I ate their was yesterday 08/09/19. I lived in the area 3 years and always past this place up thinking in was a greasy spoon. I can say by no means was my meal this. Now we ordered the iron steak and fish and chips. The service was excellent. everything we ate was freshly made. My fish was not frozen breaded. they had organic ketchup on the tables. There are names listed of all the farms they buy their food from. The prices are on the higher side. But if you factor in the quality of food , its a great deal. I notice they had enough people on staff to keep service top notch. Every dish I seen looked really good. My coleslaw was fresh made. my fish was fresh dipped. presentation was 5 star. Guy should do this one on his show.

Sean Carrasco

You will always get a decent meal any time of the day. I dislike chain restaurants, but this one tries to have a unique menu that is top quality. The staff there has been nothing but cordial, so it's almost always a go to on a weekend morning.

Brenna Racquet

Very good. Stopped there on our way to our daughters place. Food was great. Large variety on the menu. Would highly recommend. Staff was great too.

Dwight Melvin

Great food experience

Tony Mendez

Never been a huge fan of this location. Tonight they closed down a whole side and crammed as many people as possible on one side making it noisy and crowded. Wait service was perfect and the food was ok.

Jesse DiMura

Upscale diner food.

Doemi Hernandez

Nice diner with good food. Would visit again and their french toast dishes are great Coffee is bland but their staff is pretty sweet.

Mohammad Al Qassim

It’s a great place & nice food

Tuto Perez

Prices can be a bit lower like paying $12 for a tuna sandwich when you can pay half at Subway.

Steve George

It has whatever you want. Great service. Easy access to 95.

Patrick Waller

Wonderful breakfast spot, and right next to the mall!

Yolande Fong

Wonderful food, great service, plenty of meat, gluten free and vegan choices!

Brian Darden The Rant!!!! F.R.O.P Inc

Absolutely love this place....Abit pricey but good

Sukie Nazario

The Crabcake Benedict is Great!

Yvonne Polo

I always enjoy the Turkey Club sandwich. But , I really enjoyed having a beer with my meal and good service from my servicer.

Laurie Short

Great service. Good food.

Jeleesa Furgurson

This is a cool spot to go to. They serve American food as well as other more healthier options. I personally like that they sell beer and wine. I always get the lemon chicken piccata!

i is a gay

Food is a 10/10. The shakes there are

Kimberly Ventura

The hostess, Olivia, was wonderful during my visit! She’s extremely attentive with customers and I enjoyed the change!

Danielle Speerschneider

Fast, friendly service. Breakfast was delicious!

Judy Snead

Was looking for a dinner off interstate, as it was close to 10. Few twists and turns off interstate. Server was nice and patient. Got a turkey sandwich and mashed potatoes. Nothing to write home about. Friend got pancakes and they were fluffy and large. Bacon overcooked. Music machine broke, don't waste your money. Could use a few more healthy, less fatty food options. In and out in good time

Sam Samson

I have always found the Silver Diner to be a 'go-to' spot in the morning time before work. However, I actually realized I have not actually ever been there in the Evening hours and felt it 'must' e a safe choice with my in-laws visiting my wife and I. But I spoke too soon and let's just say that their experience was truly a nightmare due to a completely rediculous exchange between my father-in-law and a server who felt it necessary to abruptly disagree and even cgallenge this man regarding his opinion of the food. We were just horrified that an 'altercation' over food at a Diner was even happening. We appreciate the servers beliefs regarding unrelated and strikingly odd positions about the establishments 'roots' and other irrelevant points. But my father-in-law was really just respectfully alerting her to the temperture of his entree'. Which I agree, was unacceptable being that cold. Especially for someone who his 93 years of age. This location was my selection and, ergo, my fault. At least thats the wife's position.

Becks Hasbrouck

Good food...a bit pricey

Eric Londres

Great variety of really good organic, locally sourced food prepared by a very talented Chef. Prices are a average to a above average but we all know know organic food is not cheap. Plus I would rather pay for quality over quantity any day. Place is always busy so come early

Ashley Paulus

So many options for all dietary needs! Lots of vegan/veg options. Vegan Mac and cheese with beyond meat meatballs was really awesome, didn't realize the pasta replacement was cauliflower, but it was delicious regardless! We absolutely loved the atmosphere, the staff was very polite.

Kim Walker

Great food! Great service!

Ciro Alva

Nice family ambiance, prices are completive ,good food.

M. Herring

Been going here a while and it has really moved away from the traditional diner fare. The greatest appeal is the building design their food is good but not a nostalgic diner experience.

Katie Parmelee

I love this place! Silver Diner has a great variety of healthy and delicious meals, friendly staff, and a fun 50s vibe. I love that they offer organic foods and delicious options for vegan and gluten free diets.

Anthony Coppola

Great atmosphere. Great food. Great service.

Kurt Goodwine

It's ok. The ambience is fun with the tableside juke boxes, the open kitchen in the back, the decor, and the staff is friendly but the food was really mediocre. You get decent sized portions but if the food's not tasty...we got the grilled cheese sandwich with ham and the ham and cheese omelette, maybe the other entrées are better. Another thing that irked me was they crossed their soda lines so their diet soda had the nauseating sweetness of regular sugared swill. :p

Peter Smyth-Hammond

We love this this place, great food, from locally sourced farms, and the staff is always so friendly and quick to get you your food or a refill. We bring our 2 your children, and the staff is always so good with them, and the kids program makes it all the more worth going! Expect a line for brunch on the weekends, but its not usually too long of a wait, and definitely worthwhile!

Sheni Suntory

The atmosphere is always great, service is great. This the first time going to this location. I have the fish taco and there were no spices on it which is shocking for a Hispanic cultural food. The foo could if been better. I will give it one more chance

Rachel Baird

Usually had good food here, today's was poor, overcooked "chicken" parmesan, overcooked (I.e.microwaved) angel hair pasta. Such a shame


I love this diner. They have gluten free breakfast (French toast, sadly no pancakes). For and extra 1.50 you can get real Maple syrup. I really like their coffee as well. The decor is a 60's diner motif with juke boxes at the tables. The servers have always been top notch when I've been there.

Shirley Stewart

Food and service was okay.


Very fresh good. Vegan options. Friendly staff. Cute diner.

Priscilla Hall

Great price for real food!

Matt Porter

Food was delicious. Service was fast and efficient.

Barbara Barnes

Didn't see nothing I wanted really. Just drank a lemonade and rolled out. I do recall eating there a few years ago. Was good with more selections.

Mike Shields

Very tasty, but a bit pricey.

Lisa Joy Carter

Fresh, good clean food. The eggs tasted weird, but that's because I am used to eating bad eggs I guess. Everything is organic. The pancakes and home fries were delicious. I didn't care for the ham. Because it is situated in the heart of everything there will be a wait, but worth it.

Sharon Minter

Great menu and atmosphere! I had an absolutely divine slice of Chocolate cake that melted in my mouth!! You definitely need to sample it!

Martha Wallenhorst

Best pot pie I have ever had. That includes other silver diners. The staff however, is not as good as Fair Oaks.

Daria Maksimova

Wonderful place, in the best traditions of a Diner, great people and amazing choice of food! A lot of healthy choices as well as traditional dishes. Avocado toast with salmon is INCREDIBLE

Heather Lunceford

This was a great find and I would like to go again to try other menu items. They have vegan and vegetarian items, they do a lot of local buying of their food supplies. It looks like a more upscale diner(they serve wine and craft beers) but at affordable prices. Our waitress was friendly and attentive, there was not a wait when we arrived. I recommend the banana stuffed french good.

Tracy Wilson

So disappointed with my service and meal. Something has definitely change with Silver Diner Potomac Mills. Egg whites were burned, home fries were flavorless and very hard. Pancake was also very hard and dried out. And the server would not stand in front or me, she stood off to the side of my booth (basically behind me) so I had to keep asking her to repeat what she was saying. Really bad experience!!

Lisa Montgomery

A little slow to receive food, waiter did not check on us until I requested the check but the food was good.

Lair Bellator

Good restaurant, very fast in seating try to identify the good waiter / waitresses they are not all created equal.

Kimberly Rojas

Friendly people... except their manager was not concerned about foreign object found in food :-(

William Manfred

I thought the costs were a little high. I enjoyed my omelette though.

Ayesha Ford

Don't be deterred by the term "diner". The food is excellent and most ingredients are sourced locally. The service is great too!

Carlos Arboleda

I love it, great crew and service!

K.J. Nettles

Good food, great service

Gloria Rich

Great food, service and ambiance

Thomas Caprera

These guys have completely revamped the menu, and I can eat there again! (Restricted diet makes that difficult to find!) They kept the jukeboxes and the diner setup, and it's an awesome combo of comfy with high quality food! They have gluten free, low carb, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and a huge variety of awesome options! (They also still have the diner food, just way tastier than it ever was before!) If you haven't been there for awhile, you should really check it out!

ron capps

Clean environment, great fries, but the Southwest turkey sandwich had a touch of southwest sauce on one end only. And, the ciabatta bread was very, very hard and tough. Another person in our party had the same experience with the same sandwich.

Mike C

Nice quiet, place for a great meal anytime. Had the eggs Benedict with smoked salmon & potatoes with onions & peppers added. The server was great.

Heather C

I love Silver Diner. They use whole foods that are locally sourced as much as possible in their cooking, so their menu changes a couple of times a year to fit with what is available during those seasons. The menu has some more traditional/classic dishes (their chicken pot pie is delicious and a twist on a classic favorite) and some more creative dishes (ancient grains shrimp bowl is phenomenal). From an appetizer of fried brussel sprouts to their milk shakes for dessert, Silver Diner has a lot to offer and a pretty great variety. Breakfast is served all day and they do offer lunch and full dinner as well. Service here is also great. I have been fairly often over the past 3 or 4 years and think there has only been once that our food was ridiculously slow coming out for what we ordered and how few other customers were in there. It was definitely something going on in the kitchen that day though because our waitress was amazing and kept checking in with is and let is know that she had said something to them & then had them remake something that she felt had been waiting in the window too long waiting on the rest of the order to be completed. Our food came out together and was hot & fresh. We figure everyone has an off day sometimes.

Geoff Brown

My wife and I ate at Silver Diner last night. The food was very good, but what I want to write about was the service. James, our waiter, was excellent. He has been our waiter there previously. He is a gentleman, a class act, very professional. The young man at the door, I believe his name was Joshua, was also a gem. He pointed out the specials to us when he sat us. You could say, "So what?" but it was the way he did it. If I ran the place, it would be the way I would want it done. When we were leaving, he went out of his way to get ahead of us to get the door. I can't remember the last time that happened! It made such an impression on my wife that she went back inside and told him what a great job he did.

Aaron Mitchell

Probably the best BLT Sandwhich I've ever had. Great diner experience, and wonderful staff.

Andy Smith

Cool place. Varied menu and caters for vegans

twill distilled

Everytime I have been here service has been spot on and the food always comes out hot and delicious! :)

Dominic Tondo

Great food, great coffee, great service!

Alexandria Cooper

At first when i got there l was telling my fiance "Oh no honey this place is on the more pricey side for the food they're offering." But boy am i glad we came here. The foods was sooo soo good and very filling. We actually need to make time to go back.

Michael R

Love that they now have vegan options. Had the tofu banh mi and it was delicious!

Stephanie Staats

Food is always delicious! Love that they include options for varied lifestyles.

Heather Cooper

Great healthy choices, I was shocked, farm to table food, best huevos rancheros I have ever had.

Binary Star

They are a little bit pricey, but I have never had a bad experience there. Our waitress was very attentive and the burgers were wonderful! They are very good at preparing their vegan 'Beyond' burgers.

lynda igoudjil

Good food, nice seasonal menu. Service can be spotty, but have never had a bad meal, and management makes sure if your service or meal is not right, they will fix it.

Gemini Stylez

I enjoyed breakfast at the Silver Diner on Mother's Day 2019. The waffle and eggs were perfect and fresh! If you're ever in the area you have to try this restaurant, try the milkshakes, they are DELICIOUS!!!

Danielle Easler

I love everything about this place. I thought it was going to be a normal Diner with average food but it's not it's even better. The food is amazing and elevated. They have fresh produce from local farms. They tend to Most dietary needs/wants. I absolutely love the chicken and waffles. they have a sauce with it that's to die for. I've also tried their pastrami sandwich with coleslaw. They put cranberries in the coleslaw, at first, I thought that was strange but again it was amazing. I highly recommend this place. It's more expensive than an average Diner but to me it's completely worth it. if you want a great meal but more of a home cook style this is the place to go they take your average diner food and elevate it and make it great.


My corner spot always open for me and greeted warmly by staff

Linda Gunther

Food and service was outstanding. They have a wonderful variety to please everyone’s taste.

Thomas McFee

Very nice staff. Greek salad was awesome!

Enas Fayez

I ordered the fried chicken steaks and my husband ordered fish and chips and both were over cooked. Ruined the experience..i had the same meal at Fairfax silver dinner and it was superior!! I never going to dine at the Woodbridge Potomac one ever

Samirah Wilson

So happy to have stumbled upon this diner. Plenty of healthy and organic options. So tickled to see the organic ketchup (without high fructose corn syrup) on the tables too!!

Ellen Schleicher

Just ok, pleasant wait staff.


I came here thinking it was a low risk I would not enjoy old style diner atmosphere. I could not find something on their menu I wanted.. But we finally ordered.. Cheese fries were horrible.. Chicken fingers were horrible. Milk shakes, burger and the server were the only pleasant parts of the visit. Not satisfying at all

huntressmalice Poole

I love this place. Where you food is locally grown and sourced. Good eatting.

Mr Berry

Food is very basic in flavor, service was alright.

Sheran Poellnitz

Good food & service. Manager checked to ensure we were happy with our service

Uay Kan

They were closing early due to snow, but still served us and told us our menu limits due to the closing kitchen ritual they'd already started. Service was quick, omelettes were delicious. No complaints!

sandra brown

The food was good and so was the service. I think the waiter had too many tables to wait on. The food was slow coming out

Valerie F.

The food was really great, loved it. Lots of different, healthy options - even for a vegetarian, which can be hard to find sometimes. The place is really cute. Would have given 5 stars but the service was AWFUL. With the exception of one manager, every single person from the moment we walked in ignored us, looked miserable, and acted annoyed that we were there. Slow service. Didn't get one of our orders right, and took two times returning to remember to bring forgotten item. Saw our server having a personal conversation with a co-worker while we waited for above item (just a condiment, not something that needed to be cooked). Don't know that we'll go back bc of service, shame bc food was really very good.

Molly Barr

Fun atmosphere, decent food, great shakes...not always the cleanest.

Andre Clark

The staff are amazing. Being that my fiance and I drove from Richmond and the Silver Diner there is bigger, that is the only reason I gave them a 4. Other than that, everything else is what I expected from them. Great customer service, great food, and most of all, great memories.

Alitcha Jeffers

This diner was really cute. The food was good and there was fast customer service. They also brought out the food in a timely manner. Would definitely go back

Erin Orndorff

I met my daughter, husband, and their friends for brunch Sunday. Although we had to wait 15 or 20 minutes to sit down, it was so worth it. Food was fresh and hot. Our waiter and the other staff was friendly and fun. I live in Spotsylvania and I will drive that far again just to eat their breakfast

Erik Lando

Been coming here for 10 years and will never stop, the food the staff the atmosphere it's just amazing.

Andrew Harris

Service wasn't the greatest and probably the dirtiest silver dinner I've ever been in. Great food as per usual though.

Analise Soriano

I like this place during the morning or afternoon hours cause the staff is so attentive but during the evening hours, I dont know if it is just the waiter that served us but he barely served us at all

bruce tucker

Wide variety in healthy eating without sacrificing taste and presentation must go and find out yourself

Sammi Jones

Food is always fresh and cooked to order!!!Love this place

Zeeshan Ali

Great food and excellent service. Menu is very comprehensive and have lots of choices. But what really impressed me was the service. Server was kind and service was fast.

Max Wry

Super tasty with some nice healthy options avocado toast with eggs and smoked salmon was awesome!

Robin Morris

Delicious Brussels over this red pepper

dennistina mohr

Most food was great, but we sent back a tuna wrap because it stunk like bad fish. The service was horribly slow.

Darlene Futch

Love Silver Diner! I got the pot roast pot comfort food & really delicious...served on mashed potatoes, and includes peas, carrots & brussel sprouts! My husband got the pancake combo. That's the great thing about a diner - breakfast foods are always available. I was told they are taking the pot roast off the menu which is too bad, but I'm sure they will replace it with something equally as good.


Very good speedy service. Restaruant was clean, food was good. Server was attentive. Very relaxing.

J. Nunchucks89

The service was so good that my waiter thought that I hadn't received my bacon with my order. She was asking the cooks for it.

Jeff Grenier

Great food at a great price.

Audrina Cotter

IHOP IS BETTER! silver diner is really dirty..clear plastic cups are stained..juke box on the tables are filthy..everything is this way. As for the food, IHOP is way better. If your looking for something in that same immediate area, matchbox has a great breakfast menu

Seth Miller

Server took more than 8 minutes to refill my lemonade and instead of that plopped a water in its spot. Burger was overcooked, bacon was overcooked, and fries were small and lacking. Left the restaurant and had a better meal at Burger King next door.

Elizabeth M.

I've been here many times. The food is good with healthy options and locally sourced ingredients. On my most recent visit the service was mediocre at best. The restaurant was not busy that evening. There were many waiters standing around talking to each other and ours apparently was joining them because she certainly wasn't attentive to us.

Justin Guysick

One of my favorite places to eat. More than just a breakfast joint. Atmosphere is great with familiar music. Friendly staff

Bobby Shannon

John and his Crew are a good Unit. Sure, some random customer may find fault, but I’ve not been disappointed in these last few years. I ask for a booth by a window, ask for coffee and cream, then keep it simple by ordering from the menu insert that shows “$7.99” and “$8.99” and “$9.99” breakfast options: I choose based on my perception of my financial success. The people in the red shirts usually manage to keep my nice, big coffee mug full and the people stuck in the kitchen usually put the Love in my eggs, so I tip (based on 20%, less if too much perfume or cell phone activity), then get my fat butt out the way.

Derrick Nauflett

The silver dinner is constantly in proving it's menu and ingredients. I had the lamb burger, which was very good. However, I think it was a bit over priced. Not enough to remove a star, but close. The server was also excellent and the food came out quickly and right the first time.

Colin Hobby

My girlfriend and I had the shrimp and grits for brunch on Sunday, it was fantastic. Beautiful fluffy grits and salty andouille sausage build the flavor to season some nice shrimp. It was worth the very short wait in line.

Jonathan Wade

Great service and fun theme. Table-top juke boxes at each table as a wonderful blast from the past. Had the Beyond Meat burger and was impressed with the flavor and texture.

Ariyanna Williams

Its amazing i just domt lile the eggs some people could agree

Tori Kennedy

I used to work for a restaurant chain local to the DC area that has extremely high standards for all of their staff and it shows. That being said, my own standards for restaurants are high as well. The host wanted to seat us at a table. We have a toddler so we asked to sit at a booth so we could keep her from running loose. The host made a comment about how the servers can get upset when the customers d ont sit where they are sat. As someone that has "been there", I understand. However, my need to not have my child running loose overrides your server's rotation. Ultimately,0 everyone in the restaurant would appreciate that also. The food was good and the server was polite for the most part. When we left, my daughter spilled her drink in the doorway. There was a lady that very nicely threw the drink out and gave us another one. A nice man saw me struggling with three to go boxes and gave me a bag. I enjoy Silver Diner but didn't love the lack of professionalism in the beginning. The rest of the staff was nice and helpful though, which always goes a long way.

Andrew Zink

Waffles and eggs were very good. Service was great.

Elizabeth Stewart

Great retro vibe, good comfort food but also delicious healthy options. Our jukebox worked and some of the kids with us had never seen them, so we had a lot of fun. Solid service, tastes good, food sources locally—we were happy!!

Crystal Raines

One of my favorite diners. But this locations needs a remodel and some dusting. Food was hot, but took a while to come out it was at 11am.

Seldemaria M

Servers are always nice, friendly and helpful. The meals are delicious too!

Karen Abuzant

Amazingly healthy and delicious food and friendly, conscientious service. Our tots shared a slider meal with an extra slider for $1.29 was perfect for them. Burgers are delish and the deconstructed chicken pie was to die for fresh. Prices are average for this style restaurant. We will definitely be going back for seconds!

Kristy Lynn Adams

The best eggs and pancakes you can get! Love the premise and the retro vibe. Downside: their grease trap smells TERRIBLE. It's worse on the right side of the dining room near the restrooms. But when we were their last Saturday the stench drifted towards the other side. Suggestions for 5 stars: get a handle on the smell and consistency of service and kitchen on off peak hours.

David Cain

Great club sandwich

Bearded PatrioTV

Great food. Went there for a late breakfast on a Friday. Had the vegan egg white omlet, home fries, fruit, and toast (great bread too) everything is local. Outstanding meal. I'll be going back. Go check them out.

Sam Wallace

Food and service are always good, but I would not say great. For example, their"interpretation" of fish and chips consists of some baked herbed fillets that taste good and some spiced, thin fried potatoes. This is not fish and chips. Likewise service was good enough, but lags at times. For what you get, it is a bit pricey, but not terrible. The restaurant has a stated commitment to seasonal and locally sourced food and it looks like they live up to this. Also, they offer more than beef, chicken and fish, so their variety of choices is good. I recommend checking the place out if you haven't. Just read the descriptions carefully when ordering.

Tia Clamp

Always a favorite for roast veggie salad. Wait staff willing to make substitutions for menu sides.

Rachael Benedict

Service excellent. Food very good.

Lori Brunsman

Shakes are FANTASTIC!!! Nice 50's diner atmosphere. Juke box if that interests you. Lots of organic, healthy choices on the menu

Brandon Blanchette

This is another place that my wife and I frequent. They serve breakfast all day and bolster a variety of different types of food. One thing thing my wife enjoys is their vegetarian/vegan menu. She has yet to be disappointed in it, especially when it came to their Beyond burger. Every experience with our Silver Diner is always a pleasurable one.

Darla Smith

Always good, fresh food with friendly staff

Hector Luna

Great vege food

Brittney Fernandez

As a native Texan, I always look forward to visiting Silver Diner when I’m on the East coast. The food is so amazing, dinner, lunch, breakfast and dessert, and the staff is always friendly. My favorite restaurant of all time!

Megan Pociengel

Classic diner vibes with large menu of lunch food and all day breakfast. Focus on local food sources was a nice surprise. The coffee was hot and bottomless, just as expected. Something for everyone to enjoy.

Chris E

Not only is this the best finer in the area but do much more. Fantastic food and accommodates vegan!! Delicious crab cakes and burgers.

Red Summer

I used to love this place. So many options to choose from. But, lately, the food hasn't been what it used to be. I've had to send my food back several times in the last month. Once, I ordered pancakes (to be safe) and got food that wasn't fully cooked. I ended up taking my food home and finished cooking it myself.

Jesus Sanchez

Very attentive and pleasant service, the food was excellent.

William Kim

Good food and staff but the table I was at felt sticky.

Steffon Cumberbatch

Great food and great service. There can be a long wait on weekends but it's worth it. All the food is good but the breakfast is exceptional!

michael ashley

Good place to have home cooked meals.

Eric Clatterbuck

Went here last year and recently went on a weeknight and got a turkey burger. OMG! It was juicy and seasoned to perfection. And the sweet potato fries were awesome.

Jessica B.

Customer service always on point from host to wait staff. Food fresh and delish farm to table concept. Perfect brunch spot you can't go wrong with their mimosas.

Chris D.

Loves a place that serves breakfast all day.

Michelle Boice

This restaurant is wonderful! Great Food, AWESOME wait staff, and fun, clean, atmosphere! Something for everyone! We eat here often. Good family, friend, date, meeting place!

Paul Leeger

The service was great, but the food was mediocre at best. The potatoes were bad, no seasoning and overcooked. The bacon was like hotel bacon, soft and chewy. I expect it was precooked. This place could be much better, easily.

Mike R

Great place. Clean good food. Great service good value

Craig Walkinshaw

Food was decent, but had bones in our chicken pot pie. Also, had a leak in a vent above us that dripped all over my wife.

Julie B

Great restaurant with plenty of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu options are unique and delicious. There are options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. Many of the ingredients are freshly sourced from local farms. It's far from being a typical diner.

Nancy Robb

Great menu, good prices, healthy choices, nice people,/staff.

Barry Lyman

I like Diners and I like this one. Although we don't live in the area my wife and I travel through 3 or 4 times a year and it's our casual lunch or brunch spot of choice. Clean, very friendly staff and well prepared Diner fare.

Dory McAllister

Food was amazing but it is very crowded and the booths are not big enough for a plus sized person.

Cindy Estep

Love this place! The menu is amazing and very versatile. Food is really good and staff are always friendly.

James Wong

Really glad we stopped here after a week-long conference. The food was spot on, and the prices are fair and reasonable. The staff were friendly and attentive, and the ambiance is fun. We really enjoyed dining here.

Lolita Lopez

They always provide us great customer service!! Love they're food clean, delicious and taste fresh...

Mangala Murthy Upadhye

I’m a big fan of silver diner. My family & I frequent the Mosaic location quite often. We happened to be in the area on an errand and tried this location out. Overall experience was so so. The food quality and service was not on par with our usual location. Will likely not go back here if we happen to be in the area.

Heather Mason

Very yummy! Definitely recommend!

john stevenson

Big props for good service, especially when working with a table that included two small children. Sadly, however, neither the fare nor the menu really lived up to my expectations. The eggs Benedict was mediocre at best. The Hollandaise sauce's flavor was muted at best, and could be described less generously as bland. I can't be as generous to the home fries, which were boring, frankly. The menu itself held no real surprises either.

Kevin Matthew

The Woodbridge Silver Dinner needs a makeover. The booth seat are old. The food is ok, I would good the the Silver Dinner in Springfield VA , it's more modern and the food is better.

Karl Thomas

Great mix of classic diner ambiance and menu options with fresh flare and farm to table regional products. Love it every time! Just had a small plate of Mediterranean lamb meat balls! It was amazing! This is not your grandpa's diner!!

Pat Kilchrist

Silver diner is awesome. Great food, great atmosphere, great service!

Anthony Heady

Great diner experience. Food was good. Atmosphere very friendly.

Zachary McDonald

2 Stars on Sep 10 2019. Not sure if this place is under new management or what the issue is but our most recent visit was entirely disappointing. We came in when there were almost no other patrons and it still took about 5 minutes for anyone to greet us or offer to seat us. Our waitress seemed like she was unhappy to be working. The food was mediocre at best. Our kids chicken tenders were fatty and the burger I had was poorly put together. There were numerous flies in the restraint and it just seemed to not be very clean. This is in direct contrast to the six or so other times we have been to a silver diner.

Matthew Ellison

The best silver diner. Great service. Great food. Always leave happy

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Silver Diner- Potomac Mills en Virginia
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