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REVIEWS OF Silver Diner- Fair Oaks IN Virginia

Emily Beacham

I always loved Silver Diner growing up, and through the years have been very impressed with their commitment to local ingredients and healthy food. They have a huge menu, offering lots of classic diner options as well as tons of choices for all dietary restrictions. Prices are good and service is always excellent. If I only had to eat at one restaurant for the rest of my life, this would be it.

Ameka Delissaint

Food was good.. server had excellent customer service skills. Ordered a vegan dish and I am not at all vegan but it was pretty tasty. Would definitely come again

Farrah Richo

Even walking in 45 mins b4 closing, all went great. Servers didn't rush us, were super friendly and efficient. Food was delicious. I had Belgian waffles withe eggs and bacon. Bacon was all crisp meat, not fatty and greasy. My friend has the turkey platter. The turkey was yummy. Mostly breast but wasn't dry and had brown gravy. You could tell that the mashed potatoes were real (not boxes flakes). The menu really does have something for everyone.

Eduardo Lanzo

This is one of my favorite places to eat around here. First, I love the attention of the waiters, they are extremely kind and knowledgeable of menu. Food, I can say that is more than delicious. Atmosphere is great if you go by yourself or goup. Staff are super friendly as well attentive since you enter till you leave the restaurant.

Michael Soules

Outstanding food and staff, a must go for dining.

Evgeniia Zdravaia

I absolutely loved that place, the vibe, the food, the service is 5 stars


Sat for almost 15 minutes before even being greeted by the server and another 10 until I was able to order. The server was handed plates during my communications with the server and walked off midsentence. Asked for honey mustard and was brought a strange mixture of salad dressings. The food was slightly better than airline food. Clearly, there are dysfunctions from the top down at this location.

Eyad Atallah

I like the new focus if their menu for local and organic food. Also, the variety of offerings is great, with some ethnic takes on a few dishes that you wouldn't necessarily expect from a diner. I know that some people have claimed that the menu is overpriced, but I don't think that's true at all. Paying an extra dollar or two relative to a Denny's for food from local farms, organic offerings, and great variety including classic comfort food as well as fresh and ethic dishes is well worth it in my opinion.

Jakir Chowdhury

Everything is just delicious. Service is great.

Erick Schlanger

Great food and not to expensive, love breakfast and brunch here

Amy Mellender

Food was good and just as I ordered. Service was great..

William Sarkis

Love this diner. The servers are great. The food comes out quickly. And the food tastes delicious. I would recommend this for anyone.

Sarah Measel

Silver Diner was very efficient despite having a long line. We waited no more than 10 minutes even though the line was at the door when we came in. The menu offers many gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options for those with dietary restrictions or requirements. Upper scale menu with creative dishes at diner prices. Will visit again when we're in the area

Ian Foose

I love the atmosphere of the Silver Diner just as much as I love the food. I like their burgers and milkshakes, they have a quarter operated jukebox at every table so you can choose a song and it will eventually play throughout the diner.

Evan Delmolino

Server was terrible and slow. We spent more time waiting for him to bring us the check than we had waiting for our food, and that's after him clearing us for us to ask for it. Then when we got the check it had noticable errors. He simply brought us a fixed one and walked away before I could hand over the card to pay making us wait atleast 10 more minutes before he came back.

Jay Hansen

Good food, Good prices, and good service

Mahvash F

Delish ribs burger. You could taste the freshness in the meat and fried onions inside. Fries were thin and crispy and the whole experience was divine. The avocado toast was pretty good, but nothing I couldn't recreate at home. Our waitress Maya was also lovely.

Duane Abdul

Really good tasting food, everything looks and taste fresh. Friendly helpful staff and good prices too.

Sirisha Srikanth

We call this the refined ihop at home. A family favorite. Not a typical diner serving greasy fries or milk shakes.. I don't feel guilty bringing my kids here and letting them indulge. Healthy, fresh and simple food. Love!


Ashley is one of the best servers in this place! She is super attentive and have such a genuine smile... she is so precious and provides my son and I great costumer service!

MKW Psycho

Great food. Nothing like the old Silver Diner.

Amy Carlson

Excellent service. Good food.

Jesus Mendez

Anthony was very polite and attentive. Menu is full of so many great choices. The food was perfect. I love the from the farm to you concept.

Amanda Lewis

Staff was very nice but dont expect classic silver doner food. There was nothing greasy and comforting to be found. Had the fish and chips that was soggy and prices were a bit high. Not terrible over all but definitely not the same silver diner

Gary Connor

A safe choice. Not great but not bad food. Service is luck of the draw. Always chaotic.

Elsa Grubb

Great food and service!

Diana Gratz

Carryout was great! The Auntie and Uncle (disabled) love Silver Diner, so having it (with our company, of course) was a lot of fun.

Francisco Padilla Jr

Great place to eat fresh and good tasting food.

Gracie Williams

The BEST Silver Diner restaurant Ive eaten at so far!! Everything tasted amazing. The service was quick and professional. I'll make the 40 min drive to go back their again!


Love me the classic days of diners

Kristi Robinson

We love coming here with our kids! They have tasty adult and kid options, and the wait staff always makes us feel welcome!

Nellie Neal

Good food and atmosphere. Have not been there in years...the menu was changed and did not have as variety as before.

William McCormick

Love me some Silver Diner - Tatiana is the best waitress ever :-)

Zachery Smith

Classic diner food elevated by award winning Chef Ype! Fresh, farm to table ingredients and a wide variety of healthy and heart friendly options as well as a great kid's club!

stacey everett

Not only was the food EXCELLENT, but the staff was AMAZING!! They didn't have my salon omelette on the menu,but the cook put one together really quick and it was DELICIOUS!! Such a great team. Although we were just passing through, I'm looking forward to my next trip there.

Zack Carballo

This place is really great for that diner feel, but with much better food. We discovered it traveling last year and have made it a place we stop each time we visit. I got the Bison Huevos Rancheros this most recent visit and it was such a delight. Flavorful and filling without making me feel bloated or nasty from grease. Very balanced food and tastes clean.

Jule S

Good food. Nice, clean restaurant. Perky employees. Not 'Diner' prices, but you're supporting locally made produce. Lots of interesting choices. Worth a stop.

Fred Mentzel

Fast Service, Varied Menu, Good food, Real Maple Syrup! Even though the parking lot was FULL we (party of 2) were seated in under 10 minutes at a table. The hostess was very efficient and nice, she literally was seating three parties simultaneously. Courteous waiter, knew the choices very well. Food came within 10 minutes, was hot, as ordered, delicious. One of the only places I know where you can get pure maple syrup (rather than corn syrup) with your pancakes, french toast , etc.

Paula Carter

Great new breakfast! I love chicken and waffles and this is my usual go to for a brunch option. This is a new entree at Silver Diner and it was delicious! The pecan waffles were amazing and the chicken with the gravy was fabulous. Together it is a real winner!

Davis Maio

Waitress was amazing and asked just the right amount of times if we needed anything. Food was good too, but the service really takes the cake.

David Cranfield

Different, not a greasy spoon in any way .. more classy so if looking for a real diner I'd stay away but for F2T good food ideal

sharyn sonney

This diner is a true hidden treasure . Not only is the food and service excellent, but they have a wide variety of meals including vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and regular American style meals. Our family includes regular, vegan and vegetarian and we were all able to order foods that were appropriate to our taste and were of top notch quality.

Haris Pirzada

I know what you're thinking, 5 stars for a Silver Diner. Let me assure you, this Silver Diner is one the cleanest and best operated Silver Diners in NOVA. I've been coming here since I moved to Fairfax six years ago and it never disappoints. First off, the staff have always been friendly, well informed, attentive, and quick. The majority of the time I get my food in less than 15 minutes of ordering. The drinks always come out within a few minutes if being seated. I never have to look for my waiter. It seems like whenever I think about them, they pop up and ask if we need anything. Honestly the best service from any Silver Diner I've been to in Northern Virginia. The food is always hot, tastes fresh, and I have never seen it sit for more than 30 seconds on the counter after it is made (yes I do note these little things). The food is always consistently cooked, I have never had irregularities in the same dish. Their menu has transformed and they have so many tasty options. Lastly, cleanliness. The tables are never sticky. The floors are never sticky. There is never trash on the floor or under the table. The tables are cleared quickly as we finish eating. The glasses never have stains on them or lipstick marks (I have noticed this at other Silver Diners). Lastly, the bathroom. The bathrooms almost always fail the test at restaurants, but for a place with so much traffic and so many customers you would expect the bathrooms to be filthy. In the six years I've been here, I have yet to step I'll into a smelly or messy bathroom. It's always clean. So to summarize: Great service, great food, always clean. Whoever is the GM here should get a raise or a bonus because they are doing a great f****ng job!

Michele Ligus

Awesome meals and everyone was able to find something on the menu, our family has food allergies, vegans, vegetarian...

Wade Duvall

Pretty solid breakfast spot with lots of options for healthy eaters, vegitarians, vegans, and gluten free. Food is definitely expensive for the portion sizes, but is quite good. This place can be quite crowded at peak breakfast and brunch hours, especially on the weekends, and even during the week due to high number of elder clientele.

Marilyn Gomez

Not what it used to be. Service still good though

Carol Stewart

The food was delicious- Ate way too much food but it was amazing. Our server was Uncle Vinnie and all the support staff and management were very attentive. Will be back here anytime we are in town...

George Pavlik

We were in the area visiting family and they suggested this place to dine. I will admit I had some doubts about the place, but if you are looking for a 1950s diner style place to get a good meal, this is the spot. Try the chunky monkey shake - chips of chocolate, and fresh banana in a old style soda glass and a good tasting shake to boot. You get any leftovers in the mixing cup too! I had the hamburger with all the sides others had fish - flounder I believe, while others their salad. No complaints from anyone in the party of 6, and all reasonably priced. Service wasn't 5 star, but was good enough for a diner. Tip: in the winter, choose a table or booth way off to the side of front door.

Syssi Velásquez

It’s the new place to go with my family. I love the pancakes with blueberries and coconut. It’s a good way to start the day. My daughter loves the salmon with rice and vegetables and my mother in law, always ask for the Caesar salad. The people are very friendly and I enjoy the little rockola in each table.

Fred Pollaci

One of my favorite places to go for breakfast in the DC area. Varied menu with high quality products and preparation. I recognize a lot of the staff over the years going there, and that’s a rarity these days.

Chris Walker

Excellent service, very friendly and accommodating. I had one of their hamburgers, which was very good . I also got a vanilla milkshake which didn't taste right, something was off about it. I wasn't sure if the ice cream was extremely freezer burned or maybe the milk was bad, whatever the reason I did not get an edible milkshake. I have had very good milkshakes at other Silver Diner's, but the one I got here was something I couldn't take more then 2 sips of.

Robert Polickoski

Good food, appropriate service, plentiful portions. While coffee was made fresh, it was a tad on the bitter side. (Probably trying to accommodate those who think Starbucks is good coffee)

Rand Pehrson

Awesome food, awesome atmosphere, and pleasant service attendants. The food was top quality and the restaurant very clean. Just be aware, we went for Sunday brunch and it does get very busy, so wait times can get long, especially if you have a large party.


I only give them 4 star because their staff (some) forget your details about the order (i.e. if you ask them to add or remove onions, etc).

Arthur Robinson

Fast seating,waitresses great,breakfasts off the chart good relaxing environment. Enjoyed

racquel thurmond

The food was really good and loads of vegetarian options

Vanesa Poggi

I enjoy Silver Dinner most because of the food; great music, and the attention is always nice and friendly.

John T

Great food, great service, great atmosphere!

Warren Rosiak

Silver Diner has some good menu options, but it's still a diner and the prices really don't fit the quality very well. Average experience.

William LaBarre

Typical Silver Diner in a great setting. Great service and preperation.

Mark Skinner

We loved this old-fashioned diner when we lived in Northern Virginia. Great food and atmosphere to enjoy a late weekend breakfast or early dinner. Allows you to reminisce and enjoy the early days of diners and get a sweet treat milkshake. For as popular as it is we rarely had to wait, but as any fun atmosphere it can attract crowds.

Brian Morris

I'm always a little nervous about diners that "do it all"...but I ordered a steak and potatoes and it was GREAT!!! The entire meal was delicious. The diner was busy but service was still quick. I sat at the bar and ate while making small talk with the guy next to me. It was actually cold as hell outside, so I also ordered coffee. The server checked on me through out my meal and refilled my coffee several times. Then without asking, gave me a coffee to go as I was leaving. The price was reasonable, the food cooked correctly and the diner clean and organized, even being busy. I will DEFINITELY go back.

Q Nguyen

Very good place to go for meals

SC Erica

I am only sad I couldn't eat all the meals and had to choose just one! This dinner has a great retro feel with modern food choices. Much less grease and much more flavor than you'd get sixty years ago, but you can still boogie to times on your tabletop jukebox. (Pro tip: bring quarters.) We've had bench here twice on a four day trip. It was so good the first time we had to come back. Friendly, delicious, charming, delicious... Definitely worth a visit!

riley holzberlein

We had the avocado toast and the Beyond© Burgers. Everything was really good and the service was friendly and prompt. Recommended!

Joe Burgess

Much better than I expected. Gourmet menu, farm to table, fresh food. Not greasy diner food.

manderin 87

Great food and great service, their shakes are the best

Bradley Graves

Friendly service, the manager was active and involved in the customer experience. Plus the bison chorizo huevo rancheros were amazing!


A good local spot. The only breakfast spot nearby

John Sanders

Friendly fast service, good food with simple menu. Just the place to go for an inexpensive meal in a friendly atmosphere

I.E. Xam

Enjoyed the turkey club and the strawberry milkshake. Excellent service.

Andrew Tyrrell

Sit at the bar. Order breakfast. The huevos rancheros are amazing. Talk to Vinny.

Zaneta Trent

A nice, friendly environment. I think the large party we had overwhelmed our waitress, which made her charge us more than what she should have paid. But, it's all good. We will look at it as a very large tip.

Jackson Mentzel

The breakfast food is so delicious and very well priced. Pancakes, eggs, and meat for only $10. The bacon is crispy, the pancakes are firm. Service was very good, there are a very many amount of employees working so fhat customer wait time isbdiminished significantly.

Garner Marshall

Great experience. Good food. Courteous server. They location was perfect and there was smoke parking. No waiting time, I was seated immediately. The server was friendly, funny, and helpful.

Jeff Schreibman

Excellent service and great new menu

Ed Struzik

Food is always great and i love the 50s ambience

Barbara Bernett

Pleasantly surprised. Haven't been here for many years. Was invited to eat lunch here for grandson's birthday. We were seated within minutes (7 of us!) and the service was very good. Food above average.

Bill Peters

The tofu banh mi sandwich is so tasty! For dessert, it's not on the menu but the waiter was able to get me a vegan chocolate milkshake

Sharon Edell

Great meals with farm-to-table sensibilities and creative, delicious combinations. Love the diner decor.

Rob Daniels

Love Silver Diner! Breakfast all day, what's not to like! Good service and good prices and great food.

Alexa Torres

Quick service and good food!

Carlos Martinez

Outstanding service and everyone is so friendly. Food is excellent and " uncle Vinny" is the reason why we keep coming back, he truly is the best!

Erick Portillo

Great service, clean place

Ryan Smith

The silver diner has definitely changed from the days of being just a diner. The menu is full of options for everyone in every family and even a section for vegans. The food is solid and the wait staff is always helpful. Portion sizes have gone down which is both good and bad depending on how you look at it. Whatever you are hungry for, they probably have something for you. Give it a try.

Stephanie Wester

I love that there food is local. Service is fast and staff is friendly

Keith Savage

Great food, healthy choices, good prices, average service.

YiLu ValMartin

I was not impressed by the hostess when I got in. The hostess was chatting with two other waitresses and pay no attention to the fact that I was waiting there. Even if the food is fine, the service must be at all time attentive to all customers, otherwise why bother going there when there are other places to go to.

Becki Ryder

Food is great, but I would like smaller portions.

Merlin Williams

We stopped over to get some dinner and I honestly didn't know what to expect. It looks a traditional old fashioned diner on the outside. I was actually quit shocked when I looked at the menu and saw all the healthy options. Calorie and sugar gram counts were available next to items on the menu. It was great to see how the vegan and veggie items were readily integrated into the menu and not excluded like an "other" category. We sat at the counter and had great customer service. The hibiscus lemonade tea was also a pleasant surprise. I would like to come back and try other items on the menu, next time. Overall, it was a great experience and I was happy to find out that many of the veggies and fruits are harvested locally. I wish this diner was available in New York.


Fast service and they now have a plant based diet menu for people who have decided to eat that way. I had the pancakes and bacon.

Izy Trask

Always a pleasure to eat here - delicious food and great service.

Dugald Topshee

Fun spot for classic American food including great milkshakes. Has fast and friendly service

Dr. Ahmed Barhameen

Pancakes tastes good.. but too much rosemary in sussage

Anna Ramirez

This place was recommended by a friend. They did not steer us wrong. Great food. Nice servers.

Cynthia Mclendon

I am so in love with the fact that they use all natural foods straight from the local farms. They even have bison and lamb burgers. The prices are really reasonable and the food was amazing. I had a bison burger with bacon, American cheese and their onion rings.. It was delicious. The server remembered our orders to a t, the service was fast and the staff was friendly. I'd highly recommend this place.

Rocky Conte

large and clean diner. great service and good food selection.

Tyler Garling

Nice, cute little diner that has that perfect 50s retro feel to it. I was expecting the menu to be more like the aesthetic they're going for (good, greasy diner food), but it's actually a lot more gourmet than I expected! They have great milkshakes along with some pretty good burgers. A good place to have lunch or dinner when you want to try something new.

Dom D

Great menu something for everyone. Awsone burgers!

Carolyn Dignan

Cozy diner meets fresh food! I was so surprised by the menu here! -so many gluten free options! The menu has a wide variety with lots of comfort food options as well as lots of healthy options. I had gf advacado toast and tofu skewers with (amazing) curry sauce. This will definitely be a repeat!


Overpriced; food ok.

blanca blazina

Great food!! Friendly & most helpful waiter, Bipin. Amazing atmosphere! Love the 1950's theme/vibe!! Fantastic oldies music!! We're from Lancaster, Pa. So going back to Comfort Inn we got totally LOST!! We cracked up laughing.... Nice area. Overall, a very good experience. Would definitely come back to your restaurant!!! Yay!!

Lisa Mason

Food is good but getting too expensive for my budget. $50 odd for two salads (one a smaller size one) and a soda each plus a shared slice of cake?? At a diner? Nope.

Carolyn Coyle

Stopped here for breakfast and was not disappointed. Friendly staff & our waitress Ashley was pleasant & provided excellent service. Food came quickly and was hot and fresh. I loved the use of local, quality ingredients, and natural & organic selections including the table sugar, ketchup & jam. $9.99 for a Blue Plate special including 2 cage-free Amish eggs, nitrate-free bacon, fresh potato home fries, a delicious fluffy biscuit, coffee and juice. We also got the pancake special at the same price: 2 really good buttermilk pancakes, sausage links, eggs, coffee and juice. Hope to have a chance to visit this place again some day. In the meantime, I will recommend it to others!

Lori Levy

Nice choice for a group who has different dietary needs or when some want breakfast and others lunch. Service varies depending on size of crowd.

Aidan Bonanno

Silver Diner is a great place to go with friends or family.

Saleem Anwar

Great Food, Great Service. They use locally sourced organic ingredients. Love goong to this location.

M Cole

I used to go to the Silver Diner many years ago, but I stopped b/c the food menu was stale although their shakes and ice cream have always been good. Recently I stopped in desperate for a late night meal. I'd been told by someone I trust that the Silver Diner has recently undergone a complete menu revamp. They weren't kidding! There are still a selection of fabulously delicious desserts but now the menu is considered more nutritional and lower in calories. I think more Americans restaurants should follow their lead on this practice. My new favorite at the Silver Diner at brunch time is their quinoa and blueberries pancakes with simmered sliced bananas. You get fresh fruit, different by season. The menu offers breakfast potatoes, bacon, orange juice, coffee or hot tea to complete your meal. So good. Go try it.

frederick wilson

The country fried steak is always delicious and the Philly omelette is very tasty as well. Only thing bad to say is the home fries are not crispy enough for my liking. Restaurant is a solid 8/10

Chris Monje

I ordered the pesto burger, it was better than I expected although a bit pricey. This is my first time at Silver Dinner in years and I was pleasently surprised with the changes.

Millie Rocklage

Service was great. Food was amazing. They have really large booths which a great for families. Highly recommend


We have attended many Silver diners. Generally we enjoy our visits. However this time service was very I shabby. Coffee came out cold. Orders did not come out together. One person in our group didn't get served until the rest of us were almost completely finished eating. If we had waited for him to get served none of us would have had a warm meal. Won't be back to this diner soon.

Ken Latta

It is okay. Some aspects of the traditional diner are spot on. Hand made milkshakes with Breyers or even soy ice cream. Well executed fries. Nice help. Portions may be sized more for Seniors. Not a bad thing. But if you're looking for mass consumables...

fatboy SRK

Great food, good atmosphere. Looks feels like a traditional dinner. Ingredients are soursed from local farms. High quality.... and a bit pricey for what you get. I'd appreciate a bit more "value" out of the meal, but that's minor when looking at the whole picture; will eat there again!

Shiva Mantri

Food is good, fresh. Service is good. 4 stars because place can be cleaner. It is good that they are trying to keep the place authentic, but it would be amazing if they upgrade to newer interior, keeping authenticity. Over all very good experience.

Dean Freeberg

Great food selections. I like the rotating menus throughout the seasons. We've eaten here 6 or 7 times and have always enjoyed the food. The service can be hit or miss, but that's the case everywhere. Go for the food.

Bill Choi

Love this place! Food is locally sourced and Vincent who usually works the counter is one of the best servers!

Keith Pincus

I had a great experience there today with my friend. I arrived a little early and was seated right away. They asked for the name of my guest. He was promptly shown to our table. We were greeted by a very happy, smiling server and an awesome "good morning" it stood out to me because I had already been to 3 other public businesses and not one greeted me with that. Our server was very patient with us. We took longer than we should have to pick our meals, consume, pay and leave. My guest was moving away and today was our goodbye for now meal. We never felt pressured or unwanted. We tipped extra for the extra time which is appropriate if you stay long. We also added extra for the fact that our server never made us think we were taking too long. Great food, great staff. Thank you!

Natasha Bella

Silver Diner is the BOMB! Pure mouth watering deliciousness. Everything is freshly made and there is something for everyone. Carnivores...✔ Vegetarians...✔ Vegans...✔ Plant Based...✔ From Kids to Grandparents, there's something there that you will love. I frequent Silver Diner at least once a week, faithfully. I love that my money is well spent on the amazing staff and local farms. There should be a Silver Diner in every neighborhood. The price point is EXCELLENT as well and worth it! ❤ you, Silver Diner!

Andras M Marton

While it always takes a long time to be seated and get your food, the food is good and plentiful. (We see it as a good sign so many people eat here.)

Steffon Cumberbatch

This diner chain always meets my expectations and this location is no different. The service is friendly, the food is great, and the atmosphere is fun and casual. It's a great place to get breakfast all day (which is my go-to) but everything else on the menu is good too!

D PHall

Best around! Flat iron steak is to die for! Milkshake definitely worth the calories

Dan Street

I love their black and white shakes, bathrooms are well maintained food is great service to. Easy to get to lots of parking.

Joe Farrell

It's a decent breakfast. It's clean, efficient and has fresh options. There are other breakfast spots in the area that I prefer, but a friend wanted to go there for her birthday. I have heard that they have great burgers and milkshakes, so I might be persuaded to give it a try for that...

Ben Stack

Once a month I meet friends here for breakfast. The food is good value but the place gets a little less clean with each visit. The service is okay. Coffee refills if you can get one are slow. I’ve been going there for at least 8 years.

Elizabeth Sardinas

Food was fine but the wait was very long. Not sure if it was just my experience but it seemed so. I was hoping for a more classic diner experience. Also pretty expensive considering the food too. Nice though that the food is farm-to-table. They have bison meat too so that’s something. Oh and the music (at least in the afternoon) was low. Didn’t feel much like a diner atmosphere.

Tom Billone

I am sorry but the menu seems to have less items and in no way is this like a New York/Long Island diner. The people working there are great and seem to be happy but...

Suzy Salama

I ordered a well done burger and it was medium rare...the place smells like someone pee on the floor they really need to clean the place and their cups.the only reason IAM giving them 2 stars is cause of the waitress was really nice

Michael Simcox

Service was warm and friendly. The food was excellent. Although due to their popularity and how busy they were, it took a little while longer than usual for the food to arrive at our table.

Aaron Kittel

Always great service and food.

Carol Ann Heath

Love their natural menus, delicious food, and friendly service ‘

Tammy Nelson Wyche

Farm to table goodness. Quality ingredients and great service.

Kristine Kellenberger

Our burgers were delicious! Fries were nice and crispy I got a Watermelon Mimosa and it was very tasty as well. The service was quick and the waiter was very nice.

Angela Cooper

Food was dry and cold! AWFUL!

cardell morgan

food was so good

edward ryszka

Good food nice atmosphere

Kristen Dabdoub

As we were being seated there was major confusion with which table was ours. We ended up standing around in the middle of the restaurant, waiting for the hostess to find us a table. I ordered coffee but never got creamer. I had to go get it myself. Then I asked the waiter if the gluten free bread was white or whole grain. He said, "It's a white whole grain. " Since he clearly had no idea, I asked him to find out. He turned around and asked a busser. The busser told me that the gluten free bread was honey wheat. Since they obviously had no idea what they were talking about I ordered eggs, bacon and home fries. It took almost an hour to get our food. I received my dish with a biscuit on top. I explained to the waiter that I needed my food remade because I am allergic to gluten. He got an attitude and said I didn't tell him that when I ordered. Plus it was absolutely freezing the whole time. I will say that the food was good. But I would never go back.

Alexis Kerr

Great Milkshakes! Just didnt like how my group of friends and myself were seated under a leaking vent...

Jose Cisneros

Visited it after a long time, new menu, pleasant surprise with the quality of the food and service, better than before, keep up the good work!

A Chipoletti

For anyone who remembers what old New Jersey diners were like, this is it. The decor was out of the 50s, even the jukeboxes at each booth, but the food was current - delicious and prepared to order. Service could have been faster, but in all, an enjoyable breakfast.

Breanne Cameron

Like the allergy friendly menu. Sometimes, however, quality isn't consistent. Still one of our go-to breakfast spots.

Mels Holmes

I remember when the Silver Diner was a diner. I do miss that but it's new menu is very good. My friends are from out of town and wanted a light, late meal. The Silver Diner came through. The choices were so fun that I got a vegetarian dish for myself because the options were so great. There was no problems subbing out the arugla for real lettuce. My friend is allergic to milk protein and appreciated the so milkshake alternative. Service was fast. The restaurant clean. It was a great ending to their trip.

Camela LaCoste

Ordered the corn beef hash n eggs. Delicious. Customer service, specifically our waiter, needs improvement. The coffee is not desirable. I have had it multiple times in hopes it would get better....unfortunately it tastes like plain hot water. No flavor at all. This is still one of my favorite diners as it sources locally from farms.

Tom Kennedy

Surprising good breakfast. I had just a so-so perception of their food from several years ago but the menu was updated with several healthy options as well as what you would expect from a diner. This location was soo busy but I prefer the noise.

Dana Tinney

So so good food. Open late hours. Bathrooms were not very clean. Our music box didn't work. Wouldn't give our 25¢ back. I would go back if I ever get a chance.

Srinivasan Rajaraman

They have really upgraded their menu to accommodate more people. Really a good option at late night

Romeo Hermann

Wonderful staff and food

Mohammad Schultz

Grab the summertime cod special before the menu changes. Under 600 calories, it is filling and very tasty. You are welcome!

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