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21760 Beaumeade Cir Unit 120A, Ashburn, VA 20147, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rupa Vira's The Signature - Finest Indian Cuisine IN Virginia

Pooja Sachdev

The Best Indian food we've ever had. The service is fantastic too. Highly Recommend!

Arun Jain

If you are looking for Indian Vegetarian restaurant in Loudoun area then this is the place to go to. Really great choices in appetizers and main course. I have heard good things about their thali as well but haven't tried yet. Last time we visited there with a larger group, about 15 people. Made reservation in advance. Front desk lady was very courteous and helpful. With in minutes of making reservation I got a text as well as confirmation. Table was set up when we arrived there next day. We had to wait for everyone to arrive, servers weren't rushing at all to take the orders. Service was reasonably good during our visit except for few times when you find all servers talking to each other and paying less attention to the guests but we didn't might it. This could be one thing they may want improve on. Overall we had great food and fun at Rupa Vira

Ritchie Yadav

The restaurant has some good dishes and some unique ones too. I went there for dinner few times but this time went for buffet. However I am less satisfied with the buffet as the choices for buffet were not my preference and seems less as compared to other Indian restaurants I've been to for buffet. Also , they charge for kids as well for buffet even if it's a 2-3 year old kid which I've never seen as of now in this area anywhere else.

Chintan Bhomia

My experience at Rupa Vira has been the worst experience of my life, especially one serving Indian cuisine. We went there as the place came highly recommended for buffets and certain dishes. However, we decided to explore their menu. It turned out that servings were extremely small for the price and the description on the menu (eating in downtown DC is cheaper). When we requested to talk to the manager to inquire about the same, a very rude woman came up to us and asked our problem in a extremely insensitive and unprofessional tone. On explaining our concern, all we heard was "this is the standard. We have been serving this for 3 years at the same rate, and that they can cancel other orders if we are not happy" The food was good, and perhaps their buffet is indeed as amazing as people say, but the way they treat customers is a disgrace, and more so when you consider that it serves Indian cuisine and is a representative of Indian culture. My friends and I will never visit the place again.

Ganesh Ramasivan

Great food. Portion sizes must be larger for the price. Overall great experience.

Santhosh Nayak

I went last night with a friend who recommended us and told that the gujarathi thali is 10 out of 10. We went last night and i was very disappointed and will never go again! Its not worth the price and quantity and as my friend mentioned we will find all new dishes with the thali but was not surprise to see all same old stuff I wasted my time and energy going all the way from Springfield! Never again!

Chintan Gandhi

Super food.. authentic Gujarati

Pradeep Varadan

Probably the best Indian restaurant in the DC region when it comes to the quality of food. The taste is exceptional on anything they make. The quality of service can be improved.

sidharth ramesh

Nice Gujarati vegetarian restaurant . Little pricey , but great quality

gaurav pathare

Authentic Vegetarian Lunch buffet and good dining options. Also Good for large & special occacison. Seating is nice. Parking is plenty around.

Udaya Sandhya

Good and pleasant place for gujarati food. Doklas are very nice here.

Arun Jain

If you are looking for Indian Vegetarian restaurant in Loudoun area then this is the place to go to. Really great choices in appetizers and main course. I have heard good things about their thali as well but haven't tried yet. Last time we visited there with a larger group, about 15 people. Made reservation in advance. Front desk lady was very courteous and helpful. With in minutes of making reservation I got a text as well as confirmation. Table was set up when we arrived there next day. We had to wait for everyone to arrive, servers weren't rushing at all to take the orders. Service was reasonably good during our visit except for few times when you find all servers talking to each other and paying less attention to the guests but we didn't might it. This could be one thing they may want improve on. Overall we had great food and fun at Rupa Vira

The Light

Nice ambiance. Finger licking food. Courteous staff. Had to wait very long for main course that's why giving 4 stars only.

Nivea Nanda

This Gujarati chain has the best Pav Bhajis. The are almost always crowded and the ambience is mediocre but it makes it up with good food and service .

Pravin Gandhi

Very good vegetarian food. Service is little slow but gracious. Weekend Gujarati thali is a treat!

Balraj Bhasin

Ambience was mediocre. Service was ok. Dosa was meh, the sambhar being sweet and the potatoes n chutney lacked flavor. The thali was not bad. Not an expert on Gujrati cuisine but perhaps its not for me. Too sweet and lacking spices. There were a lot of local Indian clientele so they must be doing something right.

Soniya Jassal

The order we placed online didn't print to the kitchen even though we placed the order as hour before I came to pick up, They had to make it after I got there, so I had to wait. No one was checking the orders. On top the portion sizes were lunch sizes for dinner price. You get more food in Chinese take out!

Sirisha Srikanth

I've tried the lunch buffet items many times and absolutely enjoy the variety. Today, at dinner I tried the signature thali.. a huge platter of food with lots of dishes to try. Very impressed

Jas Sheth

The best Indian restaurant I have been so far. Quality is just great with a great buffet price too. They are always busy but I won't mind to wait for a while to have this food. Dhokla was the best of ever I had in any Indian restaurant in USA!

Nagendra Goel

Good vegetarian food but there was a wait. I have tried it on days when there was a special buffet. If you are vegetarian, food is reliably good, but menu doesn't change very significantly. However there is enough variety that you'll miss eating a couple i things so may not mind coming back.


Restaurant looks good. Great Service. Food is awesome. I have been to buffet. Starters and white pasta are really amazing.. Keep it up. To eat the tasty Indian Vegetarian food, this is the best place and their prices are low. Totally happy and satisfied…

Shankaranarayanan Kavalappara

Good ambience and service, Taste is not authentic Gujarati, modified to suit the Indian diaspora.

vijayan Rao

Good food. Very quick service. Value for money.

Rohan Tapiyawala

This place never disappoints. If you don't find warm or good enough, ask them to replace it for you. They are known for their good service. Authentic food you would love till the last bite, that coming from a hardcore food eater and reviewer and a "Gujarati".

Ram Potti

I visited this restaurant on recommendation. I was waitlisted and gave an estimation of one hour plus waiting time. I have arrived back in an hour. I was told that I lost my turn and wait for additional 30 minutes. There is a waiting place for few people. Relatively few tables to be served. I was informed to make reservation 2 weeks in advance. I have not tasted the food to recommend either way. I will never recommend this place and never going to visit them unless they change their policies

Shantanu Rudra

They charge 18% gratuity for buffet. Ridiculous and arrogant staff.

Mukesh Bhakta

Value and quality is 5 star. Ambience is 3 star but we already knew so that is fine. Service was very good and food came out quickly on a Sunday at 6:30 PM for the three of us. Appetizer chili noodles and paneer chili were fresh and tasty. Guju Thali ordered and was very good good. Punjabi dishes above average flavor(methi matar and paneer dish and garlic naan).

Vaibhav Chaddha

Their dabeli is really good... i usually go for the dabeli

Ashish Mishra

Great food. An extra star for food presentation.

Amratash Khare

No doubt food was tasty and quantity is also sufficient. Giving 4 stars because of 2 things - high price and the vegetables were completely cooked. I took thali and 2 of the vegetables were not completely cooked, say 10% missed.

Sanjay Patro

Liked the food and service. I had Dabelli, vada pav , gobi paratha and gujrati kadhi. Food was excellent. Wish they had thali on weekdays.

Sneha Rangari

Delicious food!

Meenu Seth

Awesome food and great atmosphere. I have loved the North Indian food at this place. Starters are too good. I would love to go this place again.

Adithya Sarveswaran

Very good pure vegetarian Indian food. They do all the classic recipes really well, and they also have their own signature dishes that they do very well too. The service is good and the atmosphere is classy. I really like this spot, it's my new favorite Indian restaurant in the area!

Rajendra Pejavar

Very congested. By 1 pm certain items on the buffet were over n no replacement for a long time n were only made available wen enquired. Dessert replacement was just a compromise...

Sharon Ezekiel

Authentic Indian food with a not-so-nice ambience. Prices are cheaper than anywhere else and portions are just perfect. Would definitely recommend.

Pranav Amin

Greatest place in Ashburn for Vegetarian Indian Cuisine!!! Amazingly magical and super tasty menu selections - both drinkable and edible!!!

Sathya Narayanan

The best food I had in Washington Dulles area!! Amazing South Indian food as well as North Indian food along with yummy sweets!! Only miss was bottled water. I did not take pics as never thought of it while eating. :)

Liza Vithlani

Not just the finest cuisine, but they are finest people too... Won our heart

Shwetal Mehta

Food was a bit bland and for the premium prices that they charge, certainly didn't live up to expectations.

Anvitha Talasani

This was one of the best vegetarian place that I have visited in town. Food was excellent and had quite a good amount of varieties. Would love to again and again. Highly Recommended.

Srinivas Murthy

Worth to have veggie buffet on weekday and weekends. Food tastes really good including South and North Indian. Staffs are polite and respond very quickly to your request.

Arun Kasturi

Worst food ever. Totally disappointed.

Manash Ghimire

Very tasty Buffet. So many different dishes in buffet. Imagine we had Tamarind Margarita, where else can you get it. We will definitely go there when we come around that area.

Jaad Chacra

Authentic Indian food (vegetarian only)

Nashira Gonzales

Excellent authentic vegetarian food! The naan is so tasty and also everything Ive ordered. Big portions. Friendly attentive staff. I highly recommend this place. Always busy :)

Vivek Nilesh Goyal

Really good Indian Vegetarians Food. With really nice ambiance one is going to love it


Quantity is very very less. Not many items in Buffett. Naans were offered at the end and never got served. May be good if h are pure vegetarian and on diet. Decor and service is good.

Arvind Konar

Reminds me of Mumbai..chats and Gujarati foods are really good..

Raman Tikka

Truly appreciate an exclusive vegetarian restaurant in Washington DC that serves great Indian food. A boon to vegetarian travellers who do prefer not to eat in mixed veg nonveg restaurants. The owners are warm and friendly and personally manage the restaurant. Decor is simple but food is great.

Anirudh Chandran

I had high hopes going to a vegetarian only restaurant. There was no spice and there was barely any taste. The food was very sweet, which was very surprising for veg noodles. The quantity of the servings would probably be okay for a 8 year old child, but not for a grown person. I was thoroughly disappointed at the quality of the food. The environment of the restaurant was very dull. The vegetarian dishes at meat serving restaurants are better than this. The waiters don't speak proper English and it is pretty hard to understand them. There is no variety in the menu and the food is very ordinary. At the end end I had to settle for a plain rice and dal, and that was also not that good. I will not recommend this restaurant to people who are trying to enjoy their meal.

Sujeet Singh

3 star for good service and staff. Food was OK. Most of the food items were sweet. If you are looking for something spicy, then this is not the place. They have decent number of items for a buffet. If you have a palate for less spice, then you may like it.

Pavan Jain

Like the food, decent variety and good taste. This place is not easy to spot and even after getting there there is no sign as which is their door. Service was also good.

abhay gupta

Good food and ambience

Akshay Mehta

Waited 45mins for food to come out

Ankur Patankar

One of the better Indian food places I have been at which also have a great buffet. Heard so much about their Dabeli but forgot to eat because I was too full.

Antony Khella

This place has the best Indian food with the best catering services

Sachin Pillai

Restaurant employees taking orders over the phone should know the menu of the restaurant very well. This is a basic expectation. Else make sure only folks who know the menu and can take phone orders, attend the phone. Spoke to a lady today for a pickup order and she didn't know what Dahi puri was and was asking what letter that dish starts with. It's one of the first dishes on the menu. She eventually transferred me to another lady who also had trouble understanding what dishes I was ordering right off of the same menu the restaurant has. I do realize she was a non-indian working at an Indian restaurant which is very nice but, c'mon if you're working at a restaurant you should at minimum should know the dishes that are served at the restaurant know matter what kind of restaurant you work for. These items were not even the specials of the day where they had to check with the kitchen. Was an interesting ordering experience.

dee munday

Cauliflower and chicken was overly cooked.

hal koyo

good food, slow services.

roopa hukkery

Food is ok not good.less quantity more price.service not good.some customers were given good service n some were completly ignored.

Narsi Dude

Good Restaurant and great food.

Rohan Galgalikar

We had the gujrati thali. Amazing food. Not run of the mill Indian restaurant serving different things in same gravy. Totally legit.

Amit Jain

They were very nice and accommodating. Stick with drinks and apps only. The entree's were not great.

Sumanth Rao

Good vegetarian buffet restaurant! The space is tiny and can get really crowded. The spread is not as diverse as other Indian buffet restaurants but the taste is as authentic as you can find in India.

Bibek Amatya

We waited for 45 mins to be informed they forgot about our order ..

Gagan Goel

Poor customer service arrogant owner overpriced food and average taste. We came with reservation at noon for 5 families 3 families arrived at 11:45, 2 families were running behind. 1 At 12:09 we were asked to leave because arrogant owner Sharat Vira did not like the fact other families were running late after a promise that we will still wrap up quickly. This Sharat is sick. Hope he gets well soon. Others please be aware of him at that property.

Ashwath Kumar

Ala Carte is good, would not recommend the Thali

Amrita Singh

One of the best Indian restaurants I have eaten in, in the US. Very authentic Mumbai street food - vada pav, chaat, samosas, pav bhaji, dabeli etc. Chinese bhel is one snack item I didn't like. The undiyo is awesome, as are other curries/vegetable dishes. Dosa and uttappam are also good, although the amount of filling in the masala dosa is a little too less. Drinks are pretty good (I've tried mango lassi and aam panha). I would avoid the gajar halwa but other desserts are probably good.

Shivam Patel

Okay this is one of the best place I have ever been. BEST FOOD AND BEST SERVICE YOU HAVE TO COME HERE. I drove here for over one hour so trust me

Jignesh Trivedi

Visited with my family and they have nice plenty of vegetarian Indian choice of food, nice ambiance

Pankaj Singh

Very good place for Indian vegetarian food. Lot of varieties. Went for a buffet and was happy with service as well.

Ramya Raj

We were here to try out some authentic Gujarati food after being recommended by some of our Gujarati friends. The ambience was a bit disappointing with no effort put into the decor. The food-we ordered the signature Gujarati thali-the appetizers were good but the main Thali with entree’s,khichidi was bland and lacked flavor.Rice was given in a small bowl. Masala Chaas was good. We also ordered Paan milkshake which was the only saving grace for the entire order. The prices are high. Service was slow even though there weren’t many tables to attend to. Overall not a great experience. Looking forward to try the weekend lunch buffet which everyone seems to recommend.

karan goel

Nice place, authentic Indian food

Iman Kalyan Mandal

Had lunch buffet recently. Quality has degraded a lot, compared to about three months back. Menu is small, and mostly carbohydrate options. Dhokla used to be on the menu, but they took it out of the buffet, same goes for the nice desserts. Our team used to go there, even though we are mostly non-vegetarians, but we decided not to visit anymore.

Ashwin Pasumamla

Good. Can do better.

Ankur Mehta

Great indian vegetarian food. Very unique in terms of what is offered than the usual cookie cutter cream heavy so called indian food you get in most indian resturants. the food is fresh and closer to what one gets in parts of India. it is mostly western india flavors as the chef is from Mumbai. their weekend buffet is super. High recommended

Reyan Patel

Amazing food. Nice customer service. But the quantity of each serving is very less compared to the cost.

Hari Narayan

Weekend bufet was good space is little tight but food was good

Shrawani Pampatwar

Love their food. Amazing vegetarian restaurant with an amazing taste for food. It’s a must try out for vegetarians!

Prekshya Bhandari

If I could give zero stars I would. After waiting over 25 minutes of placing our order, and patiently waiting we finally decided to ask the server what happened to our order. The same server came back to ask who took our orders. Needless to say they are very disorganized. After waiting over 40 minutes, we decided to leave empty stomach. Do not recommend this place to anyone!!!!

Annmarie Wiehenstroer

I can't recommended this place highly enough! I've been a few times now and I've enjoyed every dish I've tried. The prices are very reasonable for the quality of the food. I will keep coming back!

Neha Bansal

During my visit, I tried their Gujarati thali, which was delicious! It was refreshing to have wholesome, home-cooked style food at a restaurant. The service was also great and it was a good experience. However, the place is quite dull and could use an upgrade.


Authentic indian cuisine . A++ .. writing too much can not justify how great food is .. Amazing ...Amazing ..Amazing ... Chef rupa vira is awesome

Ashwin Gramopadhye

Very, very, pricey for a warehouse location, small portions, average service and a mediocre ambiance (dhaba-like decor). I would probably expect this price at say a PF Chang's - that too with larger portions. Service was OK but we had to keep asking for water, plates, and silverware, and they did not ask about spice level before taking the order. We did not complain because we did not want to spoil the experience. Even your corner Chinese take-out place will ask about spice level and they wont charge at this level. This is a casual dine-in place charging like a white tablecloth restaurant.

Pratima Dayal

Very good food in the lunch buffet. All vegetarian. Also had the masala chaas that was delicious. Service was also prompt and courteous! The store front looks like it's an office building but indoor, the decoration is inviting.


The Paan milkshake is a must try. It's delicious and they serve it cold and full of Paan flavors. The restaurant space is small. So, when it is crowded on the weekends, it gets cramped to walk around the buffet. Dhokla and pakoda was great. They had the two standard dessert option of carrot halwa and Jamun. I'm not sure if it is because of the Gujrati cuisine, but none of the dish were spicy.

Manmohan Konda

I had been to this restaurant last night based on the reviews, This is an over rated restaurant. The food is OK, servings are small and bit pricey for the location. Their soup is good, besides that nothing is special as they mentioned specialized. I must say the service is good.

Rama Iyer

Highly recommend making a reservation in advance with the restaurant if you are planning to go for dinner on Fridays or the weekend/holidays. It tends to get full pretty fast.

Viren Abelak

Great food and clean. Super tasty vegetarian food. Highly recommended

Mona C

Very average food considering the very expensive pricing. To add to the bad experience is the extremely unprofessional and rude staff. Would Not recommend.

sandeep Shiva

We were there for the Diwali special. The thali was ok but the regular ala cartel items were amazing. We have been here a few times for the lunch buffet. Go to place for vegetarians!

Hellosats Desilva

Customer service turned from best to worst with non English speaking waiters who don’t know anything about Indian food and always mess the order. Tried take out again same problem and waiters are rude and ignorant of the specifics. Had good potential for this but soon predict out of business.

Priya Manghnani

Brilliant food. We order the mango spinach chat (not entirely sure of the name), dabeli, paneer butter masala and some pan milkshake. The flavors were so good! Also, the menu is very creative. They also have really cool drinks. I would love to try the tamarind margarita when I go next.

Rizwan Rizvi

Pure vegetarian buffet's. Menu is a mix of western and South Indian food. Good taste. They do allow buffet to-go for those in hurry. Indian sweets are well made and delicious.

Candice Fernandes

I particularly liked the thali. Has always been a good value meal. Even the pav bhaji and mattar(pea) Malai (cream) methi(fenugreek leaves) veg is good. The falooda was not UpTo the mark given that it's a upscale restaurant. The icecream was melted and the waiter took time to tend to us. Overall it's a very good place and is a must try specially for vegetarians.

Chinmay Jade

The Thali was surprisingly good. The food presentation is one of best i have seen in an Indian restaurant.

sudarshan srinivasan

Food was bit pricey but tasty.

Pavan Jain

Like the food, decent variety and good taste. This place is not easy to spot and even after getting there there is no sign as which is their door. Service was also good.

Ansh Gandhi

Great weekend buffet. A good number of dishes. Personal Favourite - Paan Shake :)

Jagannathan Narayanan

Amazing food. Loved it

Dave Retcher

Don't let the exterior fool you. It's worth a visit. Small lunch buffet selection but what they have is very good. Seems to be 100% vegetarian and they do have a large selection of dishes on the regular menu. If you are spice sensitive, you may want to order from the regular menu instead of the buffet. For me I enjoyed the slightly spicier buffet items. Although I'm used to more spice. Not the atmosphere and service of Rasika, but a very good lunch spot for a great price.

monday 495

tasty food. Perfect for vegeterians. Drink made of paan was the best.

Adhavan Jeyachandran

Very limited options on buffet but food was delicious.

Rajat Kalra

Good for India Vegetarian Buffet

pranay mehta

Awesome Gujarati thali - a must try .. I liked the vada pav here too, though it's better to ask only for vadas, since the pav is too small as compared to Indian sizes.

nikhil arora

As expected, Food was awesome. Had buffet and khaman dhokla is the speciality

Neha Narang

If you are town and looking for vegetarian meal then this place is for you. Loved their falooda kulfi.

Deepa Vijay

Worst experience ever.I ordered paneer chilly and Gobi manchurian to take away.this was my first time ordering from this restaurant after seeing 555 google reviews. For my wonder there was a schock awaiting for me.when I opened the boxes. There were just 6 pieces of paneer in the whole dish. And the entire dish including the gravy just covered 20% of the carry box, rest was all empty.I have never seen a restaurant in US charging $12.99 and giving 6 paneer pieces.Also, taste wasn't good. It was just dipped in tamarind sauce which tasted too tangy and bad.Same with gobi manchurian, tangy and dipped too much in sauce. My home made dishes are 100% far better than this restaurants food.They don't serve good tasty food with good quantity and they don't even care for their customers. I wanted to taste their because I wanted to order catering services for my upcoming house warming party. I am fortunate that i tasted their dishes before head and understood their qualities and level of services. Guys there are far more better restaurants in Ashburn area, just don't go with the ratings.I wouldn't recommend this restaurant for anyone.

Ravindra Dave

Wow.! What tasty food !. A very well thought out menu spread as a buffet lunch.

Savyasachi Shah

As close to authentic Gujarati and Indian food as one can get in Northern Verginia

Dave Barboza

I wandered in while on a work trip late one night maybe 45 minutes before closing. It was packed and I was the only person not of Indian descent. I took that as a sign I was at the right place and I was not disappointed. They seem to specialize in Indo-Chinese, a little different than the typical fare at other joints. I had two small plates for myself and ordered a third floor dessert. The Gobi is a must. They do have a bar and tasty cocktails.

James Pettinelli

My wife, son, and I went to Rupa Vira's last weekend and just LOVED THIS PLACE! The food was delicious and the service was excellent (the nicest staff). It's amazing how tasty Rupa Vira's amazing chefs can make Indian vegetable dishes. I would highly recommend trying this place out!

Pathik S

Wonderful service and food quality, the methi muttar malai was superb!

mohit kanojia

Each and every food on our table was tasty. Service is nice as well.

Ravindra Ananth

We have been going to this restaurant since 2.5 years now. Exceptional food every time. Great on cleanliness and provide awesome Gujarati food. We have been here several times and never have been disappointed. While in other restaurants (on buffet) you can easily point out 1 or 2 good stuff, it very hard to point out what is not good here. Whenever we feel like eating delicious food, Rupa Vira is our destination. We have been there with friends and family multiple times and same excellent food quality and service. I would recommend this restaurant without a second thought.

Koushal Yeginwar

One of the best vegetarian food I have ever had in USA, Gujarati Thali and Pan shake is the best.

Amar Kalburgi

The thalis are probably the way to go when you come here. I had the chili paneer and to me it seemed like paneer in Ching's chili sauce (something I could probably throw together at home). Rest of the group enjoyed their thali so I would recommend that

payal patel

3rd time in a row really bad experience. Served with spoiled rice kheer, khaman dhokla. All tofu instead of paneer in paneer butter masala.

Rahul Ramachandran

Good food! But service could be better.

Abhijitt Dhavlle

Very good place for vegetarians!! Jain food is not so good.

Saurav Jain

The food is great but the customer service is absolutely pathetic. The managers taking the booking are so damn rude. They don't take booking on call and say please walk-in and we will accommodate you. When you reach there, they say we cannot accommodate you there is no space right now, all have walked in just now and we do not know the estimated time of availability. Then when you ask them why didn't they book our seat despite calling them 10 times, they said they didn't know they would be full. We said we drove all the way and you want us to go back?? She said "we cannot do anything"

Venkat Raghavan

Pure veg.. excellent one

Ujwal Nambiar

The food was good and authentic.

marilyn robinson

We went for a weekday lunch buffet. Food quality was excellent. Very good ambience. Attentive but not intrusive service. Would highly recommend this place if you are craving for home made vegetarian food

chandra sekhar veera

Someone takes the order on phone, but when you are there to pickup the order, your order doesn’t exist. They are not even sorry that the order didn’t exist and ignorant that someone at the counter is bungling the orders placed on phone. No wonder someone else complained the same in one the reviews.

Payal Gupte

This was a dismal drive of 45 mins. More so coz I live in Rockville where there’s much better Indian food. Most of my disappointment can be attributed to how much hype there was around this place by my friends. They have more Gujrathi items but they aren’t even good. My mom makes much better undhiyo n kadhi. The ambience is crowded; you have to maneuver your way to the buffet items, which is hardly a list. We ate pav bhaji (can say it was good), idly(not like a good South Indian place), chhole bhatura (eh), dal makhani, palak (no salt) , paneer butter masala (really hard paneer) , undhiyo (tasteless), kadhi (well okay), baingan bharta (good) and moong dal halva (really good). 14$ on a weekend for this. No biryani or wheat rotis. Not worth the price. Don’t know about Virginia but we have Minerva, Godavari, India Palace which can easily beat this. P.S- It’s by no means fine dining! Nothing apart from the prices remind u of fine dining. It’s built in a warehouse. I felt like I came to lunch with people on either side of my table sitting 1 foot away from me.

Sailaja Vellala

One time place. Better go with less expectations. Home food is lot better than the food served there.

Aravind Narayanan

Excellent taste, very less quantity.

Somshekhar Kundral

Worst customer service!!! The management needs to train the staff on how to interact with customers. It is understandable that the restaurant is busy during weekends but that dosent mean the staff can be rude or show disrespect to returning customers. If the staff feels overworked, management needs to know and address accordingly. Pure disappointment on a Friday evening. We will never return to this place.

Manan Dalal

Decent place for Gujarati thali. Service was a little off but maybe because we had a large party (over 15 people). Can't beat your mom's flavors but good enough. Portion sizes are decent compared to other Indian places. Drink menu is ok too if you like sugary exotic drinks. Best thing for me was their spicy lassi. I had the thali and also tried their indochinese entrees.

Minal Sharma

The food is great along with the service.

Saji Asok

I have never been disappointed with the food at this location. They taste awesome and homemade. This is our go to place when we feel like having anything Indian and veggie. The only reason I couldn’t give it a 5 is because of the way they manage the tables. They seat the customers so close to each other always! I wish they had a) enough real estate to manage people to be seated within the current arrangement OR b) be mindful of how closely they seat customers and be open to seating customers with some distance in between.

Madhu Kalepu

We have visited this restaurant for weekend buffet. Gujarati Thali is delicious, we loved desserts, noodles. Limited seating area compared other restaurants. They do charge $7.99 for each kids buffet no matter whether the kid eats or not. My daughter not much used to eating outside food, we ended up paying kids meal even though she didn’t eat anything!

Raghu Veer

This restaurant has very authentic Indian food. It is more on the expensive side but the taste more than makes up for it. The Chaat items are great but the quantity is too small.

Aniket Kumar

Main course for the buffet was terrible. The undhiyu did not look like undhiyu and the taste was not like gujarati taste. The gujarati kadhi and green chutney was extremely salty. This complaint was mentioned to the manager and we were told that it would be looked into. There are cheaper restaurants at a better price than this restaurants.

Prashanth Srikanthan

The food was great. Nice to have vegetarian only restaurant in the area.

Ganesh Nagarajan

Best vegetarian restaurant in NoVa.

Khyati Mehta

Buffet was really good. Worth money. Tables are too close. So you can not go out without disturbing your neighbor.

Ashish Aswath

Closest I've had to authentic indian food in NoVA..good decor, moderately quick service and excellent food. Would recommend the place to anyone looking for a well priced indian restaurant

Kristi Desai

I would like to find a rating lower than 1 ideally. Their service is declining rapidly. A few months ago, we experienced rudeness with regards to reservations/wait time and seating given we had an elderly disabled person with us. And now, I place an order online and the response I get is that we didn't receive any orders and the site allows to place order regardless of our ability to fulfill. THEN WHY KEEP THE SITE AVAILABLE IF IT IS COMPLETELY USELESS. VERY DISAPPOINTED

Milind Bhide

If you are looking for Indian dishes made with American style, then this is right place. I got disappointed.

satyam chandak

One of the best weekend buffet. A must go for pav bhaji and vada pav lovers !!

Elizabeth George

Excellent food, awesome staff and beautiful decor. And bathrooms!!!! was clean and smelled clean. Almost all the Indian restaurant bathrooms I've been to were disgusting to say the least. This place looks like the owner actually cares for it's customers by putting in the extra effort to make it top notch.

Arvind Mandra

Great food and friendly staff. Liked their dhabeli. Thali wasn't bad. Love their aam Panna. That's the only place I know that has aam Panna.

Arvind B

Has really nice Gujrati food. The udhiyu, kadi, dahi Puri and vada pav are my favorite.

Khushi Karia

It felt every crowded, even though it wasn't. About 3 servers per table, which is fine, but it felt like I was trying to eat while being jostled in a crowd. Food was disappointing considering we drove an hour and a half to eat it. The indo-chinese dishes were flat, not a lot of flavour. The veg kolhapuri and naan were decent.

abhinav vijaykumar

One of the best restaurants in the Area. Excellent Vegetarian Food and Amazing Mumbai Street food options. They have a Signature Drink called Pan milkshake which is a must try !! Highly recommend anyone visiting the area to try out this restaurant.

khyati Acharya

I like lunch buffet I would definitely visit again

Ashish S

I had lunch buffet yesterday and this place is awesome with authentic Indian taste. That idli sambar tasted so nice. Dokhla was my next favorite. Only down side being less options on the menu.

James Simonds

Went during lunch for the buffet. The items are limited, but a good selection and very tasty. The service was good; used plates didn't last long on the table, but there were only a few tables seated before the full lunch rush. Plain naan was good and just the right amount of chew for my liking. I'm not a vegetarian, but really enjoyed it. Definitely would come back again.


Good for Vegetarians.

Michael Klasmeier

I don't know what to say. Ended up here with 5 world travelers and had one of the best meals ever. None of us are vegetarians. The food was just amazing. Fresh, rich, perfect. This area of Virginia has a large Indian population and we were the only non-Indians in the joint. I can't recommend this place any higher. So glad we found it. Well done.

Kundan Pokharel

Worst customer service. I don' t recommend to go and eat here.

Srinivasan Veeraraghavan

Nice diages

su mon

This is a very small and cozy gujrati restaurant.I ordered khandvi as appetizer and it turned out amazingggg i really loved it.i definitely recommend it to everyone.I had also ordered khaadhi pakora and methi matar.I really enjoyed the khaadi pakora but i was not very much impressed by the meethi matar it was just okay.The staff is 10/10 and very helpful.This restaurant is a treasure for all the gujratis.

darshan vaishnav

Absolutely fine cuisine..!! Lots of vegetarian options !! Must visit for all Gujarati food lovers !! And yeah please try Pink Gvava juice !!

Mahesh Mohnani

If you want authentic Indian food from Gujarat (state in India). Go to this place and try the Thali (available on weekends).

Manasi Suryavanshi

Delicious wholesome Indian food! Highly recommend their Thali and Dabeli.


Food choices and presentation was good but food taste is below ordinary. We’ve tried Gujarati thali at this place and it was totally waste and not worth of value. I would recommend to try kathiawadi kitchens thali.

Nikita Bhanu

one of the nicest buffet spreads in the DMV area - their Tawa Paneer, Raita, Chola Bhatura and Dal Makahani are just 100% fab, ver close to the quality in India. Would recommend this place for any vegetarian Indian food lover.

raghav Viswanathan

as always very good Indian vegetarian food. Loved the spices. the old monk cocktail was awesome..

Ravee LK

Great food. Excellent service and ambiance. Full service bar.

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