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1600 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006, United States

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REVIEWS OF P.J. Clarke’s DC IN Virginia

H May

Definitely a tourist trap. Surprisingly expensive for what you receive. Service is okay. A few of the people in my party got sick after eating here, and the drink I ordered $15+) had hardly any alcohol in it. Will note that the interior is really nice. I'd recommend looking for another place nearby.

Hannah Degn

Hands down my favorite place in DC. Spot on service and delicious food. I recommend the steak with the Brussels sprouts side or their fish and chips. The dessert is also to die for!

Elaina Gayle

Great service, food was delicious! Fish and chips were amazing, melts in your mouth! And the cinnamon ice cream is heavenly!

David Richie

I loved this place. Was inn town just a few days, but the staff was so awesome I ate a meal here each day. Food was good, staff was better. Fun place to be.

Nicole D'Onofrio

Super disappointing. The quality of the food was okay but what's the point if you don't season it. We were the only people in the restaurant and they somehow severely messed up our order. The waitress didn't inform us of a charge when we asked to substitute salads and charged us for cheese on sandwiches that we didn't order. Google says its $$ for food when it should be $$$. You are much better off taking your money somewhere else, because $130 for lunch 4 people without ordering any beverages can get you much better food and service.

Victoria Leahy

Amazing! Loved the atmosphere and our waitress was perfection. Will return!

Robert B. Fish

A nice place drop in for a drink.

Vianney R. Cristopher

First time visiting PJ Clarke's. My boyfriend and I spent a weekend in DC and our hotel (The Westin) suggested this restaurant. The food was absolutely delicious. I'm an IPA lover so I tried one their local brews. My boyfriend enjoyed a very refreshing CUCUMBER JALAPEÑO MARGARITA!! it was soo good. PJ offers a raw bar (Oysters are fresh and tasty) and a variety of sandwiches and burgers. As someone visiting D.C for the first time. I was very impressed with the patriotic decor PJ's offers. You find yourself reading famous quotes and enjoying painting of presidents and political figures all over the restaurant. Thanks so much for having us and providing an excellent experience.

Debby Burchfield

Great food and service...convenient downtown location.

Jennifer Hinchey

I live this place. The food is always great and the service is usually pretty good. A few times I have had to ask repeatedly for something but those are typically few and far between. I really like the atmosphere. My only complaint is that it is really expensive for lunch. You can easily drop a hundred bucks on two entrees and two cokes. Is this going to keep me from going back? Hell no.

kaitlyn quinn

Horrible! Deserves a 0 star but that not an option so I give it a 1. Our waiter is not helpful at all and walks by our table looking at our empty drinks not asking if we want another. All beverages (coke, sprite, etc.) come in an 8oz bottle for $3.50 NO REFILLS!! Very disappointed

Jacquie Smith

My lamb burger was amazing !! Our bartender was fantastic...

Jared Hautamaki

Overpriced. Full bar and they refused to extend happy hour prices to folks who had to sit at tables due to no bar area space. No specials for furloughed feds. Great location, average service, ridiculous prices.

Gordon Hanna

Amazing seafood and even better staff!!

Howard Bennis

Good food, to noisy

robert zarzar

Casual and convivial. A fun spot to have a drink. Steak was perfectly cooked.

Arthur Organista

Very nostalgic interior, super friendly staff. The Chicken Pot Pie was recommended and I will say, it was the best pot pie I've ever had. The raw oysters we're good and the ceviche was good. Wish they would serve some corn chips with the ceviche buy it was good as is.

Karen Miller

Awesome food. Desserts were amazing. Staff needs to cheer up. Seemed a little serious.

Lincoln Wettenhall

Terriffic staff, great food had a chance to try variety of offerings from the Burger, Lobster Roll and Eggs brunch option. Everything was fresh, and tasted to par. However really would like to highlight the customer service, the staff here was top notch during our meals.


Staff was very nice, but $20-25 for an average cheeseburger and what tasted like frozen shoestring fries... Very noisy as well, but that's to be expected anywhere during dinner really.

Eva Hambach

This is a bistro! A great selection of solid American fare served fast in a classic atmosphere. Good prices for good food.

Carl Timperio

Wonderful service and staff. Great place to watch football on Sunday if you are tired of all the yelling that occurs at BWW.

Anthony Sawicki

Excellent food and service. A little on the pricey side but worth ot.

Jesus Aldape

Was expecting more out of the, smokey poblano burger. Ambiance is great. Fish and chips is ok; fish great, the fries just like McDonald's and for the price better order something else.

Mike Anderson

Great food and excellent service.

James Foster

The food was average but what was disturbing was the fact that there were a lot of bees in the outside food court. I am allergic to bees and found it quite irritating.

Abiel T. A

It was perfection at it's best , the fillet fish was amazing and the Irish Cedar beer was phenomenal. Then the desert Hudson valley ice cream with Cinnamon flavour ...perfection!!! Love the team and the environment, great place to dine in DC! ;)

DT Evans

The manager Eddie is always very present and available during dinner service. Eddie also resolved a problem I had with a server quickly. Thanks again

Michelle Ho

Good food! I ordered the braised beef, and the meat was very tender. The sauce went well with the mashed potatoes on the bottom of the dish. Personally, I would enjoy the root vegetables more if they were cooked longer. My table was on the main level to the left of the reception stand. The lighting was a bit dim, which made reading the menu a little difficult. I noticed some guests had to turn on their flash light on their phone in order to read the menu.

Trey Kraus

Similar to NYC spot in name only. Both are great on their way. DC PJ Clarke's is still new and polished. Great happy hour bar scene.

Tim Martinez

Good food and great service.

Darrell Lambert

Great food and service


I would not go out of my way to eat here again, it was ok but that's about it. The atmosphere was crowded and loud, the food was just OK and the prices were high. Was not very impressed for our first dinner in DC.

Kelly Finno

Food was great. The crab cakes were amazing. I typically do not like mayo-based anything, but the sauce under the crab cake was such a great compliment, I enjoyed a little bit with the crab cake. Shepherd's pie was a huge portion but tasty. It came with a mustard and a jam/compote, both of which were a great compliment to the dish. The beet salad was also great. The waiter did not think there was much goat cheese on there, so he gladly brought more out. Great service. Dessert was fantastic!

Brett Nicholson

Excellent food, cocktails, and atmosphere! Staff was very attentive and courteous. Prices are consistent with similar places in DC. Try the Cadillac burger - you won't regret it!

John Preston Brown

Good spot for business lunch, after-work drink, or group dinner. Burgers, fish and chips, as well as oysters and a range of seafood.

peter barr

Great bartender. And happy hour oysters were half off.

Dave Wood

I had the ribs, and they were great.

Chris Tabb

Decent place for a family gathering. Enough variety for everyone (steaks, seafood, burgers, etc.). I wouldn't call this a high end apot. My steak was overcooked which led to the four stars.

Robert Rains

This traditional watering hole just steps from the White House boasts a timeless decorum and gives visitors a feel of “old DC,” before seemingly being overtaken by beer gardens and trendier fare. Although perfect for happy hours, this place is also ideal for the power lunch crowd.

Cain Fell

I had the best experience here. I ordered the Cadillac burger and got a beer on tap. Loved the look and feel of good ole classic American vibes. My server big Kevin and the speakeasy manager Gillian were amazing. Cant wait to visit the mysterious Sidecar next time.

Axel Müller

Quaint and rustic sports bar/restaurant like you can find it all over in the U.S. The staff was friendly & the service was fine. I tried a combination of different kinds of seafood (oysters, lobster, prawns) and it tasted delicious! The offered white wine was also tasty and matched the seafood.

Burnt Popcorn

My family and I went there expecting a casual night out. However we were greeted by no one. The waiters ignored us and we felt transparent. I recommend this place to any one who likes to stand in a building and not talk to anyone. I can’t review the food because no one wanted to give us any, or talk to us for that matter. Bottom line it sucks

Reina Martinez

Great food on an awesome patio. Located to close to all the sights.

John Bunderson

St. George shepherd pie comes out fast and hot. Great plate. Followed up with more pie! Apple and Raspberry cobbler alamode. Yum.

Pamela Rosario

I really like this place. The employees are very friendly and the food is delicious. The drinks are well-made as well.

Meaghan Hogan

I've never had a bad experience at P.J. Clarke's. I stop by every once in a while as it's close to my office. The food is solid, and the bartenders are great. I really enjoy the decor; it is reminiscent of the original Clarke's in NYC and has a similar classic vibe, down to the checkered tablecloths.

Debbie Long

This is our 3rd time here in 2 days! The food is fresh and delicious, the drinks are great, the restaurant is nice and what keeps bringing us back here is the Management Team and the Staff! The first night we sat at the bar and met Brandon! He was very cool and right on his job. We also met the Manager, Eddie. He made our night! He chatted with us, welcomed us and made us feel right at home. We had such a great time and he invited us to come back, so we have. There is so much selection on the menu, we haven’t had the same thing twice and have NOT been disappointed. From appetizers to Desserts, this is our Favorite Restaurant in DC. Thanks again to the people that really gave us 5 Star Excellent Service! Eddie- Manager, Robin-Manager, GiGi- Manager and our Awesome waiter, Kevin, we have been fortunate enough to have serve us last night and lunch today. The price of the food is very reasonable. We will be back tomorrow for Brunch! Love this place. I just wish we had one of these back home.

Dorothy Ip

We were a group of 7 from Canads. Was recommended the pot pie. No regrets! Most charismic waiter too! Forget his name but he was wonderful! Thank you for such a great dinning experience.

Steve Hartig

A Washington institution. Went there for a quick dinner while in town on business. Friendly and prompt service. Had the salmon chopped salad which was excellent-a real step above a normal salmon salad with a more Mediterranean mix of beans and vegetables. Will return on a future trip. (Beer was good too)

Andrew E

Try something new, we said. It’s got great ratings, we said. It’s our anniversary so let’s splurge a bit, we said. Well “we” made a huge mistake. TLDR; Literally everything was average to below average (except the price tag!). The deets: 1. Mahi tacos were bland, fish was over-cooked, and there were these terrible chunky potato things 2. French dip sandwich was by far the worst item we ordered - hard pass on this one folks 3. Ceviche had enough jalapeño heat to start a fire 4. Pretzel dogs sauce was weirdly sweet and overpowered any mustard flavor that might have been there 5. French fries were... I think you get the idea. Inconsolably yours,

Aman Johnson

Walked and and was immediately seated by the welcoming staff. Food came out quickly and tasted delicious. Decided to have an equally tasting dessert. Bill was cheaper than expected, would definitely come again.

Scott Flaherty

The food was really good and the beer selection was average. I had a fantastic prime rib and split a dish of their mac-n-cheese with my wife. To be honest, I could make a meal out of the mac-n-cheese alone. It was that good. It's a nice place with good service and friendly staff. And just a couple of blocks down from the White House.

Marlene Hunter

The service was good. My issue is the menu...chicken pot pie, fish and chips and bread pudding?? Very heavy when it's 96 outside and 60% humidity! What about lightening it up for the warmer months? Our server did forget the appetizers she sold us on as well which were fresh oysters, but she was very friendly. I don't think I would go back though. Too many better options for the money.

Van Bac Nguyen

Service is not good. Foor is usual

Aaron Bloom

Disappointing service was so so and the food was barely ok nice for cocktails but bbn it so good for food

Misty Cushman

Great customer service but not overall pleased with food

Sri Pabbathi

Decent selection of IPAs on tap. Met an old friend here for a couple of drinks. Nice outside seating area.

Christian Corpuz

We had our holiday party here. Great food. The salmon with tomotaoes was good. Only complaint was them not having food signs and have no comment about staff cause I didn't have to deal with them. None of these were enough to lower my rating.

Juan Valtierra

A nice place for having lunch or dinner!

Andrew McCarthy

Awful. The manager should be fired. He is arrogant and rude. I’ve never seen such a poor manager in such a beautiful restaurant. It’s really a shame.

Michael Lippa

Great food

Evan Hines

Great food, bar service left something to be desired.

Jason Cook

Food was decent. The Moscow Mule was wonderful on a beautiful summer day. The bloody Mary was tasty as well. The highlight though was our waitress. Anastasia was a true delight. She is worth returning for outstanding service. Job well done. Glad I got to meet her.

matt thomas

I visited a friend here for an early drink and a bite to eat. This is a well known spot I guess within 5 minutes of the White House. I was not impressed with the service or the prices however. The gent taking our order exhibited a large dose of generic dubiousness about all aspects of our order and being. Maybe he is “jaded.” Oh well. I had a hot cider and some fish tacos. The bill was north of $30 and the quality was medium. I don’t recommend visiting.

Luis Henriquez

Excellent place for a dinner and local beer. Very nice waitress!!!

Jeff Watkins

Too pricey for below average food. Charging 17 dollars for a bottle of water is utterly ridiculous. Do not go there with your family. May be better as a stop for Happy Hour on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Overall the worse of the seven restaurants we ate at this past week!!!

Steven Dougal

Couldn't fault the staff or the service. The food however was bland and ok, not worth the prices at all. My wife had a burger which was overdone and her words were "it could have been a McDonalds" my steak was $36 and came with nothing. No garnish no fries not even a tomatoe so $6 for fries that were clearly frozen. Very disappointed..

Bill Szczytko

Great decor. Good service. Expensive

Amanda Wagman

Yummy food and great service.

Tony Brooklyn

Had the skirt steak and it came with french fries when it should have come with a veggie or mash potatoes. The Devil's Back was a really good beer though. The fried calamari came in a bowl which basically made everything completely greasy and soggy/chewy they should have served it on the plate. Overall mediocre food and very pricey.

Stephen Vajda

Expensive but they make a mean hamburger

Joan Derrick

Great foos!

Ron Thomey

Great service and the ribs were tremendous!

Ruth Aine

Great food. Had the Turkey Burger

David Coleman

Awesome. Had dinner with a large partydownstairs. They took great care of us. Dinner was great. Need to come back for dinner upstairs.

Alice Morgan

Fish and Chips...soggy fish and cold shoestring fries. We won’t go back.

Robin Trehaeven

Pricy, for a Denverite, but the service was excellent, and the food good. Almost didn't try it after another reviewer claimed to have spent $120 on a burger & a lobster sandwich & 2 beers. Burgers are $20, lobster sandwich $33, beers $8, so no... It's not THAT expensive, and most of the other eateries in the vicinity ran $35+ entre's

Brittany Hartwig

The service was amazing and the food was delicious!

Maurice, Jr Saad

Best stake ever. ever. Good service and food. great urban view.

Ashraf ALsaadi

Juicy double cheeseburger delicious

Philip Christian

Had fish and chips for lunch. Outstanding! Service was great.

Linette Kupfer

I went with my family and it was extremely disappointing. The food was not good at all. The salad was extremely dry. No flavor in my opinion. Barely any sauce. Only a few croutons. Not ok. The burger also had no flavor and had no sauce. The crispy onions were not fresh. However the meat was ok. Also the service was quick. All in all we payed a high price for something I don’t think was much worth.

Stacey LaFrance

Too expensive for the low quality food. We spent just as much here for lunch- an app, 2 salads and a side of onion straws- as we spent at a famous dinner spot by the White House- 2 bowls of soup, a cocktail, and 2 dinner entrees. Another difference was, PJ Clarke's food quality was awful. The chicken medallions on the ceasar salad were inedible and the ahi tuna tacos were so overdressed you couldn't taste the tuna. We regret spending so much money here. Two stars because the server was excellent.

Chr Bar

Decent food quality - neat service

LaFawn Davis

Good food attractively presented, along with cool atmosphere and great service.

Youssef Azami

Great service. Value could be better

Carl Styles

DC Washington Food was good money thing that I did not like was the waitresses would go to the bathroom and keep their apron on.

E Cornish

Great ambience, attentive service, great food, great location.

Deanna Giovannetti

Delicious food and excellent kids meal! Perfect for the entire family. One of the best Fish and Chips I've ever had!

Peter Barker

Food not great, much better 2 years ago.

Michael C.

The crab soup and the warm Lobster Cobb Salad were delicious for Lunch. This restaurant also has a great location. It is on 16th Street close to the White House and across from the Capitol Hilton.

Danté Vincent

I like this location better than the one in Midtown East Manhattan which is horribly overcrowded. We were able to get reservations on the same day without any issue. Really good service and good food.

John Knippenberg

Great American cuisine! Awesome oyster and drinks Happy Hour, conveniently located close to the White House.

Liz T

Typical spot with nice staff and decent food

Michael Brooks

Food was not that impressive given the price. Nice atmosphere though, great location.

Thomas Escobar

A delicious American menu. While the food is mostly good, there were a couple things that prevent me from giving it 5 stars after multiple visits. Pros: The portions are the right size for a single serving. The flavor of the individual pieces in a meal is great. The food is quite fresh and tastes like it was just prepared and greens are very crisp. Cons: For their burgers, they focus on the meat. The toppings seem tertiary. The meat is flavored well, but my BBQ blue cheeseburger with crispy onions seemed to lack all of the toppings. The salad on the other hand loves its dressing. It can't get enough of it which friends a bit if the flavors of other topping Would still go again. The flavors are good and the price is high, but worth it

Tamika Turner-Graydon

The chicken club sandwich was delicious and we enjoyed the deviled eggs and some delicious bread pudding. The waitstaff was so friendly and engaging .

Luis Valdes

Food was not as good as I was expecting and is over price base on the amount they give you.

James Turk

fine if you're downtown

Dino Argiropoulos

Very nice food and excellent service

George Enchill

Food was ok. Menu is limited. Not worth the money. Will not visit again.

Atiya Smith

Slammin' burgers and great drinks. Customer service was very welcoming too.

Adam Merryweather

Tried the ribs and they weren't that good, friend had the fish and chips and they were ok.

Peter J. Kim

Mediocre burger but good Pale Ale... However, it’s from a local brewery so... haha

Alpha Wolf222

This place is wonderful. Everyone is so friendly and everyone at our table was pleased with the delicious appetizers, entres and salads. Great experience! We will go back again!

Robert Fett

Great burger, tater tots were awesome.

Elizabeth Fulton

Best wedge salad I've ever had.

Matthew Sugarman

Robin, the manager, is so unbelievably accommodating. What a terrific experience... Truly above all others. Very impressed.

Maria Stevenson

We ate there on Sunday 7 October and shared the 16oz steak. Omg! It was cooked to absolute perfection and tasted delicious. We enjoyed fries and grilled asparagus with our steak. For dessert we shared the New York cheesecake with blueberry compote. It was the most delicious cheesecake we've ever had. The staff were excellent and the gentleman who was standing at the pass worked tirelessly to make sure all the meals cam out together and in a timely manner. Thank you for a memorable meal!

Maria Barreto

Great location, staff is very friendly, food is good but my soup was very small.....:-(

Joel Ward

Nice setting near the White House. Food was good. Service was attentive and quick.

Tammi Schneiderman

Food was delicious. My hubs and I ordered the chicken pot pie. It was creamy and so good. My oldest son had the Cadillac and said the seasoning was very tasty and the fries were amazing (crispy shoestring style) My other son had the strip steak frites and gobbled it up. Staff was very friendly and food came out crazy fast.

Simon Lewis

We found this place by accident after seeing some sights on our arrival evening. Very friendly and helpful staff. Food was good (I had an appetizer and the lamb burger). It's more expensive than I'm used to and almost exceeded my expense allowance but it is in the heart of DC.

Rebecca Tremblay - Vuik

Went to this place during a business trip to DC and had a good experience. Loved the atmosphere and our waitress was very friendly. Great service, great food and reasonable prices!

Todd Cadle

Great food and service!

Brian Moran

My wife and I had a late lunch at the bar here and had a wonderful experience. You can't go wrong with their burgers, loved chatting with our bartender, nice decor and centrally located. Worthy of 5 stars

gary haas

Overall it is a great place to grab dinner. Had the warm lobster cobb salad and it was very good. Scott the bartender was very attentive and provided outstanding service

Manny Perez

Great All American eats! From burgers and steaks, to oysters and lobster mac! Be sure to check out their daily black board special, and oyster happy hour. Incredible service and great perks for Sidecar members. The only downside is lunch, it's outrageously busy. Either call ahead for pickup, or order through Seamless. Dining in is doable at lunch time, but is better enjoyed for dinner. Great portions, and be sure to grab a French dip sandwich or burger to take home and nibble on (Thank you Jim, r.i.p).

Tanya Wise

I visited PJ Clarke for the first time during restaurant week in DC. Absolutely delicious. I had the Braised short ribs with carrots and potatoes. Taste like a Sunday Dinner at Grandma's house. The Chef even came out to our table to ask how was the food and gave us PJ Clarke's shot glasses! Awesome! I will definitely visit again soon.


It was an enjoyable experience. The food is tasty, the ambiance is relaxed, the service is excellent and it has a very historic decor. Great for a casual meeting or meal.

Brett Rowe

Foos was very good. Good service.

Ceo Ced

Great environment and location. Great service. Food is subpar at best.

Fan W

Nice food and nice staff!! It's so adorable and awesome inside. Love the environment. The goat cheese in the omelette doesn't have a strong favor of goat milk, but taste very soft and smooth, I would highly recommend it to someone afraid of the taste of goat milk. I am excited to see arugula on the side as it's one of my favorite vegetables. Shrimps are great! Crab cake was amazing, it's truly made of crab meet.

Doug Frankel

Solid food but service and price we're just good.

Jeb Bjorn

Great food, excellent service, good beer!

Carolina Reyes

Lovely ambience, kind waitresses, great appetizers. My friends and I had a wonderful afternoon there!

Jay Gunning

Santana can make you a drink that will keep you at the bar, while you enjoy some great oysters.

Isaac Carmignani

When I arrived there was promptly seated, the waitress serving me Was good at suggesting items on the menu. I had the Cadillac Burger and the whiskey bread pudding both excellent selections. The lighting was a little bit low for reading but definitely the environment was good for sitting quietly and talking with a friend.


The service was great. The food was ok. I had a ribeye i was cooked right but had little seasoning. It came with a house stake sauce but I still had to ask for A1.

Alfred Adams

The worst fish and chips in the world. Undercooked and mushy..sent them back only to have a crispy batter that literally fell apart when you tried to pick it up. Not even close to the New York location.

Ally Zimmerman

Great food but very expensive

Gerald Heydt

Excellent oysters. Have them at the bar and ask for John. Super fresh. Not cheap, but worth it.

Mustafa Abdulhussein

Chic jlint with delicious american foods and excellent service.

Ted Nunamaker

The 1-2-3 brunch drink special is an amazing value. More or less all you can drink for <$20.

Thomas Dunning

Great restaurant. Lots of character and excellent service. Popped in on a Monday lunch time for an impromptu lunch and was not disappointed with my burger!

Bruce Fullerton

Good Good service average food great deserts

anybody else

Was visiting DC and stopped in this place at random while walking around town...had a Cadillac burger / fries and it was very good...met some very interesting folks, the bartender was great and the drinks were reasonably stuck around till dinner time and tried the raw bar...I highly recommend the place...

Carl Gratzer

Food was ok at best. Burger was nothing special,I would have expected hand made fries instead of frozen shoestring. Way too expensive for the quality. Service was excellent

Tim Howell

Service was really good, but the food, not so much. I ordered a burger medium well and had to send it back because it came to me medium rare. Anytime I send food back, the establishment can only get a maximum of 3 stars.

George Handjinicolaou

Jammy, juicy burgers with French fries, accompanied by excellent locally brewed beer.

Peter Fletcher

Terrible. Had fish and chips. Fish was over cooked in either old or cold fat. Disgusting grease oozing out when you cut into it. The flour the fish was passed through prior to battering is now a gloopy paste. Never coming back. But the staff are very friendly.

Shirley Thomas-Spence

I had a Saturday lunch I ordered the turkey burger and it was AWESOME! The service was good and speedy seating.

Ilhan Tanir

Good service. I tried the steak, was all right. Good location. Somewhat pricey. Near WHouse.

Amit Maurya

Love lamb buger

kim gerstner

Sat at the bar for lunch. Great drink selection. Great bartender Eric. Yummy burgers.

Jane Parra

Pricey but good. The service is excellent. The wine, at $13.00 a glass at lunch was adequate...maybe from a bottle that had been opened for some time. Nice waiter.

ashley thomas

Very delicious food and great service! Really friendly and welcoming environment! I had the shrimp and grits which sound so simple but these had to be the most creatively flavored shrimp and grits that I've ever had. DELICIOUS!

Spencer Curtis

Good food, friendly staff.

Charlotte Epps

Great bar staff and amazing food

Walt Lee

Good food ok service

joe cestero

Poor quality food, improperly cooked. The waitress was great, very sweet.

Dana M. Anderson

Food is great. Service is 1st class. But high noise level at lunch time.

Sujoy Banerjee

Good dining experience.

Brenda Bowen

Awesome food and service

Vince Barletto

It's an okay high price chain. The local fare consisted of oysters, which were really really good

Beto Zaleta

Sidecar is wonderful! Great food and service!

Shane Jenkins

Great service and friendly atmosphere. Some of the best food we have had in DC so far. Must have the Shepard's Pie and the Chicken Pot Pie, Oh and the Crispy Calamari. We walked in on a Friday night, no reservation and they seated us straight away. Not sure if that's the norm but no waiting and the place was busy which is a good sign.

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