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11424 W Broad St, Glen Allen, VA 23060, United States Located in: Short Pump Village

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Jeffrey Wang

Pretty authentic Chinese food, a little on the pricier side from a price-quantity ratio. It looks to be quite busy in the evenings, but the wait for a seat isn't too long. They also seem to have some special deal for either 5% or 15% off (don't remember) if you bring your own Tupperware for leftovers. Overall the food is very over seasoned and too salty. Requires a lot of rice and water to balance out the flavor a bit. Definitely not the best Peter Chang restaurant in the chain The ghost pepper beef is quite spicy, not at first but the kick comes in as you continue to eat, although there is not too much flavor depth aside from the ghost pepper novelty. The dry hot pot has a large variety of vegetables which is quite nice, although there's a severe lack of balance of how much of each vegetable there is. The duck in stone pot was disappointing; you can definitely tell it's duck from the taste, and there's a good amount of duck in it, but the overall flavor is not very good. It's way too salty too so the tofu skin and vegetables suck up all the soup and become even more salty. Also didn't have much ma la (numbing or spicy) flavor.

Robert Troisi

Wonderful. So many items are "must try!" Still working my way down the menu...and loving every meal.

Gloria Walker-Johnson

This was my first visit to Peter Chang. After reading all the positive reviews I decided to give it a try. I must say that I was quite disappointed. The simple shrimp and broccoli dish ordered almost had no taste. I think this was probably the first time that I had Chinese food served that was not hot. I hate to say that the shrimp and broccoli at Panda Express had more flavor and did not cost as much.


Super Delicious

sriram Manchem

Absolutely fantastic. It's a paradise for Chinese food lover.

Mary Kate

Really great food. No frills, but wonderful authentic seasonings and entrees. Highly recommend.

Barbara Napier

This place is amazing! Literally the best Chinese food we have ever had. We had to get the scallion bubble pancakes and they were delicious. They're also really good dipped in the hot and sour soup, just FYI. We had golden mountain chicken, twice cooked pork belly, and kung pao chicken at our table and everything was outstanding. The food is so fresh. If you go on the weekend I would get there before 6 or after 8. Whenever you go, you will enjoy it!

John Oglesby

Never had Chinese food this good. Amazing!

Brooke Bobincheck

Good bit not worth the money.

Lisette Laso

It was fine but nothing that I really found to be mind-blowing which surprised me given how highly it came recommended. I expected something exceptional... The service was good... friendly, etc. The spring roll and hot and sour soup were good - the soup had a nice heat to it. The pork belly with leeks was lackluster- I was expecting the pork belly to be crispy and instead it came out as soggy, flacid strips of pork belly. First time in my life I don't finish a plate with pork on it. One point that annoyed me was the menu - you're trying to figure out what you want to order and then see multiple components of the dish crossed out (no longer available...). In my mind, what's the point of leaving it on there? To see the remnants of what once was a solid dish? Take it off the menu.

Elyssa Ferguson

Incredible food! Knowledgeable and friendly wait staff. Portions and prices are fair. Whether you like eggplant or not, order the fried's a game changer! Keep in mind this IS Szechuan - even the mild has some spice.

Jacque Blake

Food is delicious. Staff is nice. Location is always clean. Did I mention the food was delicious??

Heather Beavers

Dined there for the first time and had a great experience. Great tasting food with great customer service! Very friendly staff and highly recommend dining there.

Krystal Johnson

The poofie bread was fun. But the star of our meal were soup buns and the fried pork belly served with hot and numbing sauce. The pork belly was so good, we ordered a second round for the table. I would absolutely recommend this place and can't wait to go back.

Shanawaaz Mohammad

Good place for Chinese cuisine.

Tom Simonetti

Great food and drinks.A+.

Carlos Fung

The waitress wrote done wrong food in the order, but still charged us for it. Shame! Update: Double-check the receipt, it seems they deducted the amount of that wrong dish, so I change the rating back to 4 stars.

Karthik Jayaram

Great chef, great restaurant, great service, great menu and awesome food.

Steven P

It's da bomb


Great food. 30 minute wait but worth the wait. Smaller potion. Friendly wait staff. One of the great Chinese food in town. It is very crowded and long wait. They strictly enforce 10 minute reservation rule. Normal wait time is 30 minutes and up to 2 hours for dinner. Food is delicious. Potion are getting smaller over the years but still good.

Patti Stratford

A must-stop when we visit Richmond. This time, a new chef in training couldn't quite measure up to what we've had in the past. That said, management made it right and we were happy. By the way, I usually give this place a 5, so give the new chef time... I'm sure he'll be great.

Sush Sam

Great place! Good food!

Judy Snead

Chicken Lo Mein, orange chicken, chicken fried rice and beef and broccoli all tasty. Noodles cooked to the right consistency. Orange chicken had real orange slices. Busy on this visit but staff nice and on time service. Want to go back.

c scott

Tasty food and friendly staff


The food and service was great

Jeff Beaton

Service was very good and food was also excellent! Definitely will come back!

Matt Reid

I'm from Boston so I'm used to having a lot of good options for Chinese food. And I was not disappointed with Peter Chang's. However, it's not the nicest room and there's not a lot of ambience. But the food is consistently excellent. We were a table of seven and had a variety of different dishes. All of which were great. Try the chef specials. Even though they're not described particularly well they're delicious. As with most Chinese restaurants, it's kind of a pain that everything just comes out when it's ready. But that is what it is. The food is very good.

Thomas Minnick

Authentic Szechuan cuisine. Best Chinese restaurant in Richmond. Casual atmosphere.

EricNVirginia formely galaxy note

Whether you are in the food service business, professional service business, or any business for that matter that you sell directly to the customer, it is all about customer satisfaction. It is about giving the customer what they want and at a reasonable price. I have eaten at this restaurant many many times and have enjoyed the food. But my last two times have been disappointing on a customer service level, not so much on food quality issue. I was eating here late one night and they were turning the chairs upside down on the tables, everyone of them except mine. It was very noisy and made me feel rushed. Worse than that, they even swept under my table asking me to move my feet. What nerve! This visit, I wanted to order a 24 dollar plate of food and they would not even consider allowing me to switch out the white or fried rice for vegetables. They suggested i upgrade to brown rice for 2 extra bucks. I just spent 10 dollars on bang bang shrimp and was going to order a 24 dollar plate but they were not willing to make the customer happy by giving them what they want, so I ordered a 14 dollar dish instead. Loosing my faith in this restaurant.

Mariappan M

Best place to have Chinese food

William Haneke

Food is amazing. Make sure you bring several people with you because it is family style with a lazy susan table. That way, you cant get your fill of a lot of yummy things!!!

Samrat Bagchi

Great place to have some quality food and great service. Do try bamboo fish

Glen Kelley

Always great food. Never dissatisfied when trying new dishes

Troy Bryant

It was not great on the take out. I would suggest you eat in or don't bother.

Jennifer Sullivan

Best dumplings I ever had! Everything here is wonderful! I'll try to come back more often. Love it!

Sanket Raj

Awesome food. Portions sufficient and prices reasonable. Dry fried eggplant and bamboo fish are good starters. We had lamb and chicken and they were good too. Must visit for everyone.

Mike Stortz

Amazing food, so much better than the usual Americanized version at most Chinese restaurants. Spicy food is flavorful, not just hot. Recommended!

Joanne Adkins

This place is top-notch. The food is delicious. They only serve beer so beware of that. They do have some wine but don't try any of it because I tried all of it and just stick to the food and you're going to be so happy


The food was very well done and a goodly amount for the money. Service was excellent.

Dennis Harris

This is a typical stop on route to North Carolina for me. First time a couple years ago it was great. But now, I feel like it's so-so. I believe a noodle shop under the same owner opened up two stores down the strip mall and can't help but wonder if that's part of the decline. Maybe it's also that I'm traveling during busy times. Regardless, the food is decent with a huge menu. The Chinese noodle soup doesn't have much flavor to it, but I tend to go for the spicy items anyway. A bit pricey given the quality in my recent experiences.

Neetha Thomas

Good food. Great service.

Elliott Fisher

It don’t get no better in Virginia.

Chris Cotner

This place is always great. Good food and service is excellent. They've changed up the front end staff a bit there recently and I feel the experience there is even better now.

Jacob Senn

Best Chinese food anywhere. Wish I could get back to Richmond to have some but I'm no longer at that job. Peter Chang is a genius.

James Orsi

Steven, Tori, Lily, and Jeff are the best! Definitely come see them!

Frederick Ellen

We recently visited Peter Chang's and found a change in the menu. Majority of the fish we thought was Flounder was actually Swai. Someone must of called them on it because Flounder is crossed out under most of the descriptions previously indicating Flounder. Swai is a fatty fish and much cheaper than Flounder. I prefer knowing what I eat and not being misled. In fact, flounder is still shown on the menu, but it is not actually offered.

Patrick Duke

This guy is a genius. We love everything we have had on the menu. The flavors are top notch and the service always good.

Jimmy Crickett

If you want authentic Chinese food, this is the place to go!

Anil Swain

Awesome food as always.. we loved the food and service.

Zarina Yafizova

Pretty good food. Only thing is that same menu item would taste /look slightly different everytime you order. I think the restaurant would benefit from more consistency. Love the three pepper beef and the scallion pancakes (pictured ),also highly recommend the house special fish dish.

Micheline Schultz

Waiter was awesome food was authentic

Hal 9000

Love it. Loads of food for the price and dang delicious.

Nailya Plaskey

Great authentic Chinese food. So sad they closed noodle and dumpling shop nearby. Apparently, Richmond didn't appreciate those enough.

Karla L

Great food and you definitely get what you pay for!

Thomas Griffith

Peter Chang is a foodie MUST!!!! A culinary destination. Don't let the strip mall location fool you, this place is the real deal for authentic, masterfully crafted chinese food.t

Chris Cash

Absolutely awesome food!!

dustin powlus

The food was great. You get a large portion plan on sharing or taking home extra.

Walking Victoria

Have tried 3 times since March of 2016 to eat here. Each time was unsuccessful! They are to busy doing nothing but talking to regulars then wait on other customers. Today there may have been 15 people in the restaurant (all of whom were already served and eating) and after 15 mins of being ignored I walked out. This has happened the last three times I’ve tried to eat their. Too bad - really wanted to try their soup buns but after trying for two years I give up! Peter Chang must be s better chief than a businessman

Kathy Duncan

This is the third Peter Chang I have eaten at. I still like the one in Williamsburg best although this one runs a close second. Not as large and I don't think the food was as spicy as it should have been but it was delicious.

athira varma

Good quality food...staff were very courteous Chinese restaurant in Richmond

Megan Ball

My family and have a regular menu of apps . Bubble pancakes, coriander fish rolls and (used to be dried fried mushrooms). Also , the use to have tofu skin rolls which we're awesome but now they're shredded .... The Dan Dan noodles are great. We have always felt that if the food isn't so spicy that we aren't sweating with tears in our eyes we aren't eating authentic Szechuan ..... Well we beat that by a mile tonight with the ghost chili beef!!!!

P Nguyen

The best place in town for Chinese cuisine. They have dishes that most other restaurants in down don't. One of our favorite is the "Hot and numbing beef brisket in hot pot" and the other is the "House special fish fillet". There are many more amazing dishes on their menu and each are bursting with flavor. ** If you're dining in, order the scallion bubble pancake **

Matt O'Sickey

Always Always a delight. Try the tendon and tripe appetizer.

Yan Zhang

Came here for lunch. It was terrible. All the stories online are unreliable. Anybody in China could make food that is more authentic. The service wasn't great. Eating here would be a waste of your money.

Carla Samford

We went on a Friday night and it was very cafeteria feeling. Bright light no Ambiance whatsoever. Food was very typical Asian nothing special that I would have predicted from Peter Chang.

namrata thawrani

Some of the best food I’ve had, not your typical Asian menu

Sabari Karthik Saravanan

Awesome Chinese food. Love their bamboo fish & fried rice

Jo Narkon

So much better than the average Chinese places. He has downsized the menu, but most of my favorite items were still there. Only downside, it felt like a fast food menu, plastic coated and spiral binding.

Taylor Brown

Really fun really authentic place. I wish we would've ordered different but it was delicious! Don't get the general tsaos chicken its pretty bland. Sweet and sour pork was phenomenal! Looks like you should get the puff pancake things they look like a fun experience!

Kristin Taylor

Great service and food!

Charles M

Excellent Szechuan food! We have been to this location and two of Peter Chang’s other restaurants in Richmond and Fredericksburg. They are all great. The selection is good and the food is worth coming back for time and again. It is our favorite Chinese restaurant in Virginia. The fried eggplant, lamb, and any of the fish dishes are great. Go check it out.

Sanjay Gupta

Definitely go... food is awesome, especially hot spot and bamboo fish Read/heard so helpful reviews about this so wanted to try. We reached there at 8:30 PM and it was getting closed by 9:15 (dunno why they close it this early), so wondering they would even serve us or not. The restaurant was full of people, all the tables and we got to know we came to the right place. I am sure this place is full all the time. Glad they gave us a booth. The ambiance was not that great, it was like some normal restaurant. The server was quick to acknowledge us, took our drink order. my friend told me that if you go there, try Bamboo fish and fish of the fillet. I did not find fish of the fillet on the menu, later on, she told me that you have to ask for this. Anyway, we ordered Bamboo fish - it was superb, they prepared with herbals and some spices which were great Hot and sour soup - good Spring rolls - good Schezwan Chicken hotpot – I really liked this, they serve it with small chimney-type fire which keeps this warm all the time Chicken Hunan – superb. My wife really liked this, though beans were bit salty We enjoyed our time and food here. Prices are moderate, not expensive (except few items). Would definitely recommend this

Mike Donovan

I don't usually leave a negative review but I was pretty upset the other night. Last Wednesday, I took a date to Peter Chang as she wanted Chinese food. Upon walking in, it was 'extremely' bright. I guess I was expecting a dim lit atmosphere like most restaurants (certainly more appealing for a romantic dinner). No problem, it was just an adjustment and we dealt with it. The food was good and our waitress was nice but toward the end of our meal, we saw a mouse running across the floor. Then we saw it again. Still, we were patient and tried not to let it ruin the occasion. Then around 9:30, they started putting the chairs up. We asked the waitress if they were closing. She said, "Yes soon but take your time". We explained that this was our first date and she said they wouldn't leave for awhile anyway as they still had things to do. There was one other table with people still in there. Suddenly, this guy comes out with a mop and starts mopping literally right next to our table with strong ammonia water and/or other chemicals. Then I started to get upset. Whether they do that to run people out of there or he was just oblivious, he should have known better or been trained better. The manager was there the whole time and said nothing. I will not go back to this place. Three strikes, you're out.

Crissy Segura

The wonton soup in very good! We had mountain chicken, chicken low mein, and chicken /onions in hot pot and all was great! Highly recommend! Service was great as well.

Jeremy Cook

Second time visiting this location and another fantastic dining experience. Everything was prepared perfectly and service was excellent. Generous portions at reasonable prices. We have ordered something different each visit, and looking forward to what new dishes we try on our next visit!

Matt Lestock

Amazing flavor to all the meals! My girlfriend and I come here quite frequently just for their dry fried spicy eggplant. The portions are well sized, and the menu is absolutely massive. If you don't see something that you think you'll like simply ask your server to recommend something based on your tastes. 9 times out of 10 what they recommend is something that you'll really enjoy. I can't say enough how much we enjoy the food. The interior of the restaurant is a little dated but that's honestly the only gripe you'd be hard pressed to pull out of me!

Julia M.

I still remember years later or so how this is one of the worst places that I’ve eaten at (and I’ve eaten at a lot!) I recall when leaving that I’ve had better cheap Chinese food than the food here. They cut each shrimp into small pieces, I’m not kidding. And the puffed up bread definitely looked much cooler than it tasted (like disappointment). I don’t think we ever came back after that time and I wouldn’t recommend it. Save your money and buy takeout instead.

David Wheeler

When you first arrive, the first thing you notice is the smell of heaven in the air, which immediately put a smile on my face. I anticipated a great meal as I walked in the door. Promptly greeted, I asked for a booth and was seated to my liking. My waitress was very knowledgeable of the menu, noting the subtle flavor intricacies of every dish that I inquired about. I started with the wonton soup, which was extremely flavorful and did not come with stale fried noodles (a big no-no for me!). My entree was the pork with spicy garlic sauce, a spot on recommendation by my knowledgeable waitress. The vegetables were crispy, the pork was moist and tender. The spiciness and sweetness prove to be perfect dance partners for this lunchtime meal. This is real Chinese food! Makes me wonder what I've been eating till I came here. Gluten free and vegetarian options are available.

Timi Le

Always a top notch experience. The food and staff are always a cut above anywhere else. My favorite go to. They never have a problem with special orders either. A must if you are into Asian food in the Richmond area. Nothing else like it

Lauren Oglesby

The food here is so good. My parents went two days in a row after discovering it. I have to keep coming back to try new things. Golden mountain chicken is a must have. Great ambience and sushi tables as well. Very wheelchair and Walker friendly for what looks like such a small space from the outside.

Eric McMurtry

Wow! I have eaten at many Chinese restaurants, including several in China, and I number Peter Chang as one of the best I've dined at. The Scallion Bubble Pancakes, pictured, were fantastic, both in presentation and in taste! Just wonderful, fun, and oh so delicious. I enjoyed the scallion dipping sauce. I'd eat these with or without it. My daughter loves dumplings and Peter Chang's enthusiastically met with her approval. My wife ordered a shrimp dish that she and my daughter say they would order again and again. I had a hot and numbing chicken dish (pictured). I like hot, spicy foods, but not hot and spicy just for the heat. This dish had the right balance of spice and flavor. The best recommendation I can make is this: as we were leaving we were already making plans on returning!

Trent Butler

Best Chinese I've ever had

suraj gantedi

Waiter keeps on forgetting our order. When we remind her she isn’t even sorry.

Zachary Ortwine

Second to none! The only Chinese restaurant I will eat at!

Richmond Va

The best hands down ...must try bamboo fish or crispy pork belly

Jisoo Lee

Amazing, amazing food. We're pretty much Szechuan food fighter trained in Chicago Chinatown and now we have found our go to place in Richmond. Mapo tofu is good, but that's probably the only thing we craved more in Chicago.

Graham Rollins

The hot and numbing fish and tofu is not to be missed,

Adam Ziemba

Delicious food and friendly service! I’ve been to Peter Chang several times, and it’s been a consistently solid experience! If you’re looking for delicious comfort food, Peter Chang is your go-to! Some meals can be very sweet (not good for diabetics). However, the menu is huge and you can easily find something for yourself! The staff is always friendly and attentive. Good job! I’ll be back!

Ian Scarth

Had the Hot and Numbing Combination. Very good. 3 hot peppers is just the right amount of heat

Swetha Sagar

These people are so rude and mean... They are not customer friendly at all... They all always tell that it’s open while we call. But after reaching there, they tell that in our clock the time is up. We have experienced it many times!!! The worst experience ever!!

Kristina Ennis

Great food no matter what you order.


Best food period. Was way too packed during Christmas

Dave Nowak

Top notch food. Huge variety. Better like spicy heat. Some dishes can be made less spicy.

Jeanneane Williams

So many gluten free and dairy free options. General Tso's chicken was delish!

Lois Withers

Took my visiting Mother and friend for lunch. Excellent service and food. This is not our first time visiting. Would highly recommend you eat here.

Betty Salera

Generous and different

V. Todd Wheeler

A very good meal on this, our first, visit. Everything with eggplant was amazing. We could have eaten just the apps. Service was pretty good, but could have been better. We arrived towards the end of lunch service, but chose to order items from dinner menu. Highly recommend the dry fried green beans.

James Tuck

The food was first rate

Timothy Waters

Chinese doesn't get any better than this place.

Wilson Reyes

Quality food, one of the best in short pump

Dan Bendl

Never disapoints! Delicious food!

Alex Minnerly

Wide variety of Asian food. Can be on the spicy side, but great if that's what you want. Large menu, ordering can be a challenge. National reputation for a reason.

Andrew Maisonet

I recently visited Peter Chang and I was impressed not only by their food and choices...I was also satisfied by the servers and their knowledge of the food. Their food doesn't take long to come out to you once the order has been taken and the quality of food is very good. This is the type of place I'd love my entire family to come out to eat.

Peppi Dayton

Excellent, authentic Szechuan Chinese restaurant in a small, unassuming location! For those less adventurous, there are some more standard selections in the back of the menu and the staff is happy to adjust the spice to your comfort level. Don't miss the dry fried eggplant or bamboo flounder appetizers!

Mike Abbruscato

Pretty authentic Chinese food in a cozy atmosphere. Not your typical takeout menu. The quality and preparation of each dish was very good, and service was friendly.

Qi Ren

Food is good,not best. They serve you tap water which is very usual. However, you should at least make sure the cup of water LOOKS CLEAN. We received our drink and found there is a big black dust in our cup.Waiting for our waitress comes back to take our orders more than 15 minutes. Servers are not friendly. Manager even doesn't know how to sweep properly.Service really needs improvement.

Trace Woodbury

Solidly great food. Could be spicier

Steve Shen

This may be one of the best Chinese restaurants I've ever eaten. A few unique dishes that you don't usually see on many Chinese menus. Definitely in my top tier and comparable to the best in China and Chinatowns in NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco.

M Machado

Love the food here. Pretty good vegetarian options. The crispy eggplant appetizer is to die for. My husband doesn't eat eggplant, but he'll eat that eggplant. Always happy with the food here. Only thing holding me back from 5 stars is the ambiance. It's a very busy restaurant at night, with very little waiting area, so feels like people are hanging over you while you're eating.

Aishwarya Sharma

Food was very good but it might not be for everyone. If you are looking for the real Sichuan chilly taste and numbing this is the place for you. I did not really like the numbing feel as it was new but to each his own! Do order the bubble pancakes they are really good. Anybody familiar with Indian Chhole Bhature will feel at home with these. They are not the same but pretty close!

Peter Samuel

Staff were very knowledgable of the menu and courteous in their service. Crisp Pork Belly was an excellent appetizer (highly recommend). Be wary of the spice level, too. Great eats, though. Coming again real soon!

Sheila McKosky

Excellent service. Good food.

Robb Watson

Awesome food and great service! Try the crispy pork rinds appetizer!

Jamie Wilkins

Good food

Judy Bower

Went there for lunch. It was very busy but did not have to wait too long for our order. The food was very good, service good.

Kristin Wray

Got take out and ordered right when they opened! There was already a wait so I knew it would be good. Loved the lo mein... so did my dog which I was not happy about!

Ho Anh

I was given the recommendation from someone at work, and so at the first opportunity to try it this weekend, well, why not? As soon as I walk inside, I ran into a family friend and her cute little family. She, too, recommended this place both by her presence and verbally. So at this point, I've heard the word "authentic" 5-6 times. This place has something for everyone in terms of authenticity. There were the somewhat rude waitresses (typical of "real" Asian restaurants), and then there were the nice waiters (like at PF Chang's, where Caucasians love to eat "real" Chinese food). Booth seating was kind of cheap, as the backrest served as a platform for tennis; every movement of your back and the people on the side side caused the board to move. It was even to the point that there was a little bit of an exchange between my brother and the lady on the other side. (You better watch your back, Woman. You're out numbered here...) That leads me to my next observation, there were people of all walks here; the PF Chang Lovers, and straight-up-outta-China Chinese people here. So yeah, the place is authentic. As for the food... I'll put it like this: I don't think I've ever tasted anything quite like it. It was spicy and oily, which is apparently, typical of this region's food. And it was damn good.

John Sneed

I generally get the Hot and Sour Soup, and the Crispy Pork Belly appetizer as my meal, and am very, very happy each and every time. I like to get the Cold Mixed Beef Tendon to go, and have it hot for the lunch the next day. I am sure that heating this is Chinese food sacrilege, but it's wonderful. All of the "hot and numbing" dishes are great -- Peter Chang's pioneered the use of the requisite "hot and numbing Szechuan pepper" in the US. This restaurant and its sister in Scott's Addition have the best Chinese food in Richmond.

Clinton Lewis

Great food, always hot and out of the kitchen. The staff are nice and always there when you need something.

Mark Smith

This used to be one of our favorite restaurants, but quality has gone downhill the last 2 times we've been. Menus are tattered and dirty, and food was unevenly cooked and seasoned, and with too much grease. Service was still good, luckily. Peter Chang's has expanded to nine locations and it shows. It seems cooking and management talent is spread too thin and they are resting on their laurels of how the food used to taste. In my view - having gross menus and STILL no beer on tap in a big brewing city communicates they are comfortable and don't care enough to improve. Hope I'm wrong b/c when this place was on it's game it was one of my favorite meals.

Linda Pridemore

The best Szechuan beef I have ever had! It wasn't only spicy, but had wonderful flavor as well.

Octavia Nomikos

Amazing meal. My tofu skin was cooked and shredded perfectly. Green beans are a burst of flavor. So much deliciousness in my mouth. 10/10 recommend the Mushroom Hot Pot, by far the beat thing on the menu.

Debbi Price

The food was fantastic, as usual, but the server, Sarah, scowled the one and only time she came to our table and we sat drinkless after our first drinks were empty. We motioned to her three times throughout the night and I know she saw us but ignored us.

Chris Reilly

My favorite Chinese in Richmond. Try both locations as the menus are slightly different!

Megan McCleary

“I’d rather have raw chicken from metro diner” meal took too long to receive, waitress claimed and I quote “that it was not her fault” when she mistakenly gave pork belly instead of pork pot Stickers. The same thing occurred when my brother got his meal nearly 20 minutes after I had gotten mine, at which point he didn’t want it anymore. When it came she said “it wasn’t my fault, and i don’t know why it took so long” then set the plate down. The waitress also quit in the middle of her shift, walked out right passed my mother without speaking to her. Thus far, the manager/owner came by our table and fixed what was wrong. Also proceeding to give us a discount and taking off the mistaken items, as well as a gift card for our trouble. I love the owner/manager at the time she was perfect, friendly, fast, classy, and an enjoyable personality.

Shah Zahory

Great food! Great service!

Gregory Gross

Had an amazing trip to China several years ago. REAL Chinese food is so different from American Chinese food. This was REAL Chinese food. Very authentic Chinese cuisine.

satheesh kumar

We have a regular menu of items we want to eat here. Bubble pancakes, coriander fish rolls and (used to be dried fried mushrooms). The Dan Dan noodles are great. We have always felt that if the food isn't so spicy that we aren't sweating with tears in our eyes we aren't eating authentic Szechuan.. We don't come here very often. Don't miss this place (and don't be afraid of the chili)!

Isabel's World

Great food. Definitely coming back and highly recommended

Rahul Vaidya

Best Bamboo fish...

Sarah B

Very good authentic Szechuan food. Great service as well.

Weston Martin

Having lived in Sichuan, China for 7 months, there are few places that meet the impeccable food that you find there. This place is one of them. I live in Lynchburg, VA and we have Andy Change which is just as good. These Chang's know what's up when it comes to Chinese food. Treat yourself.

Brian Corbett

dan dan noodles rock. tried 43, golden chicken. Very tasty, slightly sweet!

Van Le

Really great food with somewhat high prices. Still great nonetheless. Is this P.F. Chang? Get that place out of my face cause you don't compared P.F. to Peter. The service is good. The food is good. Seats are spacious. The portions are large. You can never go wrong here. Just a bit noisy here when it gets busy.

Jay Jones

Just plain good.

Rob Patterson

Eggplant is amazing!


Delicious! Wonderful experience from start to finish. We had a mixture of adventuresome eaters and more cautious eaters. All were happy with the large menu and variety of selections.

Brandon Colligan

Peter Chang was a good Restaurant... good food and good service. I recommend

Matt Mckinney

The food was prepared perfectly and tasted delicious

Lisa Sanford

Fabulous food and service!

Apoorva Saurav

Amazing food! Staff is helpful and courteous!

Tony Quitiquit

We love Peter Chang's. It is one of if not the best Chinese restaurants in Central Virginia. The food is amazing at a great price. We are able to feed people who like spicy food as well as non-spicy food. You can get the regular foods you are use to, but the house specials and appetizers are what makes this place special.

Sandra Glasgow

Ate there today and it was horrible. The bang bang shrimp was mushy and tasteless. The General Tsaos chicken was mushy and tasteless. The service was subpar. Thank goodness Cook Out is across the street because Peter Chang will NEVER see me there again. Overpriced and horrible

Steve Evans

Best Chinese food on the planet. In my job role as a sales engineer, I've had the blessing to eat at a lot of really nice restaurants with customers. This one is, by far, the best for Chinese cuisine. I love the table with the built in "lazy Susan" to allow everyone to share their entree. My favorite entree is the Szechuan double cooked pork belly. Get there early.

Andrew Taylor

So yeah this place is amazing. The chef is amazing... This place gives p f changes a run for the here and enjoy. Great date spot for the romantics.

Bradley Roach

The service was pretty decent and timely. However, the food was a little bland tasting. It was good quality ingredients just a little flavorless

Imogene Cargo

DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU ENJOY BEING RIPPED OFF... $12 for a small container of rice... Their Egg Rolls are about 1.5 inches long and I swear they look like doll food..... $20 for eggrolls and rice... Insanity.... Honestly, I've been to run down china buffets with better quality food and service. Don't waste your time here.

Muhammad Ali Arshad

Fast service, and good. Good seating area and really good variety on the menu. The food was good and hot! Fish was great. More on the expensive end for Chinese. Worth a try

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