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REVIEWS OF Mellow Mushroom IN Virginia

Ron Bryan

The shiitake pizza is awesome, all the food is very good. And large beer selection, best in town. It is a little more expensive but worth the extra $$.

wendi porter

Amazing pizza and a family friendly atmosphere. The kid's mac and cheese came out way too hot though. My little guy burned his mouth.

Clinton Wells

My wife and I ordered pizzas to go, but we wish we would have just gone here to eat. This place has awesome seating and a sweet bar with plenty on tap. All the staff seemed friendly as well.

Ethan Smith

The pizza is good with a unique flavor, however this restaurant often has been very slow when it comes to service. The waitstaff do what they can, but even when it seems like the place isn't busy, food can still take up to 45 minutes to arrive. This effect is compounded when you're with groups of 6+. If you're going here, just be prepared to block out a significant portion of your day.

Brian Lambert

Holy Shiitake!! Best pizza ever. Oh and bruschetta

Jennifer Castelvecchi

Terrible service. The server accidentally gave my order to another table and then upon realizing the mistake, took it off their table after they had already cut it up and tried to give it to me. No, thank you!

Kimberly Strong

Actually was impressed with the spinach salad ... the pizza was, of course, perfect!

Bill Vargo

Super slow service. Food slow to come out and even slower were the drinks. Nothing special, just draft beer orders. Not sure why. It was not that crowded.


Good pizza! Thin crisp crust. House salad and recommended vinaigrette very good!

Vickie Ratcliff

Very good pizza very nice place to eat

Brendan O'Keefe

Really good pizza, but definitely not worth the price. Trivia Night is every Wednesday, which is really fun and well organized, but that's the only time the price of food is worth it.

Alison M

Such a cool place. The pizza is a little expensive but very good. We were able to park a two minute's walk away. The industrial look is very memorable and it's cool watching them make your pizza. Overall a nice place to go.

David Rosie

Great environment and food.

William Piorkowski

Save your self the hassle....of course the townies are going to love it, but from a out of towner perspective is average at best!!!! Paid 24.99 for the mushroom pie, at this price you'd expect a couple cans of mushrooms on it, right? But this pie had bubbles in the crust, leaving barely any room for the handful of shitake, portabello and button mushrooms on a large pie, waaay overpriced. More cardboard in the Papa John's tasting crust than the box it came in and little caesar's cheese, no flavor and what a joke. Mushrooms flavor and parmesan covering the crust were only positives that made it palatable. Save yourself $20 and order dominoes. Sorry but it is what it is, sincerely, high expectations low quality!

colis gilbert

Wonderful. The menu is full of flavors and great choices.

Ian Anderson

Mellow Mushroom knows how to make an amazing pizza! When I need a pizza fix Mellow Mushroom is the only place in town I trust to deliver quality pizza at a great price!

Chris Hughey

Food was good but the service was really slow. We were there during a slow time and waitress was more interested in talking to the other waitresses vs taking care of us. Had to get up and ask to place order and for refills and such.

Erin Rusch

We had an enjoyable lunch. I decided to try their new pizza in the menu while my boyfriend ordered a large cheese pizza with mushrooms. Everything was prepared fresh and was tasty. The service was good too. Will definitely visit this place again in the near future.

Paul Taylor

Great food and atmosphere

Keith Wilson

Great beer even better service

Cheryl Niday

The best pizza to be had in Virginia! VERY nice wait staff! Only thing, bathroom could be cleaner.

Lisa Leibel

Great craft beer selection.

Marcus Wanner

The pizza and beer are good, but there are cheaper locally-owned places downtown with shorter wait times and comparable quality. Worth it only if you want some really unique sauce or cheese options.

Carissa Hogan

I've visited multiple Mellow locations and love the food in all of them. This location has a great decor theme with it's industrial yet funky vibe. Our waitress Olivia, who had only been working at this location for a week, was superb - friendly, responsive, and very helpful! Best beer cheese of all the MMs.

Lili Carrillo Cala

Delicious pizza, family friendly.

james buck

Pizza beer and cheesesteak...ourdinnerwas great. My cheesesteak was good..big place. Lots of tables. Long bar to wait if place is full

Rodney Price

Great service

Bruce Husselbee

Great food. Nice service!

Natalia Tapia

Very nice atmosphere and excellent pizza

Andy Martin

Great food amazing service can't get much better than this place!

Goktug Morcol

Good gluten-free pizza

Vadim Shun

Sit down restaurant. Portion sizes were decent and Italian food variety was decent. We had to wait for a while till the order was served despite being off rush hour time.


Great pizza, kind staff

Sharon McDaniel

Great experience as usual. Pizza was not as good as it normally is but all and all good experience

Kontious Kae

I guess because I chose two vegetarian options that didn't meet my expectation... seems the there is no detailed focus and thought put into some the veg options. I ordered mushroom soup and an avacado hoggie. the hoggie had just a few pieces of lettuce, and a pinch of onion. would have been best with a full leaf or two and a touch of flavour spirit: the basic dress up for a hoggie, maybe some oil, pepper sprinkle and or a touch of vinegar. As for the soup, it was a little unappealing by its presentation. maybe a smaller bowl would have sufficed so the bowl wouldn't be more outstanding than the soup. even if it was enough, it didn't look or feel as such. It was on the chalky side and wasn't with key mushroom flavour tone. it was less of creamy and more so with lots of cheese feel and taste. Will return cause other options I've had here was good ... and I will return cause I love the concept and many options they offer. I cause I just got the wrong thing this time.

Lorna Weldon

Really good pizza! reslly pricey, really crowded, really friendly staff!

Jared Ferber

Okay, so I love Mellow Mushroom and all they stand for but this one, not so much. They really need a lesson in front of house service, specifically the use of runners, bar backs and bus boys. If they used any of those their servers might occasionally be able to wait on a table and check in on their guests rather than sitting around folding delivery and take-out boxes. On a plus side the food remains on point even if radically delayed in arriving at the table.

Andrew Miller

Never had a problem with mellow, but recently I placed an order for take out online. Their online ordering system is questionable at best. The interface looks polished, but is completely unintuitive and my total was $5 cheaper when I paid than when I was viewing my order. I'm not one to complain about a discount, but I was confused as to why it happened. As always, the staff and food at Mellow Mushroom are always fantastic, and I won't hesitate to move the review to 5 stars once the website is fixed.

Reformed Wooden Creations

Amazing food, super friendly service, awesome design and decoration. Old school, steam punk, rustic mix. Cant wait to go back

Kadeem ThaiGo RuE

the spoon measurement depicted in this photos may give vision to what influences this 3star review. Moreover, the only piece of lettuce you see present is like 1 of about 4 little romaine pieces. the soup portion and texture was disappointing... flavour of course was not reflective of the mushroom dish it is/was intended to be. This soup was with a very chalky texture and more of a cheesy gravy turkey puree than a fine smooth&silky creamy mushroom soup. My hope is that this review will help to encourage better prep of the soup and more thought in how some of the sandwiches are made and served. 10/90: only 10% of restaurant managers and owners actually reply to and respond to reviews. the other 90% get offended and react negatively. learn how to leverage the use of reviews to your benefit. I will be back to mellow. I don't hate the place. This isolated experience was just disappointing. I'm looking forward to my return soon and hope to find improvement(s).

Tracy Hickman

Good pizza

Kennith Akers

Nice , but pricey very pricey! Pizza was ok,

Michelle Ferris

We went on last Sunday and the wait was long, even though the place was not busy. We waited 15 minutes for someone to clean off an outside table so we could be seated. It was only 2 of us and it took about an hour to get our calzone. In the past, bar seating and service has been okay. Definitely not a place on the top of our list to stop and grab something to eat!

Jake Fox

Kids pretzel dippers were dry and burned. Service was very slow and just not competent. Some of our food was good, but a dry sandwich was disappointing. This was not the first time we've had service trouble at this outlet. Other MM outlets we've been to have always been good.

Chelsea Warner

I took my family here on their family evening, which has some food deals and they bring in a face painter and balloon artist! It was a fun and funky atmosphere that everyone enjoyed! The food was excellent and the service was the best I've ever had at any restaurant, and for even a busy evening they held it together very well! We will all be back!

Paulo Souza

Great pizza, 60 types of draft beer, the staff are friendly and the place is pretty nice decoration and good localization.

Benjamin Childers

So glad that Blacksburg has a location now. Come to WV please!

Shawna Marie Skaggs

My first time, loved it, great food, great service, fun atmosphere!!!

Benjamin Kramer

Great place to eat good pizza with my niece Heather.

Pablo Reinder

Great place, nice vibe, excellent pizza. Mondays are specials at 10$ a large pizza. Always worth every penny.


Excellent food and service. Stylish steampunk atmosphere. We enjoyed their hummus and pita wedges, magic mushrooms soup, meatball sub, and mighty meaty pizza; all we're outstanding. Atrium and outdoor dining, and a wall of beer on tap round out the dining experience. It was my favorite place in Blacksburg when it was Backstreets Pizza, and may be my new favorite as the Mellow Mushroom.

Allison Owens

I usually eat at the one in Johnson City but I was in town for my birthday and y'all did a great job! Food was delicious!

Paul Hoag

My wife has Alzheimers and she was treated with respect and caring that exceeded my expectations. I can't thank them enough for their caring attitude. Oh yeah, the food was great too. Paul

Danny Decker

Food was pretty good, but service was outstanding. Very welcoming and friendly.

David Firth

Place is super nice inside. Love the bar.

Matilde Timmins

Just one word for the good pizza... Awesome!!The crust to the cheese to the everything!!!

jamie walker

Other than it being so cold inside that I could barely hold my fork (and I even had a sweater on, in july) was totally worth freezing my arse off for it!!

Ruthvik Kadam

Great place for a good dinner. Good ambience and customer service. Ordered the buffalo chicken and shiitake pie on thin crust. Enjoyed both. Good collection of beers as well.

Elliott VC

Very busy place but good service!

Jeff Hubert

Great pizza and large selection of craft beers on tap.

Aidan Ward

They have good service, a nice ubique atmosphere, and good food on a large menu.

Mary Paz Alvarez Valverde

Had a great time and some great Za. Service was very polite and attentive!!

Steven Jones

Two words, Maui Wowie. Two more words, that crust. Two even more words, Funky Q. Two more words following two words, Mighty Meaty. Mellow mushrooms pizza is literally one of the best in the US in terms of flavors and their pizza crust. Go eat it.

John MacMenamin

Great pizza, friendly staff and a hipster designed interior space. What more could you ask for? Try the pretzel bites with mustard beer dipping sauce!

Anthony Smith

Met a couple of friends here who had already ordered garlic bread and pretzels before we got there. I had to wait a while for the server to even come out to the patio to see if I wanted anything. Finally got my drink order in and didn't see the server for a while. The garlic bread eventually came out but not the pretzels. The server was not the one that delivered the garlic bread so we couldn't ask where the pretzels were. There were other tables in use outside and it seemed like each table had it's own server which seems very inefficient. We eventually got the pretzels (again, not by our server). We wanted to hang out outside and get a couple more drinks, but we got fed up after finishing the food. We had to ask one of the other servers to get our server for us so we could get our check to pay. Not sure if the server ever came out because I went to the bathroom while waiting for my friend to pay. When I got out, I see him standing at the bar inside waiting to pay.

Greg Vollmer

Got there early on a weekday- greeted with a smile and fantastic service. Probably their first pizza of the lunch rush but was fast and hot and tasty. Great experience, highly recommended

Bijan is Gucci

It’s really over priced for pizza

Connor Leake

Great place to get interesting pizza to say the least.

Mike Manfredi

Great beer selection, and solid meat selections. Waiter was super nice, and the overall vibe and presentation is awesome. Also a great place for work/group events


Stunning food and beer experiences are possible at this well managed restaurant.

Robert Christopher

Italian pizza oven. Large and thick specialty/designer pizzas. Bring your appetite. Generous with pizza toppings. Great staff! Huge bar. Combination restaurant-nightclub-family place! Extremely popular. Incredible al Fresca umbrellas above South Main Street. Hot hot hot place to show up!!! Conveniently located right across the street from Downtown Blacksburg Parking Garage. See you there!

Tamara Heft

Service and food delivery gets slower every time. We go back because we do love the pizza and beer selection.

Stuart Schwarzer

Good food and good service! It's an eclectic kind of place. Pizzas and sandwiches abound!

Samantha Santti

Orders apps and pizzas, all was amazing! Service was great, server was very knowledgeable. Really cool atmosphere

Mary Thorsted

Awesome selection of pizza and adult beverages. Had the Pacific Rim pizza. It was delicious!!!

Scott McCrickard

A good place with interesting pizza selections and great outdoor seating right on Main Street. There's a solid selection of beer and other drinks as well. It's a bit pricey but worth it on the right occasion.

Kayla Marie

Amazing pizza! Everyone in my family loved it. Even my picky eaters who won't touch the crust devoured it. Highly recommended!

Lorna W

Awesome pizza! Loads of toppings! Gluten free pizza a bit pricey. Really, GF flour, esp in bulk is not that expensive. No parking cuz it's near VA Tech. Limited carryout parking at rear of building with 3 spots, one for handicapped. Most employees are courteous. Take out guy is super nice! Crowded all of the time! Can't ask for better pizza though.

Sean Gray

Great food. Friendly service. And they don’t just have good pizza, the burgers and sandwiches I’ve had have all been great. Definitely recommend

Maggie Price Turner

Not the best experiences here. We had bad service. The food wasn't hot. No refills. Probably won't be back.

Bob Sisco

Great pizza, good service, great beer selection.

Hannah Winistorfer

Excellent service,drinks and food. Will be going back!


Nice place to enjoy pizza naer by Virginia Tech, and they provide good service.

Kurk Wartburg

Went Saturday 12/16/17 after picking up a student from VT. Place was hustling, and we arrived a bit after a bus load had shown up. We were seated promptly, and waiter was very friendly. Ordered a Pizza and appetizer. Appetizer was out quickly, Pizza took a bit of time. Bites I got were a B, Pizza was fantastic. I was sick when I was here so I can't wait to go back when i am feeling good, as It should be even better.

Chidubem Arachie

The pizza was good, a bit expensive

Michael Hudson

Excellent gourmet pizzas and artisan appetizers. There selection of micro brews on tap is one of the best. Bring your growler. Cheers

Will Howard

Excellent pizza, sandwiches, and lemonade.

Dave thetechguy

Tasty pizza ok price every one has different decor

Greg Remington

Mushroom soup on cold day; perfect!

James Jarmusch

Always a good place to create your own meal. The menu is eclectic enough to build something for everyone and the food is never disappointing. I am not a pizza guy, but I can always find meal that is good.

Rich Hanapole

Awesome pizza in chill atmosphere!

David Lee Hopkins

Had a large party - 8 adults, 2 kids. Kennedy was our server. Great service and the food came out quickly and was delicious. Appetizers were spinach dip and the pretzel dough bites. I ordered the Thai Chili wings and my two closest table-mates ordered the small "Mellowterannean". Wings were delicious with more than ample Bleu cheese supplied, and also celery, and also, weirdly, carrots.

Kenny Friend

The beer selection was great, but the staff cared very little about their food quality. Our appitizer was wrong. They never offered to fix it or even ask how it was. Not to mention our pizza arrived almost before the appitizer. The biggest problem was they forgot to put cheese on our pizza! Again, no one asked how our food was or bothered to fix it. The kitchen staff seemed to care more about their phones than making food. This was our second attempt to eat at Mellow Mushroom and the experience wasn't much different than the first.

Chris Thompson

Great staff

Karen Price

Wonderful food and atmosphere!

Michael Hoadley

Good food and excellent service. A little noisy for my taste but not a deal breaker.


Always very good

Steven Howe

Great food, Great beer, great atmosphere!

John Knaus

The mellow mushroom has great pizza and an upgrade atmosphere. The staff is well trained and friendly. The decor is amazing. I recommend a visit, though if you love pizza the cost in your local pizza shop is about half as much.

Ed Willman

Excellence service. Really really good pizza. The GM of this restaurant should be proud! Top notch and our server Caleb was the man!

Nicole Wheeler

Crowded and loud, such is a college town business. Their pizza is overrated too.


Second time back at Mellow Mushroom and it was awesome again! Despite the busy restaurant the staff is very nice and the food is great! Love the specialty shiitake pie!

Rebecca Scheckler

Okay bur expensive. Get better pizza at a better price down the street at the cellar. i do not know why people wait on line to get in.

Adam Wirdzek

some very tasty and expensive za. but dang it's tasty. but dang it's expensive.

John Marshall

Fast, friendly service. Great pizza. Interesting art. Not crowded when we visited. A great place to bring the family. Noisy children won't be noticed.

Amanda Griffith

Nice staff warm atmosphere

Ryan Green

I'm in town on business and after asking the hotel concierge where to go, was directed here. Upon walking in you're met with chic decorations, a huge bar with lots of beer options, and the smell of delicious pizza. My coworker and myself got a medium meatlovers and absolutely loved it. It was cooked perfectly, the crust was nicely seasoned, the meat was quality. All in all A+

Bryan Strong

The calzone was excellent!

Tammy Rudman

Yummy pizza,very friendly staff.Will be back!!

kenneth hancock

They have great pizza, and the best pretzel anywhere which goes good with their salads.

Dixie Crawford

AMAZING!! Will definitely be back

Andrew Lounsbury

Great Food and Prices

Kristin Keyer


Jessilynn Hager

A great place for a family meal while in Blacksburg!

hannah E

Great food, and the service is great!

Han Chen

Good pizza and excellent service!

kyle bentley

Tasty pizza, good portions, acclectic menu, incredibly expensive.

CreepyPasta Zach

This place as amazing! The food is fantastic and comes relatively quick and hot, plus the service is great. The waiters and waitresses are really nice and apologetic if something goes wrong. I just wished I could get more food for the drive home.

Vijay Raghavan

Best Pizza and service. Very casual and attentive.

Carrie DiCarlo

The food came out at different times. Mushroom club was tiny and had one slice ham, one slice bacon, one slice cheese and a few mushrooms. 1* sandwich. Pizza was good. I have been to much much better mellow mushrooms.


Very good food. Fun environment. Service is usually pretty decent. Food is expensive.

Jarrod Oliver

As always a unique experience. No two Mellow Mushrooms are alike, so you need to visit each one.

Charles Presley

It's the bomb yo

Trish Colley

Food is always good but each time we have been here it takes a very long time to get our food.

Kendra McAllister

The pizza was delicious, holy shiitake mushroom, and came out quickly. There was a good selection of beer on tap as well, so that made it even better. We had not been in a while because they kept messing up our orders, but, it seems, things are running more smoothly now, so give it a chance again if you went closer to the time they opened.

Mikey Baker

Incredible pizza's and the people there are awesome! Yes, you may have a long wait if it's busy, but if you don't realize that, then you probably shouldn't eat out anywhere.

Nathan Broman

I haven't been to a mellow mushroom in about 10 years so I was excited to be able to visit again. Unfortunately the food quality seems to have dropped. Smaller portions and on the bland side.

steve ball

Awesome experience! Great deals for lunch.

Brian Fischer

Never been. Was surprised by the quality and quantity for such a reasonable price. Large selection of toppings with plenty of other things to eat if pizza isn't your thing. But pizza is there thing.

Jennifer Acuff

We like the pizza here, but we've had terrible service on so many occasions. Once we were seated on the patio and waited for 20 minutes for someone to bring us waters and say, they'd be right back. 20 more minutes later, we decided to leave after having no one return, even after flagging down a waiter and asking if he could check on it. We told the service stand at the front about it when we handed them back our menus as we left, and he said he didn't know how that happened. And that was it. No apology or assurance to take care of it. Three times now, they've lost our takeout order and have taken a terribly long time to fill the order while we stand there waiting, without any offer for something to eat or drink while we wait or some kind of composition for the trouble. Every time, there are about a dozen waiters meandering through the restaurant, waiting on tables and chatting with each other. Meanwhile, the one or two people behind the counter and the bartender seem to be the only individuals aware of anything. Again, we like the pizza, but it's not worth it anymore.

Kathy Whitlow

Great service, wonderful pizza.

JC Hanson

Great pizza and service close to campus.

Cody Hornberger

Their pizza is very good, just way overpriced. Better values and tastes elsewhere in Blacksburg.

Julie Ruiz

Delicious pizza! Great selections of beers. Good time.

John Doe

Great food, great waitress.

Matthew Mauur

The staff was very attentive, but rushed a little bit. Very good craft beer selection. Some of the more exotic beers can be a bit pricey by the pint. The pizza was fabulous and they made it to order perfectly. The atmosphere is not calm and quiet, but rather very upbeat and a little loud. On nice days I'd recommend sitting outside if you prefer more low-key.

Jerry Lovell

I went with a large group that got split up to seat us all. The poor waiter had to run back and forth to accommodate both groups. Service was awesome. Thumbs up waiter guy. And sorry to put you through that.

Jason Shaffer

Good food. Good time

Justin Allen

Awesome atmosphere!

Delinda Hawks

This is always the best one. We've eaten at several and this one's the best.

Dennis Parker

Went early on a Saturday evening. They are not very busy, but service was somewhat slower than I expected & the place was chilly. Food was ok, lots of beer choices, but heavy on IPAs.

Della Wolfdove

Fantastic food, fast service, clean restaurant & friendly attentive staff.

Robert Gingher

Lots of good salads and pizzas

Josh Sternfeld

The pizza was good. I ordered off of the local favorites. My wait was around 2 hours from the time getting there to the time we actually ate. The owner did come around and give us a discount for waiting. It shows how he cares and is in the daily life of the business. I would recommend this. But try to go when there is not a wait.

Jon Cin

Food is great! Service is lacking.


Third or fourth time I've been here and it's taken forever to get our pizza. Party of 6 and everyone's meals came out at different times. Everyone else had finished...and we were still waiting for two pizzas. Complained to the waiter when he finally brought them and he just walked away. Then came back a while later and spewed out a bunch of lame excuses. It's always like this here. I've been to Mellow Mushrooms all over the country. This is by far the worst. Will be trekking to Roanoke to avoid this place. Restrooms were a mess too.

Kevin Welch

1 hour for a small chef salad... Horrible experience... first and last visit to Mellow Mushroom Blacksburg...

Cora Gnegy

Great place for lunch. Fun walk through downtown. From parking. My party and I split a few pizzas. Good beer selection, and great decor. Built a pizza w garlic base, mozzarella cheese and steak.

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