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Exiled Fromlight

Solid Bolivian food menu. Management needs to understand that is a bad idea to add directly 15% tip in the grand total. Customers have the right to tip 10, 15, 18%, or whatever amount they feel like it.

Victor Santiago

La atención fue buena, el sabor del chairo estaba muy lejos del autentico , mucha papa picada, un pedacito de carne de res, dos pedazos pequeños de pollo. El fricase abundante ,cuatro pedazos de cerdo no tenía sabor a fricase sin embargo estaba agradable. Precio alto por lo recibido e incluyen la gratitud en la cuenta y luego dejan la posibilidad de dejar una propina (acaso gratitud 15% mas una propina, no es pagar dos veces una propina)

Edgar Garcia Hernandez

Good food

Joel Benson

This review is for the salteñas only. The dough is very thin which I like because sometimes it's to thick with to much dough. The taste of the filling is very tasty. These are my favorite salteñas.

carlos Aguirre

Absolutely good experience, I found everything that I need, employee's very helpful, no doin I do recommend to anyone out here to have the same experience


Best alternative to Victors Grill. If you like Victors Grill, you will love Luzmary (and your wallet will thank you). We ordered salteñas and lomo montado. The salteñas were absolutely delicious, a bit spicy hot, but perfect size and great taste. The lomo montado is similar to the one at Victors Grill but much more affordable, very tasty and tender. Staff is friendly and polite, the place was clean, tables and chairs are comfy, a well organized place. Great place for families.

Billy Martinez

It's my 1st time eating Bolivian food, and I enjoyed my meal. Good food, good portions, good price. I enjoyed their cheese topped bread rolls made inhouse. The only thing that I disliked was that your clothes gets a bit smelly, other than that it's GOOD.

Derlin Baires

Awesome food !!

jaime perez

Where Luzmilas went to after selling. The previous Luzmilas restaurant. So glad I found it!

Judy Bloom

Good experience

Maggie Hurtado

Delicious savory food!

Ken Healy

I've lived nearby for years, and I am terribly sorry it took me so long to try Luzmary. It sounds like I got lucky in that it was not busy when I went. I started with a beef salteña, which came with a cup of fresh jalapeño relish. Absolutely brilliant! My main course was the huevos rancheros which was served with slices of fresh goat cheese and slices of fresh avocado. My only regret was that I ate it too fast. Everything was amazing, and the portions were great. The waiter was extremely polite, and I can't wait to go back!


Great food, prices and people. Helps if you speak spanish but not necessary. Also the waitresses are super hot!

silvio guerrero

Food is fair, servers are not very professional, it's just an ok experience p

Paul Meeks

Excellent food as always....many times, however, the waiters dissapear after the food comes. Otherwise, they get 5 stars.

Lilia Murillo

(Translated by Google) The beautiful Bolivian night (Original) La noche boliviana hermosa

Justin Strunk

Fantastic taste of Bolivia!

Rick Christensen

Huge portions of most items, and all delicious.

paola balderrama

It was good

Desi Chicas

Great Bolivian food. The saltenas are amazing.

Paola Aviles

Delicious food

Andrew Guzman

Good food and service.

Marek Zalewski

Doesn't look like much from the outside, but offers good food, including some of the best saltenas in the area. Bolivian beer is also available.

An Stone


Guilleni Galindo

Great authentic Bolivian food. One of the very best in service and quality

Me Les

Excelent Bolivian food.

David Pantigoso

(Translated by Google) No good Sazon (Original) No tiene buena sazon

Danitza Pereira

Definitivamente nuestra primera y ultima vez en este lugar. No es un ambiente familiar parece cantina tienen la música muy alta como si se tratara de fiesta muy incomodo para compartir en familia, el servicio deficiente el mesero que nos atendio no esta capacitado, del resto no tengo certeza. re lento para tomar la orden y para recibir la orden mucho más. La planchita para 2 exageradamente lleno de aceite. Y la salchipapa mal hecha papas rechinadas y salchicha con un sabor extraño para nada agradable. No recomomendable.

Carla Sein Helguero

I order a pariada for 2 and the meat had a wired taste to it. Not good at all. My second time coming her.

Patrick Fahey

Great place if you're interested more in the food then atmosphere. The food and portions are great. Can get a bit crowded which means taking a little longer in your meal getting to you. But you won't be disappointed in the meal.

Daryl Strom

The food was great and a good deal too. I was hesitant at first because the outside doesn't look great and there was no one in there, but the inside was clean and the food was really good. I had the steak and eggs dinner plate.

Richard Via

Delicious Bolivian food, like mama used to make at home.

aleida paniagua

It was great to eat dinner here, good service and delicious food

Cale Rito

The best thing that has happened to Virginia, Mary and Luz made me feel at home again with their cuisine. Gustavito

Carmen Mercado

Delicious yummy

Dominio Propio

Un lugar muy acogedor para comer rico.

Helen Quiroga

(Translated by Google) They make good food (Original) Hacen buena comida

bronwyn ross

So good

Justin Johnston

A comfortable, informal atmosphere with incredibly flavorful food. I had a bit of the steak and the tacos, and they were absolutely delicious. Service was quick and helpful. I had a margarita and I'm pretty sure it was from a mix, but it had enough tequila in it to give them a pass. Driving afterwards would be a challenge, so I'm glad I walked. Stumbled.


Best place to eat like a king, maybe because we know the taste, the tradition and the style of the food, the time to prepare too, because the scratch food is not like the fast food, so ....... please make sure you have time to wait for a fresh food

Philip Rosen

One of the best Bolivian restaurants. Amazing Salteñas

Derek Jarrels

Excellent food, prices and service... will definitely return

Pinar Erturan

Great saltenas


Great Bolivian place with options for food of other countries. Try the saltenas, best in town.

sarah p

Portions were great, fresh baked bread with the meal. It was delicious. I'll be back.

Laurine Onza

Food is great BUT service for that day was horrible, it was my first time going. We basically seated ourselves and ordered water for everyone, the water came about 10 min before we got our food that took about 45 minutes to come out. We were served bottled water- we just asked for regular water... I guess tap water wasn't available? I don't know. I ordered buffalo wings for my nine year old and after eating about three wings, he came across a wing that was still raw in the middle. We told and showed our server in English and Spanish (Jennyfer) but she didn't do anything about it. I ordered the 3 amigos, delicious and generous portion but I wasn't asked how I wanted my steak, it was rare. So just make sure specify EVERYTHING!

Efrain Chavez

Great food

Lunita Cakes

Great food

Norman Gonzalez

Great service and excellent food, the perfect combination.

Barney Black

great salteñas!

Rose Stark

We love the food at this place.

Richard Hunter

This is authentic food. It is good. You should go. I did not pay so i can not comment on price. I arrived late so i did not even see the menu. The restaurant is not a new building. It has a "hole-the-wall" feel. But every one of my Bolivian in laws liked it even if my mother-in-law said her chairo soup is better than theirs.

Kevin Cisney

Feels like a homemade South American meal. I never lived in Bolivia, but I did live in South America for a couple of years, and this was a pleasant, nostalgic surprise.

Bill Wall

Very good Bolivian food...this side of Bolivia of course....also just bought 12 saltanas to take home...hope they're as good as Hamacas of Santa Cruz, Bolivia!

Simon Chang

There were no tables on a busy Sunday. The server told me there was a "seat" at their "bar"... well I would are in their salteñas in their broom closet if they told me to. 5 stars.

j v

Very good food, nice location, plenty of parking. Humitas are good, choclo is awesome.

Franklin Mercado

Hands down the best bolivian food in NOVA. Their salteñas are everithing.

helen elina montano bellot

Good choice for eat salteńas yamyyyy

Emma Beltran

Amazing food. If you want the closes taste of good Bolivian food come here.

Brezy Rivas

Absolutely love their Salteñas!!! Great Bolivian food. Open late. And great on a budget!!

Sherri Marquez

I'm just going to say it. I love saltenas. I live in Florida and when I visit my daughter in Maryland I make the trip to Virginia to buy a couple of dozen saltenas to freeze and take back to Florida. If you are unacquainted with saltenas, they are similar to but much better than empanadas. The palm sized pies have a thin golden crust stuffed with a juicy stew like filling of beef or chicken and vegetables, baked and served with llajwa (hot green chili sauce). Previously I ordered them from Luzmilla's in Falls Church. They were superb. I understand that she sold her restaurant and Luzmary is her granddaughter. The name is not the only thing that is different. The saltenas are not nearly as good. They don't have the same flavor or juiciness and the crust was on the sweet side. I prefer my saltenas to be more savory. Frankly, they were a disappointment and I will not be making the trip to buy them again.

Christian Leanos

On Thursday I had sopa de mani and chicharrón. 5 star! The service was amazing! On Saturday I had Falso conejo and picante. Not so great. I give it a 2 or 3 stars. Service was disappointing on this day.

Juan Rojas

I loved this bolivian place, authentic bolivian! Friendly service. Good atmosphere, recommended


The salteñas are the best in the DMV area

Chris Araya

Great salteñas. Food is ready when they say it will be. Only ordered take out but would definitely drive in. The interior is like most hole in the wall Latin joints in the DMV area especially NOVA but that's a good thing. Casual but classy.

J Foodgeek

Goof Bolivian place. Best option I've found around there for saltenias, both chicken and beef. The peach juice is good

Anyhel Lhi


Victor Lopez



El servicio excelente y la comida de primera calidad

Ramiro Carrasco

Salteña was excellent

Silvia Bravo

Excelent Bolivian food

Marlen Diaz

(Translated by Google) Excellent place to share with family, excellent food, fast and timely attention. Highly recommended for all who wish to enjoy family time with excellent cuisine. Congratulations. (Original) Excelente lugar para compartir en familia, excelente comida, atención rápido y a tiempo. Muy recomendable para todos los que deseen disfrutar de un momento familiar con una excelente gastronomía. Felicidades.

Maria Wood

Excellent authentic saltena's!!!

Ryan Connors

Amazing food. I can't recommend the parillada enough. A huge platter of assorted meats and sausages to share. A seriously outstanding experience.

Lourdes Rojas

Service was very polite and helpful. Nice atmosphere and excellent food. Will definitely come back to try more dishes.

El majestuoso illimani de La Paz

Very good and delicious options. $$$

Jahmaal Marshall

Good food, but they didn't have any dessert, wazzup with that???...

Slim Rogers

Portions are very large and totally justify the price. The Salteñas were excellent and it was nice to see chuño available too.

Kevin Ryusan

This place is simply awesome,. Amazing great food.

Mario D. Prada

Good food and service. For the adventurous souls trying Bolivian food for the first time, I recommend trying salteñas, sopa de mami (peanut soup), or silpancho.

Osi Cruz

(Translated by Google) The staff is friendly (Original) El personal es amable

James Brackins

Loved it all. Will come back again when I visit.

Kelly Ardaya

Disfrutamos de Luzmary Bolivian Restaurante. Muy buena atención y la comida sabrosa.

Carla Ferguson

The food is great! This is a must visit spot. The Silpancho is my favorite dish.

Jose Money

Delicious food Girls are very nice courteous and pretty

Andrea Anderson

Had the Steak Tacos they were great! The menu is mostly in Spanish, but the servers were helpful.

Marcelo Rodriguez


Jess Jess

best Bolivian food in town

Mariana Andrade-Bejarano

Salteñas, salteñas, salteñas. Their food is amazing - but if you go anyplace else for salteñas, you will have missed what this place is most known for.

stephany uriostegui

Up in CT we don't have Bolivian restaurants. We were visiting Virginia and found luzmary on the way home. Their salteñas are really good. Highly recommend.

christopher cook

Excellent place for Bolivian food! We had Parrillada for two and it was amazing. Service was excellent and prices good. Looks like Bolivian Parrillada is better than Argentinian Parrillada. The menu has so many delicious choices that we will have to go back soon and try them. ( I have been told that their saltena is famous so ... next time ).

Carlos González

I dont have words. Nothing like Luzmillas down the street..

Ernest Ross

This restaurant is my preferable restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to this restaurant. when I want to go to a good lunch, this is the place that comes first to my mind. exeptionalgorgeous and many types of food and a large list of dishes.generous staff, and agreeable spirit. Also important, the expence is modest. I tell about this place with pleasure.

Katherine MacArena Antonio Sanjinez

(Translated by Google) Very little hygiene (Original) Muy poca higiene

Brian Moreno

21st Birthday had a family dinner and listened to a band sing me happy birthday most importantly tho they gave me my first 3 tequilla shots and i enjoyed the millenesa de pollo the most

Carlos Gonzalez

Excellent food and great service Cunapes are the best i

Oscar Viscarra

(Translated by Google) One hundred percent Bolivian style food. Very good. (Original) Comida cien por ciento estilo boliviana. Muy buena.

thomas custy

Amazing food

Giovanni Amatore

Luzmary's is a delicacy that is found in the heart of Virginia. Not centralized in the middle of the city or the packed retail locations you'd find elsewhere, but where the people are. You can immediately tell from the moment you walk in the door, that people come from far and near to enjoy the delicacy and atmosphere. The food is absolutely amazing, if you don't know the kind of plate you're about to order, please ask anybody and they'd be happy to tell you. I myself always go for my signature plate of silpancho and never go wrong with that. Choosing anything else off the menu is beyond tempting and I will typically order another meal to take home with me. You will leave Luzmary with your hunger completely gone for what probably may be the rest of the day and will be completely happy for it. Be mindful that this food is freshly prepared and can take some time, so enjoy the setting, enjoy a conversation, and prepare to dig in to probably the best meal you'll have in quite some time. Enjoy.

Sohel Patwary

So far sooo good. I'm not Bolivian but my soon to be wife is. We did enjoy the k'awi which was really good and filling. However if u want the chorizo which is something not on the menu is not that great. Ones from Tarata still makes me drool.

jesus manuel hernandez espitia

Buena atencion y muy buen sabor.

Thomas Escobar

Biiiig portions. Prices between 8 and 16, but enough for a meal for 2 usually. Get the salteñas (meat pies). They don't disappoint.

Wilfredo Guzman

Comida muy buena un lugar acogedor para la familia

Solo Amante

El mejor lugar para pasarla con la familia y amigos recomiendo en todo momento

Francisco Acosta

El mejor lugar para pasarla muy bien y complacer al apetito el servicio es excelente

Ralph Wall

I'm Peruvian and you know we have amazing food but I can resist this excellents and delicious plates!... Piquemacho! Sirpancho! Salteñas!....etc

Lyla Vela Castañón

Came from California to taste Bolivian food. Great service, food was spectacular. Falso conejo highly recommended

Megan Angevine

A coworker will pick up a dozen of the saltenas every so often and the office just loves them. Word of warning that they can be messy to eat. They are delicious. Decided to eat in today. Tried the soft tacos and they were great. Would recommend!

Emma Perez

Arriba es en English y abajo para los que hablan Español: As I'm sitting here in this sorry excuse for a restaurant I am writing this review. Our waiter is some skinny guy with a hunchback and glasses (never caught his name). He brings us our bread and never gives us plates! My family is eating on napkins for 5 mins till he comes back and I have to ask him "¿tienen platos?" - "do you have plates?" And he laughs and leaves. It takes him 8 mins or so to go get our plates and we are done with our bread. Me and my wife ordered an empanada and a cheesebread and we never recieved them but got our sopa de mariscos- seafood soup. He wasn't going to give us our appetizers if my wife never asked for them, midway through my wife asking the waiter he literally walks away from her mid-sentence. He comes back with our appetizers and kinda tosses them on the table at us, the empanada was cold and had no flavor. The soup at first looks good but once i dig into it, the hidden problems appear. Their were clam shells and muscles that were cracked on the corners with fragments swimming around in the soup. All of the muscles in the soup were sealed shut meaning that they were dead and never properly cleaned. Me and my wife unknowingly took a spoonful of the soup and bit down on a piece of clam shell and it hurt our teeth. The cluster of the crab legs tasted gamey and nasty as if they were sitting around for a while. There was imitation crab meat all throughout and the soup itself tasted a little funky. We couldnt even finish it because it was so gross and old tasting. Then my stepmother ordered something just for the waiter to say "no hay de eso"- "we don't have that". Then why have it on the menu? Finally, It was time for us to leave and my stepmom asked for a "to-go cup for the soup". Tell me why this man comes out with two foam cups and expects me and my wife to pour this huge bowl of soup into this little thing at the table. Then i realized the to-go orders for other people were pizza boxes from another restaurant. I was so unhappy with the service and food only to be even angrier when i found out that they put their 15% tip on the bill for you. The service was HORRENDOUS i wasnt planning to tip him at all! I will never go again and there are tons of pictures to prove this horrible experience. I regret ever eating here, this place isn't worth the headache or STOMACHACHE! (My stomach is in shambles after eating this poor excuse for food). I suggest they get their food rated by some health department because seafood handled improperly can lead to serious illness.

Detsl Antezana

This jawnt smackkssssssss

cesar david Vargas

The food isnt good

Gabriela Villarroel

Food lacks authenticity, it has a Bolivian name without the Bolivian flavor.

Brenda Kruzich

Authentic bolivian food. Portions are huge and delicious.

Ingrid Roca

Super authentic and delicious Bolivian food. My family eats here every Saturday or Sunday. I wish they would start a bottomless mimosa or brunch buffet menu! The customer service is also excellent and all the staff greet you with a smile.

jorge cordero

need improve a lot *really slow service *music loud I can't heard people next to me * Bolivian food ? need learn a lot *table duty and no napkins * no hostess wait 10 m to seat first and last time

Carolyn Peterson

Since the daughter of Luzmilas opened the restaurant I had to check it out. I ordered saltenias, beef tacos, and chips and salsa. The best items were the beef tacos, the saltenias were over cooked and the salsa had soggy chip bits like they gave me someone's food! Will never go back

Oliver Raul

(Translated by Google) Excellent meal. A truly Bolivian place. You feel the cordiality in the attention. (Original) Excelente comida. Un lugar verdaderamente Boliviano. Se siente la cordialidad en la atención.

samuel siles

La comida muy rica. Me trajo añoranzas del pais. Me sentí como si estuviera comiendo alla.


Food and atmosphere is okay. I liked the music they played.

Alan Lara

Luzmary's differs from other bolivian restaurants, you can actually taste the difference as well as feel it from the kind wait staff. Their menu is a lot more diverse and they have ample space for big groups.

Stephen Saunders

We were impressed by this little restaurant in the heart of Falls Church. The food was delicious and the service was great.

Marina Arze

(Translated by Google) All a delight !!

weird videos

Best Bolivian food in the area..

Norvin Chavarria

Muy buen lugar para pasar en familia. La comida es muy buena

s Inofuentes


Kevin P

Great food

Selva Coronel

La gente amable la comida esta bien. Pero el Bano sucio y olia mal por los diapers

Joe Sabha

De soup not hot enough, you got no choice for the tip even if you don't have good service.

Monica Jugnet

Saltenas are okay. There are better elsewhere.

Ruth Montesdeoca

Muy buena...personal muy amable y la comida es muy deliciosa

Paul Derby

A short walk from our house takes us to Luzmary’s . Chicken salteñas and their Bolivian Mocochinchi peach drink makes a great snack or light lunch.

Bryan Jackson

Good food, horrible services and seating comfort. Self seating was not a problem but all tables were still dirty from precious customers. Furnishings were minimum comfort. It took an 45 min to get the food. The waiter came back four times to tell us items we ordered were not available. $85 For a group of 4 adults and a child.

mario castro


Victor Orellana Elias

Nice service and very kind waitress. High quality of food

Brendan O'Brien

Fantastic food and good prices my friend and I polished off four salteñas and finished up with some coffee and a torta. Delicious! The staff was very friendly as well. I would highly recommend this establisment to anyone.

413xander B0rgm4n_

Wonderfuly simple family owned restaurant with large authentic menue. Very reasonable prices. Try the chicken saltenas.

Franz Marcelo

It was a good experience and the food was good

Gene Taylor

The best saltinas!!!! Worth the drive.

Gustavo Rodriguez

Great bolivian food, top 2 salteñas spot in the DMV.

Kevin Chronister

Wish I lived closer

Jason S

I will be back!


Good bolivian food

Patricia Clavel

Good food. The worst service ever.

jose Chamale


Ekeko Achuqalla- Asanaqui

Great salteñas and peach drinks . Always excellent food. My mom actually knows the manager , which makes the experience better. Great as always.

Danny Iriarte

Everything was amazing. Live band playing real Bolivian music. Everything we ordered was amazing. The salteñas are probably the best in the area. The fricase was cooked perfectly, the broth was nice and thick plus it had a good spice to it. Definitely will be going again.


The food and the service was amazing! Will be going back.

David Huet

Best Bolivian food in D.C. area. Former Luzmila's cooking. Best Saltenas. All dishes are very typical Bolivian and very tasty.

neida sejas

Well I decided to venture out and try this place. I arrived and was greeted cordially. I ordered chicken salteñas, api, and humintas to go. Chicken salteñas are delicious juicy tender, the stuffing so tasty with veggies and the crust sweet. Would definitely recommend the aalteñas. Humintas, to me they tasted bland and it wasn't the corn consistency I was expecting, it was mixed with flour. Api, I believe that you can't ever prepare it bad, since it's ground corn, ground spices boiled and served, it's a porridge. I will have to go back to try other dishes, but will definitely go back for their salteñas.

Dennys Y

Salteñas are the best on the area, but the service is really bad the waitress is always on bad mood. You have to wait long time for everything or probably just stand up and go for it by yourself

Tomas Hernandez


Alex Maranon

Had a great experience here. Food was delicious and the service was on point.

C Burgess


Adrian Wilder Sr.

Amazing selections, authentic Bolivian food. Definitely the best in the DMV area

Samantha Sevilla

Great place and food.

Mix Latino American

Mamasitas de mesera

carlos aguirre

Folk Bolivian food..great empanadas, excellent grilled meet, no doubt...

irineo quiroz

Esta buenísimo la comida y te atienden rapido

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